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  1. Rabbitproof, Mike even has a cantaloupe concoction smoothie he and the Mrs came up with. I bet you would like it- he'll post the " fixin" I bet.
  2. You did it !!!! Now maybe put a picture as your avatar .
  3. Haha Champ, I have a big fail list. I just bluff a lot. Here goes though Well, heck, part of them are sideways . When I downloaded them from your email, they were all upright.. > Definitely no whiz here . Working on this. Beautiful garden Mike !!
  4. I just ran across this video. Near the end, he gives a spray formula for getting the little creepers- feet up ! It involves using diluted castile soap ....
  5. Hahaha You are a great kidder- at least I hope you are about what happens when you walk .
  6. uhoh .. I'll check on this . Thanks !! I edited the link in the original post Rabbit , I fixed it I think, Could you edit the link that I messed up in your quote? . Thank you again !!
  7. I have one more minute video of them. I noticed yesterday, one was getting a little topknot !! edited :
  8. Rabbit, that road trip might be really scary. :
  9. Thank you Rabbit, It's raining this morning too. As soon as it stops and fur dries, we'll be out working the last 2 bunches. Lots of crops are suffering especially in the delta. A friend posted a video of flooding in Dumas (AR) where water was in the Simmons bank there, day before yesterday!! Haha !!!! I'm glad your dream was just that.. hahahaha ! That would be something else !!! Talking about strange times !!
  10. Raining here a lot too. Unnatural. Worked another bunch of calves and their mama s today in between downpours. Can't give shots to wet animals so thankfully had several hours to dry out the fur before we could finish that group. Another bunch tomorrow and we can be done with that for a while I'm grateful I can get into the garden and have the used erosion fabric otherwise the grass would be taking over . Tomatoes are growing so fast that I need to tie them every few days. I'm thankful for that.
  11. That's the truth !!!!!
  12. I've missed this post. I'm so glad things are working out . We have mint (I don't know the kind ) all over the area by the old smokehouse, and it spreads just like Rabbit said. If you could get some seeds or a sprig or 2 to plant, your green thumb would do wonders with it.
  13. Wow !! That's a lot of bending and twisting. Aleve?
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