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  2. I miss Tbird. Ragin Gardener, that is the same way I do mine.
  3. @Rabbitproof The secret is a tablespoon or more water for each egg, then low heat to keep the protein chains from sticking together. Let them sit and cook undisturbed until they are just under the omelette stage, fold the eggs don't stir them. You can use milk instead of water, or mix the two, but you have to add moisture to eggs when cooking, because it evaporates out. Without the water, the moisture from the eggs themselves evaporates and makes them dry out while cooking. Fried eggs are a different story altogether.
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  5. Mmmmm!! Thank you for the recipe.
  6. I saw this a month ago and have tried it. Really good egg sandwich. I'll try that grilled cheese too, as we have a loaf of texas toast I will use.
  7. You don't look like you need any pointers, that looks awesome. I always used sliced meat, but I may have to get me one of them caulk guns. By the way, the Hi Mountain Hickory flavor jerky kit is really delicious if you want to experiment with different flavors. On a related note... I have a mad scientist project going on at the house. We had a big chunk of ham leftover in the fridge, and being just post holidays we are kinda "hammed out" so I took it and sliced up thin. Made a marinade of mustard, steak sauce and sriracha, gave it a 24 hour soak. Now it's in the dehydrator becoming ham jerky. This may be an utter disaster, but I kinda have a feeling it's going to be good. I'll post the results.
  8. Hippie....my cousin put mayo in his eggs.....also put ketchup in them when he was a child(green eggs!). Wade,...my mother often made scrambled eggs with milk....I like them with or without. My grandmother made the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs on the face of the earth. ....they were even pretty to look at, as they were yellow with lots of flecks of white. She died in 1980, but the family still talks about those eggs. I can come very close to making them like she did....but just never completely. Have tried so many hacks and read so many cookbooks and know all about cooking them on low and how to do it......but none of us get it exactly like Nanny's. Bet she had a secret way of doing it....I should have been paying attention. All I was ever doing was sitting at the table , salivating, and waiting to eat!!!!
  9. Welcome to the forum Ferd...happy to have you join us.
  10. It is interesting that people have an accent when they talk, like using y'all, but I didn't think it carried over to text. I guess it does. You betcha!
  11. Thanks y’all. I think I’ll try in February.... keep y’all fingers crossed!
  12. Last week
  13. This morning was beautiful with the temperature rising to 75 and partly cloudy after the fog lifted. At least this morning the fog wasn't as thick as the last 2 morning. Now the clouds have gotten thick and some light showers passing through, nothing serious but enough to keep me inside. "gene"
  14. Still unusually warm here....great for getting out and running errands. Next week just the lows will be in the 20's....usually now the highs are in the teens. Weird, but wonderful!!!
  15. Welcome Ferd. It's great to have you here. If you need any advice or suggestions just ask.
  16. Hello Ferd, Y'all Ferd is a friend of mine and a good one at that. He is kinda new to gardening but has been into fruit trees for some years. Y'all give him a great welcome as he will need our help in learning about growing vegetables. Good luck Ferd, "gene"
  17. Hello “Ferd” Flores, Welcome to The Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. “Ferd” Flores joined on the 01/16/20. View Member
  18. Still cold here. Supposed to get to 15 above. That's a heat wave. negative temps for more than a few days in a row are distressing. Anything above 20 degrees is okay with me, if the wind isn't blowing.
  19. Another dreary day like yesterday. Misting and drizzling rain of and on just enough to keep from be able to do much outside.
  20. I've had great results with Opalka, tons of fruits on them. My favorite is Italian Gold, they make a really good yellow sauce that has never once been compained about. They a determinate tomato, but worth it IMO.
  21. I've had good luck with Viva Italia. They are determinate, but a fruit making machine.
  22. I grow mostly San Marzano, and San Marzano Redorta. The Redorta's are very large. The perform well for me, and the taste is great. Almost full meat, few seeds, which is why they are more expensive. They are Heirloom varieties, so you can save the seeds, but they don't have the anti-disease factors of some of the hybrids.
  23. morning all! can i get some roma suggestions? i've grown amish paste mostly in the past but i'm interested in some of the hungarian or italian mama's. i want an indeterminate. any suggestions? thanx all!
  24. thanx all! glad to find the new place here!
  25. Fred....I have always found that the uglier a tomato,the better it tastes.
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