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    WOW, Jimmiec!! I thought I was ahead of the game with my tiny (but sturdy) seedlings, LOL! Mine are reaching chopstick thickness by the stems, and are staying stocky, since I'm keeping the grow room inside on the cool side. Didn't want them taking off on me indoors, before the weather could accommodate them outdoors. Hardening off field trips will begin the week of February 10th, and, transplant is on target for the weekend of February 15th.
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    Not to hijack Mike's thread, but we've been doing a little lambing at home too! We have 6 on the ground so far; 5 rams and 1 ewe. We had 2 big sets of twins. One set weighed 10 & 11lbs and the other set weighed 10 & 15lbs. Both sets of twins were born unassisted. It's worth noting that the first 2 pictures are of a more normal sized set of twins, 7 and 8lbs. I figured if I posted some pictures then you would still be getting your "daily dose of lamb". ~~VG
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    She finally got them cleaned up. I closed the gate for a bit to keep the rest of the sheep out so I could get some feed into her. There is two ewe lambs and one ram lamb. You have look close at the picture but there is three lambs under her.
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    LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - A home was completely destroyed by a fire late Sunday night off of Lobell Road in Livingston Parish, except several wall studs where scriptures from the bible were written. The fire happened around midnight on Sunday, Feb. 2. There were no injuries. The home was a total loss. STORY >>> http://bit.ly/2vLDF2S
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    My wife calls seed catalogs my "Adult Magazines."
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    Seed starting 2020 began today. 160 Better Boy, 20 Mountain Gold, 10 Orange Oxheart and 10 Ark Traveler were started for the tomato line up, numerous Yolo Bell Peppers, Jalapeno's, Cabbage and Broccoli rounded out the rest. The Do's...........get everything set up, marked and take your time so "nothing" can go wrong. The Don'ts..........Double Planting Gosh Dog-it......In one of my flats, I had planted 36 Better Boy and just switched to Mountain Gold but didn't move to the 4th row, and put them right on top of the Better Boys. Oh well, we'll see what comes up. I have never planted Mountain Gold and am hoping the leaves look different from the BB. Anyway, here's how I plant my seeds for anyone who is looking to start seeds but hasn't yet. I know everyone has their method and mine probably has a little overkill but it works for me. I start by putting Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix in a big Tub and mixing in hot water. I try to work fast to keep the soil mixture warm. Next I fill my seed cells, packing them down with my thumbs/fingers and poke a small hole with pencil. (yep, still using the pencil method) Drop in a seed, and cover with a dusting layer of starter mix. I then put about a 1/2" of hot/warm water in the bottom of the tray for the 6 pack cells to soak up. Here's where I probably am overkilling things but it seems to work on germination. I usually get about 95%+ Germination. I cover the trays with plastic wrap/saran and set them under the lights. I have a double decker starting rackj with light for each row. I just use T-8 shop lights. I bring the light down about 1/2" off the trays, put the cover over the starting rack and turn on a small heater. I am starting my seeds out in my shop and use the heater to keep things nice and toasty while seeds are germinating. I built a cover for the rack out of bubble wrap insulation I had left from my shop build that really holds in the heat, and helps keep it bright once the seedlings are up. I also put a layer of aluminum foil over each light fixture that hangs down to each tray to help keep things bright. Again, I know there are many methods for starting seeds, but this has always worked for me. Good luck to us all this year in our gardens. ccat
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    If the 12 gauge is uncomfortable to shoot, I would definitely go with the .410 for snake control. Another option if you want to try it with the 12 gauge is lighter loads. Like Maggie, I have shot tens of thousands of registered targets. I think she and her husband were trap shooters. I am a sporting clay shooter. Twenty years ago, I shot the heaviest loads that we were allowed to shoot by the rules committee. Age caught up with me and (received my first social security check today) and I now shoot a lite target load. I can still shoot 150 rounds in a day of competition and not be bruised. The load makes a huge difference. Buy nothing that says heavy load or max. Choose something that specifically states lite load ( like 7/8 ounce). Makes it much more fun. There are four of us that make up a team event and we shoot together regularly. I am the youngest one of the team. We won the Houston Livestock Show, Ranching and Wildlife fundraiser a month ago. We joked with the young guys to hurry and pass out the buckles because none of us could see well enough to drive after dark.
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    Got just a few tomato and pepper seeds started today. First time from seed. Not much to see compared to all of your pictures.
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    Ran the hoe through the lettuce and onions today.
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    I potted up 18 of my tomatoes to 1 gallon pots and have some more in 3.5" pots of tomatoes. Need more 1 gallon pots that really can not hold a gallon for some reason.
