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  1. Supposed to get down to 26 tomorrow with a wintery blend of precipitation. Looks like mostly low 40"s with a few high 30's after that, rest of brassicas and some greens will go in as soon as we can manage.
  2. There's so many conflicting opinions about it, we could discuss for days. We've had good success with initial planting and one side dress with triple 10 then a second side dress after the first flush. Also had great success with a steady regiment of side dressing a lower nitrogen fert, like tomato tone. Honesty I believe its all in the when, not the what.
  3. Giant weed in the yard that the wife wont let me get rid of.
  4. China has been trying break the worlds economy for years, especially the United States. They've infiltrated the news, politics and finance to degree that's unbelievable. People either cant or dont want to see it. Doesn't change facts, though. They've pushed divisive issues, socialism and communism and have spent a LOT of money doing it. If we continue down the path we are on, they will the dominate world power within years. Do you really think covid-19 is a coincidence after we get a President that fought for fair trade and seeks to return the country towards what the Founding Fathers intended it to be? This was all done purposely. Someone needs to answer for it.
  5. I thought the rates weren't too bad. They dont calculate shipping at time of purchase but do offer the option to be quoted the rate before they charge you for it. They will also call you personally if there's any issue with your order and do so in a very timely manner. Emails are answered dang quick as well. The customer service impressed me as much as anything. If you get it sent by snail mail, be sure to place your order well ahead of time. The U.S.P.S is getting slower every day I think. M.I. Gardener has some good prices as well but didnt carry a lot of specific things we were wanting. Dont let that deter you from looking at his list, they do carry some good stuff and the seed count in packages is great considering they only 99 cents each.
  6. I bought some seeds from BC this spring, peppers had 12-13 seeds in a package. What upset me the most was the awful germination rate. Four plants per hot pepper variety. Never had that issue with them before. Did get about 50 seeds per bean package so thats more acceptable to me. We are impressed with Morgan County Seeds so far. Great prices, the shipping cost is a bit wonky to me but not a deal breaker. Very good germination rate in everything we've started so far. Every package was actually a little over the amount indicated when put on the scale. Going to find a better system for protecting saved seed against accidents this year. It sure burns my hind end to spend that kind of money, as big a cheapskate as I am.
  7. I agree with Rajun, it does look a lot like a nutrient deficiency.
  8. I swear, if I walk into a public restroom and catch one of these nasty asses licking a toilet seat while recording it, I'm going stand on their neck and flush half a dozen times. Disgusting! What is wrong with these people?!
  9. People are so lazy that its mind boggling. I've offered to provide free seedlings for bunches of families that could benefit from them and only two accepted. A couple did say that they'd be willing to take any extra produce off my hands though, after its grown.
  10. Has anyone placed thought towards what all of this will mean on food production? We really arent in a true shortage now but what about in a month? Three months? Six? Are food producing farms going to be under the same stipulations as the rest of us? If not, what will be done about monitoring the health of migrant workers populating them? I really hope someone extremely smart is already on top of all this.
  11. 36 degrees with steady snow, supposed to switch over to slush and rain soon.
  12. You've got that right... China's leadership would like nothing more than for us to be dependent on another resource. Its bad enough as it is, with them meddling in our politics and who knows their ultimate motives behind pushing for disarming the American people. Maybe its just me, but I don't think our gun controls laws are any of their business. Period. They've proven they're liers time and again, hard to believe they have our best interests at heart.
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