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  1. Cool! You will be able to go with tomatoes and peppers soon with the extra layers! So that will give you an extra 3 zones? Wade
  2. Maggie, what are the sides of the tunnel made of? I have heard of people using bubble wrap but that doesn't look like what you have. Thanks, Wade
  3. The link I provided is based on that videa and it is also included in the link at the bottom of the page. Wade
  4. We had dairy cows and always made scrambled eggs with milk. They were great. Not so much with store bought "artificial" milk! It's called 2% for a reason! Wade
  5. I'm using the masterblend since i am totally new to this. I don't need unnessary errors interfering with the learning proccess! The is a calculating chart on line that makes it easy to adjust your mixture. Wade Here's the link! https://www.tool-rank.com/tool-blog/editorial/masterblend-hydroponic-fertilizer-calculator-for-any-container-size-201610071988/
  6. What size net cups did you use? I wanted to experiment with 1" cups using 1/2 of a 1" plug of rock wool. That all seems to be doing fine so far. I also spaced mine at 3" to see if they could be crowded. That also seems fine for the plant but it is much too close to be convenient to remove individual leaves. Wade
  7. I started some mustard and lettuce varieties on Dec 15. Since germination i moved them to a container using the kratky method for the first time indoors. I'm liking the results! I picked us a fresh salad on Jan 11th. Sure was nice to have a fresh salad in the middle of winter. I'm really liking this method. "plant and pick"! There is nothing else to do! Wade
  8. 1shotwade


    Saturday morning farmer joe wakes his 7-year-old son. " Get up boy, we're going to town to get some supplies!" We got to get stuff to build a chicken coop. So into town they go. Joe parks in front of the hardware store. " Son, I got to go in here and get a few things. While I'm doing that, you walk down to the lumber yard and order us 100 2x4s." Tha boy is bust'n his breaches with pride 'cause he gets to order the lumber. Lumber salesperson: "can I help you son?" "yes sir, I needs me 100 2x4s!" "Well how long do you need them?" Scratching head "Mister, we's build'n us a chicken coop. We's gonna needs them a long, long time!"Wade
  9. Fava, also known as broad beans are a cold season crop to my understanding. They are very popular in the UK. I tried them a couple years ago. Planted in the spring here in southern Indiana. They got up about a foot high then died. I am thinking it was just too warm for them to do well. Sorry i can't help mure. Wade
  10. Looks like Y'all got by lucky! I've been in a few and there's no fun in them at all! Wade
  11. Vince is in Perth and Pete is in Tasmainia. Nearest i can tell none of the major fires are near them. Tasmainia has fire alerts but nothing serious according to their web site. Wade
  12. I'd like to try some Chip. I am not sure they will germinate though. Onion seed in general is only viable for about one year. I do have some yellow potato onions but they are bulds instead of seed. Wade
  13. 1shotwade

    Jan 1, 2020

    Back at ya Maggie! Hope Y'all have a good one! Wade
  14. Was that a yellow potato onion Chip? I have a few starts of a yellow but would love to have other varieties also. I know there is a white out there and I don't know what all else. Wade
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