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  2. DOUG'S FUNERAL Doug works hard at the Cement Company but spends Two nights each week bowling, and plays golf every Saturday. His wife thinks he's pushing himself too hard, So for his birthday she takes him to a local Strip club. The doorman at the club greets them and says, "Hey, Doug! How ya doin?" His wife is puzzled and asks if he's been to This club before. "Oh no," says Doug. " He's in my bowling league ." When they are seated, a waitress asks Doug If he'd like his usual and brings over a Budweiser. His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable And says, "How did she know that you drink Budweiser?" "I recognize her, she's the waitress from the golf club. I always have a Bud at the end of the 1st nine, honey." A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her Arms around Doug, starts to rub herself all Over him and says... "Hi Doug. Want your usual table dance, big boy?" Doug's wife, now furious, Grabs her purse and Storms out of the club. Doug follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in Beside her. Doug tries desperately to explain how the stripper Must have mistaken him for someone else, But his wife is having none of it She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, Calling him every 4 letter word in the book.. The cabby turns around and says, 'Geez Doug, you picked up a real bitch this time.' DOUG'S FUNERAL WILL BE HELD Saturday, January 5th; AT 3:00 P.M. Regards Pete
  3. I did! Managed to fit six of the Megaton plants. I'm thinking they need a nitrogen boost but the rain hasn't stopped long enough to get in the garden.
  4. Beautiful broccoli! So deep green! Great job!
  5. Hey all. I got a pack of rouge d hiver lettuce seeds as my free seeds from bakers. Anybody want them? Only have 1 pack so first pm with yr mailing address gets them sent to them. Thanks! If i get/have any other seeds in future i will post here to share.
  6. The cukes and long beans will go on trellis i already have set up in the big garden. I already lost a set of both to either the weather or critters so gonna let them get a bit bigger before they head down there. The tomatoes i am not sure. I had bought my little one a container of those artisan cherry tomatoes to eat. I saved one i thought looked interesting and squished its guts into a cup of dirt. Ill be darned if they didnt come up. Lol. The ones in the old little containers and the 2 green ones are all from that. I already put 3 in the garden to see what they become. I might put these down there too since i have the room.
  7. What a wonderful surprise! Did you take it back to replant or leave it be where it was?
  8. Thanks guys We were fortunate even with all the sub freezing temperatures we experienced this spring they did prosper in the High Tunnel.. I ended up with 4 lbs 8 oz of florets ( bagged in 8 oz packages) and 3 lbs of stems that I will use to make soup this winter in the freezer and 6 oz that I will use for our pizza tonight, There are several side shoots developing so hopefully we will get another decent harvest of florets before I pull the plants. I transplanted broccoli and cauliflower seedings late yesterday afternoon I will take some pictures of them later on today.I hope that it is not too late in the season for a second crop I do not want to put the shade cloth on this early in the season
  9. Remember the tomato that didn’t look like it was going to make it in potting mix that stayed wet. I dumped everything out of the bucket at edge of woods. Was riding by it and had to take a second look.
  10. Very nice!! Will you plant these in the ground or raise them in containers?
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  12. Welcome aboard, AUCreek2....glad to have you join us.
  13. @PawPaw "gene", I thought of you this week when I had a question on my fig trees. My young (2 year old) fig trees have been dying back in the winter, like all the limbs die, and it comes back from new sprouts in the spring and has to start all over. Even the one larger, older 5 year old tree, a lot of the limbs on it died as well. There were some of the limbs that put some growth on half of the limb, but the end half of the limbs are dead. Is this normal, or is there is something that the tree needs fertility wise that would keep it from dying off? Thanks! BTW, I am in NE Texas.
  14. Hi Everyone, it has been a while (a couple years actually) since I was on the forum. I was saddened to just learn of the passing of Donald. I am glad to see that you all are keeping this going though. I enjoyed being part of this group in the past. There was always good information and good advice from good people. I am glad to be back among you!
  15. Hello AUCreek2, Welcome to The Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. AUCreek2 joined on the 05/26/20. View Member
  16. Here are some of the stuff i have started now. All were from either dollar general seeds or rareseeds. I am really surprised anything lived with with all the rain.
  17. Here are my onions now. I have 2 barrels of them. Gonna give them a bit. Our weather has been cool and rainy so it has taken forever just to get them to this size.
  18. Some of my most recent pepper seeds are up. I hope it warms up so they can put on some size. The container to the rear is peppers.
  19. I wonder about some squash Gymgirl or some tomatoes rooted from the plants you have growing now. I pinched off a sucker a couple of weeks ago and it is growing like a weed now. I just stuck it in some wet ground and kept it watered ,out of direct sun .
  20. @Gymgirl I'm still planting watermelons and cantaloupe. I'll will be starting cowpeas next. Nice tomatoes double b. I'm not sure why I'm ripening my tomatoes in the house and using up space. I going to start ripening outside and save the counter space.
  21. I checked my peas and they are not quite ready. I swam out to pick a big batch of tomatoes this morning. They are really turning on now and it's exciting. A few of these were from yesterday's picking too. I set them up there to fully ripen.
  22. We have had rain here for over a week straight. My big garden was starting to look like my lawn. My neighbor loaned me his tiller and i got it tilled before the next week of rain starts this afternoon.
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