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  1. I think that I hate you! You and others post all of these pictures of food with sugar and butter and cheese and fat and red meat, while my arteries are hollering, olive oil and sugar free and canola oil and lettuce and chicken without the skin and all of that propaganda that silly doctors tell you. My oh my, ya'll are some horrible people! I do lick the photos on the screen, close my eyes and take a bite of oatmeal and pretend it tastes like all that sinful shit that ya'll put up to torment me!!!
  2. hello, whenever I see the name "Morrow" I always think of Vic Morrow who played on "Combat" and was killed in a helicopter crash while filming the movie "Twilight Zone"
  3. I watch them also, along with Rawhide, Mannix, Wild Wild West and more
  4. I love this stuff and so does my wife. It may be my favorite non-sugary vegetable
  5. Yes ma'am, they did. Okay, here is the deal with the plates. Like Buttabean said, the Golden Harvester plates will fit an Earthway, BUT! an Earthway will not fit a Golden Harvester without a little work. The seating is the same, so it fits on the hub just fine, but the plate on the EW is very slightly,itty-bitty bit bigger. I took a grinder, and ground the plates down just a little all the way around, and cut the little tits off of the center hole, and they work wonderfully. Looking forward to using them in a couple of months
  6. Welcome, my friend. Johnnyreb reminds me of a tv show that I watch as a kid. The Rebel...Johnny Yuma, played by Nick Adams. Shows how damn old I am
  7. I went to the grocery store a while ago to pick up some stuff for making pickles, and the whole time I intended to buy some cinnamon rolls. I looked at them, and walked away. They didn't look as good as these in these photos do, but the sumbitches looked good enough! I should probably feel proud, but I don't. I wanted them so bad. I may be having a slight psychological breakdown right now, but its not my fault. I hope you are happy knowing that I received a static shock from licking my computer screen again!
  8. better wait, ain't no lettuce gonna' come up right now. Not in Dixie,anyway
  9. I started cabbage and cauliflower yesterday, and just got done starting 6 pak of cantaloupe
  10. It was the 1500 B&S. Yes, it had a transmission. The Pony was just too small for what I put it through. I was plowing furrows with the plow and wings that came from Bordercollies Big Red. I would have to push it along. I am not complaining about it at all
  11. You are a terrible person for posting pictures of such sinful looking things! Why are you a terrible person, you ask?. Because you have them and I don't! I love cinnamon rolls and those things are so nasty sweet looking that I licked the computer screen and tasted them. My wife has a bread machine but she has never made those for me. She worried to much about my CAD
  12. Be careful of poppy seed if you are subject to drug tests. They can show a false positive if you eat many of them
  13. Whats my weather like?....... ask Ccat......Actually, a rain was not too bad of a happening. We had gone 3 days without one
  14. I am located in northwest Alabama, about 75 miles south of Ccat,who lives on the Tennessee River. I used to start fall stuff mid/3rd week of July, but seasons have changed. September has been our hottest month and last year, we had about 10 days of autumn like weather. We had a temperature of 102* and 10 days later, the night temperature got down to 22*. I had a pretty spindly fall garden last year, and I usually have a pretty nice one. I don't want to start plants too early but I don't want to wait, expecting similar hot conditions like last year, and not start soon enough. I am using Pro-mix at $20 a bag, so I don't want a single plant to go to waste. Reckon when I need to start the seed for cabbage, Brussel sprouts,cauliflower and broccoli? I used to sow mustard the last week in August, but I couldn't even get it to come up last year
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