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  1. Welcome to the forum
  2. Lol don't make me tell old jokes on ya, Champs!
  3. Picked a mess of greens this morning. Ended up with 15 pint jars and 17 quart freezer bags worth. About to dig a row of taters to can after a cold drink.
  4. That looks suspiciously like Miracle Whip, too!
  5. Danny has been posting a few videos lately, let's show him some support by watching, subscribing and giving him a thumbs up!
  6. The reason they want to convert completely to plastic is to track everyone's movements and purchases. You can be identified and most covertly observed. China has been doing it to us for years with our cell phone apps. They have a complete database of our everyday lives. Don't have any apps, you say? Does your phone have a flashlight? Bet it does... bet you can't remove it, either. When the wash comes out, it will be revealed China is behind a great amount of the discord being sown in the United States.
  7. If its not clumpy or partially dissolved it most likely is in decent condition. May be a bit low in nitrogen but that easy enough to spot in plants growth.
  8. Broke keystock is my first assumption, all the symptoms fit.
  9. We like cutting the suckers at baby corn stage, is an unexpected bonus.
  10. Thats big fibs. Tomatoes and peppers are some of the easiest seeds to start and hard to mess up beyond salvaging if you keep them in good light. Quarter strength liquid fertilizer after the first set of true leaves, you'll have beautiful plants. Very forgiving and will snap out of most abuse.
  11. I've contacted all the proper agencies and none will.do anything. Town says contact the department of natural resources, dnr says its a town issue. Nobody else will give me the time of day. He isn't licensed to spray agriculture strength weed killer to begin with, either bought it illegally or stole it from an unattended farmers tank. Over the counter round up doesnt do what this stuff does.
  12. Welcome to the forum
  13. I have a neighbor that likes to spray commercial grade poison on his property. It drifts into my garden. This year, it killed all my super hot peppers, half my tomatoes and my horseradish patch. Is very much against the law to use it unlicensed and within city limits but nobody will do anything about it. This a picture of the ditch across the road he sprays. I'll be so glad to finally find the perfect retirement property and not deal with idiots next door.
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