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  1. This is Ms Elaine Squyres' recipe my mother has been using for decades... 3 c sugar 1/2 cup clear Karo corn syrup 1 tblsp vanilla 1/3 c water 3 egg whites Chopped pecans, as desired Bring sugar, water and Karo to a boil in a 2 qt sauce pan, over high heat until it threads about 10 minutes. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. When syrup threads, add about half of it to egg whites, gradually, while mixing on high speed. Scrape sides of the bowl often. Return remaining syrup to stove and cook 1-2 minutes until bubbly. Add egg whites and con
  2. Gg, thats funny, my dad's buddy calls me "Ahma" cause that's how I started everything I said when I was a teenager.
  3. would any pyrtherin type product work for that?
  4. Yep i used to pass my satsuma tree and see all this "bird shit" on the leaves, then a couple of weeks later, no more leaves. Didnt take me too long to figure out what that was. Funny the ones I planted in the pasture have not had them as often as the one planted in the back closer to sparse trees.
  5. Okra, I like to leave mine alone too, I only pull honey every 2 years, but i take enough to last that long, so it saves on the work.
  6. it's sad, we get cynical and make joke about that being true, but it is quite sobering to have it confirmed.
  7. Champs, I dont know what they call that, but its been creeping in on me these last couple of years. Almost like I want crappy weather to give me a reason not to go do stuff. When I was younger, no extreme of cold or heat would have kept me in. So aimless sometimes, I cant figure out what to work on, and it aint because there is a shortage of things that need doing either.
  8. my grandmother had old hotpoint or cold spot from the late 40s or early 50s. When she moved into a home in the 2000s my dad set it up in his garage. It ran there for another 10 years, and I suspect if it was never moved from the old house it would still be running today. If often wonder if they didnt know how to make things so they didnt last or they didnt want to make things so the didnt last.
  9. Wow, seems impossible, we had less humidity today and it was heavenly, but still HOT. Sucks that your garden was still making when the weather changed that way.
  10. A handy option in. 410 is that Judge,I been wanting one of those.
  11. My dad's 36 been shot so much the barrel swoops up, the old one from the 60s before vent ribs was a thing
  12. Ida said get a pump out of an old camper, those are positive Displacement pumps and will make pressure whereas the bilge pump would have made low pressure but plant volume. I made one one time, too much trouble but I still got the lil pmp I bought, Simer is the brand, with a rubber impeller like the mercury waterpump impellers.
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