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  1. Hmm... I wonder if the sticky traps would keep the grandkids out of the cookie jar...
  2. I had an over and under .22/410 I carried for years. Always wished I could find a pistol version of it.
  3. I'm massively jealous! Ours will not be ready for another 2 months. Is one of our favorite crops, wish we could harvest year around.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Went out and got 20 of the sticky traps, a roll of screen wire to wrap up the seedling table with and a bottle of peppermint extract to mix with a little water and spritz on everything. Tomorrow, we will hook an electric fence up to the screen wire and see how they like that. My bulldog would disown me if we got a cat so thats not really an option.
  5. All of my seedlings were eaten down to stems, assuming it was a mouse or a herd of mice. Any advice on how to deter them from doing it again? Have already placed enough poison to do the job on a small elephant and multiple traps in the area but am hoping someone knows of a remedy that perhaps can be applied to the plants themselves? Have never had this issue before. Its a rough loss for me, 120 pepper plants, 120 cabbages, 180 tomato seedlings wiped out. Will need to order more pepper seeds and hope they arrive quickly.
  6. Fantastic information, thank you for sharing.
  7. @Cajun Hydroponics What spacing are you using between your lettuce? Would you do anything different it?
  8. Rice hulls are an awesome amendment in the soil, not sure how much you'd need to add to see a marked improvement but it certainly won't hurt none. Not sure what you have easily available to you, the best thing I ever did for clay was add 4 inches of composted wood chips two years in a row. Amazing difference.
  9. We have 0 with -25 wind chill. Just enough snow to annoy me
  10. Supper AND a hat band! I call that a win.
  11. They turn a grayish color when cooked, not the prettiest but definitely one of the prettiest but definitely one of the tastiest. Someone tossed out all my saved seeds when cleaning the freezer this winter so having to start over with a lot of my collection, not going to mention names but she knows who she is lol. It was an accident, wouldn't do it on purpose. I'll be saving seed this year, remind me down the road and we can send you some to try out.
  12. Thanks! But to be fair, this set was barely lightly surface rusted and I doubt they'd ever been used more than once or twice.
  13. Yes sir, I have. My family has grow these for years. My all time favorite, they are an ugly thing after cooked but that dont hurt the taste none. We through them in with a hamhock and sometimes with cowpeas with snaps. Of course, got to have corn bread sticks and theres a meal I can eat all week long.
  14. LoLove me some cast iron! The wife, not so much but thats okay, I have enough for the both of us. Here's a few I restored that I was lucky to find at an auction. Sprayed them down with oven cleaner and left them out in the sun inside a black trash bag.
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