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  2. WOW....you must be able to provide food for several families! Great garden! Shane
  3. This is the biggest part of my garden, second field is in peas. third field in buckwheat, first field corn beans sunflower peanuts sweet potatoes watermelons okra cucumbers peppers tomatoes
  4. This getting older is no joke. I took my first ambulance ride last Sunday to downtown Houston to the medical center with an atrial fluttering issue. My heart was beating at 260 beats per minute. I had recently done all my blood work and it was excellent. My primary care doctor had bragged repeatedly on me. I got out after a couple days and it was the first time I had ever been admitted to a hospital. My point is that I suppose we all get our time when we have to slow down whether we to or not. This has put me behind on my fall seed starting as well as other projects but I guess they'll just have to wait. I did pick okra and peas and I do seem to feel better when I am outside than I do sitting in a recliner inside. Moderation is something I am going to have to learn more about. Hopefully sooner than later.
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  6. Will be headed to doctor in a half hour. Nope. No giving up. Been downsizing for the last 10 years or so. When you’ve played and worked outside your whole life, it’s kinda tough not to be able to. Well, gotta get going. Should be interesting.
  7. @ol hippie You know, I sometimes wonder what I will do if I get to a point where I can no longer do the things I enjoy doing. Not really sure how that will play out. I have one more bad knee. Had the other one replaced a few years ago. It sometimes slows me down, but I work around it. Good luck on you appointment. Hope everything works out for you. Maybe just a little smaller garden is in your future. Never give up!
  8. Many moons go, I worked for a large city. We were not allowed to drive or even walk on private property. Our insurance would not cover it. We had to stay on city property. I can assure you that would have never happened there. We had to park on the street just to go to a 7-11 store. Nice to see things might be getting better.
  9. For years the world leaders have been meeting ....Bilderburg. Highest security...noon can get close to it. Photographers with powerful zoom lenses have filmed the powerful leaders going in and out. The ones this video mentioned minus the goofball young girl and also the Clintons. Obama was invited once he became prez. People have vocalized much concern for 2 decades.....everyone wondering just what is so secret and what are they planning for the world? Even Fox News mentioned some years ago concern about the Bilderburg meetings....guess now it is called Davos..
  10. No....she was as shocked as i was out there when the workmen said they would do all and no charge. Thought she would hit the ground.....think she had been totaling probable charges in her head for the complete removal of the tree,clean up so far , and then soon some treatment of the other tree for the Black Bark disease. She meekly asked how much for the clean up done so far on her lawn alone....he said no charge, and we will come back and take the remaining tree down, and haul off for no charge,either. Well Denise and I both truly 'bout fell out!!!! After they left she just kept saying, "Can you believe that??? How does that happen???" "I really thought maybe we had both just been transported to the Twilight Zone!
  11. Welcome to the forum redrockblock. We are glad you joined us!
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  13. I thought this was well done, and explains succinctly, exactly what I believe is going on. Call me a conspiracy theorist. I've come to embrace it.
  14. Maybe she has friends in high places.
  15. We are in the county still but only a stones throw down the street from the city limits. Lots of subdivisions out here....hope they don't annex us anytime soon!! I am glad to know to always inquire if I have any trees fall. Thanks!
  16. I have only made blackberry wine before and it has been a couple of years now. I just started a batch of muscadine wine with 13 lb of grapes. Looking forward to it.
  17. Rab, I live in a rural county in the northwest section of Alabama and when something like that happens, the county commissioner takes care of it....yes, for free....Everything is above board, although there was a stink a few years ago...If a person needs help, they'll help as much as is legally possible
  18. A big Maple directly across the street in my neighbor's yard fell across the street, and 5 ft into my front yard. I say big....maybe 50-60 ft? Not good at judging height About 2/3 of the trunk is what split off top to bottom and fell . It had Black Bark disease, and I had told her the wood beetles attracted to the sap would bore to the center....which, evidently they did. Don't think she ever treated it...??? Other than the black bark, it looked perfectly normal..loaded with green leaves.....beautiful tree.Turns to pure gold in the Fall. She was at work so, I called her, and she came home. Her other neighbor called the hwy dept, and they came and cut all up and hauled off. Said they would come cut the rest of the remaining tree down on her property and haul off for her.....everything was done and the rest done tomorrow ....ALL for FREE!!!!! Have never heard of such. We have underground utilities so nothing was impacting electric, telephone lines. Every time a tree has fallen on my property, I have called a tree company and paid dearly. A tree the size of hers would cost about $1500-$2000 minimum to remove... she checked on it a yr ago, when I first told her it was diseased. So, I guess if a tree falls and some of it is in the street, call the hwy dept , and they will clean up the street and your yard,too, and cut any remaining tree part down in your yard and haul all off ....free of charge. WOW...wish I had known this before now. Maybe that is just done here...don't know. Awesome benefit for a change for tax money. Is a person responsible for a diseased tree on their property? I understand the part in the street is on city ,county property...but they went on her property,too, today and will come back and finish up on her property with the remaining stub of a tree. Maybe I have just been stupid about it all my life
  19. BSG, Your pics really lend a panoramic view of some peaceful settings! Gorgeous real estate there. And such a bounty! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  20. Hello redrockblock, Welcome to The Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. redrockblock joined on the 08/10/20. View Member
  21. Not much to show. Sidedressed the peas. The peas and the 3 pepper plants at the end are all that’s left. We put up enough this year to last a couple years. Thinking seriously about letting the garden lay next year. Doctors appointment tomorrow. May not have a choice. Going to tell him same thing and see if it makes him happy.
  22. Seem to be if picked when younger. I had a few hiding down by the ground that have a bit of a string to them. The smaller beans are perfect.
  23. Are the rattlesnake pole beans stringless like contender. I have tried several pole beans to replace contender, but none so far.
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