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  1. I think that I ought to be offended, but I'll turn the other cheek
  2. Take a vacation out of the state, to a place far,far away
  3. EZ, hang with us, we are small but growing. HippieWillie is the standard bearer in here. Need rain? Contact CCAT and bring him to your home for a visit
  4. I ordered a set of Earthway plates for $28 plus $8 tax and shipping. The Lambert people finally wrote back but their plates were $35 plus tax and shipping and I had already ordered the Earthway anyway. I was really impressed with the stand of peas that I got with this little piece of cheap equipment over the Hoss that I paid $159 for. I think the Hoss will do better on small seeds like lettuce and mustard, so I am prepared for anything. I think that I get better results by dropping corn rather than using a seeder, but that is based on this year. Got a notice that all of that pile of Harris seeds that I bought has been shipped. I bought shit that I don't even really know what it is! Anybody know how to grow celery? I don't but I bought seeds anyway. I don't even know if it will grow in Alabama, but it was a $1 a pack. Swiss chard? What da hell is that? I would really like to know because I bought some of it. Yep, $1 a pack,too. I had never heard of Kohlrabi until I tried that a few years ago and it has turned out to be one of our favorite vegetables. I bought $83 worth of seed. Seriously though, my seed stock was getting old, some I had for a decade, so it was an opportunity to get some top varieties at ridiculous cheap prices
  5. 2#'s and 16 1/2 inches in circumference ain't bad. What breed is dat' mater HW?
  6. Pepper needs nitrogen and less water than other things. Hit it with some manure. Pepperman ought to be able to help you because he has grown an awful lot of pepper
  7. It was so easy to drive the rod into the saturated ground. I hit 3 times with the post driver and just tapped it down with the sledge. About 6 inches sticking out of the ground on a 6 foot rod. Thats how wet the ground is
  8. Way ahead of you!!! lol, I got the driver setting right beside the ground rod, in the shed. Ain't no way this old ass can swing a sledge enough to drive a rod. I did drive an 8 foot rod in the ground with a sledge, in my younger years. Too old, and with my wore out eyes, I have the rod looking like a corkscrew in no time
  9. Whare all ya'll are? I get a little free time and ya'll disappear. Hell ya'll write sumpin'!! I asked this question last fall, but I forgot the replies. My favorite cantaloupe was SuperStar but seeds are nowhere to be found. I planted Hales Best, which is a fine cantaloupe, but fungus and other diseases are tough on them around here, especially since Cat moved here. I have some new hybrids ordered, and my 2nd planting was Halona(fine cantaloupe) but I need something close to SuperStar for next year. What is everyones favorite?
  10. Hot, very humid. The last two days left me wasted by 11 am. I have to drive a permanent ground rod for the fence and I plan on doing it first thing in the morning
  11. damn!. My chloresterol ( I never can spell that word right) level jumped 80 points just by looking at this. If Picasso was alive, he could paint a picture of that and make a gillion dollars
  12. picked 2 buckets of rattlesnakes, got my first ripe tomato,picked squash and cukes, started working on moving electric fence from one end of the garden to the other. Humidity made me stop before I finished, so I have a radio playing. Coons know corn is almost ready just like deer and peas
  13. Guy gave it to me after he bought it at a yard sale. He did not garden and I guess that it never occurred to him to ask about more plates. You should see my peas that I planted with it. A perfect stand! with no skips. I always have to replant skips when I used the Hoss planter. The wheelhoe and the grass blade are the real deal, though. So, I am not badmouthing the whole brand, just the planter
  14. Thanks for your kindness Bruce, and it does not go unappreciated but the post from BB just told me all that I need to know! I'll just order a set of earthway plates and I'm good to go!. Thanks Thank you, thats all I need to know. Ima' order the plates rat' now. These cheap planters do a really good job. Much better than the Hoss planter that I paid a lot of $ for
  15. Willie the Bella Rosa tomatoes, under the care of a top notch gardener like yourself, can be utterly unbelievable! I have grown them for about 5 years now, and they are an excellent tomato. I still like Dixie Reds the best, but B. Rosa's are neck and neck with them. That is some pretty tomatoes
  16. Try to find or fix something and go about it all wrong? Then the light comes on and you just want to kick your own ass for being so stupid? I am 2 minutes into wanting to do just that, kick my own ass. My wife just volunteered to do it for me, if I am unable to. Here it is: I have an old Golden Harvester planter that works just like an Earthway. It was bought at a yard sale for $5, but it only has one plate and I like it way better than the overpriced/overhyped Hoss seeder. I don't want to buy a set of plates for an Earthway, if they won't fit. I have been trying to find plates for the GH, but it just never occurred, until just minutes ago, to ask THIS FORUM! I was not kidding the other day, some days I can make a bag of shit look like a PHD. Does anyone have any plates for the GH or does anyone have an Earthway plates that they would sell me to see if it will work? Or, if you don't have one to sell, would you send one for me to try? I'll pay the postage and send it right back. Bordercollie will vouch for my trustworthiness, and honorable personality. Not so much for my intellect,though. Thanks in advance
  17. I am anxious to try seed starts this fall after finding this out. What a s****y thing to do, and it does explain a thing or two like certain cells or cups not having seeds germinate even after repeated attempts
  18. no joke? (I know you ain't joking,figure of speech) I had no idea and it could explain why my germination rate is not what I think it ought to be. I use Baccto, BK, and peat moss
  19. hey JW, I just noticed the post!. Stevie Wonder notices things better than I do
  20. I have never planted these squash, but I bought a pack for $1 awhile ago and will plant a couple this fall. I know some on here have planted them, so tell me what I need to know, please.
  21. I use fish pond fertilizer instead of MG. Much better results
  22. https://www.harrisseeds.com/ same company and I just ordered $75 worth of seed for fall and next year
  23. Harris seed co has a sale going on and I am working on a large order as of rat'now. Lots of good, tried and true seeds are going for $1 a pack. Lots are sold out,too. check it out
  24. I paid out of my ass for 2 bags of Pro Mix, plus a bag of vermiculite. I am going to try to avoid all of the pitfalls this fall that happen when you use potting soil to start seed. I usually mix Black Kow, peat moss and Baccto together, but like I said in the above post the Baccto isnot the quality that it used to be
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