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  1. Went out to spread the leaves on the rows for spring planting and took some pictures. Four kinds of garlic, elephant, thai purple, blossom, and early portuguese. next pic is kale(premier) then collards, cilantro, and carrots. My first real try at carrots.
  2. I hear you Boudin. The SVB ruins my squash every year. I am switching to hard vines that aren't attacked. I tried rampicante , but all I did was grow a 30 foot vine that got mildew and friut never rotted. Some years I grow the winter squashes, butternut. I have been meaning to try tromboncino squash, it is supposed to at least in a close family to the summer squash and to grow well here on the gulf coast. I have always been to late to order the seeds. This year will be different! I am going to order seeds this week. I want to get tomatoes started before christmas. Besides summer squash doesn't have much flavor any way. I have to cook it with onions and sausage before it taste good. (sour grapes)
  3. I don't pasteurize O.J. I squeeze it usually a quart at a time and drink it in one to 3 days.(usually 1 day). Sometimes I will squeeze it and freeze it in 2 liter soda bottles. It not as good as fresh, but still better than store bought. I believe to pasteurize it you heat the juice to 165 degrees for 1 minute, but I have always thought it might change the flavor or reduce the vitamin potency. I drink it fresh and a lot of it.
  4. Boudin that's a good looking pot of greens. FGEA could also be future steaks and sausages of my freezer. Good to see you post again GG. Picked up 20 bags of leaves this morning that will go into the garden after the rain quits. Collards and kale are doing good. Satsumas and Hamlin sweet orange are doing good. I need to juice up a couple of quarts O.J. this afternoon. Watched Ragun make that "easy cajun chicken sausage tasso gumbo" this morning now I have to go to Rouse's sometime this week and get the ingredients.
  5. Starting to get ready for "spring planting". Pulled out the old dead plants. I found a few bags of leaves and pinestraw yesterday. I like put the leaves on the rows about 8 inched thick and let them decay/rot till planting time, about late February to June. When I plant if any leaves are left, I just pull them back a bit, and plant. The leaves stay on the rows for mulch. The pinestraw goes on the walkways between the rows. I like to lay down a few pieces of cardboard (organic weed barrier) and put the straw a couple of inches thick on that. I will be hunting leaves all December.
  6. how did you grow that?? It is amazing.
  7. L.L. how do cook/prepare the radish greens?
  8. Does anyone eat the greens? I heard they were the best part of the plant?
  9. Going to the In Laws to eat, bringing collards/kale boiled with garlic and onions. Pink eye purple hulls with limas. Fuyu persimmon pie.. The collards, kale were picked this morning,-- garlic, PEPHs, were harvested this summer, and some of the Fuyu were grown here, some bought, (young tree). Limas are "PicSweet". PicSweet was recommended a while ago on the old forum.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to every one.
  11. Yes the freeze, got the garden pretty good. lost my banana/bell peppers, all the summer flowering plants are toast. Picked a bunch of citrus, gave away 30 lbs. but the trees seem unaffected by the cold and still have a lot of fruit. Made 15 small jars of Satsuma jelly. Picked the last of the green beans the day before the freeze, cooked some, shared some. Will start eating the collards and kale this week. Should be easy gardening now, less bugs, weeds, and watering. Just picking ,cooking, and eating.
  12. Yes, good to know, thanks. Will have to check into that more.
  13. Started winterizing the yard today. Going to 27' tomorrow night. Hung three stands of old c-9 christmas lights in the Hamlin orange tree, hopefully it will be enough heat to keep things from freezing. Moved the potted tropical plants to the south facing porch. Got the old sheets and blankets out of the attic to use for coverings. Tomorrow will cut back the angel trumpets, hibiscus, and cover peppers and small citrus bushes. Lotsa little chores to do. Hold on , just learned my friend is boiling peanuts in the morning, that sounds like more fun than dragging old sheets around yard. Maybe a little work, and a little hot peanuts and cold beer on a windy day.
  14. This summer I grew a plant that was new to me ,but highly recommended. It was Sunflower Mexican Torch, or Tithonia rotundiflora. It grew to 7 feet tall and was something thing to see. The butterflies and bumble bees loved these flowers. During Sept. when the butterflies are abundant there would be at least 8 large butterflies and a dozen skippers and bumblebees all through the day. plants got so big and heavy that I had to stake them. I got the seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company, but I am saving the seed pods for next year.
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