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    Mixed half a pound of coarse ground pork with 3 T fish sauce, 1 T oyster sauce , four minced cloves of garlic and half a pinky sized chunk of finely minced ginger. We piped it into roughly inch and a half long rounds of sweet peppers and slightly browned on both ends. Went from there into the instapot and was steamed 15 minutes, you can steam them any ol way, they're done when the peppers are nice and tender. Made a gravy out leftover pork, cup of water, remaining peppers and a few slices of onion. Seasoned it with a couple shots of fish sauce, be careful, a little goes a long ways, and toasted sesame oil. Thickened with a corn starch slurry and served on a bed of freshly picked kratky method grown window lettuce, which did not disappoint.
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    Tonight's supper was Spaghetti with meatballs and fried chicken using @Rajun Gardener better than Popeye's fried chicken recipe. Must say, I'll never eat homemade fried chicken any other way.
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    In other words +16F and sunny It will be toasty in the High tunnel so this morning I will get a few beds prepped and ready to plant . This afternoon when it warms up into the mid 30's it will be perfect for felling and bucking up trees for 2020 - 2021 firewood.
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    Glue traps are the only thing I have found that will catch the little buggers. I also have a one gallon bucket with about 3 inches of water in it. They jump in to get a drink, they don't jump out. Works best when hot outside. Also have ferocious barn cat. Kills anything that moves. Can take birds on the wing. Jumps higher than Michael Jordan. You could also try some small covers made from hardware cloth.
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    I noticed my mandelo or cocktail grapefruit as it's also known, is also in full bloom. It's a hybrid cross between a mandarin hybrid and a pommelo. It a wonderful citrus that looks like a grapefruit but is so sweet and juicy. It has a slight taste of bitterness which comes from the skins of the sections but the rush of juice and sweetness washes it away quickly. Eaten without the section skins, it is excellent. I grew my tree from seed that I got from a dear friend from California, Richard Watts, who has since gone on to his eternal reward. It took about 8 years to bloom for the first time last year and I almost had written it off. I had two trees, one I planted out in the yard and the second stayed in a pot. I finally got tired of seeing only large thorns on the one planted in the yard so I got rid of it, probably 1 or 2 years too early. The second one, stuck in the corner of the yard grew out the pot and established itself under the shade of a large tree and between my barn and a wooden fence. Since it was out of the way I just left it along. It produced 12 to 15 fruit last fall with tropical storm Barry knocking all but 5 to the ground. This year it has hundreds of blooms. I will be trying to graft buds from it to another citrus I have and have it back into the main yard. While a very different type of citrus it is one to have, much better than a grapefruit. And oh, by the way, the fruit is as large as a grapefruit. "gene"
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    It has been busy at our place but we started having lambs being born last week. So far there is 5 sets of twins and we still have 24 to give birth. We weren't sure what the breeding success would be sinceing pictures the temperature had been in the high 90's for quite awhile before we introduced the ram and stayed that way for most of the next month. I only saw our ram Max show interest a few times while I could see him so we were hoping breeding season wouldn't be a total bust. Most of them are obviously bred but a couple are questionable. I won't be add all of the pictures but I think lamb pictures always bring a smile on most people. The picture next to last is a ewe that I used to call Will Thang because she was untouchable in the field and she has been here for 3 years. Most of my sheep will come in to be petted but this girl wanted no part of that. For who knows whatever her thinking, I guess she got tired of watching me give the other ewes pieces of Animal Cracker and came up to check it out. The picture of her trying to get her snout in my pocket as she knows that's where the crackers come from.
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    LoLove me some cast iron! The wife, not so much but thats okay, I have enough for the both of us. Here's a few I restored that I was lucky to find at an auction. Sprayed them down with oven cleaner and left them out in the sun inside a black trash bag.
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    BigSkyGardener, I used Miracle Grow Potting Mix. Yeah, Yeah, I know, but, it works for me.....additionally, I've been watering these seedlings with a weak formula of 2 Tbsp. of Triple 13 fertilizer to 3 gallons of water, since they got their first set of true leaves. About every 4th watering was with plain water, to avoid overfertilizing them. They've done fine on this formula, since they were babes. The avg. watering was once a week. As they grew, the watering increased to every 2-3 days. They will being hardening off field trips beginning next Monday, for transplanting into the garden the week of 02/15 to 02/22/2020. As of this morning, 02/03/2020, after adding the potting mix underneath the root balls.
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    Window lettuce is looking good. I'm happy with the progress so far. Roots are looking great.
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    I'm like "Not tonight hun, I got a new seed catalog today."
