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  1. Got down to 36 degrees this morning. I did set out 5 tomato plants last weekend. Tomatoes and peppers are only things I gamble on planting early. Peas, butter beans always at least first week in May. If I plant late peas, it’s usually last 2 weeks of July.
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  2. Will get down to 20 degrees again tonight here. I think the snow is done for the year. I have nothing outside yet but will start putting out cole crops, lettuce and onions starting this weekend. One thing most people don't think about or understand is that planting early isn't really worth it in the long run. An example is planting radishes. If you plant radishes on say April 1st. and the weather is cool, the plants will take say 55 days to mature. If you wait until May 1st. you think you are a month late, but the warmer temps will make the plant grow faster, so they will mature
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  3. We have also had all four seasons in the last two weeks and winter returns tomorrow. We have been getting a lot of Asparagus for the last week or so and the Snow Peas are up and should be fine. Teresa started some cucumbers in one of the beds that has a low tunnel and cover so they should be good. All of our warm weather starts are still on the porch.
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  4. Would you believe my insurance company wanted over an extra hundred dollars a month to insure our house if we had a wood stove? It's actually more expensive for us to burn wood than not to. We've a full room of plants waiting to go outside. Can't wait to get most of them out there, it's a jungle in the house. Every grow light is at maximum capacity
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  5. Today I picked my first Contender bush snap beans. My rows produced less than half what I usually pick. The Plants got beat down hard by the strong winds and hard rains. the plants were laid down on the ground. They are the most pitiful looking beans I've ever grown. I take great pride in my snap beans but this year mother nature has embarrassed me. I plan to pull the plants Monday, till the garden and plant again going with a different bean. My okra is up and I need to thin and fertilize and my tomatoes are looking great with lots of small tomatoes on them. "gene"
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  6. We are supposed to get down to 41 tonight. Tomorrow its supposed to be much warmer with rain moving in late. I still have yet to plant anything in my garden. I do have tomatoes that need to be planted though. Right now , they are confined to the house . Oh. I do have some lettuce growing in a little patch on the side of the old smokehouse. I'll be leaving in the morning to do some work on the old homeplace in ARK and hopefully get a shower so that I can burn some of the small limbs I have piled up from one of the tornado trees. hard to believe, but folks don't even want to load fre
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  7. Welcome back and he sure did make a difference
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  8. I've been gone awhile. I don't even remember what my username on the Bayou Gardener forum was. Hopefully this is close. I have to admit that I am struggling a little right now. Seeing "In Memory of Donald" on the site was as shocking as whatever the original Bayou Gardener website turned into. I'm glad that this is site here but deeply saddened that Donald passed. Deeply is not strong enough. I was going through hundreds of subscribed channels on YouTube and I came across The Bayou Gardener. There was no way I was going to unsubscribe from that one. I looked at when the last video was made and
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