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  1. 1shotwade

    PMR 30

    HEY HIPPIE! Sorry it has taken me this long to check bake in! Having some health issues. Yes, still got the PMR-30. Haven't used it much but it's been fne by me! Ya just got to take your time loading the mags to make sure they are stacked right and tapped to the rear. Other than that, it's rock-n-roll! I thought if I ever have to go into one of those riots I'll leace the wheelgun home and trust my PMR with 30 rounds and 60 more in two spare clips. I'm convinced I could fight my way out of that crowd with that! Not so much with a wheelgun! Wade
  2. I can't seem to beat these guys. Wade https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/containers.html
  3. Daikon radishes are used to break up the hard pan soil in heavy clay area. They will grow with sometimes a foot of them sticking up out of the ground and anothe maybe two foot straight down in the ground. I put them in a garden area last fall hoping to improve the drainage but the deer cleaned them up for me before I knew it! I think you will like the results of the clover the more you use it to your advantage. Wade
  4. Judy, I love your Dutch White Clover in the garden! It also makes a wonderful living groundcover! Some people just string a line to mark the row, then use a bulb planter to cut a plug out of the clover and plant in that hole. Others I've seen run a mantis tiller to make a row and plant their corn and beans. By the time the clover has closed back in on them, they are up and strong enough to stay ahead of it. It does such a good job of keeping the ground tempature cool, and moist, and keeping the eeds dowm! Lazy as I am, I much prefer that over having to hoe out weeds!LOL! Wade
  5. That's because that seed thought it was only one year old! It had only been through one dormate cycle so it didn't know how old it was. Wade
  6. Every day for the last couple of weeks I've been saying"I still need 4-5 days of dry weather before the garden will dry out so I can till. "Today, I am saying " I still need 4-5 days of dry weather so can get in the garden and till." It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, after raining all night last night. Wade
  7. Guess I overlooked that! Thanks Fred! Wade
  8. OK, so I signed up for this also. Problem being, I have never done anything like this before. So, anybody know how this works? I mean, do they email you info or an access code to another site or what? I don't understand how you participate. Any info would be nice. Thanks, Wade
  9. So you are saying the woodash apppears to be working? Wade
  10. Put a ring of woodash around each plant. The acid produced(lye) when the moist slug gets in it will detor them. Wade
  11. cover them with lime or wood ash? Wade
  12. I use triple 13 at planting only. After that tomatoes only get bone meal and epson salts under the plant on the surface. I then use straw to cover it with to let it leach into the soil and to keep moisture in and weeds down. Works for me. If you have lots of green and little fruit, it is from too much nitrogen or too much shade. Wade
  13. Thought I'd drop this here for Y'all. I ran across this by accident and need to share it. Up until this chart i was under the assumption I was buying good seed. Please look at the last colum in the second chart. It is the federal standards for germination. A was appalled at the low percentages that the indrusty allows to be sold to the general public. Wade http://www.growgreatvegetables.com/plantinggrowing/germination/
  14. You probably won't agree with this but I'm convinced that if you look at cause and effect over the last fifty years you will end up seeing that when they did away with the draft, things starded going the wrong way. I know when I went to bootcamp and came home 13 weeks later I could not believe what a bunch of kids I used to hang with! It will mature you in a hurry! Over these last generations we have not had that segiment of the population to mature as we did in the military. Some people must be forced to grow up. They are not forced to grow up anymore. I think at least some of our vets will agree with this! Wade
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