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    Picked another two 5 gallon bucket of PHP's and finally finished my shop project for our oldest daughter and her husband. They are driving down here from NW Ark for a long weekend and built a new house a few years ago. They like to spend time out on their patio and in their yard.......like my wife and I. So..........I built them a couple of Adirondack Chairs. Our daughter is obviously a Cubs fan like her daddy but we'll overlook my son-in-law rooting for the Rangers.
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    Time for a new project The weekend is going to be a hot one for us temperatures are supposed to reach 100 F+. It will be a slow go but Jim is determined to start it right away. Before we pressure wash and re stain our small deck Jim is putting a roof over it (aka my summer kitchen). This will allow me to work out there canning and cooking during the "dog days of summer", protect me from the rain and eliminate some of the hand shoveling I have to do after every snowstorm in the winter. First thing to do re- level the stairs. They had shifted about 2 inches over the years. Next we need to remove sections of handrail and 2 of the 4 X 4 posts. With the posts cut off we pulled up the floor board It was 50/50 on unscrewing vs snapping off the heads of the screws The hand rail posts were replaced with taller posts to support the roof. Setting the pitch for the roof. Beam detail: This morning I took these. MORE TO COME.......
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    Built 2 Adirondack chairs today for our oldest daughter and her husband. They are coming here this weekend for a quick visit. I am painting them to their tastes but can't reveal it yet. More on that later.. Got done with the chairs in time to sell a bucket of okra and then, at the peak of the 92 degree heat and 4 million % humidity, I picked 2 buckets of PHP's, that sold in 15 minutes. Tomorrow will be a tomato picking day, and if the 3/10" rain we got this afternoon didn't mud things up too much, I'll bush-hog the corn and till it under. I just hope to remember to pull drip tape first.
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    More self-promoting now that I learned how post pitchers'! If you haven't learned already, please don't take some of my posting literal, take it with a smile in your heart and a crack in your butt that will allow you comprehend it in the manner that it was written, and not from a pompous old man who is full of himself. I'm full of something, from time to time, but it ain't myself. Notice how I promote the use of manure in gardening! I also make quilts. Here is one that I made for Bordecollie"
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    https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2020/7/super-foods-pecans?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=JulyMag-PecanBenefits My grandmother always said if you would eat a handful of pecans every day you would never have a cholesterol problem. She lived to be 95 and we still eat pecans off of trees she planted during WWII. I guess she was right although I never doubted her. We have a bunch of pecan trees and gather many each fall. Maybe that’s why we don’t have high cholesterol. I got my bloodwork back two weeks ago and mine was 164.
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    Sure hope your wife gets good results....my husband had both done a week apart and was SO happy with the results. The only problem with a week apart is the drops situation gets a little crazy. When still having to do the post surgery drop schedule and have to start the pre surgery somewhat different drops schedule on the other eye, I actually wrote him down instructions for what to do with each eye and when and posted it on the bathroom mirror. Took the work off the brain a lot for him with his busy schedule. He sees so well now that sometimes he forgets to wear his glasses which he has worn for many years, even before any cataracts.. Hope all goes well for her.
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    I occasionally use that very same method to gather up water hose. I have also invented new cuss words when removing said water hose. Shane
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    Here is a picture of me when I used to make a gumbo for an organization I belonged to. Did it twice a year for fundraiser. It holds right at 60 gallons, All from scratch no pre-made roux no frozen seasoning. We would start the day before and early in the morning make the roux, cutting seasoning, chicken and sausage. The only thing frozen was the shrimp and crab. To go with that we made a tub of potato salad and cooked 100 lbs of rice. We also cut and peeled the seasoning and potatoes for that My job was the gumbo, not sure how much potato salad they made, but it was a lot. We fed on average about 1200 people. Other organizations made other dishes Jambalaya was one dish, but not sure what they made either. I did this for over 20 years.
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    As you can see in the picture, I picked six 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes.....and first thing in the morning will begin the canning gala. Also picked a 5 gallon bucket of PHP's which I spread out on a table so they will shell easier tomorrow. Okra will also be visited tomorrow to the tune of another 5 gallon bucket I am betting on.
