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    Put a Boston Butt on the Pellet Smoker/Grill. I let that baby slow cook til 205°. Perfection Tonight, it's BBQ pulled pork sandwich with fries.
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    I use a plastic tote from walmart with a heat mat under it then remove the containers as they pop. I can start 1000 plants in one shot. I transplant after they have true leaves and never had a problem. Of course having a greenhouse helps to get them growing but I start them indoors.
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    I watch this gentleman on Youtube. He builds amazing things with basic tools and no nails/glue!
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    That is more rain than we get in a year I think. Made this one day when I was bored: Then I made one of these: Stuck it in there when temp was ~800 degrees. Had some Mesquite chips in the heated box. One and a half minutes later, turn 90 degrees. Another one and a half minutes later. Done! Nice to be able to make a pizza in 3 minutes.
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    Boy, that is fine looking!! Last night we just had speckled butterbeans and cornbread....I was too pooped to do anything else!!.
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    OMGOODNESS....that is amazing!!
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    That thing is a miracle. We have had one for over a year now and cook everything in it. My wife makes yogurt in it all the time. An amazing piece of equipment.
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    The city park in our area puts on a huge light display every year. They have a little train you can ride through the lights, a merry go round and they decorate the entire park. We went about 2 weeks ago when it was first open and had a wonderful time. Inside the community room the local train club puts up displays that take up the entire room. Not just trains...lots of little things like ice skaters, etc. They have it wired so that when you push a button on the side the little set ups do their thing. I am hoping to go again before the new year.
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    That's more like it. Now I can post this.
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    @Kenpaw This is the first time I've ever used a jerky gun. The jerky meat squeezed out the gun very easy. I thought it would have been harder to do, but it wasn't. After several uses it may clog, I don't know. I'm planning on making the jalapeño today. This time I want to try the round tip instead of the flat. I'll post an update to this topic later this evening.
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    I would have stayed in bed under the covers if it was 6F. That's what I like about the South. Lowest I have ever been in is +12 many years ago as a kid. Here it has gotten to +14F several times, and I stay in bed until it warms up.
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    Very impressive! You have grown some very healthy productive plants!
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    I am so glad Santa got you such a awesome present.!!!! Now don't clean the inside of it for for 70 yrs and you will have perfection...a Does' steak!!!!
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    Back at ya Maggie! Hope Y'all have a good one! Wade
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    i was learning to drive in the late 80's. i remember when gas hit .99 cents a gallon and people were outraged. i also remember when you could go to one of the better department stores in town and they wrapped your gifts for free as a thank you for your purchase.
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    What a great idea for up close and personal Wade, unfortunately in my county pistol permits are not given out to ordinary folk like us! I could make a political statement but I am sure you already know what I would say . I will just say our state tends to be right up there leading the way in stupidity. I do have pellet pistols and pump shotguns at the ready! I also have a sling shot that I was pretty good with but I cannot think where that is right now.
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    Thanks Joe Dirt! We really like the idea of the tractor rather than a fixed coop.All spring ,summer and fall the tractor is moved to fresh grass every couple of days or so . It is stationary for the winter months. When I put it in its winter site I put plastic on the ground and cover it with a layer of straw for the winter and keep a deep kitty litter pan filled with a combination of sand, wood ash and DE for their bathing needs. I feed them scraps scattered on the straw. Their job is to scratch and turn and mix the straw over all winter. In the spring I drag the plastic with the partially composted straw mixture to the compost pile to finish decomposing where when the hens while free ranging continue to scratch and help break down the compost pile even more so it can eventually be added to the garden beds. PS: We design and build cabinetry for a living so "fit and finish" is what keeps us in business!
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL....definitely will unplug til after Christmas Day, except for emails. Wish everyone many blessings,too, in the New Year. I think I have my eggs in a row....ha, will see how organized I am tomorrow. Actually may write out a cooking schedule hour by hour....my sister in law does that and seems to really free her mind. Each yr my multitasking skills drop a notch!! Oh well, as long as the turkey gets done and is perfectly moist and the giblet gravy has no lumps, I will be happy and in high cotton. Kinda hard to mess up the dressing and casseroles. Y'all have fun!!
