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  1. I have had Muscadines (Suco) on on a trellis for about 5 yrs. The biggest problem I had was squirrels. I sorta have given up. I have actually moved my vegetable garden to Terrebonne parish,
  2. A little wild pig went thru my garden today.
  3. loupgarou You maybe waiting too long, those look healthy and need to be picked.
  4. You need to build a trellis and let one stem go up the trellis
  5. A couple more pictures. 1015 and creole onions starting to bulb. Strawberries are really coming on.
  6. The tomatoes on the front right made it thru the winter, and some of the pepper bushes in the second row also made it. I want to see how the produce from them comes out.
  7. Things are starting to grow in the spring garden.
  8. Ol Hippie, I used to hunt moccasins with a 22 loaded with rat shot. Very effective. Works up to about 15'.
  9. Took out the remaining broccoli that I leave for the bees. Rowed up a couple of rows to plant my tomatoes and peppers. Put post in for the rabbit fence. Gene, are you tilling up more yard?
  10. Potatoes are starting to come up, planted corn and snap beans.
  11. I was going to post an actual cam. I guess I will just post pictures.
  12. I know this is amateurish, but how do I provide only the website for that one cam.
  13. If you don't completely fill the cell for tomatoes, then when they get about 5" high you can add more potting soil and the stem will grow more roots. This will give you a better root stock. Also, I really believe in heat mats for all seeds. Lights while the seeds on in the ground only give heat, seeds don't need light to germinate.
  14. Does anybody use a fogger to control insects in a greenhouse. What do you insecticide do you use?
  15. I got two heat mats without the temp control. This is the second year and they are the best thing I've done for starting seeds. Mine will be ready to go in the ground in about a week and a half.
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