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    Do not judge all Cajun food by what you get in other parts of the USA. I am of Cajun decent and whenever I go out of town and I see a place that says it serves Cajun food I usually go try it. One misconception is that all Cajun food is Hot. There are many dishes that are of Cajun origin gumbo being the most popular. The first thing that caught my eye with this menu is that the gumbo is HOT HOT HOT. Granted some people may make it hot, but the average gumbo usually has a little bit of pepper, but to satisfy the people who like it hot, they have hot sauce is available. They think if they season it hot by over doing it with cayenne pepper, they can call it Cajun food. I will admit that I do like mine hot and add a little hot sauce to my bowl but make it where others can eat it.. I have had some great tasting gumbo in several places, but on average it is made with the belief it has to be hot and is usually tasteless. The worse gumbo I ever had was in a North Western state which I will not name, was made with chili powder in it. May have been good on a hot dog, but it was not a gumbo.
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    I picked a couple gallons of purple hulls and cut a nice sack of okra. The okra is finally starting to put out and its tall enough where you don't have to bend over to cut it. The afternoon temps are close to 100 and it's hurting all the plants. I came up to the back porch and shelled the peas and then went inside to blanch them. I took the small okra and trimmed the stem end off and blanched it. I freeze my small okra on foil lined pans and will rake it off in a zip loc bag in the morning. The larger okra I washed, cut and breaded it.
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    Only have three tomato plants left. All three are Rutgers. Picked 9 of them and picked two 5 gallon buckets of the ms cream peas. Just got thru shelling them.
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    Picked up a few more project pans this weekend. Should keep me busy a while. Love the chicken pans!
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    Picked three buckets of tomatoes, a bucket of peas and a couple of messes of okra
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    Enjoying some fresh fried eggplant and thankful to be recovering from the Covid.
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    Picked several five gallon buckets of peaches, six of them I believe. Started blanching and skinning to get into jars. Looks like there will be twice as many more to pick in a few days if the raccoons will stay ran off.
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    ButtaBean, you know what they say, "The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago or now". "gene"
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    I love pecans but the wife says no more trees in yard. Retirement property will have many even if I have to sneak them in.
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    planted 8 tomato plants, hoping for a fall crop. It sure would be nice to real tomatoes for thanksgiving.
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    I wanted tacos for dinner so i learned how to make flour tortillas today. They turned out good. I sliced up some london broil and had with some pico i made this morning, lettuce, etc. Hub really enjoyed them. I could not figure out why they had the weird squares showing up when i cooked them.. Until i realized it was from rolling them out on just parchment on my ceramic tile counter tops. Lol.
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    Shepards pie is a favorite with us, our own ground pork, homegrown potatoes and corn.
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    Please remind this poor old dumb country boy why we are doing business with these communist? We have allowed them to infiltrate our food supply, our pet food, our human foods, and even produce our pharmaceuticals. Why, I cannot fathom who thinks this is a good idea. Now apparently we are letting them sell seed in our country too?? Gee whiz!
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    Getting old!! Three things I have noticed : 1). I only use my favorite whiskey shot glass to take my morning pills anymore. 2). When I am outside and keep smelling dog crap, to check my shoes, I have to sit down and take my shoe off just to look at the sole. 3). I'll get back to you when I remember what it was.
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    Thank you, Boudin! Yesterday evening, I raced out to see if the okra I left Tuesday needed picking, and, it did. So, I did a quick walkabout to see what else needed harvesting, then, turned to go back in and change my clothes. Walked right into a young wasp that hit me on the jawbone. Totally shocked me, cuz, the wasps have tried to build nests under my yard door jam for years. I have gone in and out underneath them , forever, and, we have an agreement. They don't bother me, I don't bother them. They've gotten pretty close on occasion, but never aggressive with me. The young teenager that hit me, obviously did not receive the memo... My entire jawbone felt like I had a major toothache. Had to keep still for awhile. Total crimp in my evening plan to start my seeds. But, after awhile, the pain started numbing, and I got to "gittin' 'er done!!"
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    Not much left in garden. Picked first mess of okra this afternoon. Still have the two struggling pepper plants at far end of the okra. Got the rest tilled.
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    My garden is half gone now. I just cant look at another cuke. I picked what was on there and pulled them up. Those went to work with hub today in a gallon ziplock bag marked 'free to a good home' lol. I also picked and pulled up the last of the little yellow toms. Took the cages up to the downstairs porch until i can find a storage spot. The yellow ones i put in a bowl until i can make pico out of them. The green ones i have on the counter on paper plates til i decide what to do with them. Also pulled up the last few cherokee purple plants. Put them plants and all on the glass table in the screened porch. Hopefully they will turn. Better than letting the deer get the rest of them too. I did get my first 1 lb tom off of one of the pink tom plants in the mulch area out front. I pulled 4 or 5 off yesterday but most of them had bug bites ot cat faced and split. I cut those up and made green tomato bread last night.
