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  1. 1st cousin of mine stopped by yesterday. He went fishing at Spring Bayou in Marksville, Louisiana, which is about 15-20 mins from my hometown. This was his catch:
  2. Happy Father's Day to all the dads. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.
  3. Tomorrow, June 8th, is "St. Medard's Day" (Patron Saint of bad weather)--(Cajun French: "Sam-mE-da")--Cajun tradition--rain today (on the 8th), rain for 40 days! Today is the 7th but let us start praying to St. Medard to calm the predicted weather. Thank you.
  4. Cleaned several dozen of sweet corn, blanched it and put up in freezer. This is Ambrosia Sweet Corn.
  5. I grow them as well. They do make a lot of peppers.
  6. Bella Rosa's are the way to go. I don't waste my time with any other varieties. Great looking tomato you have there @PawPaw "gene".
  7. My dad lives in Saucier Mississippi. Here are a few pics he sent me of his hydro garden.
  8. Update: As of now, another 2.5 inches of rain since 12am. Garden is back underwater. Thinking of making some crawfish ponds instead.
  9. She needs to take a chill pill. Another 3 inches today, hail and winds at 32 mph. Garden flooded to the max. This makes no sense.
  10. Not a one bolted. Just the onion tops started falling over.
  11. Thanks, I much prefer individual threads. I do seem to miss some post on longer threads. The onion leaves started falling over on about 80% of them. So I pulled them all. Didn't make a large crop like I usually do. This was my share after giving half to my brother-in-law. I'll chop and freeze them for cooking.
  12. Planted Bella Rosa's, Dixie Red's and Big Daddy's. Like everyone else, I'm now down with the back. I agree with this part of @2010 National Champs quote.
  13. 5-3/4 inches of rain from last night to this morning. Very wet here in Avoyelles Parish.
  14. Update: Additional Pics
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