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  1. Hi, Guys! I have three beds of okra seedling coming up right now, and a bunch of peppers around the perimeter. I have ONE empty raised bed left. Is there ANYTHING i can start in it now, and hope to be finished by mid-September? I was thinking cowpeas, but, they'll add a bunch of Nitrogen to the bed, which I plan to use it for my carrots. They've done really, really well there, in the past. I just hate to have an empty bed sitting there... Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Sorbent Systems Snorkel Vac. This machine will use ANY bag. Bought my original one about 6 years ago, and LOVED IT. Small footprint, sucks so much air out, your package is literally "like a brick." Then, I messed up the pump with THE LIQUID STUFF...so, I did not hesitate to order another one. Except they sent me a different model that was defective, and doesn't pull that "brick" seal. I didn't bother returning it, and I made it work for most things. They were both right at $100.00. The first time I bought 1,000 bags, that have lasted forever! I like that it will seal any and all bags, including the more expensive FoodSaver bags! But, I've got to get a better sealer. It's not critical at this point, because I've been canning my butt off! Since my freezer went out earlier this year (a total blessing), and, I had to EMPTY and repair it, I've been able to grab meat on sale, and have somewhere to store it, short-term. Not relying on the freezer for long-term storage. I buy meat on sale with the eye toward having it canned up within a month. I am behind, LOL!!! But, I sure loved that little vacuum sealer, when it worked....
  3. Hey, Stephanietx! Glad you made it on over, LOL!
  4. Thanks, guys! I've sold and distributed all but the final 25 tomato plants. I also have 8 Mortgage Lifters and 5 Adjvarski pepper plants for myself. Wasn;t planning on tomatoes in my garden. Conditions just aren't favorable for growing them in my yard. Last week, I cleaned out the grow room, and went right back in and seeded five 72-plug trays with okra, assorted peppers, Ga. collards, and two other veggies, the names of which elude me, LOL! Hoping to get some to the Farmer's Market in six or eight weeks. The collards will definitely be ready!.
  5. Speaking of seed starting, where do farmer's buy those plug trays of seeds, and how much do they cost? I'm particularly interested in how much a 72-cell flat of okra seedlings cost. Thanks, in advance.
  6. Ok, Ya'll, I'm trying to keep up with the planting schedule this season!!!!! I need to tackle my overgrown raised beds, my grass, and stay on the AT&T people who are coming to bury a cable. With that said, I'd like to know when ya'll plant stuff, like, GREEN BEANS this early. I'd usually plant them around the end of April, but, ya'll are going much sooner. So, I have incentive to get that yard in shape. As it is, I'll have to pull weeds from the raised beds, torch the surface to burn off dropped weed seeds, turn the soil over, and torch any remaining weeds that come up again. That should put me right about mid-March to drop the Contender green bean and top pick purple hull pea seeds, yes? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys!!!!!
  7. BigSkyGardener, I used Miracle Grow Potting Mix. Yeah, Yeah, I know, but, it works for me.....additionally, I've been watering these seedlings with a weak formula of 2 Tbsp. of Triple 13 fertilizer to 3 gallons of water, since they got their first set of true leaves. About every 4th watering was with plain water, to avoid overfertilizing them. They've done fine on this formula, since they were babes. The avg. watering was once a week. As they grew, the watering increased to every 2-3 days. They will being hardening off field trips beginning next Monday, for transplanting into the garden the week of 02/15 to 02/22/2020. As of this morning, 02/03/2020, after adding the potting mix underneath the root balls.
  8. Hey, ya'll! Last night I worked with those half-filled cups. I started out just adding more potting mix to fill them to the tops, then, a thought occurred to me. It didn't matter about the soil on TOP of the existing soil line, because the roots grow DOWN!!! Duh!!! So, I switched gears (after a whole tray was done). Instead, I lifted each seedling from its cup and added a handful of potting mix UNDERNEATH the rootball. I set the plant back in, and tamped loose potting mix down into the sides of the cup, so each was filled, as best as I could get those airholes plugged up. Something must've gone right, because, I got up in the middle of the night, and just happened to peep into the grow room. Those plants were ALL standing up at attention, and touching the lights!!! I had to go in and raise every light in the room!!! It just made sense to give them more soil underneath the rootball. If this works, I won't have to switch to larger cups in the future. And, I'll do it a lot sooner, so the soil is already filled in. Should make a considerable difference.
  9. oooooooHHH, Thank you, Bordercollie!
  10. WOW, Jimmiec!! I thought I was ahead of the game with my tiny (but sturdy) seedlings, LOL! Mine are reaching chopstick thickness by the stems, and are staying stocky, since I'm keeping the grow room inside on the cool side. Didn't want them taking off on me indoors, before the weather could accommodate them outdoors. Hardening off field trips will begin the week of February 10th, and, transplant is on target for the weekend of February 15th.
  11. Great looking operation. Bobby would be proud, and so would Mr. Donald.
  12. Real nice, Hippie Willie!!
  13. I've been sick from Christmas Eve through after the New Year. The beets didn't stop growing, either, and I haven't separated them. I might just plop the ball down, separate them and plant them directly into the garden. I've done that before, but, I sure wanted them separated under the lights. My 28 cf freezer was doing some wonkiness when I got home last evening. Stuff was thawing out. I think I have too much packed in it, and putting strain on the compressor. Purging the freezer volume is up next, BEFORE separating any beets!! Which makes another point for CANNING the harvest and shoving the jars under the beds. Long as there's no earthquake, I should be fine.
  14. Thank you! My niece cooks a 2-1/2" - 3" thick chuck roast, 2.5 to 3 lbs. on HP for 60 minutes with potatoes and carrots thrown on top in foil packets. NPR for 15 min, then pulsing QR til the pin drops. Fork tender! She's loving her Instantpot, as I hoped she would!
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