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    Things are starting to grow in the spring garden.
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    I found this article: Gardening with Hydrogen Peroxide
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    We grew them a few years back, they were a good melon and stayed healthy. No issues with being too damp. Far as taste, the ones we got to eat were good. They kept disappearing from the patch as soon as they got ripe, despite our yellow lab/chow mix guard dog being right with them. Was a real mystery what was happening to them... until I was working in the front yard and heard some suspicious chomping and slurping coming from the back yard.. Dang dog had decided it was his patch and was chomping merrily away at the newly ripened melons. Had to laugh but he still got fired from guard duty. He must have eaten 30 of them before he got caught.
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    The tomatoes on the front right made it thru the winter, and some of the pepper bushes in the second row also made it. I want to see how the produce from them comes out.
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    I finally got a few short rows tilled up and planted fifteen tomato plants and seven pepper plants. This was off to the side of my small garden. I hooked the cultivator up to the tractor and ripped open the other rows to see if I could dry them out. The big clumps are wet but it's been around 80 degrees and a strong south wind. I am going to try and till tomorrow and see if it will work. I would sure like to get some fertilizer down and some corn planted.
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    whitetrouts....LOL, I agree with your challenge. I can almost guarantee there is already a vaccine and all the pols have already taken it,tho. There is just not enough to go around yet, so they are just saying it has not been approved....yeah,right!! I would pay big money to see some in Congress lick the shopping carts....vaccine or not!!
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    Rabbitproof, your forgot the disinfection of the mouth and throat, at 5PM daily, very important. But, I do believe we need to start "The Shopping Cart Lick Challenge". All proceeds to fight the coronavirus. I heartily encourage ALL local, state, and federal elected officials to go to their nearest super Wal-Mart and lick as many buggies as the can, (please post on you-tube). Also any celebrity is welcome to join in. Any monies raised can be sent to me, And I promise some of the money will be spent on "dissinfectant" and maybe a case of Corona and a lime. Great Idea Rabbitproof!!
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    Every couple years, in an election year, seems to be the new trend of outbreak timings.
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    This is floating around on Facebook. People are saying Sylvia Browne predicted Corona. I'm not sure of the facts of this. Just wanted to share with those that may not be on Facebook.
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    I know it's hard, but you have to pinch the flowers off. They shouldn't get blooms until after you transplant them. It will stunt their growth. @Davidx357 That looks nice. I was working in my greenhouse building some shelves, and it started blizzarding. Supposed to get down to -16 Saturday night, so I have a while still before I can really get started.
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    Thats nasty. Funny, but nasty.
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    My brother just sent me a list of what the doctor says who worked on the Corona virus originally in 1970.(and continued to study it's variants.) says we must all do to prevent acquiring it. LOL..I have decided to never leave my house again....would be easier!! Gloves for the gas pump and ALL shopping. Gloves to use the pen on those card machines at checkout, of course. Wipe down all surfaces in your home with alcohol or disinfectants.....OFTEN! Never open a door with your hand....use your hips or backs of the hands. Wear a face mask when out so you do not accidently touch your mouth or nose. Use hand sanitizer when entering a store and when leaving....then go home and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in warm soapy water. Sneeze into a tissue....or in your sleeve and then wash the shirt in hot water, as the germs stay on for a week or more. He did not mention cleaning steering wheels...must have had a brain blip. He said Corona would lighten up here and there, but we would be plagued with it each year.... it is not going away. Said it was it was extremely contagious. Well, folks , after reading this, I am going to go lick a shopping cart handle and just get the Hell over with quickly. No way my husband is going to accomplish all the various safety measures, and he is around TONS of people every day. Good heavens, I would be wiping down every surface in here every day to stay ahead of him and his many Corona faux pas'. Hey, I don't know about y'all but to live like this guy claims we should would NOT be a life. I say just wash hands and don't touch the face. And always, pray often!!!
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    I found an article that stated to use 1 tablespoon per quart, so I guess it would be 4 tablespoons or 1/4 cup per gallon. Can anybody confirm? The article in question: https://www.thespruce.com/damping-off-disease-of-seedlings-1402519 I was really hoping to find an extension publication on the subject, but had no luck in that pursuit. ~~VG
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    Thanks for your comments
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    Lambs are so charming and so funny. The pictures are great and it looks like the lamb crops were good. Lovely that your ewe took all three like that, sometimes they are slow to do that.
