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  1. Oh , I agree. Thank you for posting it Virginia Gardener.
  2. Thank ya'll. Hoping that Mr Horse will add his picks soon. judy
  3. I thought it would be nice to start up this thread like on the old forum. Casting Crowns " I Heard the Bells"
  4. I got that too. It's a real shame that all of the knowledge in those many years of posting will be gone . I do hope Mr Horse and other missing members will join us soon.
  5. A picture of those critters. Thar white thing in the background is my vacant bee box. ( never used because they like the cedar trees more I guess.) and I don't have time for bees right now-
  6. That's a great picture !! Those calves can sure butt... and when the bottle is taken away/empty and he's still hungry , well, ha, it 's good to have a plan of escape.
  7. Took pictures of the future garden eaters of America (FGEA) I counted 11 of them (young deer) looking and wondering " judy, where are your greens?" I'll try to post a picture later but my old faithful laptop is going out and am on my even more decrepit one.
  8. Welcome Big Sky !! from Mississippi
  9. I just can't take that cold, freezing weather for long. My hands and toes get so cold while we feed and check on the cows/calves especially in the cold rain. I do have a hand warmer (two different brands) and they always seem to go out when I need them the most. I'd be a real wimp up there haha.
  10. Thank you Hippie Willie. . I want to wish everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving too.
  11. I do too Rabbitproof. They usually hike their tails up and when one takes off, they all take off and hightail it. I once heard it put .. "Like herding a bunch of cats".
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