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  1. I bought dirt from Clegg's years ago, and I had bought dirt from Parish Lumber. I know it will get used but I hate having to shovel all that out.... I am trying to be old and get lazy but the world is not letting me... I bought a bag at Walmart, Miracle Grow, and it was $14, which is way more than I thought it would be. Then I snagged on the cart, tore the bag and barely got it in the truck. It was monsooning so I chunked it in the back seat. The tear got bigger and now I am shoveling it out of the back seat of my truck with a trowel. It seems all anyone has is different flavors of Miracle Gro.
  2. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (they have a great catalog), Parks Seed company (used them when I worked at a commercial greenhouse in SC) and Renee's Garden Seeds (I like some of their mixes). And there is always the local hardware store... I have 4 O'clock seeds, yellow and fuschia, but the seeds are all mixed together. These are easy to start but are perennials in Louisiana. They smell good and deer don't care for them. Let me know if you want some. They are dropping seeds all over right now.
  3. What bought dirt are y'all using in container vegetables?
  4. I am hoping for a pop of that saffron color in my rice dishes next year! I stuck the last 1/2 dozen in a planter, ran out of room in the bed I prepped.
  5. I want to try this. Maybe small pieces in case it's weird....
  6. Nothing. I wasted my garden time chasing a bad-tempered goat.
  7. Newly graduated engineers running an oil refinery. Over-educated & under-experienced with an over-inflated sense of superiority and the management skills of spoiled children still angry because they were last-picked for kickball. (sorry...bad day at work...)(so ready to retire...)
  8. I just got 25 saffron crocus bulbs to try. I had regular crocuses when I lived in Virginia as a teen but haven't had them in Louisiana. I may never do the saffron thing but I still like crocuses. Anyone else fool with these things? I am going to get the bed ready and plant today (barring fire ant infiltration...), I think I have a good spot picked.
  9. Geez...send them to me! Everyone at work with a garden contributes hot peppers to one guy who dries 'em all and grinds them up. They are jarred and available to anyone cooking at work, often there's enough that most of us get some for the house, too. We even make tuna fish salad with hot peppers in it. My tabasco peppers are just coming in, I keep some but most go to the dried grind. Fewer people garden each year, we have lots who want the produce but few who produce the produce.
  10. Heat Advisory, 104 deg., actual temp is 91, high will be 94 deg. Overcast, 64% humidity. Next rain should be on Tuesday. Trying to get all the mowing done before I go back to work on Monday night. My garden is not doing much, chickens aren't laying much but the grass is still growing like crazy. 12:30 pm, South Louisiana.
  11. Ahh, men...the world is your toilet... I spread DT around the bases of the plant pots and coffee grounds on the top. Hope this works. I have 2 big plants that I need to repot but they are full of ants.
  12. I also have a compost drum that gets coffee grounds put in (it makes beautiful compost), it's probably 30% coffee grounds, more added daily. It gets ants in it, especially after I chased them around the garden a few times. In the prior edition of Bayou Gardener I asked about the ants in the compost and I was told my pile wasn't hot enough. I guess it's still not hot enough because I had ants in it in July. I have not tried putting coffee grounds in the planters but I have a full filter from this morning and a pot of lemongrass with ants in it. As for free range lawn & garden ants, I was using the white Bengal ant powder (chickens don't eat that one) but after 2 years of success with it, they seem to have adapted. I don't seek them out but after a heavy rain event ("hurricane") they are all up in my business... I was hoping that maybe, in my time away from the forum, someone had found a miracle cure.
  13. Does anyone have a way to keep ants out of container plants? I think I am just chasing them (fire ants) from one pot to another.
  14. The best pecan picker is one of my kids when they were on punish work! I have one of the wire rollers and don't particularly care for it, it's a pain to get the pecans out of it.
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