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    I like a 12 gauge shotgun with bird-shot Makes it near impossible to miss the target!
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    I have a lever action .410. It only shoots the 2 1/2” shells. I took it behind the house this afternoon and shot it 6 times. 6 less sweet gum balls in that tree now. Going to look at the Savage over/under .22/.410, but I like this lever action.
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    Down under the 410 is better known as a Rabbit Bruiser ,But it sure works better than chucking rocks .regards Pete
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    No, it is correct. Works out to 876 millibars. I am not only at a higher latitude, I am at 3750' above sea level. Make gardening even more fun. At your house would be a hurricane.
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    Yep, up til about 5 years ago, a 12 gauge was all I had. Started out hunting deer with buckshot, years of dove shoots, ducks, bear protection in Alaska; probably part of reason my shoulder is like it is now. Ithaca pump. Lots of memories. Think I’m fixing to give it to my youngest grandson.
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    Big Sky, Your barometric pressure seems off. Wouldn't 25.93 be a terribly low number? middle of a tornado? Maggie I had the same problem with my plants, but I just couldn't move the sun any closer. LOL (could not help myself)..
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    Hmm... I wonder if the sticky traps would keep the grandkids out of the cookie jar...
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    Walked outside about daylight this morning. It was 36 with a 20MPH North wind. My garden looks fit for growing rice and that's about it at the moment. Then I walked into my shop and looked at my spring beets that are getting too big for the plug trays they are in, and I'm many weeks away from having somewhere to plant them. Reckon I'll have to pot them up. Then I noticed my tomatoes were sprouting. There's always something about those first tomato plants that makes it feel like garden season is here and gets me to dreaming about BLTs... So, even though it's cold and wet and muddy now. It won't be long before it's hot and dry and buggy. Like my pawpaw used to say... take up gardening and you'll never be short of things to complain about... lol
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    I am picking mine now in Chauvin, below Houma.
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