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  1. Joe... try 270 422 4544. I had to call em cause mine didn't fit so they built me a set. I'm sure they can help w the springs. SUPER NICE FOLKS
  2. Thanx all! got one on the way!
  3. anyone got one? whats the good bad n ugly? thanks yall!
  4. I know I'm gonna have to live with it but does anyone here have a recipe for success or am I stuck with copper based stuff and daconil? Thanx all!
  5. wasnt sure really where to put this but... anyone got seedless concord grape vines in north alabama? zone 7? i was wondering if these things were picky or if they'd take off like the concords we usually find around here. thanx all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. morning all! can i get some roma suggestions? i've grown amish paste mostly in the past but i'm interested in some of the hungarian or italian mama's. i want an indeterminate. any suggestions? thanx all!
  7. thanx all! glad to find the new place here!
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