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  1. @ol hippie Beans are being planted this year. Several years ago it was sugarcane.
  2. Did a small area for cucumbers. Today I will finish planting everything I have available to put in the ground. A few pics, one tomato plant with a tomato on it, but the plant is the size of a pencil, think I'm gonna pull it off.
  3. I've been gardening for many years, this I didn't know. Tomatoes require a low nitrogen, higher phosphorus fertilizer. Too much nitrogen fertilizer will produce more vine rather than fruit. I've always used mainly 13-13-13. The suggestion is to use 10-20-20. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. @Lost in Lebeau Yes, we added Chicken Liver. was told it was milder.
  5. Since the Stay at Home came into effect, We haven't left the yard in two weeks. Had all the item needed to make boudin. Our first time doing this, Boudin was very easy to make. Seasoning was our only issue, was afraid to over season it and have too much salt. Easy to make. Could have used more seasoning and cut back on some of the red pepper. Add a few green onions into mixture before stuffing into casing. We will revamp our next making of boudin. Here are a few pictures:
  6. About 10 Mins ago, our State Representative for the Avoyelles area just announced the 1st confirmed case and more to follow. Prayers to the Nation and everyone stay safe.
  7. Here in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Still NO confirmed cases, But I think in the next few days or so we'll have confirmed cases. Too much talk is going around. For those of you out of state, I've circled "Avoyelles Parish" in RED.
  8. Was able to plant 6 of my tomato plants Monday afternoon.
  9. @Rabbitproof Message me your zip code. I can have the zip code use another station that maybe reporting correctly.
  10. After today, Louisiana Governor closed the schools here till April 13th
  11. DAMN..... A dish at a high price restaurant doesn't look that good.
  12. @Deus Vult Looks great, you are WAY.... ahead of the game than I.
  13. I got a laugh at this. People are asking why toilet paper? I was told, one person sneezes and a hundred people sh*it on themselves .
  14. Our Wal-Mart store in Marksville, LA. Pic was taken last night.
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