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  1. Made 90 on my pretest. These people are overwhelmed by the response they got to this program. I will have patience for them to solve the logistical problems they face from the over whelming response they got.
  2. We are all wearing face masks now anyway. But I have used foggers in buildings , and what we did was walk backwards as we fogged. Wish I new if Malathion could be fogged.
  3. Maybe this is an opening for a new product. This would be such an effective way to apply an insecticide or fungicide. ( I hate blight)
  4. como sa va (spelling) Good to have you back.
  5. Your onions look great. what do you do for neck rot. I have problem with that.
  6. Cajun Hydroponics I think part of the problem is that most foggers are are oil based. I have a problem with aphids on my pepper plants right now. What is your biggest insect problem in your greenhouse?
  7. No, but I believe there is an answer. I have found on other websites talk of it, but no information on what they use.
  8. Thanks, I down loaded it. I have a small herb garden but always looking for more flavors.
  9. I have a lot of time now. I can't find a weed to chop.
  10. Balsamic vinegar tomatoes.
  11. I catch them in my front yard.
  12. obviously, I am not good at posting. Totally home grown meal. Living off the land. Corn Moque choux, beets and shrimp cakes. totally
  13. Totally home grown meal. Living off the land. Corn Moque choux, beets and shrimp cakes. totally
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