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    My wife calls seed catalogs my "Adult Magazines."
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    Lol @BigSkyGardener my wife calls the videos and fourms that I frequent my garden porn. Lol It's always a great day when new seeds arrive! I have a freezer full of seeds that I will never be able to use them all in my life time. But if things get bad they are there for me!
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    A few more seeds arrived in the mail this morning. Always puts in me a good mood, even if I do get teased over it.
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    It was planted 20 days ago from seed. Not sure what to expect from it, never tried "window lettuce" before, as the DW has dubbed it.
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    I know it's a bold statement but if you're not first, you're last!!
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    I agree It is always a good day when seeds orders start arriving!
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    That was great! I’m going to give that a try real soon! THANKS!!!
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    Woooo weeeeeeee !!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @Rajun Gardener That looks delicious. I will follow your video on my next fried chicken. Just Awesome.
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    Looks like you are getting excellent growth. Should be tasty.
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    Kratky is the way to go! Just plant and pick!
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