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  3. Planted to raised beds of garlic. Don't know the variety but it sure looked good. My friend (countrytoad) gave it to me. Filled beds with compost, planted and covered with grass clipping compost. Rain today kept me from finishing the big clean of the garden.
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  5. I said from the beginning this yr that LSU was not very strong ...well, at least not consistent in what strengths they did show....very spotty. Been that way since before O was fired. I cannot believe they did not wait to fire O, however for early recruiting's sake, I guess they had to go on and do it. Well, ha, Ole Miss can seem sort of spotty ,too. At least now it seems we have a decent defense ....injuries on the line, running backs were hurting us,too. I do hope EVERYONE is healthy next week, so we can give it all to the the Doves!!!
  6. Well, your weevils looked pretty good against a half-hearted LSU bunch, but it was still a good audition for the Lane Train and his next job unless the title ix stuff is too big for LSU to ignore. BUT, if Lane has not got in trouble at OM then he ain't going to at LSU. Anyway, I think we will give a better effort this coming Saturday than LSU did this past one. Corral is good and should win the Heisman if all is fair(we know that answer) but I don't want him to win it this coming weekend. I do hope we tackle better than LSU did. That looked like a Pop Warner league defense trying to tackle. I think it was a mistake to announce Yaw Yaws firing after the UF game because after the failed 4th down attempt on the goal line, they fizzled and played some really uninspired football
  7. This is the investigator (CSIRO Run)whilst Above is the new Icebreaker called The NUYINA
  8. Welcome Sandra, We are glad that you are here!
  9. Hello sandra stufflebeam, Welcome to Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. sandra stufflebeam joined on the 10/21/21. View Member
  10. Well, I am an idiot....sitting here with a large table stacked up with prob dried mold on crowder peas!!! Then have sat in here for a couple of months and kicked it all up by shelling for an hour or so at a time. Wow....no wonder I have wondered each time if was coming down with a horrendous cold. Duh!!!!!
  11. Yeah, same here in Alabama. They have been combining soybeans lately and the dust is awful. It stirs up my allergies too.
  12. Thank you Rabbit. I would have loved to share with you !! I pick it small enough to go just right in some of those peas of yours . Watermelons would be a nice treat too- until the 7th or 8th one .. haha
  13. You did so well!!! Wish I could take some okra off your hands....not a lot eaten by us this year. Did not make it to the farmer's mkt much at all...that is where I usually load up on okra all summer.. both to freeze and eat fresh. Boy, I would be waaaay more than glad to relieve you of one of those fine looking, sweet melons,too. I had plenty of peppers overall but never have too much luck with the bell peppers so did not bother with even trying this year. Those reds look mighty good to me!!
  14. Thanks, Judy.....never dreamed something so simple as shelling peas could cause so much misery. Live and learn!!
  15. You are probably allergic to the dried mold that gets on the peas. A fan and a mask should do the trick. I was allergic to shelling peas when I was a kid. I used to get welts across my butt when it was time to shell peas. It was not anything in the peas that caused the welts, but it was my daddy's belt. I hated to shell damn peas with a passion and I usually ended up getting my ass whipped, hence the welts.
  16. I would try a desk fan blowing on low to push the dust away & cover the bowl & area you are shelling in with a sheet of 2 ft square clear heavy plastic weighted on the far side & shell underneath it
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