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  1. Yes I have that problem as well, they eat my figs, blackberries and satsumas. I have a "plan" for them once the muscadines start producing.
  2. Yes I had a 2 wire trellis for the blackberries. Converted it to a 1 wire at 5'. Will prune down to one dominant stem and then top off once it gets slightly higher that 5' and allow two lateral cordons to stretch out across the wire. I will try and keep this updated. Input is much appreciated, thanks!
  3. Came into today. Now have to prune it back and get it going up.
  4. May have to rethink planting avocados. The place where I can plant them is definitely clay soil.
  5. HW one of my high school football coaches played his high school football at Cottonport. Emile Celestine. Great man. I love boudin!!!!!
  6. Thanks that does make sense. Gonna be a challenge to find something big enough to soak it in. Will probably try a plastic garbage can. I will have to be on the lookout for vinegar on sale!!!!
  7. I just opened a Mayhaw wine I made last year. Made it a little too sweet. I been having problems with mead and fruit wines keeping the yeast going and getting the gravity down. Gonna have to rethink how I use yeast nutrients. I am down to one 16 ounce bottle of one of my best. The recipe was for a Chocolate Maple Porter. However, I substituted Steen's pure can syrup for the maple syrup and talk about good!
  8. Any other home brewers out there? Currently enjoying a honey wine aka mead that I made a few months back. Little sweet for my liking. I also made a fortified wine out of the same batch. Haven't tried it yet. I'm going to open a sparkling mayhaw wine tomorrow evening. What do you have waiting to be opened?
  9. My father passed away at the end our last year and I inherited one of his cast iron cauldrons. Its too big to fit in the oven, so I can't used that method to reclaim it. As you can see, other than rust, its in pretty good shape. Has anyone reconditioned something like that. I've seen some videos on Youtube but was wondering if anyone has any actual experience with that?
  10. Have to pull out some blackberry bushes that have a fungus. Decided to replace with this variety of muscadine. Hope to be able to make some wine once they get to producing. Has anyone had any experience with this variety? Any tips on muscadines in general?
  11. T-Boy

    What is blooming?

    Tulips were done about a week ago. LA Iris are in full bloom with the crinums just beginning to open up.
  12. Cajun, how big of a container are you going to use? I went to the website you posted and it appears that the cold hardy variety can be grown in the ground where I am which is not very far from where you are. Might give that a try.
  13. T-Boy

    Welcome T-Boy

    Thank you all very much!!! I scaled down my vegetable gardening secondary to my schedule. But can you every really quit?
  14. Its been 5 years and I'm still trying to get rid of them in one of my flower beds.
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