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    Started picking green beans, pulling garlic and carrots. Sure don't look like Mr. Donald's carrots though. Anyway fresh green beans, chopped up garlic, a couple of pieces of bacon, and couple of the scrawny carrots all went in the pot. It was good. Waiting on the corn for a little treat. Pole beans are running on the net. Zipper peas are getting coming along. Lost a tomato to the wilt, going to have fried green tomatoes
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    Yesterday I thinned the okra out and fertilized it. I also fertilized the tomato and pepper plants. I worked around the plants with the hoe and then tilled the garden. The blue lake green beans are loading up with blooms and the Dixie lee butterpeas are just beginning to bloom. We are supposed to have a bad storm tonight so I will work up the back garden if weather permits.
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    Well finally after 8 months, Dr. released me to work in the garden. Went out today and pulled some beets that have been there since November. Was going to till the Rows, but it was too wet. The tractor tires just kept slipping and making a big mess. Need a couple of dry days to get in there but the forecast is calling for rain 50 to 60% for the next week. Just going to settle for a fall garden.
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    Pic taken a few years ago. Her thoughts were, "Move out of the way, I'm going help pawpaw with his garden". She cried when she had to get off that old tractor.
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    Didn't get everything done today I wanted but did get 700' of PHP's planted, 450' of okra and 250' of Snap Beans planted. Got the drip lines put in the okra and beans, but had to stop after that as I had "Grill Duty" with some T-bones on the docket. Tomorrow will be planting Cukes, Squash and transplanting my Bell Peppers and Jalapeno's. Pictures will follow but here's a few pictures of yesterday......my wife and I fished a local catfish tournament trail and finished 3rd yesterday on Wheeler. Won some Moolah too which we dropped a little at Marco's on the way home for pizza.
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    Didn't do much in the garden as it was a shop day for me. Built 2 Wicking buckets, ala Leon. Planted one for my mom with Basil and Rosemary and one for my wife with Vincas. Now she wants another so tomorrow I'll oblige and build another. Mixed some container potting soil, sifted compost and perlite for each bucket. Set them both in a frame box for the back deck.
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    Pulled onions yesterday. My son did a little video. Thought I would share it.
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    Walked the rows this am and found some dadgum aphids on my purple hulls, so I busted out the sprayer. Thankfully they aren't flowering yet so they got the full liquid sevin shower. I picked 4 cucumbers yesterday afternoon, first veggies of the 2020 spring garden! Looks like I'll have some snap beans in a few days and my marigolds and sunflowers are coming on up. Eggplants and peppers are looking healthy. So far the bush beans are the only disappointment, but I'm sure there will be more before it's over... lol So far so good. I snapped a few pics while I was out there.
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    Had to get out of the house and area for a little bit so we went to the pitcher plant bog in Baldwin county.
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    Today's project : Ready to cut into bite size pieces and process for the freezer.
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    The rose bushes in our front yard were full of flowers. This was may 6 as they were opening
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    Finally got around to planting 100' of Mammoth Russian Sunflower. Put in a dripline for it and all is well. I also fashioned an "aphid attack wand" for my sprayer. Since my back finds every reason to give me fits when bending down, I made this to be able to spray the under sides of the tomato leaves with insect soap. Heated up the wand with heat gun, bend it and held the bend with some black tape.....added about 13" of tubing that I covered with 1/2" poly to make it more rigid. Tested it and man ole man, it works just like I wanted it to. Looks like a Bulls @$$ sewn up in a China closet but it works and that's all I needed. I told my wife I hope I never have to use it, but since the little buggers have already shown up, I will. Here's my drip tape reel I built last year we talked about in an earlier thread.
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    When I built my shop 4 years ago, I left a covered porch on the back with the idea that' I would fix me a place to skin deer, clean fish, wash vegetables etc... I finally got around to starting it this weekend. Ran lights and place to plug in an electric knife. Built a fish / vegetable cleaning table with a sink. I ordered a cheap electric hoist from Harbor Freight that I'm going to hang from the ridge beams for skinning deer. I can't wait to get this one finished. I'm so sick of killing my back cleaning fish on a plastic table in the yard and washing veggies in a Rubbermade tote with the hose pipe.
