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  1. Welcome to the forum! I've enjoyed many of your videos on youtube!
  2. Welcome to the forum, Tim. Watch out for "door prizes " a certain member might try to pass along to you, there is no requirement to accept his kittens
  3. Welcome to the forum, glad to have ya.
  4. My garden areas are still under better than knee-high snow. Hopefully it'll melt down in the next few days, with highs in the 40's.
  5. Where the hell do you live?? Mayberry? Holy crap, cousin Barney! You can throw a dart at a map and not be further than an hour away from one.
  6. You can buy it at an Asian grocery as well. Thats where I get mine. Is simple to grow, likes loose soil and regular watering or you'll get tiny roots. Fertilize ginger with a lower nitrogen fert. We use 10-20-20. Turmeric likes a heavy composted fertilizer. We use 10-10-10 on it until it get good and bushy then switch over to the 10-20-20. Might be a good idea to plant in raised beds or containers if you don't want turmeric taking over your garden and then your lawn. I swear you can sift the soil with fine mesh and that shit will still grow back in a bigger patch.
  7. Hahaha unless we plant in the greenhouse and run a heater, we don't get a ripe tomato until July!
  8. Lovely 24 degrees with feels like of 4 degrees, blizzard conditions. Only 2-3 inches of snow but these 40 mph winds are making for white out conditions and drifts across roads.
  9. No complaints about pro mix here. Have been using it a good while with excellent results.
  10. A lot, if they know what's good for them.
  11. Those look great! I'm a tiny bit jealous since I have a while to wait yet.
  12. Welcome to the forum.
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