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  1. One of my sons was doing something like that then found he couldn't use all that he was getting. He brought some home when he started doing KETO and everything seems to go bad much quicker that you would think. Apples and oranges in particular. Granted, I don't kknow how long they sat at his house also. Hope this helps. Wade
  2. I hear ya Rabbit. IJust for the record I will turn 70 in July. I am a combat veteran and ex-police officer. And yes, prayer is the best thing we can do on many levels but God would not have us be ignorant! I went through SERE training with seal team 2 at Coranado.The very first rule of survival is situational awareness. If you are not aware of your suroundings, you can not defend them. Right now it is not safe for me to got to Walmart. My cousin goes to that walmart. He had spent the last 20-30 years working in China. So many weeks there then so many weeks here. I don't know if he has just returned from there this week or a month ago. As some have said, this virus may not be that bad but what it is causing is. Friday I have to pick up my son at the airport returning from the Phillipeenes. He was rerouted from China to Japan because of this virus. Now flights from Japan are being turned away. I'm not sure if he will get home. People don't understand just how close to home this is or can be with little or no notice. I just believe a person should stay prayed up adn be aware of what is going on around the world . Just because it isn't affecting us now doesn't mean it won't before the day is out. The ols saying holds true. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you're at!" Wade
  3. Rabbit, that facility was built by the Frencg in 2005. It is the only research lab of it's kind in the country. That being said, the problem for us may not be the virus itself but the indirect results are that the world is shutting down one lightbulb at a time. Countries ar closing their borders and shipping is grinding to a halt. GM has already had to stop production of one of their models because a part needed for it is not available from anywhere except China. All the borders around Iran are closed and they are already out of food on the shelves. There is plenty to be concerned about. Keeping informed will go a long way to making life as close to normal as possible no matter what the future. Wade
  4. Probably a manual sidewalk edger. That's the only thing i can think of. Wade
  5. Congrats on the new place chip! I'd love to see the three seasons room since I am in the proccess of adding on a Florida room! You should consider laying cardboard and covering it with the mulch! Then you can plant in the existing soil and not have to do all the extra work! There's lot's of videos on you tube showing how it's done. Wade
  6. You may not like the messanger but you should listen to his message! This is 51 minutes long, it is alarming! Wade
  7. The real question now is: was it really an accidental release? Did it "escape" the state sponsored infectious disease lab, or, was this an intential release aimed at weakening China's oposition throughout the world? And if so, what's next? Something to ponder! Wade
  8. I've heard it called an "engineered" virus which would lead you to believe it is a bio-weapon. We will probably never know the truth.Many countries are closing their borders and deliveries have halted of all good and services. This could get real ugly real fast! Wade
  9. Killed my first squirrel with a 22/410 when I was 4-5. I couldn't hold the gun up. Mom rested it on her shoulder and I missed with the rifle, then got him with the shotgun. Killed my first rabbit after school in the first grade cutting across the pasture to go help strip tobacco. Saw him sitting and missed with the rifle. He ran a few feet and stopped and I got him with the shotgun! I love the savage 24s! Wade
  10. I have a grated shower built over the sump pump well in the basement. I just pulled three dead mice out of it! If it's the only water they can get to, works great! Wade
  11. I'd take cuttings of what you have going now. Wade
  12. Kratky is the way to go! Just plant and pick!
  13. Her baby sister is growing 75 feet away. That tree is only 40" across. it's a beautiful tree but is split down the middle! We will lose that one also at some point. Both of these were it the front yard. According to the map from 1873 one was on each side of the road. Wade
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