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    There's a few members on my site doing seed giveaways if anyone is interested. You'll have to join to post but it's easy and quick. Here's a link to the Seed Swap area, Marsha's swap is the biggest and she has tons of varieties. https://www.tomatojunction.com/viewforum.php?f=16 MARSHA'S SEED FOR SASE OFFER 2019/2020African Queen -Pink PL beefsteaks great production, awesome flavorAmana Orange - orange 6 oz beefsteaksBarlow Jap - super prolific 6-8 oz PL pink beefsteaks, 4th year in my gardenBear Creek - 3-5oz very productive black beefsteaks, great tastingBordovyi - Black 6-10 oz beefsteaks Russian originBig Cheef - my favorite black, delicious PL beefs, productive, grow every yearBrad's Atomic Grape - sweet multicolored elongated cherries with nipple, only antho I will grow year after year, I love themCandy Sweet Icicle - elongated pink and yellow striped cherries super productive and candy sweetCaptain Lucky(LIMITED) PL tri colored mainly HER, modest production, can be late, but oh the taste!Captain Lucky White - a nice while PL productive beefsteakCarbon small bleach boat shaped ridged fruit on a compact vineCheburan (Gurin) - cocktail sized very tasty but acid, super prolific, long hang time, 1-1.5 oz fruit on a vigorous RL vineCherokee Chocolate(few)- 5 oz brown beefsteaks on RL vineCherokee Green(few) - yellow skinned GWR, good flavorCherokee White(limited) - pale yellow 3-8 oz beefsteaksChocolate Stripes - vigorous vine, very productive balanced but on the sweet side 8 -10 oz striped fruit, dark fleshChyornyi Teresenko- brown 6-9 oz very rich tasting round to boat shaped beefsteaks. More acid than sweet, but very almost luxurious.Cleota Pink (soon)Curtis Cheek - a delicious large pink heartDaniels- one of my favorite pink PL 12-20 oz beefsteaksDwarf Mr. Snow- my favorite Dwarf so far white high acid and high sugar, abundant 8-10 oz fruitElgin Pink - a large (10 -16 oz)juicy sweet pink with PL plantsEverglades - tiny red fruit, readily reseeds, grows wild in the Florida Everglades, sets in heat, very sweet. Longer germination time than most.Garnet - small really sweet brown cherries, super abundant, like it a lotGigant 10 Novikova - large red beefsteaks, RL, medium productionGirl Girl's Weird Thing - productive, strong plant gorgeous tasty med to large beefsteak fruit. Favorite of many people.Green Gables - delicious GWR beefsteaks, very sweet, very productive, PLHeart of Ashgabat - medium orange meaty heartsJake's Giant Oxheart - large pink vrry good flavored hearts, wispy foliageJewish - very large, very productive very tadty pink hearts, wispy foliageKARMA Apricot F8 - our egg shaped large bicolor cherries on PL plants. Very delicious sweet flavorKARMA MiracleF8 - gwr flesh, Purple exterior with green shoulders prolific sweet as can be cherriesKARMA Peach - larger than cherry sized beefsteak shaped 2-3 oz bicolor fruit on PL binesKARMA Pink z large pink cherries, delicious, productive PL vinesKARMA Purple - purple sweet and tart tasty cherries on PL binesKARMA Purple MF (limited) - not a true mf just branching, Purple sweet prolific cherries on PL vineKBX - still my favorite orange, large sweet beefsteaks on PL vines. My fav. For BLTsLinda's Faux - red really good large beefsteaks juicy, on PL vinesLong Tall Sally - not that tall for me, large sweet striped hearts, wispy foliage, productive, very tastyMama Irene's(limited)- large pink ribbed beefsteaks, good flavorMandalay(from Gurin) - super long shelf life orange skinned but pink fleshed beefsteaks from Gurin the famous Agronomist.Margaret Curtain - another favorite very productive super tasty purple beefsteak 8 ozMarsha's Starfighter beefsteak - antho, stripes, purple flesh, very productive, a segregant sister of Rebel Starfighter Prime, very goodMayo's Delight - large red meaty hearts on wispy foliage vines, productiveMcKinley(few) - tasty pink beefsteaks, very productiveMidnight Sun - beautiful PL vine large bicolor hearts, from Karen OlivierMinusinsky Champion - Striped large tasty red fleshed beefsteaksMocha Splash - gorgeous striped mediuml rounded to boatshaped fruit, almost a beefsteak multiflora. Mocha colored flesh, sweet taste.Not Purple Strawberry- very productive medium/large purple beefsteaks with excellent rich balanced flavorOlena Ukranian - 4-5 ounce round red fruit, havent tasted yetOlga Pink Heart(few)(paste shape) pinkPineapple Pig(limited) 5-6 oz yellow beefsteak fruit with pale green stripes, delicious complex flavor, average productionPolaris A delicious purple beefsteak, 8 - 12 oz, with Potato Leaves, from Karen Olivier as part of her True North tomatoesRebel Alliance - extreme multiflora sweet brown cherries, heart shapedRed Lithium - a must for all. Best production I have seen ever, delicious gorgeous striped red fleshed 4-6 oz fruit.Rosado De Ayerbe a red fleshed beefsteaks,great flavor, medium productionRosella (delicious sweet cherry) - might be my favorite cherry now, I bet there are 300 on the plant! They are rose colored, related to GarnetSayanogorskiy Velikan - Russian variety, red ridged heartsStriped Rumplestiltskin F8 - dwarf bicolor with stripes, excellent high acid flavor, very good productionTaiga - large delicious heart from Karen Olivier as part of her True North series , bi/tricolorTundra- dark purple large hearts taste oh so good, another from Karen Olivier , as part of her True North seriesUluru Ochre Dwarf - unique ochre colored 5 oz beefsteaks, productive, deliciousVater Rhein - Red ridged hearts very good flavorWhite Cherry Heart - not cherries but rather normal sized pale yellow hearts with pink centersWild Thyme Bicolor - bicolor very ribbed flattened beefsteaks not more than 6 ozWolford Wonder - delicious medium sized smooth pink heartsYellow Crests - from Russia, bright yellow hearts, productive
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    A beautiful sight! Everyone looks relaxed.
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    That's more like it. Now I can post this.
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    Here’s one Big Sky I scrounged up. A row of late peas from last year.
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    A few of my little bitty garden. First picture is of one of my raised beds. 3 rows of beets on left half, right side has turnips on this end, carrots in middle, and mustard to far end. Second picture was a few day ago and it a sea of green taken from the other end with beets on right. Third picture is of my other raised bed full of strawberry plants. Forth picture is close up of strawberry plants showing flowers and fruit. Can't wait on them. Have been picking greens for Linda as I don't eat them. "gene"
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    Here’s few more. Mostly peas
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    Ate a restaurant gumbo yesterday near NOLA. I will try a gumbo from any restaurant and have found several good ones. Yesterdays was not, had some seasoning, not sure what it was it was also in the corn crab soup my wife ate. Did not like either one. To top things off their fryer was broken and had to eat grilled catfish that tasted burned. Needless to say it was my first and last time there
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