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    Looks great Boudin! Thankfully when you do retire you will have all week every week to work on your project list because it will take you twice as long to complete. any one project.
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    I tilled down the okra rows and then walked the tiller to the back garden. I tilled the four rows of peas. The corn is spotty at best but hopefully we'll make enough to get us by. I may plant some fall corn if the yield isn't enough. The green beans look loaded in the front garden so I'll pick them tomorrow morning.
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    Hoed in the front garden and will have to till tomorrow because I had to mow the grass today. This evening I watered my tomatoes and peppers and found my first ripe tomato of the year!! What a great day and I am looking forward to picking more soon as there are quite a few starting to blush.
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    Got my first small mess of snaps Saturday morning and turned them in to bacon wrapped green bean bundles (one of my favs) for dinner last night. Went out looking this morning and I already have another mess needing to be picked. We are getting to that time where everything comes fast and furious, especially weeds and grass...lol
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    Cultivated the corn twice, spread in some 34-0-0 and pulled up the dirt.......Lay By. It is always good to reach this point with corn as it's just a waiting game now. Cultivated most other rows as well. Tomorrow will be a tomato weeding festival.
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    Getting about 5 pounds of maters a day right now. Way more than we can eat. Fixin to get the tomato mill out and start canning.
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    So True , I thought it would get a Giggle
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    I had some help picking green beans this morning. My next door neighbor's daughter came over and helped me. This was our fifth picking and most likely the last. We harvested a five gallon bucket full. The daytime highs are getting in the 90's and the beans aren't blooming anymore and that's fine. This has been a great harvest on these and we have plenty put up to get us through. I picked a few beautiful tomatoes too and had one with my breakfast. I often wonder what folks do that don't ever get to experience the flavor of home grown vegetables.
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    Finally finished weeding the 3 rows of corn with the Hooke and Crooke. I have had 2 H&C's for about 4 years and still am amazed in how well they do. Today I ONLY lost 6 corn plants to the Crooke......or should I say "operator error." Side dressed and watered everything in. Here's my garden so far. Mainly tomatoes and corn but the rows are starting to get marked. My rows are 120' long. 1 row of peanuts, 2 rows of tomatoes, 6 rows of PHP's, 3 rows of corn, 4 rows of okra, 1 row of cukes/peppers, 2 rows of snap beans, 1 row of Zipper Creams and 1 row of sun flowers.
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    After a little coffee and a few minutes in the chat room with pepperman, Maggie and Ol Hippee this morning I headed to the garden. I picked a few tomatoes and then hit the two rows of green beans. I picked two five gallon buckets full. My wife helped wash and snap the beans and now we are canning away. My neighbor across the road came over and admired my garden. He thinks he put too much lime in his garden and couldn't get a stand of okra going from seed so I got a shovel and dug up a box full of plants for him to transplant in his garden. They were about a foot tall so maybe they'll make for him.
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    Got out and did some hoeing about daylight this morning. They are giving rain the next 4 out of 5 days here so I figured I better do it while I could. On a good note, I found that I'll have some cukes ready to pick in a couple days. First veggies of the spring garden.
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    Yes sir, custom built. Only took 67 trips to the hardware store to put together. I have a greenhouse frame to go over it to cover with shade cloth when it gets hot and plastic for when temps drop. We are planting some napa and early jersy cabbages in it on the opposite side to trial them.
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    Gen. Flynn Posts Video of Young Grandson Reciting Pledge of Allegiance
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    Busy day in the garden yesterday. My neighbor had 3 trees taken down and the stumps ground. He told me I could have the chips for my compost pile, so I spent all afternoon yesterday moving wood chips. Then I noticed the first little tomatoes on the vines, so I got up early before work and side dressed them all with calcium nitrate. We have some rain scheduled in here this evening, so it should work out great.
