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  1. Hope it helps but I do think we are in a serious situation. My nephew is seeing cases in se Tex. I think some very deep things are going on. Things will never be the same . Be ready for anything and keep trust in the Lord.
  2. I have heavy clay type , almost got stuck in the pastures 2x today. Glad I have 4wd with gripper tires. Some areas are fine but others are just too wet. I hope you get those melons in and growing.
  3. Is that dry soil ? Wow you must have good drainage.
  4. Rabbitproof, see if this works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=5pIMD1enwd4&feature=emb_logo
  5. Check this out Rabbitproof and All. Something's going on with the media- I don't exactly know what kind of plan this is but there are some kind of underlying motives to harm/change as you have said , there is an underlying agenda.....
  6. Rabbitproof, That comment reminds me of my dear late Daddy. He was be talking to us and say "you know, that old man.. so in so ..." I'm in the same boat with ya'll too..
  7. Sounds like an act of terrorism.
  8. I think that the lazy will still not pick up a hoe but just take. Year before, my niece was living in DC and had a little tomato plant growing on her front door area. She finally had one turning red and was waiting for her husband to get home to pick.. well some low life got it that day while she was in the house and times were normal then. Also has a neighbor now in Kansas that had dogs dig under her fence and scratched on her door. Informed neighbor and neighbor told my little niece ( truly sweet 28 year old) to kiss her #ss. can you believe that?? crazy crazy folks out there. All we can do is pray, protect ourselves and share what we can with the folks that are nt able to grow anything. .
  9. Oh no !!! my tomatoes bad need to go in the ground. They're getting too tall and leggy. But are in the leanto.
  10. A sobering link that isn't bs- A highly regarded , commonsense Dr shared it with me. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  11. That's terrible rabbitproof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a fool. This makes me think that all employees near food , canned goods or items going to a home, should be wearing a mask. Not necessarily for their protection but ours. We used the Kroger pickup yesterday and got most of what we asked for when ordering online but had to wait 3 days for an ordering place. When home, all items stayed on a bench till the milk was washed etc sacks were tossed instead of saving for trash bags.. ...
  12. Staying calm and not panicking, and staying away from the sick folks rambling around , like our parents used to do us, when the measles were going around when we were children, will do a lot to keep the virus from being easily spread. CCCC -clean, cool, calm, and collective.
  13. I have a hard time remembering things already . Thank you for the information and I sure will keep ya'll in my prayers !!!
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