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  1. I did some cleaning and checked on my seedling transplants. I’ve got new Kale,Swiss Chard,peas, for cool weather. I’ve got transplants for tomatoes,eggplant,and peppers, for Spring. I’m trying not to get overly excited and plant “ overboard”. I know more cold weather is coming!
  2. Thanks y’all. I think I’ll try in February.... keep y’all fingers crossed!
  3. I want to grow faves, but dont know when to plant them in zone 8, ne Texas. How about y’all? Thanks
  4. Back in the day, when I was penny pinching.... I used an old electric blanket ,in my guest room.
  5. My seeds are on heat mats and under lights.....nice and snuggly.
  6. I’m going to grow my squash under cover this year. All my squashes got hit hard with borers last year. No squash at all. Bummer
  7. Well, I started seeds for transplants today!!! tomatoes,eggplants,and peppers. It felt good and dreaming of all the great produce I get to cook and eat.....
  8. Hi Y’all! The Gumbo onions are suppose to like like the pictures above. I just joined and found the site....
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