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  1. Bella Rosa toms are starting to put out first true leaves. Lima beans are starting to put out running tendrils, so I should harvest in late summer. Will plant some Christmas beans soon. Will start Siberian Kale and Georgia Collards in late August. Nice Asian Lady down the street gave me some "Chinese Broccoli" probably start in August also. Arugula will self seed and come up in October. Got My fence up now . This will be the first fall crop of greens without fear of the RABBITS. Daddy told me to never plant a garden without access to water. I am adding a good fence to this rule.
  2. Okay Hippie Willie, I got a packet of Bella Rosa seeds and started six of them today for hopefully a fall crop. I have not had much luck with fall tomatoes in the past. Maybe this year will be better.
  3. Put a permanent fence around the garden to keep the rabbits out. They were eating the peas and beans to death. Now they can eat grass, and can plant what I want. Last week I had about 10 lbs of blueberries getting ripe, then the mocking birds took over. They found some gaps in the netting. I would find one inside the netting. I would run him out. Five minutes later another would come and I would run him out. One morning I found four birds in the netting, I ran them out, but they kept trying to come back. My daughter came by that evening to pick berries and said there were 20 mocking birds in the netting. She got about a pound, no more berries. I know why someone would want to kill a mocking bird.
  4. Champ, I have a earthway 1001-b model, I will loan you a plate if you want. Just send me a PM or let me know where to mail it. bruce
  5. Nice day 84 degrees heat index 91 (kinda muggy). Rain has stopped we got about 7 and 1/2 inches. Sun is out. Been nice weather in 2020 except for winter heat wave, drought, tornado, and tropical storm. Can't wait for summer
  6. I gave up two years ago. This year I am trying Seminole pumpkins (kinda related). So far the vines are growing good.
  7. rain gauge overflowed at 6+ inches this morning. still raining. Pole bean trellis failed, will have to re-stake later. a few peppers and maters are leaning to the west. (my weeds are doing just fine)
  8. Rain, all day, most of the night. 4 + inches and still falling and more to come.
  9. Picked a bowl of blueberries before the rain come, hope we get about 2-3 inches. The air is feeling pretty muggy and my knees are starting ache.
  10. Nice... What is the last picture?
  11. KOOL, The one with the big green leaves and red spikes is called a pagoda plant or clerodendrum paniculatum. It is what I consider a passalong plant. I have a lot of it growing in the yard, but where I want it to grow it won't and where it should not be you can't hardly kill it. It will average 5 feet easily, and can get to 10 feet tall. It freezes back with a hard frost and comes back in the spring. Spreads by the roots and comes up higgly-piggly. Hummingbirds and swallow-tail butterflys like it. you are welcome to some, if you want it, but it can spread. It is very easy to transplant.
  12. yesterday I picked corn, cukes, toms, blueberrys, blackberrys, and green beans. then mulched the okra seedlings and seminole pumpkins. Hoping for some rain today, because it was freakin' hot out there.
  13. Here is my Plugable picture and a picture of "Cotton/melon aphid colony with cast skins," . I don't know what kind of aphids my picture is , but they look similiar to me. I did not take pictures of the adult winged aphids, Mainly I am just playing/learning to use this camera. I do have a video of an aphid sucking the juice from the stem, but I don't know how to upload it.
  14. I am going to say yes they are aphids. The whitish forms I believe are shedded skins. In some other views I had there were adult winged aphids, so I could many different instar stages. These were one of the type of aphids that were herded by ants. There would be thousands on the pea stems, so thick the stems would be black. Aphids do come in green, brown, black, red, ect. Just a note on the scale. The silver boxes are 0.5 cm squared, and I did scrub my nails, again.
  15. Every year I get a bad infestation of aphids, especially on my peas. I spray. I spray with water, neem oil, insecticidal soap, spinosad, pyrethrins,. They all work a little, but a good portion remain alive. They repopulate in 1 or 2 days. Every year I end up spraying with Malathion. I know it is bad for the environment, but it kills all the aphids. Any way I just want to practice using may Plugable computer microscope.
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