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  1. The Merovingian bloodline is another fascinating research thing that I did several years ago. I do not advocate anything that Dan Brown wrote nor do I advocate for "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" byMichael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln because they are promoting a false narrative that started from lie at square one. The Lord Jesus (Yeshua) Christ did not sire a child with Mary Magdalene, BUT its not what we believe, its what THEY believe that makes it dangerous. Again, its not true but I didn't say it wasn't interesting as it could be. I see that some of you guys are pretty well versed in c
  2. There is one mysterious family that is left out of your illustration, BB....They are the PAYSEUR family.....I ran across them a few years ago looking into some things concerning the NWO and after doing a little research on them I am still wondering why the need for all of their secrecy. Other globalists make no secret about their intentions but these people went to great lengths to stay in the shadows. The link below will carry you to a website that provides a partial list of their wealth. This family is really intriguing to read about https://reignoftheheavens.org/?p=2277
  3. easy to recognize as are other demonrats(communists) communists and nazis are not compatible with each other. Nazi(Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers' Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. ) It is actually not preferable to communism(Communism, political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and
  4. I told you it was a curse, didn't I?.....You are no longer "programmed and conditioned" to believe a certain way Get a load of this shit if you think I am being overly dramatic! https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/politics/eye-opening-billboard-on-i-40-in-memphis/94671520/
  5. Orwells 1984 was not a warning, it was a playbook. If you have not read it, I suggest that you do it now in order to see where the world is headed. Here is a link to the free online version. The Beast System is almost here. There is a great RESET coming in the near future and when the celebration starts, please be advised that we ain't invited. We are going to have our faith brought through the fire because persecution is coming and its a helluva' lot closer than the average "American" understands. How many will deny Christ when it comes time to proclaim Him at the penalty of death or deny Him
  6. My internet went down, so I had to run and cut a little wood. No, the quote is more correctly pointed at you. You are just trying to convince yourself that you are on an intellectual plane( ie: "level" for bammer fans and most Ole Miss fans) with me. I'm just spitballin' you now, so don't make me bring out the heavy artillery. You will need several therapy sessions to recover. Take your defeat with grace and honor and not like you just left the blues festival in Greenville Mississippi. Please be advised, for the sake of your mental health, I am a lot more well read than most of the folks you
  7. Okay Queen Gertrude, the proper line from Hamlet is " The >LADY< doth protest too much, methinks ". Man, I tell you, if the earth was a living organism, its butthole would be in Tuscaloosa or Oxford Mississippi. A third option would be Maryville Tennessee
  8. My superior intellect,witty delivery style, and literary skills just scares the hell out of ya'll, I can tell. If I would happen to wipe my butt with reaper coated toilet paper, you very damn right I would shoot you................many times..........Only Ole Miss fans would think of doing something like that........Real southern belle............bhwahhaaaaaaa
  9. I've warned people for years, taught it in adult Sunday School class.....They called me a heretic because they believed the Hal Lindseys of the world and the erroneous teachings of dispensationalism, along with many other ism's.....The devil is at the doorstep and he is coming for us
  10. ButtaBean and RabbitProof are such terrible people......I suspect both are democrats
  11. About 2 inches...Bucknuts all the way.....I'd vote for a demon-rat before I'd pull for those rat bastards
  12. Wilhite and Morgan County sell in bulk
  13. Ammoseek online dealers are in short supply again
  14. Pay attention to restrictions on the ability to "buy and sell" concerning certain protocols. Look up the Jim Jones mass suicide and compare the conditioning to those poor misguided people to the Orwellian shit you are seeing now. The average American is so ****ing ignorant and so blind to the truth. I could go on for months but i know I would be preaching to the choir. "Cheer up saints, its about to get worse!" I learned a lot from a preacher who used to use that phrase
  15. Funny? I had some seed left out on the counter for weeks. I had left them out of the freezer out there in the little house and didn't notice. I noticed no problem(don't mean there wasn't,though)....interesting.... Yep, "A Country Boy Can Survive" is about to be played out in real life, I think. The Bible is about to come alive ( we know it always has)for some folks and they don't even realize it.......and won't.....I am about to check on ammo availability again from www.ammoseek.com
  16. I don't blame you, I'd cut my losses too, if I had been beaten like that
  17. Takedown? You are the one that was thoroughly embarrassed and ran off and hid from that "mean ole smart guy that is making me look so inferior"....ha! to that......like I said, please be kind to her because......well, you know
  18. Hello Delta! So glad that you got to know me! Welcome aboard, though a word of warning: Be nice to miss Rabbitproof, she is a bit,shall we say"eccentric". Do you like kittens?
  19. If you want, you can vacuum seal, but I just put mine in a plastic bag, force out the air and zip it up. Throw it in the freezer. They will keep for years
  20. The only way to keep snakes out of your yard is to kill them. If you don't kill the snakes, they'll just keep on populating the swamp and coming into your yard. Once you understand snakes you can overcome your fear of them, killing them is not nearly as hard as you think
  21. The average person has been conditioned to fear government and what needs to happen to fix this takes guts and fearlessness. The average male in this country should have been born with a vagina and in a large % of American families today there is no male presence and it leads to either no disciple for kids or the influence of females on male children that has led to the *******fication of men. Homophobe? Phobe comes from phobia which is an unnatural fear. I don't "FEAR" degenerates, I just don't tolerate them. Hell, when I was a kid, I didn't even believe they were real! No man would do things
  22. Son and DIL both have it but are doing well. They live in OK so we are okay. The virus has mutated and people who get around here are not getting over it as much as people did earlier in the year. Seems like the death rate has increased to a much higher %...Wife and I were a couple of recluses before this, but I think we have been by ourselves so much that we are getting weird. Rab, there is no need for a comment about that!
  23. and the time is now! Folks, as a redneck researcher of both secular and Bible history for over 4 decades, I have tried to get people to understand that there was going to come a time when there would be a "new normal" that happens to all empires. Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. My wife is frantically dehydrating stuff that is in the freezer and some canned stuff that has some age on it. Preparation includes a bunch of things and if you don't own a gun, tomorrow would be a good day to change that, as well as ammo. You see where the politicians stand on liberty
  24. 25 miles south of Sulligent in a little town called KENNEDY.....Its 5 miles east of Millport
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