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  2. Champs....how do you make your laundry detergent....that is neat! Does it get clumpy from the humidity? Also I had a plumber once tell me he had 2 Roper washing machines he used at his home....said they were the best...and totally trouble free. He had 2 because they never offered an oversized tub, and he had a large family...5 kids. A shame they have become junk,too, as you heard. Plumber will be upset too....but his are prob still going strong.
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  4. When I start anything in solo cups I just use a bulb planter to punch a hole and set them in it! Take the dirt that came out of the hole to cover and press them in after ringing them with a little triple 13. You can put in a lot of plants in short order. Of course you can use the bulb. planter for most other starts but starting from the solo cup is a perfect match. Wade
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    If they are in solo cups they should be able to grow a good while, at least 6 inches high. Keep feeding them and give them enough sun or lights. Harden them off gradually with more sun so they will do well once you set them out.
  7. I,too, have never soaked beans and they do fine....the only problems I ever have is if I plant earlier than I know I should.
  8. don't matter where you plant them inside a cage, they are going to try to grow outside of it. Are you in north,central or southern tejas
  9. Pop one out and look at the roots. If they not pushing up around the edges you can hold off on putting up. All my maters go from cups to the ground with no problem, seems the smaller ones rebound from transplant faster than bigger plants, at least for me. We plant in the center of the cages.
  10. I have loads of tomatoes in solo cups... they are doing good, but I think they are too small to go straight to the garden. I hate to have to go to a bigger pot, and then transplant to the field. And its about to get hot here in Texas. Can i go directly to the garden? I built huge cages too... should I plant in the center of the cage, or close to the edge? Or should I put them in bigger pots for a few more weeks? Thanks.... I am still a beginner here
  11. I don't soak my bean seeds either. They usually come up fine, then the Robins eat the first leaves and kill them.
  12. We got our order from Dixondale just before the freeze down there but shortly after that we started getting freezing temps so we put them in a corner and forgot about them but did get them planted and they are doing well now.
  13. I do not soak my beans. They usually come up pretty fast. I planted some early that didn't sprout well, but I think the ground was too cold. The second planting came up good with warmer weather.
  14. Congratulations on your new equipment. I'm in the market for a tractor myself, but can't pull the trigger just yet. Corn is coming up, about 3 inches. Squash and zucchini barely coming through. It got cold after I planted. Unusual for here in central/east Texas. Bush beans failed to germinate. Gonna try again. Potatoes got frost bit, but rolling on. Carrots are getting tall too. Gonna plant okra and purple hull peas tomorrow and probably redo the beans. I've got loads of tomato plants that i need to transplant soon. I work out of town and been laid off, so ive had time. But, I have to go back
  15. I replaced my 32 yr old perfectly fine Whirlpool (or Kenmore?) washing machine in 2000. Got a new mold producing stinky one ....just for the very large sized tub I desired. UGH!! I have a 31 yr old up right freezer in my garage right now. I did keep the old clothes dryer I had, so it is now prob 25yrs now....maybe older. I hate to give up the older appliances because I know the new ones are as you say, "junk". My 70 yr old Dormeyer deep fat fryer still works like new...boy, it is heavy and so solid. Holds the temp exactly where I set it. Hang on to the good stuff, folks. With ol "Bejing Biden
  16. MJ, we have had this Roper for a long,long time. I suspect that it was the motor giving out by what it did when it quit. I just bought a whirlpool topload. A friend of mine who just sold his hardware store sold whirlpool and fridgidare appliances said that a Speed Queen was far and away better than anything. I passed on one because it came with a $1299 price tag. All we need is something to get the skidmarks out. We have used Roper stuff for years, no frills, no trouble. My friend told me that even Roper is junk now. At our age, we ain't going to need clothes many more years so I chose to not
  17. I am on well water not city water so there is no chlorine in it. That may have contributed to the mold. I always left the door open. My dad has a refrigerator in his garage in Florida that is 60 years old. It has outlasted two new ones already.
  18. Leaving the door cracked is a must on the front loaders. We use the tablets to clean it with occasionally too. Since we run multiple loads a day, we are hard on any washer. The one I fixed needed new bearings and it was a tough job but with the Lord's help, I got it done. You tube videos are real handy for inspiration.
  19. Appliances are junk now. We had to replace all ours when our house went underwater in '16 and these have been nothing but trouble. I can remember my parents getting 25-30 years out of appliances, that aint the case any more. Hell, my grandma had a fridge sitting on her back porch she used for an overflow that was a '64 model. It died in 2016.
  20. I did some investigating when a top loading Kenmore got mold farily soon after I bought it,,, year 2000 machine. Seems when they enlarged the tubs greatly ,they had to take some filter out for lack of space. The filter kept grundge/crud and thus mold from building up behind the tub....or something like that. It has not yet been remedied in so many models....and only partially in some so far as I can tell. Everyone loves the larger tubs, but they do cause this problem...and also part of the problem is because the EPA required a chemical to be taken out of detergents back near 2000, maybe late
  21. I've had front loader washers for over fifteen years and never had mold. All we ever done is leave the door cracked open occasionally.
  22. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a front loading washing machine. They get mold in them. My kids just bought us a new set for Christmas. I had them get the top loader with no agitator. It does an incredible job on clothes.
  23. Ace hardware around here sells other plants, not Bonnie. Home depot sells Bonnie here.
  24. I’ll have to check around. I’ve never known of anything other than bonnie plants around here. Will make some calls tomorrow.
  25. What happened to it Champ? I was able to fix ours with some parts from an online store for less than $50. It was a pain but ....
  26. Thanks for the replies Fred, Boudin and BigSky. Ol'Hippie try to find someone local that starts plants. There is usually someone in every community. That's how I got mine, but they were at the seed and feed locally grown. "gene"
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