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    Try to find or fix something and go about it all wrong? Then the light comes on and you just want to kick your own ass for being so stupid? I am 2 minutes into wanting to do just that, kick my own ass. My wife just volunteered to do it for me, if I am unable to. Here it is: I have an old Golden Harvester planter that works just like an Earthway. It was bought at a yard sale for $5, but it only has one plate and I like it way better than the overpriced/overhyped Hoss seeder. I don't want to buy a set of plates for an Earthway, if they won't fit. I have been trying to find plates for the GH, but it just never occurred, until just minutes ago, to ask THIS FORUM! I was not kidding the other day, some days I can make a bag of shit look like a PHD. Does anyone have any plates for the GH or does anyone have an Earthway plates that they would sell me to see if it will work? Or, if you don't have one to sell, would you send one for me to try? I'll pay the postage and send it right back. Bordercollie will vouch for my trustworthiness, and honorable personality. Not so much for my intellect,though. Thanks in advance
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    If you do have the older Golden Harvester planter, then its plates are interchangeable with Earthway. 100% positive on this one, I had both until someone backed over the G.H. with the lawnmower. Still use its plates on the Earthway to this day.
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    Champ, I have a earthway 1001-b model, I will loan you a plate if you want. Just send me a PM or let me know where to mail it. bruce
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    Willie the Bella Rosa tomatoes, under the care of a top notch gardener like yourself, can be utterly unbelievable! I have grown them for about 5 years now, and they are an excellent tomato. I still like Dixie Reds the best, but B. Rosa's are neck and neck with them. That is some pretty tomatoes
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    picked 2 buckets of rattlesnakes, got my first ripe tomato,picked squash and cukes, started working on moving electric fence from one end of the garden to the other. Humidity made me stop before I finished, so I have a radio playing. Coons know corn is almost ready just like deer and peas
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    The Golden Harvester had a larger packing wheel that I liked a lot.
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    The 1 pounders from the Bella Rosa's are starting to roll in.
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    You know Guys , my wife Ellen recons going through this is like living between a rock & wanting to hit someone with it! Regards Pete
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    Miracle grow does make a seed starting mix that I have had excellent results from. It obviously does not have the pre-emergent added and works well. I use a different variety ( I think it Is Fertilome) but when I can't get it I will buy the MG instead. Just don't buy the potting soil to start seeds in.
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    Hey Pete, if this goes on much longer I think I will end up liking my old gal. "gene"
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    I am anxious to try seed starts this fall after finding this out. What a s****y thing to do, and it does explain a thing or two like certain cells or cups not having seeds germinate even after repeated attempts
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    I've had MUCH better results starting seeds in straight perlite than in miracle grow. Tried it as a lower cost experiment for hydroponics, worked very good if transplanted at an early stage.
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    I agree with both of you. The last MG potting soil I bought would have been better marketed as "Wood Chip Mulch". I used it in some seed starting trays (flowers) that never came up. I guess nothing grows in just straight bark. So I did salvage the next seed starting venture by cutting it with Perlite and my own compost.
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    My livestock guardian dogs live with my sheep but they keep the coyotes away with their barking rather than fighting and we have fences tall enough with hot wire on top that we haven't had any sheep losses.
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    My wife and I are avid hikers and mountain folk (don't ask me why we live in the flattest state in the union... lol). It's been a frustrating year for us with 3 cancelled trips because of the voluntary financial suicide being sponsored by a lot of states. Anyway, we decided to hell with it, we will just take an old fashioned road trip. We are leaving Saturday for a SE US loop through Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. Along the way we will hike Providence Canyon in Georgia, Cummins Falls in Tn., Red River gorge in Ky. and the Pinhoti trail in Alabama. Also on the agenda is a stop at Jimmy Beam for supplies and standup paddleboard tour of a flooded cave system in Kentucky. Stand by for pics.
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    Actually, my first reaction was to laugh. Such stupid,stupid people...it just amazes me! . Of course, we have "imported" only the best and the brightest (HA!) from other countries, have we not, and then showered them with "free stuff" off the backs of hardworking, law abiding taxpayers. The results are so apparent!!
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    I had an amusing thought(amusing?).... maybe the overwhelming response was all the Washington state people signing up, since the mayor of Seattle put a message out for people to please grow home gardens and give the food to the anarchists in the CHAZ autonomous zone!!! Seems they are getting hard up for food(and much else,too) ....LOL!! When I read that in the news, I said how can people get so unbelievably stupid.... destroy everything and then wonder why you have nothing!!. Then say you want your own zone where you make your own rules and where no one else can come in but forget you need everyone else to survive!! They showed 2 people trying to garden now ...oh, what a pitiful site. Worse looking plants...think they skipped the manual on how one needs to water, as the plants were all limp and bending over. ...that is, the few piddlin plants they stuck in there harem scarem. Yes, Dummies, , just jump in there out of the blue and say you will now grow your own food...yeah, right!!! It is amazing to me how terribly ignorant so many of Americans have become....makes it very easy for manipulation and downright brain washing of such people, for sure. Are we really in the USA?...I feel like we have been transported to the Twilight Zone! I read yesterday the CHAZ area tough guys now say ,"Oh, we don't want to secede"....really? Did a little hunger make you change your mind....maybe a lack of TP, too? Boy...so tough that they cave at the end of a week without the everyone they want to keep out? They need to be laughed out of the country....the old America would do so. Well, the old America would never have allowed this to happen to begin with!! First their water/sewer/electrical supply would have been cut off...they would have lasted 2 days, if that. I want my old country back!! Ha, sorry...I hijacked the topic. Just had a funny thought that maybe the Seattle/Washington folks were signing up for the course en masse out of sheer desperation, as they see their tough guys crumbling!!!
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    They taste delicious..
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    Since you said it, I will admit I don’t eat tomatoes either. Love ketchup, but not tomatoes.
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