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  1. I agree with Double B you have a gorgeous flock Mike!
  2. Mike how many lambs are there now?
  3. Kind of sad but here is our garden
  4. I pay $4.99 a pound for hamburger. A whole Ribeye on a good day I can buy for $ 8.99 a pound. Per steak they run around $13.00 per pound
  5. We are in the yellow area and already have 27 Inches on the ground so today I will be doing a lot of this
  6. Baby lambs are just too darn cute! I always look forward to seeing your pictures.
  7. I have never seen one, I look forward to hearing how they taste and your experience growing them this coming year.
  8. Thanks for all you do to keep the site running smoothly Hippie!
  9. I am sorry to hear this. Prayers sent!
  10. I remember as a child we made hand turkeys and put on plays honoring the Pilgrims and Squanto and his fellow Indians who taught the settlers how to survive. . We could never truly understand what they endured, but we at least were taught to honor and remember their journey. I remember as a very young child the family gathering at Grandma and Poppy's home We would all sit around the table count our blessings and listen to and share stories and laughter over a beautiful inlaid wooden bowl filled with mixed nuts. I still have that bowl. the nut crackers and picks that went with it. I
  11. OOPs! Congrats GREAT Auntie Rabbit! He is doing good! Thanks for asking about him! His Vascular Surgeon reminded us on Monday that it will be a few more months before he is feeling like his old self, so he reading and watching a lot of movies. Having an A type personality it is very frustrating but he learned that pushing to fast has consequences and sets him back for a few days unable to do anything.
  12. Thanks I will look into this method since I am always looking for a way to preserve things for the pantry.
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