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    I know it's a bold statement but if you're not first, you're last!!
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    Lol @BigSkyGardener my wife calls the videos and fourms that I frequent my garden porn. Lol It's always a great day when new seeds arrive! I have a freezer full of seeds that I will never be able to use them all in my life time. But if things get bad they are there for me!
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    Well if we are talking about the coronavirus we may as well have a thread. I get my numbers from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ . I trust some of the numbers, but not the ones from China. What worries me now is that the number of cases that have blown up in Iran this week. Iran has spread the virus to 5 other countries. I fear they are prepping to send some infected "travelers" our way. Or to Mexico/Canada and let it just spread to people at border crossings. It would be easy to do. If the number of cases starts to shoot up here, then I guess I will go and get a couple of 25lb sacks of rice and a bunch of beans, also cans spam and pringles, that stuff last forever. The stock market is just starting to wake up to this, as the outbreaks worsens the market will be shocked. I hope this thing dies out soon, cause I am starting to get a bit obsessed with it.
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    My grandmother was one of the few in her immediate area in Ms to survive Spanish flu in 1918.....they had NO decent medical facilities. It killed 28% of the world population, if I remember correctly.....worse numbers than the Bubonic Plague. It was quite the horror! She had a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old and her husband at home....no one else caught it in the family so am assuming she was quarantined.
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    hey wade. we are picking up the keys on friday, so will try to get some pics for you. i am excited to dig the garden. it does not look too tough to get the sod out once you cut your border. i don't mind doing some of the labor now while it is cool. once it gets hot, i will wait to do a bigger bed in the fall. so excited! i have been watching several youtube videos on getting the sod out for a new garden and tips to keep the grass out of the edges. i am gonna dig it out, add compost to it and then plant. once they are in i can get some woodchips to use as mulch on top. i am going to make the bed wider than i need so i can mow around it to keep the grass at bay. i saw a video that said if you dig a trench around your garden bed it will help with drainage and form an air barrier to keep the running grass from getting in. gonna try that.
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    I hear ya Rabbit. IJust for the record I will turn 70 in July. I am a combat veteran and ex-police officer. And yes, prayer is the best thing we can do on many levels but God would not have us be ignorant! I went through SERE training with seal team 2 at Coranado.The very first rule of survival is situational awareness. If you are not aware of your suroundings, you can not defend them. Right now it is not safe for me to got to Walmart. My cousin goes to that walmart. He had spent the last 20-30 years working in China. So many weeks there then so many weeks here. I don't know if he has just returned from there this week or a month ago. As some have said, this virus may not be that bad but what it is causing is. Friday I have to pick up my son at the airport returning from the Phillipeenes. He was rerouted from China to Japan because of this virus. Now flights from Japan are being turned away. I'm not sure if he will get home. People don't understand just how close to home this is or can be with little or no notice. I just believe a person should stay prayed up adn be aware of what is going on around the world . Just because it isn't affecting us now doesn't mean it won't before the day is out. The ols saying holds true. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you're at!" Wade
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    I’ve always carried a .22 cal handgun. Had different ones thru the years but never thought to much about other calibers. Well I’ve been thinking, the rattlesnake in my yard a couple weeks ago liked to got away from me because I couldn’t hit him. I can’t see as good as I used to. That’s a good excuse anyway. I’m thinking I better start keeping a .410 shotgun with me in utv. I have a couple already. Plus, it’s gotten to where I can’t shoot a .22 in any direction like I used to. I’m not worried still carrying .22 for protection, I can hit in a 6-8” circle at around 5-7 yards but that don’t help hitting a snakes head
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    Its time to start,actually past time for me, the early garden, but there is a slight problem. I can't find many places that I can even walk in it, much less run a tiller. Hell, I live on the side of a hill,too!. I image that you low elevation folks in Louisianna really have a problem. All I can do is wait. My yard is kinda' flat and I have one path to walk where I won't sink up. Grass is green and trees are budding out in January....its just nuts.... BTW, congrats on NC. I have watched more football than any of you, or anybody that you know, times 10. That is not an exaggeration. Lsu had the most dynamic and precise offense that I have ever seen in college football, and I think it may have been the best in CF history. They played the best defenses in the nation and never broke a sweat. That offense was just crazy good
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    I like a 12 gauge shotgun with bird-shot Makes it near impossible to miss the target!
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    YAY...the sun!! "Get your engines running...head out on the highway"!.. for me! Was snow 2 days ago and gloomy. Getting into the back and forth days now.
