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  1. Let's set the Wayback machine to early in the year February: The beautiful side The reality: Over a two week period of time we removed and rebuilt all of the raised beds. This time since we now had the "Tool Shed" off the back we made them 5 ft D X 4 ft wide giving us an extra bed. Tool Shed: Back to winter. We put down a thick weed mat. Yes that is snow piled up on the outside of the plastic March We were now ready to start planting! BUT first there is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Back to the HT Ran all new drip lines and started planting Imagine everything growing over the next few months! May: Harvested all of the Lettuce, Broccoli, most of the Kohlrabi and Cauliflower, ( Sorry no pictures of the mature plants) June: Fairy Tale Eggplant: This is the first time growing them.They are tender and just all around wonderful! No need to peel there are no seeds to make them bitter so no need to salt them. They are small but they are prolific! 3" -5" long and no bigger around than a half dollar. Black Oil Sunflower The Nasturtium self seeded all over the garden beds They are a nice addition to our salads July 2nd I picked the first Mortgage Lifter A few snaps of our Tomatoes: Slicing Cucumber Mini Melon: Anaheim Peppers: Second planting of Peas: Third planting of Beets: Canning Season Begins Last but not least I just planted spinach seeds yesterday. I think that pretty much brings you up to speed OH Wait If I get a chance I will take some photos of the ORCHARD GARDEN later on today
  2. Your Tomato plants look great Hippy Willie!
  3. I love these nippers for harvesting most veggies and my Felco's for pruning the plants and harder stemmed fruits and veggies
  4. Impressive harvest Josh!
  5. Always nice to see the flock and beautiful guardian dogs!
  6. They are adorable Judy! This is so you! Mothering all creatures big or small
  7. Maggie13

    Grub Worms

    Double B Milky Spore kills Japanese beetle larvae It may work on those also.
  8. Thanks for my morning laugh out loud moment
  9. This may be a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyhow. When you cook those beautiful cauliflower do they loose their color?
  10. They may be the last of the season but they are adorable.
  11. I use the same ones as BigSky! Have been using the same ones for years.A few of them have cracks in the cells but they still work fine.
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