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    A priest and a taxi driver both died and went to heaven. St. Peter was at the Pearly gates waiting for them. 'Come with me', said St. Peter to the taxi driver. The taxi driver did as he was told and followed St. Peter to a mansion. It had anything you could imagine from a bowling alley to an Olympic size pool. 'Wow, thank you', said the taxi driver. Next, St. Peter led the priest to a rugged old shack with a bunk bed and a little old television set. 'Wait, I think you are a little mixed up', said the priest. 'Shouldn't I be the one who gets the mansion? After all I was a priest, went to church every day, and preached God's word.' 'Yes, that's true. But during your sermons people slept. When the taxi driver drove, everyone prayed.'
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    Well it's May, so that means it's time to get out and hunt a few bluegills. Our water down here is high right now because of all the huge rainfall amounts up north plus the spring snowmelt, so fish were a little more scattered than normal, but I managed to find a few. The ones I did find were super nice. Was hoping to add a few chinquapin (shell crackers) to the box, but they managed to elude me. The weather was perfect, and it was a super peaceful and relaxing day. Think I'm going to fry these up for my mom on Mother's day next week.
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    You Know we never appreciate anything till it is gone, Take Toilet paper for Example ! The reason we have little toes is to check if all the furniture in the house is in the correct position in the dark!!! My Mate recons Golf is just an excuse for an Easter Egg hunt for Adults ! Regards Pete
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    I hope folks are coming to terms with the present situation in that is a real health problem, but it is a whole lotta' media/politically driven hysteria. The virus is real for sure, and most likely a bio-weapon that either got away from the little people at the lab in Wuhang by accident, or it has much more sinister origin. Whatever the case, it is creating major issues in the food chain and is likely to get worse as time goes by. Make no mistake, I wear a tinfoil hat when it comes to globalism, NWO, politics. I have gone down the rabbitholes for longer than some of you have been alive and when you hear the term "conspiracy theory" I think you might want to substitute the term "conspiracy fact" in its place. Without going into detail, I think this may be the deep states major move to bring the "One World Government" into existence. I see some very suspicious little things that cause me concern that we will never go back to where we were before this "pandemic!". Lots of folks are waking up and wives are doing things to try to feed the family in case of food shortages, such as baking homemade bread. Ya'll tried to buy yeast lately? Flour? Granted, a lot of shortage is due to panic buying, but ya'll saw just how quick the shelves got emptied. My wife got caught short on the yeast, so she began a list of things to stock up on. One was jar lids because she said that folks would be doing canning that had never canned before. I ordered a motherlode of them from Target and they came in yesterday. They were ball lids, but not the gold colored ones. They were silver and had an 18 month "good for" on the box. I went to the grocery store this morning and they had lids, but were just like the ones that I got from Target,"good for 18 months." Hell, we have had food stay good for 10 years with the old lids. Why the 18 month stuff? Ya'll have seen the stories about people being harassed about home gardens and other efforts of totalitarianism against average folks who don't toe the company line. My wife said right off the bat, as soon as she saw this, "they don't want us putting up and stocking food because they can't control us as well if we have a full belly". If food can only be stored for 18 months, give or take, then home food growers must depend on having a good, yearly production. Factor in the normal difficulties with possible man made efforts, then independent, hardnosed, Government haters like me are faced with a choice, give in or fight. Just a word of preparation that it might be good to buy up lids and if you find the old style anywhere, please post it. We can use these new ones for tomato juice and other stuff that we will eat in the next 12-18 months, but we can stuff for multiple years in advance. I ate green beans that we canned in 2013 last week. We have 3 freezers full also, but if the grid goes down, or gets turned off (see the threat issued in Los Angeles yesterday) that food will go to waste. Oh, if you have not read the book "1984" you might want to think about it. We may be in the process of living in it
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    UPDATE: It has been very cold and cloudy so growth is slow. So slow the new seeds I planted on the 24th have not germinated. Spinach is taking its time. Cauliflower is happy. Kohlrabi has doubled in size I have never grown it before so if anyone has a favorite recipe that they are willing to share please post it up. Rhubarb Chard: We use it in our salads so the plants looks a bit sparse. Lacinato kale Mean while inside under the lights: Pepper seedlings I am starting for a friend.Also in the tray are two Tiny Tim tomato plants and a 6 pack of Kohlrabi seedlings.and waiting on germination of a 6 pack of two new tomato varieties
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    Got the rows layed off to plant peas. Hoping to plant tomorrow, if not probably be Monday. The squash have been taking a beating from the wind and rain.