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    Here is some that are coming up for sale, Helping an older Lady get rid of as much as possible before the kids and grand kids come in for the kill, I sold the 1930 AA that was a three month project it had been setting since 1990, several antique tractors with complete rebuild and some have clear coat paints job, just started working on them, if anyone interested or know someone that is here is some pictures.
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    It makes an interesting ornamental I thought. Folks around here that grow them told me that if you harvest and grow the fruit that has grown from the mother plant then it produces faster that the mother plant as it has somewhat acclimated to your local growing conditions. Fun project.
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    Merry Christmas to you, Boudin!! Think it is great you unplug for awhile....ahhh, sometimes I feel like doing the same. Can't do it completely tho, because i have so many friends and family far away.....and boy, do we like to communicate!!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!
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    I had this out at my house Veterans day, was in a Veterans parade the Saturday before, I wanted one ever sense I got out of the Army but that was the Duce and a half, found several but would have taken a lot to get them in shape, found this five ton for a very reasonable price just as you see it, it fun to take a ride in the country late afternoon on the back roads, the cars do slow down and some even pull over, it covers the complete lane and is ten feet high and it sleeps in the shop, never in the rain, mud or dirt roads, going to enjoy it a while and pass it on to someone looking to take care of it, 1990 year model, 10,000 miles, Cummings diesel, 5 speed Allison transmission, Joe
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    Judy, I keep the hammer chamber empty,too. I have heard pro's and cons as to whether that is necessary but do just in case. Good luck with your search for the perfect one for you. I agree your situation needs something other than the 22 pistol. I like that Derringer Wade put up the link to....am seriously considering that one for myself..."Common WOMAN'S Last Shot"!
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    Things are finally taking off. Strawberries are putting out flowers hopefully they make the berries.
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    It works really good. I used it for lettuce a few years ago and loved it. I need to get back to that.
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    Well shoot, we are in the bulls eye again. Biggest of the storm/rain/wind prediction is for tomorrow/Saturday. Tornadicans are also a threat. We'll just hunker down and hope for the best. 70's tomorrow and then the bottom falls out down to 40.
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    I got one picking off mine before they bit the dust. Trying some different varieties this year hoping to find something they like a little less. I'll post up any successes (or most likely) failures... lol
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    31 deg. heavy frost on the ground. Sun is shining and will start warming up soon.
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    Hello southerngardener, Welcome to The Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. southerngardener joined on the 01/01/20. View Member
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    I don't have a resolution but I would like to say that I'm happy that this New Year has so many of Donald's friends forming in a new place.
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    a few years ago i got some empty plastic barrels from our local soda bottlers 5 bucks each, cut them in half and filled them. i don't have any issues growing in them. i usually put several plants in each one. the ones that get big will shade out whatever ones don't take off. the key is to keep them watered and fed. i use miracle grow shake and feed. i mix it in before i plant. i have used the white plastic bags for potatoes before. they worked ok, but i found them hard to fill once i had to start adding dirt. i have done peas in the barrels. i planted around the outside edge all the way around and set one of my big tomato cages over it to let them grow up. the hard part is once they get to the top they all want to grow together. i had more luck doing them on a piece of trellis in the yard where they could grow along the trellis more.
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    Doc has put it to me pretty bluntly to lose weight, so I guess that can be a resolution. Happy New Years to everyone
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    Maggie...I feel for ya!! No politics ...but I DO feel for ya!!!!! That would not work well for the powers that be down here in Dixie!!!!
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    Record breaking, kick but season. This will be hard to beat EVER!!!
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    That's normal. Been planting shallots for years.
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    Sorry for the delay in replying, took me a while to figure out "NPR". The chickens we buy today are large, about 5lbs, so we go with 45 minutes HP, and NPR. Same for the chuck roast I like it overcooked and falling apart tender. Cooked chicken breast with onions, carrot, and sweet potatoes last night, at 20 minutes HP and NPR. The chicken breast was overcooked and a bit dry, but the sweet potatoes were great. Cooked whole with skin on.