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    Walked outside about daylight this morning. It was 36 with a 20MPH North wind. My garden looks fit for growing rice and that's about it at the moment. Then I walked into my shop and looked at my spring beets that are getting too big for the plug trays they are in, and I'm many weeks away from having somewhere to plant them. Reckon I'll have to pot them up. Then I noticed my tomatoes were sprouting. There's always something about those first tomato plants that makes it feel like garden season is here and gets me to dreaming about BLTs... So, even though it's cold and wet and muddy now. It won't be long before it's hot and dry and buggy. Like my pawpaw used to say... take up gardening and you'll never be short of things to complain about... lol
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    Haha with my job I cant run for office because of the time i am away from home. I could put the cover across the whole thing with very little work, but the law will not change from here on out. They are in bed with a new inspector and they gotta pay him somehow. So the more laws they pass the more he works. Shame S$@t different day. Eroding our rights a little at a time. And telling everyone they know what's best. Another issues was that I am almost directly across for the town grocery. And "someone" called to complained about the front yard thing. Lol Most everyone knew what it was and they were excited to have fresh tomatoes year round. But that puts a dent in the grocery. Like always I will just do my thing and keep moving forward. By the time all the dragon fruit is all grown out and the raised beds are in. My place is gonna be a sight
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    I am so sorry to hear of the huge loss of your seedlings. Were they in the ground or still in flats? By the time I got all my snap traps set our winter carrot crop in the low tunnel was almost completely wiped out by the little greedy bas**rds. For flats I like the idea of building covers from hardware cloth. Thanks BigSky
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    I stood in the frigid wind and looked at all my rocks that I need to pick up.
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    well. i have finally done it. i got the rest of the rebar out of my former woodchip garden area. i put an old piece of shelf down, put a hydraulic scissor jack next to it, clamped on the vice grips and up it went. It was much easier than using the vice grips last time with the metal rod. the only ones left are currently zip tied to my bean arch. at least i know it will be easy to remove once the time comes.
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    Hey sorry I have been busy and hadn't been on in awhile. I will put the start to finish how I do them here. 1. I put the seed in oasis cubes. Inside a small disposals baking pan with the plastic lid. I water the oasis cubes in the pan and let them soak in for about 10 min. Wanna make sure that there completely soaked. Then drain the excess off the bottom and put seeds. Put on heating mat until about 80 percent are popped and you see the small leaves. I also put a small cover or towel over the pans to keep the light out at this time. Once they start to come up and the top is removed you may have to add a but of solution. I use about 25 percent mix at this point. Dont fill the pan but your gonna wanna make sure the cubes dont dry up. 2. I have a seed starting table that I move them too after about 2 weeks in the pans. I have lights to give them light for 18 hours a day. They stay here until they are large enough to put into the starter runs. Here I use a 50 to 70 percent mix solution. The reason I dont give a lenght of time the stay here is due to the rate of growth for different varieties. You want to move them over to the starter runs when they are able to have a decent base and stay over the top of the gutter with out leaning on the plastic. 3. After the table I move them to the starter runs. In these downspouts the holes are drilled with about 1/2 in space left between them. They will stay here for about 2 weeks maybe more again depending on how fast they grow. Main thing is that you dont want the leaves to be rubbing alot on the other plants. The video below kind of shows the spacing and the point where the plants need to be moved for the last time before being picked. 4. These are the last run the plants should be in. You wanna start your first hole on the run at 6 inches from the first end. Then 11 inches from there clear to the other side. At this point your solution should be at 100 percent. The video below shows a few different phases of the lettuce being in the runs. I think it starts in lettuce side around the 3:30 mark. If you use the same solution mix as the tomatoes you will find it works great. As you play with the system a little just as the tomatoes you will find that a stronger solution during the colder months will help the plants grow better as they wont be uptaking as much water. During the warmer months the opposit. A slightly weaker solution as they will be taking in more water. If you have questions please feel free to ask away. I know I'm cajun and what I write dont always make sense to everyone... lol
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    well, the daffodils did hold off and finally opened.
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    Great pictures! I have a lot of respect for animals. Cows stand out in the field in the sun with 105 degree temperatures, then are standing out in a blizzard at -25. Calving season here, and most don't need any help. Amazing to see a calf born and in about an hour or three they are out running around. Then there are the human snowflakes that are triggered because they didn't get their sprinkles on their double shot latte.
