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  1. Sure it does Gene! Look at the list again. From 1932 to 1958 regular mail was 3 cents. It doesn't address postal cards. Wade https://about.usps.com/who-we-are/postal-history/domestic-letter-rates-since-1863.pdf
  2. I can remember letters were $.03 and postcards were $.01. Wade
  3. Sometimes it's fun to look back! I was born in 1950 so just a week ago i looked up the value of the dollar. $100 in todays money would have bought $1.76 worth in 1950! Times do change! Wade
  4. The rind had plenty of smell and taste left in it. It hit the water and the fish hit it right now. had lots of fun with that! Wade
  5. When I was a kid dad sugar cured about 30 hams. He had a salt box built. About 3x3 I'd say and every other day i had to take them down and pound the cure into them then hang them back up. The mix was salt sugar and black pepper. They were skin on and when they hit the table i would keep rind and use it for fishing bait. You can't imagine how many bluegill you could catch on one rind, they are so tough. Wade
  6. I'm starting 7 varieties of onion and one of leeks today and tomorrow. Got them under lights and on heat mats in the basement. Can't go wrong starting them early as they don't require a lot of heat or light and I can always keep the tops trimmed to use in the kitchen! Wade
  7. Me too Rabbit! How I miss jubilee! Wade
  8. Thanks for the post DB. I was hoping someone would chime in with just that type info. My only experiences are with 2-4-D and as far as I know, sprays of any sort are not common in this area. Wade
  9. This is something that I just became aware of and thought ai should share it with Y'all. Anyone with experience or first hand knowledge please chime in here and help educate the rest of us! Thanks, Wade https://www.the-compost-gardener.com/picloram.html
  10. There are many available on -line. They do vary a bit but are all within reason. Another chart I like to use is also available on-line. That would be the seed viability chart. You might enjoy that also. Wade
  11. THis chaart might help you with selecting the proper temperature setting. Wade https://tomclothier.hort.net/page11.html
  12. I can only offer up my accidental discovery from last year. As you must know, we had a very wet spring here in outhern Indiana last year. This set planting back by at least a month(Wish i would have kept record of planting dates). That made me late in planting just about anything. I'm guessing at least a month later than normal. I put in Zuccini, yellow summer squash, Butternut, acorn, and spaghetti. Normally I will get a harvest but eventually the squash but or vine borer will end upp killing them all. Last year, I assume because of the late planting, I never had the first problem. I harvested squash until they were killed back by frost. Again, I assume I had missed the hatch of destructive insects and was rewarded by a plentiful harvest. Hope this helps. Wade
  13. Thanks for the link Big, but I'd say that's a little pricey! Wade BTW, I got a friend in Missoula.
  14. That's what I do also but I do not have a greenhouse therefore they go into the ground as soon as possible. I found my peppers take on average 18 days to germinate. I need tp o find some of the high dome tops! Didn't know they made them! Wade
  15. Just for you Maggie! She is actually saying "She's a magic mam"! LOL! Wade
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