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  1. We have them here from time to time. They are cool!
  2. Since Jim was motivated to work on the house he ordered more lumber replaced the old rotten brickmould molding around the two large sun room windows and started working on installing the batten boards. He will go back and replace the moldings on the two small windows once our new order of lumber get milled. We are using rough cut white oak so will have to give the new boards some time to dry before we start staining. My fingers are crossed that everything works out so we can get start in the fall. The color scheme will match what we have on the other structures More to come:
  3. Charly Welcome to the forum!
  4. I do not know anything about IPad I am an Android user
  5. I go menu to Chat Then Left click on The Back Porch and open in a new window.
  6. I open it up in a separate window
  7. UPDATE: Processed broccoli It went from showing no signs of forming heads to just this side of bolting. The heat has been oppressive for weeks. Here in New York we are not used to "heat waves" in July. This year the cauliflower is a total loss it bolted twice BOTH PLANTINGS it was only about 4" in diameter. What a difference from last year when our cauliflower was amazing, Ended up with 3 -1/2 lbs of florets to add to the 4 - 1/2 lbs I already put in the freezer. Not enough to get us through the winter my fingers are crossed that I get a second cutting off this second planting and we are going to try and plant a couple of 48 rows in the "Orchard" garden next spring. We like Broccoli & cauliflower very much. We may be slow but we do keep learning. Started to harvest the San Marzano paste tomatoes So far 18 pints ready for the pantry.
  8. I am glad to hear you are recovering and that your sense of taste and appetite is returning. The eggplant looks delicious.
  9. Rabbit that would be way to much work to do using my method. Have you considered buying a pressure washer?
  10. This is the first year I have had a terrible time with my sweet peppers they look terrible. My spicy peppers are thriving I will try and take some pictures later on today.
  11. Chips the rafters have a notch cut into them. I do not know of any rafter hangers There are joist hanger that are for the floor joist is that maybe what you are thinking of? We are done with our customer's cabinet installation It was stifling in that mudroom at the 10 ft ceiling it had to be over 110 F. No air conditioning for us because there is no cold air return in the room and the doors to the rest of the house were closed to keep us separated from the family since we will not wear a mask while installing. It is hard enough to communicate with Jim being slightly hearing impaired or is it because I mumble Either way is would make for a bad day. Ran the rest of the trim boards and put together a list for the lumber yard Today we picked up supplies for the roof including drip edge and shingles More to come.....
  12. They look great Chips I make my own but still haven't master getting them paper thin.
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