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  2. Well... on the first day of his new job, the President stopped the Keystone pipeline and halted the construction of the border wall. Loosing 50,000 jobs on purpose on your first day just goes to show you that they want everyone dependent on the government and will stop at nothing to achieve this. What an idiot
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  4. Still harvesting some cauliflower. Here is an example of the cheddar and purple cauliflower. They are pain in the ass and expensive seeds but seem to be worth it.
  5. Boudin, I was feeling the itch to get started too when I was out there yesterday. It has been warm the past few days but the soil is still to damp to till. Onions are the only thing I have growing and most have seven leaves on them but the growth is slow this time of year. I saw some tomato plants at a nursery last week and it was all I could do to resist buying them. You are right in that the seeds and stalks are easy to work and pulled out of the ground much easier than when they are green.
  6. Good idea letting the okra stalks dry up. I bet they were a lot easier to deal with. I had to cut mine off with a chainsaw and plow up the stumps when they were green. I'm getting itchy to get the spring garden going, but It's still a little early for me to start. Guess I'll have to go fishing or something.
  7. This morning I went out and harvested my okra seed. I cut a five gallon bucket of dried pods and then decided to pull all of the old stalks out of the ground. I had a pretty good leaf fire going and burned the old okra plants. Next I pulled the pepper plants and cages that were on them. I mowed several acres to mulch the leaves up and mow the winter weeds and the place really looks nice now.
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  9. Well, it is simple...God said the evil ones will "be blinded to the truth"...so there is really no way to deal with them at all. Common sense, stats, facts, history.. nothing works with them...they are blinded. Looks like pure evil cannot be rehabbed...ever. There is only one way to get rid of them..fight, war. Good against evil.
  10. The Merovingian bloodline is another fascinating research thing that I did several years ago. I do not advocate anything that Dan Brown wrote nor do I advocate for "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" byMichael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln because they are promoting a false narrative that started from lie at square one. The Lord Jesus (Yeshua) Christ did not sire a child with Mary Magdalene, BUT its not what we believe, its what THEY believe that makes it dangerous. Again, its not true but I didn't say it wasn't interesting as it could be. I see that some of you guys are pretty well versed in c
  11. I'm getting a false sense of security about this weather. It has been way too nice. I think end of February through 2 weeks of March are going to be terrible. You can keep all of those birds. They eat my bean plants every year. Hard enough keeping the Pheasants out. Interesting enough I live in a bird flyway or whatever it is called, and have 25-50 thousand ducks and/or geese at a time in the fields around my house. They have never come onto the property, even if no one is home. No sign of it anyway. Going to pay a guy to service all my equipment this year. I am too busy. Going to gi
  12. There is one mysterious family that is left out of your illustration, BB....They are the PAYSEUR family.....I ran across them a few years ago looking into some things concerning the NWO and after doing a little research on them I am still wondering why the need for all of their secrecy. Other globalists make no secret about their intentions but these people went to great lengths to stay in the shadows. The link below will carry you to a website that provides a partial list of their wealth. This family is really intriguing to read about https://reignoftheheavens.org/?p=2277
  13. I do know the differences...ha, because I can't help but know them with my History major brother CONSTANTLY talking about them. I just stuck both up there more as kinda an either/or option. Am seeing certain traits of both right now and cannot decide which one to land on for sure. They all share some traits in common in some ways...guess ol sleepy Joe will make it clear right soon.
  14. easy to recognize as are other demonrats(communists) communists and nazis are not compatible with each other. Nazi(Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers' Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. ) It is actually not preferable to communism(Communism, political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and
  15. Rep Steve Cohen (DEM, TN) says the National Guard cannot be trusted to provide protection for the inauguration ..because he thinks prob 80% of them voted for Trump....says they are mostly white,too. Now my thoughts on this are that I have read hints here and there(and some actual statements, not hints) that the Biden admin wants to form a new military. Well, sure they do...they cannot trust the military that exists now to be loyal to to a commie govt. Martial law will eventually go into effect, so the Dems need a military that they can trust. Not the 1st time this has been considered by th
  16. Ate many of them ande scores of blackbirds. The Robin was illegal to kill, but the Blackbird was open season. It was a staple food for many back then. Blackbird Jambalaya, hmmmm.
  17. Robins were a comon food source for many years in our history. I remember dad saying they hunted them during the depression. Also Wood hen or pileated woodpecker. I just searched out the info to be sure I wasn't dreaming it. LOL! Wade https://www.nrcm.org/blog/year-of-the-bird/robin-hunting-eating-year-bird/
  18. When I was young I can remember robins in droves landing in the park by my house. We would go hunt them with our BB Guns when we went to my aunt and uncle's house in the country. You still see robins following the fronts but nothing like back then.
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