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  1. Boudin, I don't have the same faith in the medical system as you. I remember one flu outbreak about 12 years ago an "Aunt Hattie" fell and broke her hip. She went to one of the main hospitals here by ambulance, they looked at her in the E.R. said all hospitals full from flu, and sent her back home, 86 years old with a broken hip until a room becomes available in a few days. I remember FEMA at the super dome. I saw FEMA in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes. FEMA and the CDC will be working together to protect us. I know you know how to prepare and get thru this.I have seen your old garden videos. But, I told my daughter today that IF things go south, and her work closes, or if the state starts shutting down school, universities, ect. to leave the town she is in, leave her apartment and come home. They say that this virus has only a 2% death rate, but almost 20% of the people go into serious/critical condition. 80,000 cases total so far. 50,000 are still sick, 30,000 cases "closed" . Of the closed cases 27,900 have recovered--- 2,711 died. That is around 10% the way I see it.
  2. Well if we are talking about the coronavirus we may as well have a thread. I get my numbers from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ . I trust some of the numbers, but not the ones from China. What worries me now is that the number of cases that have blown up in Iran this week. Iran has spread the virus to 5 other countries. I fear they are prepping to send some infected "travelers" our way. Or to Mexico/Canada and let it just spread to people at border crossings. It would be easy to do. If the number of cases starts to shoot up here, then I guess I will go and get a couple of 25lb sacks of rice and a bunch of beans, also cans spam and pringles, that stuff last forever. The stock market is just starting to wake up to this, as the outbreaks worsens the market will be shocked. I hope this thing dies out soon, cause I am starting to get a bit obsessed with it.
  3. Big Sky, Your barometric pressure seems off. Wouldn't 25.93 be a terribly low number? middle of a tornado? Maggie I had the same problem with my plants, but I just couldn't move the sun any closer. LOL (could not help myself)..
  4. I picked another mess of collard greens. the plants are beautiful but now they are showing the first signs of starting to bolt. This is way early, thanks global warming!
  5. Yeah fun to watch, full of ideas, but I don't believe all of them are accurate
  6. I know there were some posts on sprouting citrus seeds, and I had always heard that it took a very long time to get fruit unless you grafted to better root stock. This persian lime grew from a seed. the fruit fell on a tree and sprouted 3 seedling. This tree is 3 or 4 years old. This one had two limes last year and is blooming again. The original tree froze and died. One of the other seedlings is planted in the side yard and growing.
  7. the early blueberry with blueberry bee
  8. Mild,mild, mild. High temps to run mid 70's--- lows to run 60'ish for the next few days, with good chances of showers. The 14 day 4-cast is for lows in the 50's. I am going to have to plant something. Also it is time to try and get the last of the citrus off the trees before they all rot.
  9. On Friday Jan.24th there 1,000 cases of corona virus. Today on Feb, 5th there at 24,324 cases. In 12 days there are 24 times the amount of cases. And they have been trying very hard to stop it. In 12 days will there be 583,776 cases with over 11,000 deaths? Death rate is highest among those over 65 and with pre-existing conditions. Looks like to me when it gets over here the government is going to get out of a lot of Social Security payment. And a lot of good parking spots are going to be available.
  10. Planted a row of green beans (blue lake), and my second hill of potatoes today. Yeah, I know it is way early, but it is 68 degrees today and 71 yesterday with alot more warm weather ahead than cold. I am just going to have to figure out some ways to protect the plants from the few frosts between when the sprouts come up and mid -March. I am going to look into some of that row cover cloth. Does anyone use that now? Advise?
  11. Still trying to figure out radishes, This is the first time I grew 'em. they are about 2 feet tall with ugly roots. I try sauteing in olive oil but didn't like that. So back to mixing with collards, kale, radishes, smoked sausage, onion, and garlic. I did not have any chicken stock on hand. I can eat on that pot for 7 days but, on the 8th they got to go. there was a joke on "The Beverly Hillbillies show" where Jethro ate a bowl of old collard greens and said it did not "agree" with him. Jed and Granny told him that " 8 day old collard greens wouldn't agree with Superman" So I go by that golden rule. Anyway a pot of mixed greens is a good way to cook'em.
  12. Oh, yeah, speaking of salads Last summer when my wife and I were trying to eat a salad for lunch daily. we keptp complaining about how long it took to get all the ingredients prepped, up to 20 minutes. So we started prepping every thing ahead of time, chopping /shredding the lettuce, carrots, onions, olives, peppers,cubing ham and chicken, boiling eggs, ect. and putting them in small containers you know the rubbermaid ones that seal good. Then they were scattered all over the fridge always getting pushed to the back and you could not find or even remember them all. So we got a clear plastic container about 14 x 11 inches and just place all the containers in or beside the mother container. Then when we wanted a salad just pull it out make a large salad or small salads with what we wanted at that time. Every few day we would chunk anything that old or bad, and reload with fresh. It worked better than trying to make a fresh salad every day or two. Just an idea.
  13. The lettuce looks like it is growing very well. My Arugula has established an area for itself and reseeds itself. It comes up in Oct. with the fall rains. It is already flowering and will get about 3 feet tall. I* let flower for the spring pollinators and beneficial bugs. This is what my wife calls "the weed patch" it is arugula and chickweed.
  14. I don't know for sure, but I think I would leave them alone and let the plant figure it out. Two small heads sounds is better than 2 dead/stunted plants.
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