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  1. I used to shoot trap also. Still have my Browning BT-99. My husband has the Browning Citori over and under for shooting doubles., Expensive hobby but a lot of fun.
  2. I like a 12 gauge shotgun with bird-shot Makes it near impossible to miss the target!
  3. I agree with BigSky moving your light source closer is what I would do!
  4. I have use the peppermint on cotton balls idea under my motorcycle seat and inside the plastic bag I use to cover the wood splitter motor for years! I never occurred to me that it would work in large open spaces.
  5. In other words +16F and sunny It will be toasty in the High tunnel so this morning I will get a few beds prepped and ready to plant . This afternoon when it warms up into the mid 30's it will be perfect for felling and bucking up trees for 2020 - 2021 firewood.
  6. Poor kitty! She is beautiful. That is why I don't use those sticky traps. They do not kill the victim, they just torture them. Snap traps are a quick death.
  7. I am so sorry to hear of the huge loss of your seedlings. Were they in the ground or still in flats? By the time I got all my snap traps set our winter carrot crop in the low tunnel was almost completely wiped out by the little greedy bas**rds. For flats I like the idea of building covers from hardware cloth. Thanks BigSky
  8. Maggie13

    Welcome Pam

    Pam Welcome to the site!
  9. Welcome to the forum Brenda!
  10. It has been snowing a few inches every day recently. Today we are expecting an additional 5"!
  11. Steve Welcome to the site!
  12. kyco Welcome to the forum!
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