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  1. You've got a nice spread Al, I wish I had enough energy to take care of a garden that size. "gene"
  2. Gymgirl I get mine off of ebay. Check around and you might find a nice deal. "gene"
  3. Thanks Al and Janet. It's been a poor season here in Houma. We set a new record for rainfall in July something like over 17 inches. My early bush snaps did well but tomatoes, strawberry, figs, cantaloupe all did poor. My okra is coming on strong now but of course it loves the hot humid weather. I also have some small crowder peas that are doing well now that the rain has slowed down. I should be picking some tomorrow. Take care my friend, "gene"
  4. No fall garden this year. I might plant a cover crop of mustard, turnips and beets. With Linda incapacitated with rotator cuff surgery which followed 14 months of a broken arm which needed surgery to it and her hand, I just can keep up the yard, garden, and house. Looking forward to next spring, maybe by then I will be caught up. "gene"
  5. To get my okra up I do as Rabbitproof, stick my shovel next to the plant and push down on the handle. Most time they will give up easy. Some times you need to stick the shovel in on the other side. "gene"
  6. Hi Charly, give us an intro. "gene"
  7. Welcome to the forum Bustter, I see you live not far from one of MS's famous crappie lakes. I sure wish I was closer. "gene"
  8. If you have trouble or don't have the time to nurture newly planted seeds, look around your area and perhaps you will find someone who starts seed to sell. My seed and feed gets some from a local that grows them and the local want ads also have some home grown for sale. Tomato plants go for 1.50 to 2.00 for 4 plants and peppers the same. "gene"
  9. PawPaw "gene"


    ButtaBean, you know what they say, "The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago or now". "gene"
  10. Welcome from Louisiana, "gene"
  11. Maggie that dish sounds great. Do you mind sharing how you make it. Oh and by the way what does raw kohlrabi taste like, somewhat like cabbage or cauliflower, or some other cole crop. "gene"
  12. Hey gang, hereeeeeeee's Johnny. Welcome back Johnny. Let's not talk about old, to me it's a four letter word - suck. "gene" ps: speaking of old TV series, my Wife has been watching some of the 635 episodes of GunSmoke which I sit in on sometimes. I think our politicians could learn a lot from Marshal Dillon about law and order and the carrying out of justice.
  13. Welcome to the forum JMorrow. "gene"
  14. Welcome Angie "gene"
  15. Gymgirl, now that your okra are producing you can begin to trim those lower leaves off to allow you to get in between your plants. Don't cut any that have okra or flowers on them, just cut the empty ones or those that you have picked the okra off of. They will begin to look naked but they will continue to grow and produce. "gene" ps: I got my first flowers on my long horn yesterday.
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