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  1. Most of our gardens are raised beds sitting over rock. Soooo we use a lot of sheep manure and up until this year we were able to work it using a broad fork and a lot of manual turning of the soil but we aren't getting any younger. We have a tiller for flat gardens but we needed a compact tiller to use on the raised beds so picked up a Honda compact the other day. It does a super job and we got several of our beds finished in a couple of hours.
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  2. This is a nursery pot with the bottom cut out, split down the side and filled with sand. The purpose is to keep the graft from freezing and allows your tree to grow back from the graft if the top is killed by low temperatures. They are showing a low of 13 degrees for us, every day the forecast has been getting colder. The stump on the side was from cold damage in 2014 I believe.
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  3. You get used to it. You learn how to dress for it, etc. It gets old sometimes, but the rest of the year is glorious here. Keeps some of the riff-raff out also.
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  4. While I am not a dog, I can tell the difference between 32* and 31*........I cannot imagine living in minus 31* temps....I just can't....I turned on the heat after I read your post....A picture of a snowbank makes me shiver....Gosh, I wouldn't survive 24 hours up there....Hell, I keep an electric blanket on me at night until July and thats not a joke
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  5. -31 this morning. I supposed it can only warm up. Glad this is going to end on Monday. Everything changes at these temperatures. I looked at them standing in a snow covered pasture this morning on my way to work. They either don't really seem to notice, or they are just resigned to deal with it. Like my dogs. They act like there is no difference between -20 and +40.
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  6. We had thunder and lightening today also. So weird. Yesterday I heard thunder to the south of us all day long. I almost thought it was someone blowing up beaver dams. It was very unusual- just coming from the same area for half the day. It's so wet and getting colder and colder over the next few days- I feel really bad for the cows. They aren't use to such around here.
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  7. Well, what’s the old saying? “Thunder is February gets you a frost in March”. We have had lots of thunder off and on all day along with some lightning this evening so I guess we’ll have a frost in March. It’s supposed to get down in the teens on Monday night and I can’t recall the last time that’s happened in zone 9. I would guess that many of you north are of here are having some frigid temperatures over the next few nights so bundle up everybody.
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  8. Years and years ago , before we had a closed herd, We bought some registered angus cows from up your way Big Sky. One, we called the Princess cow. she had short frost bit ears and a short tail too. But she was still a big cow fat cow.. We did buy another last Spring from Montana and kept her segregated , did blood tests 2x and she is in good health ... she is still segregated as of now because she cost so much. I feel bad for our cows because the ground is so wet that they have no dry place to lay down. That also means that their hooves have destroyed much of their grass. In 2 weeks th
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  9. Here are the temps at my house from midnight to current. You can tell when the sun came out. Heater not yet running in the propagation room. I will turn it on Tuesday. it will then be 75 degrees all the time.
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