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    Picked a little over 4 gallons of green beans.
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    Since my tomato canning is complete for the year, now I'll give away to neighbors and friends. Took a 5 gallon bucket of baseball sized beauties down the road to a neighbor. who gave in return, another gallon bag of freshly picked blueberries. We freeze them and eat them frozen like popcorn. A lot better for you too.
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    I met the insurance adjuster over there and it looks like I am getting a new roof for the house from the tornado/hail damage. With the deductible and depreciation it will still cover a decent part of it. I also had a minimum of 2 miracles , no at least 3 miracles while over there . I almost had a wreck but didn't - would have been my fault but was saved from it ( slow pull out with a 4 cylinder truck is a nono ) Got the lawn mower a big and heavy JD with diesel engine) stuck- bad then a storm came up and even more dier looking to get it out.. rear bumper so low( from mud) even my little jack wouldn't fit.. drove some boards under the rear tire but only partially because too heavy then lightening started with pounding rain.. ran to house. knew I had one chance.. idea came to me . After storm passed the ground was covered with water, Looked around- got 3 long chains, 2 pull ropes ( the kinds with hooks ) still not long enough to reach a tree, added 20 ft of water well power cord and , then found a little ratchet tie down jacked it taunt.went out to the mower put it in slow reverse and pushed on hood... nothing .. said Lord I need Your help .. pushed again and it started climbing onto the board I had wedged under the rear wheel it started moving and I kept pushing and reaching to turn steering wheel away from the worst areas .. still much water covering the ground .. I could not have got it out on my own !!!! .. After that I parked it . Then with that rain I was able to burn 2 big piles of limbs that were about as tall as me. I resawed and repositioned the limbs on a smaller pile so I could have a controlled burn instead of a raging inferno ( dry in center) . It worked and while I still have the entire huge tree to slowly dispose of, I got rid of the other limbs I had picked up from the yard and another tree. Another miracle.. I got really overheated burning limbs and cleaning up and also leg cramps . I made it in the house and was grateful . Just so many miracles .. . Keep looking .
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    Something I remember, the old men used to hang back at the camp during deer season and cook all morning, when the gang made it back, we'd eat. As a lil boy I would stay with the old men and cut onions and shred cabbage, whatever they needed. The kitchen was a haze of smoke, lol. But what I remember most, is we'd get a dozen french breads for garlic bread, and by the time the gang got back, I think there'd be like 4 left. We'd keep ripping a piece and dipping it in the sauce piquant, or gravy if we were doing deer roast.
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    @bigboberta you got that right about the pepper! Not to mention that Gumbo (and Jambalaya for that matter) varies so much just here in Louisiana. Like potato salad, everyone has their standard. For me, gumbo should be a soup like consistency, but not be a clear liquid, and when served dominates the bowl. Often (especially in the New Orleans area) gumbo is almost so thick as to be a stew. For me, jambalaya is not red, it is more of a brownish color from the fond released from the bottom of the pot when the liquids arrive after browning the meat. I can tell you I have had some pretty bad jambalaya all over Louisiana, much less else where. While I am at it, crawfish stew and crawfish etouffee are two different things, though I am usually served crawfish stew when I expect to be ordering etouffee. I can say that the gumbos, and jambalaya I like are usually found in the river parishes area up through Gonzales and west out the the heart of Acadiana. I recall Prejeans near Lafayette nailing all those dishes just like I grew up on, and we grew up a couple of hours away from there. I should have also started a debate on Ford and Chevy, Evinrude and Mercury, and John Deere and Kubota, while I was at it.
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    I think that I hate you! You and others post all of these pictures of food with sugar and butter and cheese and fat and red meat, while my arteries are hollering, olive oil and sugar free and canola oil and lettuce and chicken without the skin and all of that propaganda that silly doctors tell you. My oh my, ya'll are some horrible people! I do lick the photos on the screen, close my eyes and take a bite of oatmeal and pretend it tastes like all that sinful shit that ya'll put up to torment me!!!
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    Picked a bucket of okra which I'll sell tomorrow. It will be a big tomato picking day tomorrow and a few phone calls this afternoon already took care of where they will go. I can't can them tomorrow so I will enjoy giving them away to people I know will enjoy them. Hot weather is really getting going now.
