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  1. BSG, Your pics really lend a panoramic view of some peaceful settings! Gorgeous real estate there. And such a bounty! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. Thank you, guys! Based on your recommendations, I have a pretty good idea of what will be needed.
  3. LOL, Rabbitproof, Yeah, they can go pretty deep! I have stalks in one bed that are 8' tall, with another two months of growing, if I don't top them. I probably will cut them off below the tops of the runts under the canopy. Those would probably take off once the sunlight filters through to them.
  4. Question: When the time comes, I'm gonna have to cut down the gynormous OKRA STALKS with my sippy saw. I'll need those beds almost immediately to transplant in he seedlings you saw in my previous post (cabbages, broccoli, collards, cauliflower). How do I plant anything in those beds, if the okra root balls are still in there? Or, will I have to get in and dig them out? Also, I'm sure I'm gonna need to top off those beds with a bunch of compost and Black Kow, yes? Surely, the beds will be depleted of nutrients for the brassicas. Thanks, in advance, ya'll!
  5. I have some Crimson Clover seeds, but, I've never used them yet as a cover crop....
  6. LOL, MPHymel! I have a coworker who eats yogurt every day, and has saved every cup for me. He's working from home now, but comes to the building, periodically. And he still brings the cups in!
  7. Thank you Maggie & 2010 National Champs!
  8. Snapped a few on the weekend walkabout. The okra production slowed down during the rain, although they grew like they're on steroids. The two okra growing in the mineral tubs are doing fantastic. NOTE TO SELF: Convert more self-watering mineral tubs!!!
  9. Update on Fall-Winter seed starts. Growing low and slow!
  10. My best friend lost her hair. That's also a Covid side affect. Fred, so glad, you beat that dreaded disease!!!
  11. guys in standing in front of the $79 heavy duty vacuum dealer at Cabelas and I need to know if it requires special bags, cuz i already have 1,000 bags at home. They're smooth bags. Hurry, please!!!
  12. Thank you, guys! 2010 National Champs, what would you spray them with?
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