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  1. Not a problem Maggie! I'll help in any way that I can! Wade
  2. Maggie, they look like "shaggy Manes". If so, they normally grow in open grass. They are etable if picked before they open up and also before they start getting black. They do not keep and must be cooked the day you pick them. They will not last over night. Pick them, slice in half legnthways, dunk in cold saltwater to clear out any bugs. Then dry and flour and pan fry. They are OK but not special in the world of mushrooms. The ones in the picture are too far along and I would guess by the time you read this, they have deteriorated into a black blob called Ink. I would check on Youtube. here's one. Hope this helps, Wade
  3. Ccat, I've seen people put the 2x4 bracing on the inside. Makes the same support, and then they use it for the bottom of a shelf the whole legnth and beck up the other side. I don't know anything about putting one up. Just an observation. Wade
  4. (((Had a handful of yellow Brandywine tomatoes that needed attention.))) MAN, you got BIG hands! LOL! Wade
  5. Maybe I missphrased that. It's not that I'm against using them, It's just that I don't have any experience with them other than "Seven". All I've ever used other thaan that would be Spinadad on the potatoe bugs and a dry hot pepper powder that I make myself. I nevet have used anything to treat the dirt. Maybe that's my problem! Wade
  6. IDK! I'm not much into chemicals. Sometimes they are needed though. Wade
  7. Good tip GG! You're on the ball! Thanks! Wade
  8. I have changed all my recipies like this 40 years ago. We were never getting crisp pickles unless we used alun but I wanted something simpler than having to depend on achemical to keep the product crisp. After looking over the recipies, I realized that the only thing that could contaminat the mix was the water. From that point on, I have always replaced the "water" in a recipe with vinegar. With vinegar being the only liquid, and a great preservitive, I became evedent we no longer needed to "can" our pickles. Bring the vinegar, with your spices(or without). Have your jars warm and filled with the produce. Pour the hot vinegar into the jar ). At this point, you are done. Yoou don't have to can them and they don't have to go in the fridge. As long as the lid is sealed they can set on the shelf. If you want some just open the jar and make sure that everything is covered by the liquid and they can stay on the table for months and not go bad. The water is the only reason you have to can pickles. Do it my way and you will enjoy a truely crisp pickle (or what not). I just use a quart zip-lock bag with water in it to weigh down the produce to make sure it stays under the fluid level. Please try it. I know you will like it! I have shared this for years and everyone to the person now uses this method. I hope this helps someone out there! Wade
  9. Thanks DB. I wish I had thought to take a pix of the worm. I'd really like to know what I'm fighting. It didn't look like something that was hatched from a fly, but what do I know. Wade
  10. Hey Y'all! The last few years I have put my carrots in a raised bed after reading that if you keep them at least a foot of the ground the carrot fly wouldn't find them. That seems to have been working. I just pulled some of the carrots from one bed that is 16" above ground and as I did, I found a lot of damage! In one of them there was this little grey worm that looked like a miniture earthworm. It was about the size of a mechanical pencil lead and maybe an inch long. I'm wondering if this is what is doing all this damage or if I need to look for something else. Also, I'd like to know what it is and wher it came from. The only carrot pest I have known about is the carrot fly' I really need to prevent this in my next planting! Any info will help. Thanks Y'all! Wade
  11. I knew a guy that won an african Lion in a card game. He had about a 10x10 chainlink fence, 8' high with a top. It took him a while but he finally lost it in another card game. He said he didn't think he'd ever get rid of that thing! He was feeding it a freezer box of chicken every day! Just couldn't afford to keep it! Wade
  12. We put up the bodacious and normally eat on Silver Queen. If you take a quart on Bodacious out of the freezer you would sware someone put a couple spoons of sugar on it while cooking! I've never tasted anything even close to that. Who knows, you know the ground it's grown in effect flavor also. Wade
  13. Incredible is good but I like bodacious, and ambrosia over it. The one thing that incredible does give you is time. It's not picky about when it must be picked. That is to say, it will stay in good shape on the stalk much longer than any other variety I know of. For that reason, that is about the only corn raised here in this area for markets. Wade
  14. I don't know how true this is but I was once told to spreaddry grits on top the mound. The theroy being that they will carry them into the nest and everybody eats so the grits swell up and it kills them. Like I said, I've never done this but It will only cost you some grits to find out! Wade
  15. Places like TSC will discout stuff like that in the fall rather than carry the inventory. I have one of the cheaper tank sprayers with a small HP motor. It will only reach half way up on my pear tree. My brother has the next size up and his can cover the entire tree. Wade
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