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    Was able to plant 6 of my tomato plants Monday afternoon.
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    I've been a silent prepper for a couple of years. Every since I've been studying prophesy I've been preparing for hard times . Some of that comes from knowing how my young parents and grandparents ate during the depression.. . but this isa different time- I'm not only concerned with food but keeping focused on the Lord and my eyes "open.".
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    I hooked up the fertilizer spreader to the Ranger and put a 120 lbs out on the back garden. Then I tilled it in and planted one row of Alabama butter peas, three rows of top pick cream peas and four rows of G-90 corn. I noticed that a few of the tomato plants in the front garden have blooms on them. It was a beautiful spring day with the high temp at 85.
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    @whitetrouts Corned beef and cabbage will get you some Social Distancing.
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    Gonna have to start calling you "quick-draw Rajun"! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/03/18/malarial-drug-chloroquine-effective-against-coronavirus/
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    Some good news!! https://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/bayer-preps-u-s-donation-malaria-med-chloroquine-to-help-covid-19-fight-report
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    Moved some tomatoes outside to start hardening off. Got 12 creoles and 4 sweet 100s in the first batch. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get the tiller in there this weekend. It's finally starting to dry up a bit.
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    I feel like I'm a character in one of those prepper novels I'm always reading.
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    My wife makes a kale soup with Italian sausage and potatoes. It makes a hearty soup in the Winter.
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    His wife is not going to like that.
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    Good to know he has seen only 2, himself. I just look at the US numbers and wonder....so low compared to other years. Test kits for flu were not available for the flu 2 yrs ago...so many cases, some places ran out. We were warned here then that they were low on test kits. Spring saved us!! I really would expect a doctor to treat someone with it....especially in such a large city as Houston. I was really wondering about family and friends' in general.
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    Listening to these people on solving the financial problem by having the government throwing borrowed money everyplace. SOCIALISM.. Call it what it is. You can't be a socialist country one month then back to capitalism the next. It just doesn't work that way. ????
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    Hi Rabbit, my nephew is a doc in a houston er. He himself has seen 2 so far. He sounddr pretty irritated about lack of supplies and test kits.
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    Italy just came out and said that only 12 people have died who did not have serious pre existing conditions. Kinda figured that all along. I bought some extra tp and paper towels this morning. Things appear normal here....I was out and about all this morning. Only 2 cases in Knox county....we are neighboring Blount county. One of the Knox county cases had flown in on a plane from visiting relatives.....who in the world would board a plane right now? I don't do that in any flu season ever !! I have asked my neighbors if they know anyone with Corona....no. No Facebook friends know anyone with Corona, no family members scattered all over the country know anyone with Corona...I am down to asking store clerks and so far the answer is no. This is one strange "pandemic"!! Everyone says the only ones they know of are the ones the news media talks about...hmmmm. How about you all....do you personally know of anyone with Corona? Even a friend of a friend?
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    Sowed a small patch of Mbombo Bush Beans and a small patch of Blue Jay Bush Beans.
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    That’s what I did this afternoon. Had enough potting mix for 4 buckets and 1 larger container. Transplanted 1 per bucket and put rest in the big container til I get more potting mix. Did plant them pretty deep. I’ve been leaving them out all day this last week and bringing them in at night.
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    They’re outside for good now. Still a little worried about having another frost or two.
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    Thank you, but it went back to normal after an hour so think it might be just a rare blip. If it happens again, I will send you my zip
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    I did some tilling for my grandmother and some at my place too. I'm way, way behind this year. I didn't expect to be home this spring, but with school being cancelled it looks like I'm going to be!
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    Not really garden related, but it is a new video.
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    Lafayette is doing testing which is really screening at the Cajundome and traffic is lighter than they expected. The city also set up a hotline to call and get screened over the phone. The news just showed how they set up different stations, the first is an initial screening. If you have symptoms they send you to the next station to get checked by a Doctor, if he feels you need to be tested he sends the request with you to a different station and they test for the flu while you wait onsite. If you're positive for the flu they treat onsite and write scripts, if it's negative then you get tested for Covid and sent home with instructions to hibernate till results get back in 7-9 days. They're also expecting the first test results to get back today. We have no cases yet but that could change.Yesterday it was announced that it would cost $50 if you didn't have insurance and people were upset wondering why. They're charging for the cost of the test material only and that's only if you need to get tested. The Mayor said don't worry about coming with money, he's working with United Way to get it community funded he just wants everyone who needs testing to come.I don't know about everyone else but if I was told I needed to get tested, $50 would be the last thing I'm worrying about especially if I don't have insurance.We had a 5th person die today, a 90 year old in a nursing home from Orleans parish. From the graft it doesn't seem like it's just the elderly that gets it. I'm sure Mardi Gras was the reason most of the cases in the state are around New Orleans.
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    Keep up the great honourable Gardening traditions & feed you & yours through the tribulations to come , P/S does anyone know where to get some cheep reusable date loaf<LOL>pete
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    @Maggie13 I see you are on top of things already. I am almost finished with a new small fully screened high tunnel. Going to grow lettuce and brassica crops in that this year to keep from having to put anything on them. We will see.
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    Thank BigSky for the suggestion ! I bought a 50 lb bag of it about 8 years ago of BT and it does help. I also use it in my chicken dust bath mixture.. I have bug netting that helps ward them off also
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    I tilled a 5-6’ wide strip about 100’ long to get ready to lay off a row for a few hills of watermelon.
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