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  1. Yes, welcome !! I hear you are having a special on kittens Champ. :haha:
  2. I had some yellow traps that worked really well last year. You would'nt believe all the bad bugs I had on that bright yellow paper with tanglefoot on it. I want to try the vaseline this time because the tanglefoot is sorta expensive and I don't want to catch a bird with it.
  3. Thank you so much Rabbitproof. I'm being very careful . I can't wait to get outside. I got my order in from Morgan county seeds and have seed planting "idis" . haha I think I've viewed every garden and every interesting Bible video on utube. p.s. I also found out it helps to sit on a stool because its less strain to get up. Thank you and God bless ya'll judy
  4. Thank you Double B. I feel much better today and could put my shoes on. My tomatoes planted in the tray are starting to show themselves and everything else is on pause.
  5. I threw my back out Friday and can't even walk outside right now. It's starting to feel better and am having less spasms so I hope I can get outside after this rain moves out. I did start my tomato seeds My nephew and niece in law are here visiting from Tx so are filling in for me on the farm. Thankfully , things are slow right now anyways because they go back Tuesday I'm eager to get those frozen mustard greens tilled under and the beds ready.
  6. I agree Double B . We always keep plenty of canned food and dry goods but we did run out of cattle ruffage . Our load was delayed before the weather got bad and then when the driver was ready, the roads weren't. Timing things down to the wire is never good. What amazed me was the water lines freezing inside the houses in Tx. The citizens could do little to prepare for that unless they had fireplaces or gas logs/heaters. I would suggest they do extremely good outside wraps of all pipes though . and fill there gas before a situation develops if its forecasted in advance like this one
  7. Wow Rabbit, The high today here was 23 and right now at 9:30 pm its 14 degrees !!! Lots of sleet and a little snow on top of that. Spent the day taking care of the cows/ feeding and keeping the water troughs open - they would freeze over within minutes of me breaking them open. Most are the Ritchie troughs so are supposed to be freeze proof but thats just for the inner floats not the exposed water. So very cold here it clearing tonight so no cloud blanket. I'm sorry the picture is inverted, I've tried to rotate it .. it looks proper but transfers upside down still..
  8. Well there s no more mud just frozen ground. That means feeding the cows early today and will put out some light food this evening. We're going to have to make our feed last because our 2 semi truck loads that were coming on Fri/Sat were delayed and the roads will be too bad for more till at least mid week. We don't use big hay bales. It wouldn't be a problem but for the reason that during the AI season we have our registered cows about 120 confined near the barn pastures so that we can get them up to AI . Our 70 + commercial cows are down the road, as are the registered bulls that
  9. Years and years ago , before we had a closed herd, We bought some registered angus cows from up your way Big Sky. One, we called the Princess cow. she had short frost bit ears and a short tail too. But she was still a big cow fat cow.. We did buy another last Spring from Montana and kept her segregated , did blood tests 2x and she is in good health ... she is still segregated as of now because she cost so much. I feel bad for our cows because the ground is so wet that they have no dry place to lay down. That also means that their hooves have destroyed much of their grass. In 2 weeks th
  10. We had thunder and lightening today also. So weird. Yesterday I heard thunder to the south of us all day long. I almost thought it was someone blowing up beaver dams. It was very unusual- just coming from the same area for half the day. It's so wet and getting colder and colder over the next few days- I feel really bad for the cows. They aren't use to such around here.
  11. I sure hope it's fixed now Rabbitproof !! That cold stuff is on the way. If it's not fixed, Maybe get an electric heater and pray the power stays on. Those things work fairly good for a room and well, I just hope that the part comes in !!! Or maybe keepa big pot of soup cooking on the stove. God bless ya'll !!!
  12. A+ Rabbitproof . I agree with you !!! I hope your heater's fixed by now. If not eat more of those grits and drink lots of coffee !! . The thermocouple went out on the wall heater in Ark so I took a heating pad when I went over to see about the roofing, along with another thermocouple . I fixed it so slept warm . The heating pad was unused thankfully. ( Makes a good footwarmer too . .)
  13. I use the heavy plastic boot trays to put my thin seed trays on when they are starting out in the house. - Just in case the thin plastic seed trays leak , It won't ruin the floor underneath. They have them at a mazon . { We have a big window to the floor so that is where my seed trays go.}
  14. Brrrrrrrrrbrrbrrbrbrbbrrrrrbrr X 2 !!!!
  15. Thank you Rabbitproof ! This makes good sense to me . I sent your find to the watcher forum that I frequent. Thank you for sharing it !!!
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