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    good looking little fellow, I had several milk cows when I was in High School and when they would cave I stayed there with them had to help a few time, they are way to important to loose, she will be better on the next one.
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    Hello Bob Brownlee, Welcome to The Bayou Gardener Family. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Bob Brownlee joined on the 12/22/19. View Member
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    I started one last spring and it's growing nicely. I was talking to my neighbor who said he had one and it had a little pineapple on it about 3" tall. I asked him when he planted it and he said about 5 years ago. I've given up on mine. "gene"
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    Here's a song that my grandpa and I both enjoyed. We spent many days together during my early childhood marveling at creation. Even though he never expressed it in these words, I'm pretty sure my grandpa would have agreed that one of the greatest forms of service to the Creator is good stewardship of His creation. Anyway, here's a song that meant a lot to us and performed by a family friend, Mr. Charlie Waller. ~~VG
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    @BigSkyGardener I went back and looked but didn't have any pictures so here is a link to a video I did for one of my experiments. I called it a trough. The root system in it was crazy. The plants were just starting to put on maters when they died due to heat I think. The system worked well until I could not cool the roots on the plants down. I have tried a few different ways to grow hydro and it just seems the the downspouts and the Dutch buckets are the way for me down here.
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    Haha !! They are where I need to be. (when working on a fence) I had a copperhead decide he owned my fence cut off switch that was nailed on a tree and coiled up right by it .. I went somewhere else and came back later and where was he? Down in the root hole by the switch or ?? . I dunno.. same thing with a water moccasin across my fence path last year but I walked around him.... they are pretty irritable though so rather not take a chance. Anti venom is crazy expensive and shells are a lot cheaper. Kingsnakes get a " free pass" ticket though.
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    A few of my little bitty garden. First picture is of one of my raised beds. 3 rows of beets on left half, right side has turnips on this end, carrots in middle, and mustard to far end. Second picture was a few day ago and it a sea of green taken from the other end with beets on right. Third picture is of my other raised bed full of strawberry plants. Forth picture is close up of strawberry plants showing flowers and fruit. Can't wait on them. Have been picking greens for Linda as I don't eat them. "gene"
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    2013 was my best year for onions also. I made the most and the biggest ever. These are Candy onions. I planted the seeds in a bed in Oct. and transplanted them to the garden in January. The harvest was in June. "gene"
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    I made a small batch of tasso and it came out fantastic. Ingredients: 1 pork butt sliced into 1" x 2" strips andouille seasoning, I used Targil's from Opelousas, it's perfectly spicy and the prices are cheap with reasonable shipping. It's not listed on the website so you have to call to get it. While you're ordering make sure to get all the other spice blends they offer. I'll leave a link below. For the cure: 1 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of salt 1/2 cup of white sugar 1 tsp of cure #1, prague powder #1 1 gallon of water Directions: mix cure and add meat to a bowl or bag, make sure meat is covered and let sit in the fridge for 2 days. After 2 days of brining, rinse meat to remove brine and pat dry with paper towels. Season meat heavy with the andouille seasoning and marinate for 2 days in the fridge. After 2 days remove and spread meat on a cooling rack to let the juices drip and dry for 2 hours, it's cured and won't spoil Hang in smoker and let air dry for an hour then start smoking Smoke the meat for 4 hours at 150 then bump the temp up to 200 for another 2 hours or till the meat gets to 165 Remove and let cool to room temperature Vacuum package and freeze till needed. Here's a short video of the process, sorry about the lighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXZ3Ntium0s&feature=youtu.be https://targil.com/t/seasoning-blends
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    hub told me this one... had a vegan friend said stores that sell meat are gross i replied stores that only sell veg are grocer lol
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    why did the ocean blush? it saw the ship's bottom
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    Ponderisms 1. I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. 2. Garden Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. 3. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement. 4. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway. 5. Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to? 6. In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. 7. How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? 8, Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out?" 9. Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta its butt." 10. If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him? 11. Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if he's going to look up there anyway? 12. Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup? 13 Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
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    baberrysr@bellsouth.net user name treetop 76 password big onion someone let me know what is on with the bayou gardener?
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