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  1. Lowes may give you a price break if you buy a whole pallet. She also needs a drill and one of those mixer paddles to fit it for the concrete mixing. ( Pretend the drill is for her but it's really for you - haha).
  2. National Champ, If anything like you, she should be a good and honest one if chosen .
  3. Well... I'm 5'2" and agree completely on the retrieving of items out of the chest ... but they are the best for holding lots of things. I segregate with cardboard boxes in the bottom and it sure helps with the sliding around of stuff.
  4. I'm with you Rabbitproof !! I was having to put new tags in the cows ears because bil broke his wrist a couple of days ago. It was his left so he can do most things still but just not use the tagger . The squeeze chute is right at the barn door so they can exit to the outside. I did a decent job though- no extra holes even when lightening struck somewhere across the road- about a mile away. (the barn has been struck 2x that I know of. and so has the household appliances) The barn is a metal frame with wooden sides and really tall. So was really grateful to get home. ha.. I had this reply typed and thought I sent it this morning..
  5. I need to know how to do it properly. A couple of years ago , I tried to dehydrate sliced okra and it was like eating little overly dried raisins. Maybe I dried it too much ?? Not crunchy but tough and chewy.
  6. A storm came up this evening with lots of lightening while we were working cows. Fortunately we were at the barn.. Lightening is still scary though. It rained and rained for an hour or 2 then (I guess about 3 hours at a lighter rate) . I won't have to water the okra now that's for sure.
  7. Rabbitproof, I tried your recommendation of Allegro plain last night on some steaks and it was sure good ! I wasn't able to marinate very long because of work going on but it was really great. I'll always take the recommendation of yours because you ate at the Cow Pen in Lake Village and know a good steak. Haha . My cousins ate there with my Uncle and Aunt often. It seems the Cow Pen is no more though..I noticed an auction sign a couple of years ago when I crossed the bridge. What a great landmark.. It looks empty but maybe it will reopen after all of this virus is settled , as building is still there.
  8. I'm the same way Champ . !! I have actually hid stuff from myself thinking it would be a good place for it. I try to make a mental image of the item before I put it there but.. now that the bil is retired, he puts stuff in a different place than I have for years , then asks me where it is. I say well it used to be "here". and then there's stuff that's totally my fault because I'm the one that changed it's normal place. Then there's the clipper blades (15 lbs apiece) that have been misplaced... but I think that the fellow he had doing some welding and track hoe work knows "where " they are.. I'll be glad when he is gone ... I lock my shop side every day he's here. I have cleaned the whole bil's shop just looking for them. Anyways, I get distracted easily. Studying the end times and His word gets me thinking on that and whoof ! goes my busy but boring everyday life.
  9. Thank you Champ !! I always loved Elvis. Few may remember, but he did a benefit concert for tornado victims not too long before he passed away. I think it was around McComb.
  10. My workshop is a real big , huge mess. I had a whole lot of my treasures stored under the house ( it's 4 ft off the ground and on pea gravel ) When bil decided to do the encapsulation and get insulation removed, ,I had to move out all of my stuff - including my 3 childhood riding toys I was able to keep , my huge collection of cast iron ( a 4 x8 ft pile and 1-2 ft tall , and more clutter - now it's in my shop. Aaaaaah!! ps got the insulation job done too with a big bonus. If ya'll need to come south ever, and are bored, I know where you can get do a make over here... but can't throw anything away . hahaha
  11. Put me in that boat as well Champ- A handful of years behind you but as Double B said, most of us are in the same age group and so it is what it is. Next year, my garden will be smaller for sure and it was smaller this year than year before. Next year- it will be Peas, tomatoes, 1/2 row of okra and one row of mixed squash peppers etc. (My rows avg 75 ft. ) I splurged and put down landscape material from am leonard ( was on sale with free shipping- they have sales often ) around my tomatoes and okra and it saved me sooo much hoeing !!!! I have yet to hoe anything but the peas. I will roll it up for the dormant season so it will last longer. . Still though am tired and . Also so behind on my work and calving season starts at the end of Sept. So Champ my shop looks like what you were saying. I have to step sideways in the thing. and no where to put much of it. Call me a sentimental old nut. Yep, thats me.
  12. This is a mood elevator for me . Thank you for sharing with us Maggie13.
  13. Champ, Do you have a post popper? It would sure make your life easier . https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/t-fence-post-puller Mine is old so doesn't look exactly like this but they work the same.
  14. That's great Champ. So I take it the BRs and Dixie Reds are over and done with since determinate - I do wish they would keep blooming to a lesser degree. I would love to raise the Dixies especially with such a pretty name . . and my puppy's name is DIXIE too. ha. I need my tomato crop spread out over a long time period though so guess I need to stick with indeterminate.
  15. Great work Big Sky. Looking forward to following this project too.
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