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  1. Thanks y’all. I’ll give it a shot.
  2. Well, I found an old packet that has 10 seeds in it. I got it in the late 90’s. the variety is Ziegler’s Bibb from Peaceable Kingdom School. I plan on giving them a call tomorrow to track down fresh seed ,if possible, but I really need help to revive the seed I have. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I’m growing the Kajari melon from Baker Creek and one that is marked Meshedi Persian melon...I sure hope they make
  4. I make home cooked fajitas with chuck roast..... I add the mesquite liquid smoke to give it “ that” flavor. My Hubby said they were the tenderest fajitas he’s ever had.
  5. Nice haul! Fishing and Family time.... priceless
  6. I did some cleaning and checked on my seedling transplants. I’ve got new Kale,Swiss Chard,peas, for cool weather. I’ve got transplants for tomatoes,eggplant,and peppers, for Spring. I’m trying not to get overly excited and plant “ overboard”. I know more cold weather is coming!
  7. Thanks y’all. I think I’ll try in February.... keep y’all fingers crossed!
  8. I want to grow faves, but dont know when to plant them in zone 8, ne Texas. How about y’all? Thanks
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