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  1. Great looking operation. Bobby would be proud, and so would Mr. Donald.
  2. Real nice, Hippie Willie!!
  3. I've been sick from Christmas Eve through after the New Year. The beets didn't stop growing, either, and I haven't separated them. I might just plop the ball down, separate them and plant them directly into the garden. I've done that before, but, I sure wanted them separated under the lights. My 28 cf freezer was doing some wonkiness when I got home last evening. Stuff was thawing out. I think I have too much packed in it, and putting strain on the compressor. Purging the freezer volume is up next, BEFORE separating any beets!! Which makes another point for CANNING the harvest and shoving the jars under the beds. Long as there's no earthquake, I should be fine.
  4. Thank you! My niece cooks a 2-1/2" - 3" thick chuck roast, 2.5 to 3 lbs. on HP for 60 minutes with potatoes and carrots thrown on top in foil packets. NPR for 15 min, then pulsing QR til the pin drops. Fork tender! She's loving her Instantpot, as I hoped she would!
  5. You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Whitetrouts, 25 min HP, with a NPR?
  7. Welcome to MY world!!!! Yogurt, baby back ribs, chuck roast, chicken soup, beef stew, cheesecake, applesauce, oxtails, spaghetti, etc. If you can eat it, you can cook it in an Instantpot! And, you can start with FROZEN meat/fish/food... https://www.facebook.com/groups/InstantPot101forBeginners/
  8. Thanks, Wade! Good to have options. Like Maggie says, "you can never have too many beets!!"
  9. Was under the weather and didn't get to separate the beet seedlings yet. Will try for this weekend. There are several nice clusters. And, I can attest (from experience) with Maggie that beet seedlings are pretty hardy!
  10. Rabbitproof, I hear yuh!!! It took me almost two years to be comfortable in the yard again. There's a bayou that snakes along the back line, but, the yard wasn't fenced off. The dogs followed the bayou and came up right into the yard. Every time I was out there and a branch creaked, or a squirrel jumped, or someone stepped on some leaves, I was freaking out. During that time, my neighbor's little 6 year old loved being in the garden with me. After that incident, I determined no harm would come to that child while she was in my care. So, I got the Judge PD, because of the spray pattern. Two rounds of heavy gauge buckshot would send them scattering, hopefully. After that, three rounds of 45s to take 'em down, if necessary.
  11. Maggie13, Beet separation will begin this weekend!!! I have a tray I seeded last Tuesday, and definitely have multiples in each cell (duh.) But, I anticipated trying your way, and purposely left some cells unseeded to accommodate the separators. Will report success, when it happens!
  12. Judy, I have had that Judge PD, brand new in the box for years now. Never been used. I researched carefully before I bought it, though, because I was pinned in the corner of my yard once by two pit bulls that had most likely been released from fighting rings. One was a pregnant female. I'm blessed to be alive today. I bought the PD because of the escalating power with the different calipers it could hold. Afterwards, I realized it wasn't a CC type weapon, at all. More of a "nightstand" or "lock box in the jeep" type weapon. In any case, with the right load, it will stop whatever you're aiming at. Aim carefully...
  13. Thanks, Whitetrouts! FYI, I'm using the same juicing equipment, LOL! So far, I've done 4 quarts of lemon juice for my neighbor. That's about half the tub he brought me. He's gonna freeze it.
  14. I don't think JoParrott is brand new to the Bayou Gardener!!!! Just found us again!!! Welcome back, Jo!!!
  15. Bigboberta, Why no garden this year? Hope your health is holding out, and, it's some other reason.
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