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    G'day Guys, I am sorry to report my medical Research experiment failed because my neighbour, seeing me near the dam , called Greenpeace & reported a beached Whale. Six of them nearly drowned trying to refloat me in the dam ,Oh well , back to the drawing board. Regards Pete
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    I took my next door neighbor and her daughter to my secret berry patch last week to pick some dewberries. They got enough to make some small cobblers. There were some ripe berries so hardly worth all the work. I sent her a message about four days later that many more were ripe so we went back again and filled our buckets up. I made six small cobblers this weekend and gave them away to friends and family. I did manage to eat a couple pieces with some vanilla ice cream on top and they sure were good. Any body else picking?
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    I checked my peas and they are not quite ready. I swam out to pick a big batch of tomatoes this morning. They are really turning on now and it's exciting. A few of these were from yesterday's picking too. I set them up there to fully ripen.
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    Fixin' to throw these Selma Zesta Pole Beans on the grill with a couple pork tenderloins.
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    I have not grown these Black Plums in about ten years. They didnt grow that well in the Mountains. They are some of my best performers this year down here in South Alabama.
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    I had 2 containers of green beans this Spring, around 10 plants in each one. I pulled them up yesterday, they were about finished. After 7 pickings I made 6 lbs- 10 oz. Not bad for a small space.
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    Breaking up ground for crowder peas....and setting up drip irrigation. Taking a quick break....78 degrees seems like 88 after awhile in direct sun...ha, and being somewhat out of shape to boot. Can't blame it on Covid as everyone here seemed to ignore that....all blame goes on mois!!!
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    Main thing is not to over think or over engineer it, they are relatively easy to build. Unfortunately it seems I am incapable of doing such a thing until I get frustrated This is the starter system, holes are six inches apart.
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    Stayed up until nearly midnight waiting for the canner to cool off and take the jars out. This morning I got up and went to the co-op and picked up a hopper with fertilizer and ran home to fertilize the pasture. I put out 325lbs./acre because we are supposed to have several days of rain coming. Once I took the hopper/spreader back I tilled the front garden. The okra is coming along slowly but we have had some cool nights. The Dixie lee butterpeas are putting on pods so hopefully in another week or so I'll be able to start picking some of those. I should be able to pick the green beans again in about two or three days.
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    I picked a five gallon bucket full of blue lake beans today and a couple of tomatoes. My daughter in law came as soon as I called to pick some up and I have one batch in the pressure canner now and another one ready to go in there. We also had us a nice mess of them with some G90 corn we grew last year and barbecued pork steaks.
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    Woodchip, It was wonderful!! I picked just enough beans for the meal tonight so we had hamburger steak with grilled onions, cauliflower with cheese sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes and the beans. Food coma is just moments away now.
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    Plandemic Documentary Part 1. The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 Watch it before they remove it.
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    I picked a tub full of green beans this morning. Washed them, snapped them, and they are in the pressure canner cooling off right now. It's our first harvest of green beans this year and while we still have quite a few jars left from last year, we are going to stock up on them.
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    Looks great! Thanks for leaving a few weeds for the pics, it helps me not develop a complex with these pics of immaculately groomed gardens that I can never seem to manage
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    The first we hear of the corona virus cures is,perhaps Alcohol may prevent the virus .Then new research said that this could be false information . Then we are told Heat & Humidity has no effect on the bugs .But wait, Direct sunlight exposure might quickly dispatch the virus. SO If you come across a big naked bloke , standing in his front paddock near a dam , obviously heavily intoxicated, Then Please leave Me alone as I may be conducting very important medical research. Regards Pete
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    Was walking the rows this morning and found a volunteer tomato that that placed itself perfectly on the top of the row, and spaced perfectly even between two other plants. He's earned himself a spot in the garden. Curious to see what it is. Gonna fertilize and stick a cage over him after work.
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