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  1. Now that's some good eating there.
  2. This morning is the first day without ice on them. Ground is saturated, but we have full sunshine out right now. I guess time will tell. Same Pic but Zoomed in:
  3. Write what you planted( don't lie and say you remember everything....yeah right, I been down that road for a long time) LOL, the quote above. I've done that many times and still doing it today.
  4. Some of you may already do this, however I just wanted to pass the info on to those that didn't know. - Hippie Here is a great way to make 'low-to-no-cost' plant markers. A smart way to recycle! With only one set of old mini-blinds, you can make hundreds of plant markers in various sizes and widths that are nearly indestructible! You can use up those old mini-blinds you have lying around. Re-using what would be otherwise destined for the trash heap is the best way to Go Green and score some resilient garden-ware. This is a superb and inexpensive way to label your plants,
  5. @Fred I use this Promix I can get at Walmart for about $10.00.
  6. @Double B I planted these seeds on 01/17/2021.
  7. Picked these trays up at LOWES for $2.98 each. I would consider these heavy duty cause they aren't flimsy at all.
  8. A member asked to remove their account from the forum. That's why the counter is showing one less member.
  9. Interesting, never thought of this before.
  10. Ten days ago, I started some different varieties of pepper seeds. So far only one has sprouted. This morning using some scrap 2x4's and a few wood screws, I put together a stand to hang the light. Not pretty and fancy, but it works. @Cowgirl, says I should paint the stand black and it wouldn't look so bad.
  11. Supper Update: Delicious (Told y'all after making fresh sausage that was going to be supper) Thanks @Cowgirl for making a delicious meal.
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