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  3. @Davidx357 You want to provide an image, from your webcam, to display here on this forum?
  4. The flowers are very nice to look at! They also vary from variety to variety. I tasted a mess of them grown here locally and the purple inside was what I found the best. In about 3 years I will have a jungle on my hands with all the plants I have started!
  5. I was wondering if you had quit eating. That looks tasty.
  6. About 20 years ago I sowed some seeds from a red skinned white on the inside fruit I bought. It took me about 4 years till I had my first fruit. A couple of days ago I bought another one, but this time it was a Yellow skinned white fruit. It was the best tasting one I have ever had and I have eaten a mess of them over the years. I decided to try sprouting the seeds and I am pretty excited to be growing them again. The flowers are very attractive.
  7. I know this is amateurish, but how do I provide only the website for that one cam.
  8. Tonight's supper was Spaghetti with meatballs and fried chicken using @Rajun Gardener better than Popeye's fried chicken recipe. Must say, I'll never eat homemade fried chicken any other way.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I’m going to give it a try!
  10. Beautiful!! Those are nice healthy looking plants!
  11. If you don't completely fill the cell for tomatoes, then when they get about 5" high you can add more potting soil and the stem will grow more roots. This will give you a better root stock. Also, I really believe in heat mats for all seeds. Lights while the seeds on in the ground only give heat, seeds don't need light to germinate.
  12. Last week
  13. All my kids will come to my house if things get stupid. I have the ability to ride out a fairly long storm.
  14. Those look very nice. I'm jealous. Still almost a month before I can start.
  15. Update on the Peppers and Tomatoes. If the weather can only get right. Back in the 30's the next few days. For those interested, I very much follow the same steps as @ccat mentioned in their post.
  16. My grandmother was one of the few in her immediate area in Ms to survive Spanish flu in 1918.....they had NO decent medical facilities. It killed 28% of the world population, if I remember correctly.....worse numbers than the Bubonic Plague. It was quite the horror! She had a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old and her husband at home....no one else caught it in the family so am assuming she was quarantined.
  17. Boudin, I don't have the same faith in the medical system as you. I remember one flu outbreak about 12 years ago an "Aunt Hattie" fell and broke her hip. She went to one of the main hospitals here by ambulance, they looked at her in the E.R. said all hospitals full from flu, and sent her back home, 86 years old with a broken hip until a room becomes available in a few days. I remember FEMA at the super dome. I saw FEMA in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes. FEMA and the CDC will be working together to protect us. I know you know how to prepare and get thru this.I have seen your old garden videos. But, I told my daughter today that IF things go south, and her work closes, or if the state starts shutting down school, universities, ect. to leave the town she is in, leave her apartment and come home. They say that this virus has only a 2% death rate, but almost 20% of the people go into serious/critical condition. 80,000 cases total so far. 50,000 are still sick, 30,000 cases "closed" . Of the closed cases 27,900 have recovered--- 2,711 died. That is around 10% the way I see it.
  18. One of my sons was doing something like that then found he couldn't use all that he was getting. He brought some home when he started doing KETO and everything seems to go bad much quicker that you would think. Apples and oranges in particular. Granted, I don't kknow how long they sat at his house also. Hope this helps. Wade
  19. hey wade. we are picking up the keys on friday, so will try to get some pics for you. i am excited to dig the garden. it does not look too tough to get the sod out once you cut your border. i don't mind doing some of the labor now while it is cool. once it gets hot, i will wait to do a bigger bed in the fall. so excited! i have been watching several youtube videos on getting the sod out for a new garden and tips to keep the grass out of the edges. i am gonna dig it out, add compost to it and then plant. once they are in i can get some woodchips to use as mulch on top. i am going to make the bed wider than i need so i can mow around it to keep the grass at bay. i saw a video that said if you dig a trench around your garden bed it will help with drainage and form an air barrier to keep the running grass from getting in. gonna try that.
  20. has anyone ever used misfit markets? it is an organic produce site that sells the imperfect veg that stores won't buy. they look like a good deal, but was hoping someone on here has tried it. please let me know.
  21. I hear ya Rabbit. IJust for the record I will turn 70 in July. I am a combat veteran and ex-police officer. And yes, prayer is the best thing we can do on many levels but God would not have us be ignorant! I went through SERE training with seal team 2 at Coranado.The very first rule of survival is situational awareness. If you are not aware of your suroundings, you can not defend them. Right now it is not safe for me to got to Walmart. My cousin goes to that walmart. He had spent the last 20-30 years working in China. So many weeks there then so many weeks here. I don't know if he has just returned from there this week or a month ago. As some have said, this virus may not be that bad but what it is causing is. Friday I have to pick up my son at the airport returning from the Phillipeenes. He was rerouted from China to Japan because of this virus. Now flights from Japan are being turned away. I'm not sure if he will get home. People don't understand just how close to home this is or can be with little or no notice. I just believe a person should stay prayed up adn be aware of what is going on around the world . Just because it isn't affecting us now doesn't mean it won't before the day is out. The ols saying holds true. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you're at!" Wade
  22. Your best bet is to hurry up and get it. If you survive you are golden. If everyone gets it quickly it has less time to mutate before failing. CDC just announced that everyone needs to prepare for this thing NOW.
  23. If you can keep the seeds above 75-80 degrees they will almost always sprout and grow.
  24. Thankfully, Obama failed to give us a Chinese style healthcare system. Ours still functions at an extremely high level. I have no worries at all of any kind of an outbreak event in the good ole USA. There is a long list of Asian super duper end of the world viruses that failed to gain a toe hold here, and I don't expect that to change. I'm far more concerned about the trade imbalances and the impact on my 401K, which has been making money like a printing press ever since Trump got in office. Shipping off all our manufacturing capacity is the real problem here.
  25. Wade...oh, I AM concerned.....guess just not the utmost thing I keep on my mind each day. Guess I should say there is a difference between concern and worry. I don't really worry.. prob because there is not a thing I can do about it...ha, which always turns me off!! Staying informed might help....but I already know proper procedures for infectious and contagious diseases. I will get some extra food/water in here, but I do that for most poss emergencies anyway. Don't have a huge amt of storage here, so the 2 of us would not last long, if a prolonged situation. I don't mean to sound flippant about it....it is just not in my nature to worry extensively, I guess. I have read many articles and known how precarious the biological warfare research is for years so guess it just did not take me by surprise at all. In fact, I was expecting it and often marveled at how amazing it was that a pandemic had not occurred in my lifetime....soon to be 70 years. "Concern" for my fellow humans and say my prayers every day....then off and running around here. Pretty much my life in a nutshell!
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