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    Fred - we have so much rock here that even with this much rain, it drys out pretty fast. Maggie, we are running 2 females for every male but we have a ways to go before we are done. Since I posted the twins, we have had one single, 7 sets of twins and triplets about two hours ago. One of these pictures might be considered graphic by some but they are a cool sequence of events. I rarely have the camera available when the sheep have a bit of a story to tell. This ewe was one of our first and has zero fear of humans so she didn't mind when I sat down to watch her lambing progress. There was a problem with several lambs in the shelter that kept trying to nurse on her. She kicked at them several times and then she got really frustrated and started bawling at them. Finally she came up right in front of my face and bawled at me like she was saying "Get them out of here". I got them out and she lay back down and continued in her labor and had her first lamb a couple minutes into it. She made it clear that I was no longer welcome by getting between me and her lamb and stomping her feet so I took the hint and left. Our bedroom window faces the stall so in a little bit, I saw she had her twin and figuring she was through, I went down to give her some feed. She ate a bit but then lay back down and out popped a third. They can talk to you if you take the time to listen.
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    Butta Bean....Boy, you are a PRO at this!! They look brand new!
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    2nd very rainy day in a row again. Getting colder and windy. It is supposed be sunny tomorrow, and I'm ready.
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    Groundhog Day results 2020: No shadow! Phil predicts early spring is coming Source: USA Today
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    Seems to me the media is not saying it is flu....seems like they are hyping it big time as a horrific disease....which causes me to wonder about the truth. When they hype something, I usually believe the opposite! I don't know what to believe. I always wash my hands often in the winter and keep my hands off my face. I try to stay clear of coughing, sneezing people and try to never eat out. Sure don't want sick restaurant cooks preparing my food or sneezing all over it. We also take echinacea and zinc at the very first sign of a scratchy throat , a sniffle, or a cough/sneeze. These few things seem to work well....for both of us. I read somewhere that Bill Gates applied for the patent on a coronavirus vaccine 5 yrs ago....hmmm, now just how did he know we would need that particular vaccine now? ? I don't know what to think about that!! It suggests that "epidemics" are caused to scare and thus sell vaccines. Or at least they hype the common flu and call it a different name to sell the vaccine that Gates offers. Who really knows in this day and time? I sure would not put it past them!! Just take the basic steps to stay well....and eat right,too!
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    Champs, Living just a few miles north of you, we are in the same "boat" with our gardens, and might need my big SeaArk to pull my tiller. There's just no where to plant in this mud. I have put off starting cabbage/broc as "where would I put them?" So this year might be the year I buy a few from the Co-op and just lean in the garden and plant them then. We all know we'll get in sooner or later, but man this has been a wet winter. On a lighter note, the fishing has been on fire. I am a catfisherman and all this high water has been great for me. I even won a tournament last weekend so that $800 was nice to pocket.
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    Oh, yeah, speaking of salads Last summer when my wife and I were trying to eat a salad for lunch daily. we keptp complaining about how long it took to get all the ingredients prepped, up to 20 minutes. So we started prepping every thing ahead of time, chopping /shredding the lettuce, carrots, onions, olives, peppers,cubing ham and chicken, boiling eggs, ect. and putting them in small containers you know the rubbermaid ones that seal good. Then they were scattered all over the fridge always getting pushed to the back and you could not find or even remember them all. So we got a clear plastic container about 14 x 11 inches and just place all the containers in or beside the mother container. Then when we wanted a salad just pull it out make a large salad or small salads with what we wanted at that time. Every few day we would chunk anything that old or bad, and reload with fresh. It worked better than trying to make a fresh salad every day or two. Just an idea.
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    It was planted 20 days ago from seed. Not sure what to expect from it, never tried "window lettuce" before, as the DW has dubbed it.
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    Toddsseeds.com have all their seeds in the on sale section 25 percent off.. Just helping anyone's addiction for bulk seed purchases!! I get most all my seeds in 1 pound bulk from them accept for tomato seeds.
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    Now I have been told many times my chicken is the best of all ( I wholeheartedly agree )...and the ridiculous thing is it is too simple. Season, flour only, and fry (usually in a deep fat fryer)...in canola or crisco or lard......extremely crispy with no thickness in the batter or heavy batter. However, I always try other's fried chicken recipes (eggs, buttermilk,etc)to make sure I am not missing out on something, but I have never used the other things you add to the flour, so will DEFINITELY give it a try.....thanks for the video! I could have sworn I could smell it frying thru the computer. Salivatory effect!! Ha, is that a word????
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    Yesterday started breaking ground for my new spring garden. I till up a 15' X 30' patch and have another 5' width to add to it. Maybe tomorrow I can get it done before the rain. Of course that was just the first tilling, I have to do it again 2 more times before I hill it up for planting. Looking to get my snapbeans in the ground by the end or the month. My tomato and cukes are growing well in the greenhouse and will be ready for the garden in a couple of weeks also. ''gene"
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