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  1. I got potatoes up and am planning on planting some corn tomorrow. To be honest Cat, its still too damned wet but Ima' gonna' try to fix up a couple of places and start a few tomatoes, plus try to fix some rows up to plant other stuff even with the rain. Wettest that I have ever seen here, and I am on the side of a hill, if you can believe that. Make sure you have guns and ammo, you may have to protect it from two-legged animals this year. One thing about using the 12-48-8 pond fertilizer is that you need to wait until they get established and growing before you use it. I normally wait until i see the 1st bloom and then go wit it. It will make smaller plant load up with blooms too early. My ole buddy (MAY HE RIP) and I marked and counted tomatoes on a Bella Rosa when I was running a test with using the pond fertilizer for the first time. The plant was less than waist high and had 78 tomatoes on it from the size of your thumbnail to the size of a baseball. I had to run sticks through the sides of the basket to support the weight. It was full of blooms,too. I wonder how many #'s of tomatoes came off of that plant. Its crazy stuff, a little too high in N, though
  2. Listen please: My secret to tomatoes is simple and I have told it many times on the other forum. Use fish pond fertilizer. Its water soluble and I use it just like miracle grow. Its very high phosphorus and produces blooms something crazy. I use 3x's13 and bone meal at planting, and add epsom salts to the fertilizer. It will shock you how much difference this makes
  3. Just disgusting to see that picture and I can't even get corn planted. How ya'll avoided all of this rain is a mystery to me
  4. Trying to get ready to plant corn but about to enjoy some more of Ragin's chicken stew for lunch. If you have not tried some of his recipes, I suggest that you do. This "shicken stew (with my Joostun Wilson voice)" is something else
  5. I have tomorrow. I did get some weeds sprayed a bit more yard mowed. I am planting some pepper seed and more tomato seed. Its really aggravating to see some of ya'll with tomatoes waist high and I can't walk in my yard and damn sure can't in my garden. Got another half inch last night
  6. RAINING...............................AGAIN..................................UNREAL
  7. Yep. Its awful here. Right now, I am trying to use the push mower to clean up the yard and the wheels are making ruts!. Water is squishing up out of the ground when I walk. We got 5/8" yesterday. Its going to be tough to get much of anything done in the present situation. Its insane as to how wet it is
  8. so neat and clean, willie...plumb embarrassing for me
  9. With current situation, I am trying to plant my usual sized garden. I was only going to plant about 1/2 or less but seeing what I am seeing, I decided to do it again with staple plants like spuds,corn,tomatoes,beans and peas(always cantaloupes, though). The store shelves here is rural Alabama are empty. People got in a fight over toilet paper in DG. Walmart in Fayette Ala, as well as Columbus Miss are stripped. Same with Kroger, PigWig and the local S&S has limits. I have 126 rolls of toilet paper. Anybody want to barter on cantaloupe seed?
  10. Man, I see all that dry dirt and I'm like "WTH?" I finally got some potatoes in the ground, but it was really too wet but I'm running out of time. I did 7 rows about 50' long and wanted to do a couple more, but I am exhausted and just not able to do things like I used to do. This may be my last garden, I'm too old and worthless to try to fight weather,critters,bugs,weeds,etc. Its not so bad if I can take my time, but this year has been constant rains since December. We had numerous trees bud in January. Never seen that before. Stay out of crowds. The KungFlu is not as deadly (yet?) as the damn media is hyping it to be except for a select group, but it may turn out to be before its over. Pretty sure it is a bio-weapon that got away from the rat-eating commies.
  11. I planted 26 megaton cabbage. I don't like how I had to do it, nor the way I planted them, but I had no choice. It was too wet, its been too wet since December and supposed to rain tonight and all this week. I had to do what I had to do
  12. hey....welcome and enjoy the rain..another inch last night
  13. Ran the troybilt and tilled up a small area. Its too wet, but I don't have much choice now. Supposed to rain Monday and I have NOTHING in the ground
  14. Really good to see as many folks >woke< as there are on here. This is a manufactured virus that has HIV insertives into the cell nucleus. I am not a doctor nor did I stay at Holiday Inn last night, but this creates a problem on many levels. A virus is not actually "alive" as we would consider it, like a bacteria, but it is not dead either. The way it survives is to attach itself to a receptive cell and then live off of it and multiply until the immune system kills it, BUT not before the virus spreads to other hosts during the contagion period and repeats the process. Now, see why the HIV insertions are a major cause of concern? Do the math. I don't want to be an alarmist, because we have all went through the BS from the WHO for decades. Follow the money. Who benefits from the false flags in the pandemic arena?. Yep. Big Pharma is not in business to cure diseases, its in business to make money, and lots of it. I never react to the new "pandemics' because we've all seen that movie. This one is different. I listened to a preacher yesterday who had spent all last week researching this and he found many doctors and medical researchers who were sounding the alarm about this being a bio weapon. I had done some looking and what he said matched what I found. There is no way, according to the professionals, that this virus could mutate to develop into what we are seeing right now. It is a synthetic virus. As Bordercollie will tell you, I do research on things that your preacher won't tell you. I chase rabbits down the rabbit holes of history to try to understand the present and the future. I hope that you understand the we live in an illusion, and the narrative that we are fed in this illusion does not fit what is actually true Take a look at this: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/dean-koontz-book-predicted-coronavirus Really just a coincidence, right? I just hope ya'll realize just how close we are to losing it all
  15. Its all true, but it goes far deeper than just the "government."...Anyone think this "coronavirus" is just another virus that has mutated?. Uh, do a little research, and I mean using legitimate medical sources and not stuff like zerohedge, you'll soon see that something is very wrong with the whole narrative that people are being fed
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