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  1. I can't speak for Fred but I apply calcium nitrate when the tomatoes are small, about a tablespoon every two weeks. Can be used as a foliar spray as well, four tablespoons to a gallon of water, but seems not to last very long.
  2. You can't even get around in Omaha. So many people flock in, traffic is horrible. We avoid the area like the plague unless there's no alternative until it's over.
  3. ccat, some of it gets washed, dried, sliced then layered on parchment paper to be frozen individually so we can fry it. Is good for six months or so. The rest gets a quick blanch, cooled and drained then popped into the vacuum sealer. That stuff stays good long time.
  4. Natty Chump, I'm glad for you that you been successful in mentoring your protégé Everyone should have somebody to carry on their traditions.
  5. Fiskars, all day, every day and twice on Sundays. You'd not be disappointed with a set.
  6. That pretty much sums up Chumps picture posting skills, not your computer I can't see anything either.
  7. National Chump, noted and put on my list. I'll give them a shot next year, thanks.
  8. Harvesting loads and loads of yellow squash. Should have more than enough for the freezers and to give away. Already harvested last night and picked a few more today for lunch. About a kajillion more to be picked this weekend.
  9. Might be from under or over watering. If that's under control, maybe try some lime or gypsum added to the soil. They make foliar sprays that are supposed to work as good but that feels like a short term fix to me.
  10. Rabbit, I, too, refuse to speculate on the possibility of that even being possible in respect of ongoing adversities.
  11. Oky, Chumps. il bee shure to spelchek alll my wurds frum know on. Wudnt wunt to bee rasponcable fur yu to bee anoyd.
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