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  1. I went to that same school! It was up hill both ways! Wade
  2. Same here BS! They always give you more than you pay for(but they are pretty expensive). I went to seed 3-4 years ago and like it and it's much cheaper. The poor gwrmiation rate they are allowed (70%) And the fact that they are not viable past a year or maybe two makes it hard because I like to raise 4-6 different varieties each year. At an average of 300 seed per packet, that's a lot of onions. On top of that now, I hear they have done away with Copra, one of my favorite storage onions! Wade
  3. Walla Walla is an eating onion and not the best for cooking. Pungent onions are the ones that the sugars are locked in and come out while being cooked . Eating onion are so because their sweetness does't need heat to release the sugars. A general guide is that the longer storage time they have, the more pungent they are. Here is a link to the best references that I know of. They do know their business, problem being, they do not sell seed. plants only Wade https://www.dixondalefarms.com/ http://www.webgrower.com/information/seed_germ_standards.html
  4. In general, onion seed are not viable past the first year. To aggravate that, The business standard is a germination rate of 70%! You believe that? It should be against the law to sell something that only 70% is good! If you fertilize them right you can get some big bulbs! I raised some 5" in diamiter a while back. The big negitive is that wallla walla will not keep well. Most people I know will carmelize them and then freeze or can them. If I remember right they are good for around 3 months before you. have to do something. Wade
  5. Read it and weep my friends! Someone let me know when I become a criminal please! https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/text
  6. Perfect place to set up a trailcam!
  7. I watched this over the last weekend. I sent it to my son that is a doctor.I was impressed with this lady but hefound fault with everything. I'm affraid he has developed "God Syndrome"! Wade
  8. Aww! Wish my computer could spell better! Sorry!
  9. I'm stwaling this! Hope you don't mind. Wade
  10. Robins were a comon food source for many years in our history. I remember dad saying they hunted them during the depression. Also Wood hen or pileated woodpecker. I just searched out the info to be sure I wasn't dreaming it. LOL! Wade https://www.nrcm.org/blog/year-of-the-bird/robin-hunting-eating-year-bird/
  11. BC, my son is a doctor. We just went to visit him last weekeend. He had "Puppy" supplies he no longer needed. One item was "ivermectin" . We discussed how this does help with covid. He kept that. BTW, do not use it on Border Collies. It is very damaging to them.
  12. Please be patient. God has a plan. Things are not always as they seem. Wade
  13. Think I'll get the wife a box oc chocolate! LOL!
  14. Got to give peppers some time. I have has some take 3 1/2 weeks! That stand works so why fix it? Will it get you more miles per gallon?LOL! Wade
  15. The world seed supply vault(or what ever they call it) is way up north and froze up solid 24/7. I just kind of follow their lead. Wade
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