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    Well, my weekend wasn't so adventurous! I picked okra and eggplants early Saturday morning, watered the entire garden, then, made a beeline for the A/C. Made three InstantPot cheesecakes, processed the veggies, and repackaged pork chops I bought on sale. Was looking out the window Sunday at what looked to be an orange Squash Vine Moth sitting on an okra leaf. Went to investigate, but it was only a Crepe Myrtle Blossom. And, to my horror, the okra needed picking, AGAIN! I have approximately 55 plants growing in three 4x8 raised beds, side by side. I've been watching ya'll plant 50'-100'-200' rows of okra, and talking 'bout "harvesting five-gallon buckets". Well, I was tired of picking the onsies and twosies from 8 plants. So, on 5/3/20, I sowed seeds. LOTS of seeds in those beds. SEVENTY-FIVE plants came up, but, 20 were thinned under the canopy. The front runners had taken off and shaded them out. The strongest emerged, and have been cranking out. About 25 plants are actually producing now. I picked 50 and then 60 pods Sat & Sun, respectively. I LIKE working with whole batches!! If I haven't said so, before now, THANK YOU, ALL, for your examples and your willing, giving spirits. I have learned so much from you, and want you to know that I truly appreciate what you share. God Bless! (No, I'm not dying or anything, that I know of...) 'Jus sayin'.
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    Like people, some plants are takers without producing anything. They should just be jerked up and replaced... the plants I mean.....
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    My Grandmother lived in Loxely, AL Most of her life. She lived to be 100. Her father lived to be 106. Both had pecan trees in their yard. I remember picking them up by the basket full when I was a kid, and sitting on the porch shelling (eating) them. Still my favorite nut.
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    My grandmother lived to be 96 and was healthy as an ox . She caught the Spanish Flu when about age 27, survived, and to my knowledge was never sick again the rest of her life. Had the immune system of an armored tank from age 27 on. She loved pecans....had a few trees in her backyard and always ate hers plus more from neighbors.That was her favorite snack. Maybe there IS something to the pecan theory!
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    Saw this somewhere. Guy walks into a bar and sits down. He notices that he is sitting next to AOC. The 11 o'clock news is on the TV behind the bar, and on it is a news story of a guy that is going to jump from a bridge. They guy looks over at AOC and says, "I'll bet you $50.00 that guy jumps." She replies, "I'll take that bet." The guy jumps. She hands the guy the $50.00 and concedes that he won fair and square. He says to her, "Look I kind of cheated. I saw this on the 5 o'clock news earlier so I knew what would happen." She says, "That's OK, I saw it earlier also, but didn't think he would do it a second time."
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    CHINESE ANYHTHING..... BE WARE There ya go. Fixed it for ya.
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    GG - Your okra is kicking butt. Mine is about knee high now and starting to put on flowers. Hopefully I'll be picking some soon. CCat - I'm with you, once this big rain passes from this little tropical depression, I'm gonna plow up the last of my spring stuff and set my sights on the fall garden. I still have tomatos, eggplants, cucumbers and peppers but it's all on it's last legs with the summer heat. I CAN NOT WAIT until fall. This time of year sucks the life outa me.
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    What Corn??? I got tired of looking at it as we picked and put up all we wanted, the raccoons got the rest so it was Bye Bye corn. Bush Hogged it and tilled it twice. I'll till it in again in a week or so and then plant some fall greens. We got another quick shower today, 2/10".
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    Does anyone cut back their okra plants, and let them restart? I counted three times yesterday, to be sure, and, I have 79 okra plants growing. There are 24 plants in three 4x8 raised beds, 5 in a 3x10 raised bed, and one each in self-watering cattle mineral tubs. Double B, Thanks to you, the two in the tubs are doing FANTASTIC! You posted giving a neighbor a couple of your okra seedlings, and "wishing him good luck." I had several "runts" growing beneath the canopy, and pulled them up to transplant, like you did. Going in, they looked great. Two days later, they looked like someone had flung some overcooked spinach onto a stick. But, they all bounced back! The ones in the self-watering tubs are HUGE, and producing pods very, very quickly! I'll incorporate more tubs around the perimeter next year. They love having the water at their disposal, to take up when they want to drink. I'm starting fall seedlings indoors, this evening, by the grace of God! Broccoli, Cabbages, Cauliflower, and Collards.
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    Self promote away, Champs. That quilt is awesome. I love looking a hand crafted stuff and since I don't have many or those talents, I appreciate those that do. Absolutely beautiful!
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    Got some plastic put up on the GH #2
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    They might as well have put ketchup in it!
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