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  2. Cat, I had aphids in early May but sprayed them one time and got rid of them before they got out of control. But had none after that which is very unusual. I thought it might be due to the rain we had but who knows! Just glad they stayed away!
  3. Do those patches work well, Judy...have never tried them but have often wondered if they helped....I see the commercials so much on tv. I am good at working on my back....usually I can get better pretty quickly with that. However, just did not feel like doing anything about it....prob because of the low sore throat fever???? Throat is finally fine today....so will head to the chiropractor, get a quick"pop" of the back, and then do my own due diligence on it. Am very eager to be in the garden....birds(?) pecked 2 tomatoes my husband picked out of there yesterday....really almost looked like a little more than pecks. Need to check out the situation and incorporate all my usual defenses for critters. Thanks for the suggestion....will try them.
  4. I hope you feel better soon Rabbit ! Back trouble and a sour throat oooh my !! Have you tried those patches that stick on ?
  5. I agree with Rabbitproof. That does look delicious.
  6. Last week
  7. Yep,Judy...some years the "fun" sort of leaves for a bit....depends usually on what all else is going on...and how much time and effort the "other stuff" takes. Too much is just too much....hey, we are only human. I have found that out a lot recently!!! Ha I am beginning to think I am even slipping away from the minimal requirements of that....right now am nursing a hugely painful hurt back and a swollen sore throat to boot....good grief, I was perfectly fine 24 hrs ago!! My hubby has gingerly hinted that I am a grouch today....I totally agree with him! LOL,I think he is afraid to push that thought too heavily with my uber ornery mood ....wise man!!
  8. I haven't had aphids neither. I wonder if the freeze in February had anything to do with it.? We have had army worms really bad but only a few in the garden- With all of the rain we've had, the pastures are lush and they are after it. I have had a bad bout with Septoria leaf spot . My tomatoes are about gone - It my fault because I have been lax on my spraying routine. Just too tired and lazy with it .. I have to keep up on the cattle farm and am just beat . Also trying to sell the old homeplace in Ark, and that is so stressful. Right now, my eyes have been stinging for over an hour because of the sweat getting in them doing farm work. I think the heat is part of my problem but I know you all have that too. I do regret not having Fall tomatoes growing though. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow.
  9. It's Aug 1 and today marks the date each year I start to "not care" about my tomatoes and garden. Don't get me wrong, if I notice something catastrophic out in the garden, I'll address it..but today is my official beginning date of the end of my garden. I have already picked buckets and buckets and........and there are tons of green baseballs/softballs still yet to turn. I will harvest a ton more and might even weed a little bit (probably won't) and will plant some fall greens and cabbage transplants, but I stop killing myself today. And for the first time in the history of my gardens, I have an announcement to make..................I NEVER HAD ANY APHIDS this year on my tomatoes!!!!!! What is up with that? I did see a few plants that were visited by a horn worm (couldn't ever find that bastard, but sprayed Sevins) and had that issue early on with BER, but never saw the little boogers that we all usually deal with.............aphids. Has anyone noticed NOT having them this year?,..... or I guess I was just lucky this year and am probably setting myself up for an aphid festival next year. I still have a lot growing and producing but to not see an aphid has really blown me away.
  10. Will be making this a little later today. I'll take and post pictures.
  11. Did a Pork Boston Butt in the oil-less fryer. Made some cheesy potatoes, boiled corn and garlic bread with a salad. We didn't go to bed hungry.
  12. Picked 5 buckets of tomatoes to which I canned 4. I saved a bucket of Roma's I'll can as salsa or marinara tomorrow. I started at noon and finished around 4pm to the tune of 28 quarts of canned tomatoes. My back and feet say no canning for today, so with that, I'll listen and piddle out in the shop.
  13. An old mate went to the local bowling club for a shandee after work & noticed three rather large young ladies having an animated chat over in a corner. Tony , called out & asked them, Ladies are you from Scotland, to which he receives a reply of "wales" , you Idiot!. Sorry about that! says Tony , Anyway , are you three whales from Scotland? He cant remember what happened after that.
  14. Glad to have you aboard,bman68 !!
  15. Wonderful update,Maggie ...had been wondering what y'all were up to. Figured it was nothing slovenly! So glad to see the wonderful pictures....such a treat for the eyes!
  16. Yep, like above, the frig will store unshelled peas. I sell peas and when picking a 5 gallon bucket, I spread them out on a table to keep from sweating but if I don't deliver until the next day, in the bucket and frig they go. They'll stay fresh that way.
  17. Wow Maggie !!! That was so refreshing !!! It made my day to see !!! It's hard to believe that it was 10 degrees here so few months ago and near 100 today. I love the pictures and respect all of the hard work. Beautiful !!!
  18. Let's set the Wayback machine to early in the year February: The beautiful side The reality: Over a two week period of time we removed and rebuilt all of the raised beds. This time since we now had the "Tool Shed" off the back we made them 5 ft D X 4 ft wide giving us an extra bed. Tool Shed: Back to winter. We put down a thick weed mat. Yes that is snow piled up on the outside of the plastic March We were now ready to start planting! BUT first there is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Back to the HT Ran all new drip lines and started planting Imagine everything growing over the next few months! May: Harvested all of the Lettuce, Broccoli, most of the Kohlrabi and Cauliflower, ( Sorry no pictures of the mature plants) June: Fairy Tale Eggplant: This is the first time growing them.They are tender and just all around wonderful! No need to peel there are no seeds to make them bitter so no need to salt them. They are small but they are prolific! 3" -5" long and no bigger around than a half dollar. Black Oil Sunflower The Nasturtium self seeded all over the garden beds They are a nice addition to our salads July 2nd I picked the first Mortgage Lifter A few snaps of our Tomatoes: Slicing Cucumber Mini Melon: Anaheim Peppers: Second planting of Peas: Third planting of Beets: Canning Season Begins Last but not least I just planted spinach seeds yesterday. I think that pretty much brings you up to speed OH Wait If I get a chance I will take some photos of the ORCHARD GARDEN later on today
  19. We are glad you have joined us bman68. Welcome!
  20. I don't know about everyone else, but as soon as I pick I store in plastic bags in the fridge til I can shell...sometimes has been for a week, if not taking up space that I need.. Now, for just one day's wait, I do not know if it would be necessary....seems like not necessary ...?????
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