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  1. Definitely sounds like a fox and looks like the fox is chasing a coyote or possibly a dog. Couldn't get a good enough freeze frame. I have trapped a good many coyotes and I have never heard one make that sound, BUT I have heard red fox make a sound just like that.
  2. Hey Y'all, I planted 4 pear trees 2 years ago. I got them for $5 each and they were poorly maintained. The trees have really taken off, but ones limbs constantly weep over. I have pruned them back thinking that the wood needs to strengthen, but by the end of every growing season, they are bending over again. What can I do to keep this from happening?
  3. Squash and beans mainly. Maybe some daikon radish and kohlrabi too.
  4. This weather pattern won't stop. Nice and dry, lots of rain, back to nice and dry. Should I start planting tomorrow or hold off yet again?
  5. Hey Y'all, I'm looking for several 20-25 gallon high quality plastic pots for my citrus. Who makes a good high quality pot that wont crack and break due to exposure to the sun and/or general handling?
  6. Hey Y'all, I would like to purchase some nice seed starting trays. I'm sick of having to use the cheap, thin black plastic ones that I have been using. I have seen Hoss Tools advertise their trays and they look indestructible, but they are WAY too pricy. What would y'all recommend?
  7. Thanks for the input! I'll try the Earthway.
  8. Do you think the Earthway would do better? I'm looking for something simple to use when planting okra, field peas, beans, and corn.
  9. I figured the site was gone. I just happened to Google Bayou Gardener forum earlier today and this popped up. Glad to be back!
  10. Hey Y'all, I just ordered a Hoss Double Wheel hoe for the garden. I have been looking at seeders for the past year and have yet to pull the trigger on purchasing one. Jang, Hoss, Earthway all seem to be the main ones, but all seem to have their drawbacks. Is a seeder even worth it? What one would you recommend?
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