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  1. I think my uncle used to grow those when I was a kid. That was a long time ago
  2. is kin to me. Bordercollie will know which one. Just learned that. I had no idea anyone in our family would be smart enough to get a Law Degree and pass the BAR
  3. I won't be doing anything until I get the pen repaired and refurbished for a newly weaned raccoon. My old coon died last summer and I was going to fix it up for a dog pen for my new puppy (large) but it turned out to be one of those " TBA" jobs. I'll work on it some all week since I moved his cage to the carport. I named him "Trouble" when they brought him to me at about age 1 1/2 weeks and boy did I name him correctly. Booger was my old coon and he couldn't hold a light for this little bastard as far as mischief and chaos. He is hilarious up to a point, then the hilarity turns to exasperation. He could break a steel ball into pieces
  4. ain't nothing wrong with dat' and it gives me an idea......."a big idea"
  5. Absolutely, wholeheartedly agree!....times 10....Upright is convenient but will not hold food for much over 24 hours down here in the sunny south. We have 2 chest type and an upright and we will never buy an upright again....We use the upright for the food that we use for quick meals and for flour and cornmeal....Chest type for confidence,upright for convenience
  6. Weather liars did it again. 70's my butt!!! I am going to shower because my drawers are soaking wet from this "low humidity". I got all my cabbage planted, purple cauliflower, as well as the brussel sprouts. I still have some amazing cauliflower still to plant, as well as the kohlrabi. If I plant anything else its due to stupidity. I'm tired
  7. When I was young and dumb instead of old and stupid, I used to think that the old folks who talked about their joints hurting before a rain were just hunting something to bitch about. Now that I am old and stupid, I have found out that they weren't lying. Trouts, I feel your pain
  8. I cut a bucket of okra,planted a row of red russian kale (don't tell the damned demonic-rats, liddle adam schitt will have me testify to see if hookers peed on it) and a row of mixed lettuce. Heres hoping the weather liars got the cool spell right this week
  9. Planted 5 more cabbage and felt weak, so I quit.
  10. yep, but this is the first year that we have dehydrated stuff. I just asked the wife and she said all she does is slice it up and throw it in there until it dries out
  11. Yeah, I am a big Auburn fan. This will be the 60th year of following the, either by attending the game, listening to the radio or watching them on tv. I have not missed a single game in those 60 years. I started at age 6 and have been loyal to the cause,through thick and thin. BUT, if one AU player shows his ass, I'm done with Auburn football. What I find amazing is Bama fans feel the same way,or most of them. You know if that fanatical, inbread, low IQ bunch is choosing Good over football, then you know America is fed up with this virtue signaling and social justice bullshit. They are not happy with Sabans little parade with the BLM crap last week. Lots of LSU folks feel the same. Nobody gives a damn what Ole Miss and Moo State does
  12. i cut almost a full bucket of okra. I have 17 stalks. I took Donalds advise a few years ago and planted 6 feet apart and although I was skeptical about it, I did it and it does make a difference. I cut 22 pods off of one stalk. My 84 year old friend was there, and he was amazed. I had been telling him to do this and of course, since I am younger than him, he is the expert on all things( ya'll know of what I speak). Doing it this way requires patience because you don't get much early on, but on into the summer, you make it all up and then some. It grows out instead of up I tilled and planted 3 rows of mustard in anticipation of the rain and cooling temperatures that the weather liars are saying we will get this weekend. I am about to eat lunch and cut a watermelon afterwards. Then, I am going to sit right here and spend some time with you wonderful people this afternoon. I am really happy about the ratings last night for the NFL game. It was s*** and that makes me happy. Bastards got booed, I see. Thats good because I have not watched a game since brillohead started the kneeling. ....I hope the league folds
  13. Maybe he just eats democrats, and really loves their politicians
  14. Do a blind taste test on them and decide. We did that this year, and every one but one picked Incredible. It was cooked on the cob, though. Bodacious may be better creamed or out of the freezer. I can tell you this,though, you won't turn your nose up at either one
  15. There are a whole lotta' elitist and cultural assholes who think that the average working class is stupid. They are very close to finding out that maybe we ain't as stupid as they think we are. They are also going to learn what the term "expert marksman" means. I can attest to various encounters that the backbone of America has had enough
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