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  1. Never too many onions. Looks like you've been busy. "gene"
  2. If you have a place to move them inside during almost any tree will survive. To have them outside is totally different. There are trees that can tolerate cold winter weather but unfortunately I don't have any. The only one I have that may be borderline would be Celeste. I have a brother that lives in Tullahoma TN which is just a little further north than you who had some Celeste planted outside. The trees would die back to the ground each year and come back but never made more than a few figs. He finally after 10 years planted some in large pots which he brings inside during winter. He keeps t
  3. Welcome to the new site Bobby. "gene"
  4. Bobby are you looking for trees that you can plant in ground and survive winter, or will you plant them in pots and move them inside during the winter months. "gene"
  5. Welcome Dave. Let us know what you are growing. "gene"
  6. I don't have the exact recipe in front of me but I will make some comments anyway. (I'm way up north at the top of the state.) When pickling beets we use store bought pickling spice, McCormick makes one and there are several others. All of them work and use according to your taste. After boiling the beets tender, use the beautiful water to make your brine. Add your vinegar, spices, what ever you use to the proper amount of red water. Boil for a few minutes to get the spices to bleed into the water. After filling the jars with beets use the brine to fill the jars. Process either by water bath
  7. Nice looking jigs Boudin. I also tie jigs for my own use. It's a fun way to past time on our long winter evenings, but it doesn't take long to have many more than you'll ever use. The blue and white one is a good one for where I fish and also a black and chartreuse. "gene"
  8. Dats the way to do it. I fill up my aluminum dutch oven to the top. Chop 2 large onions and put on top. Then I pour 2 cans of Rotel to top of dat. I put it in the oven for 1 hour and stir. let it go for another hour and stir. To finish I let it go a half hour to an hour and call it good. Let it cool and fill quart zip locks to the top and push all the air out. Flatten the bags for easy storage and put in freezer. At gumbo time take a bag or two out the freezer, put in pot with some water on medium heat to defrost the okra. From there do your gumbo anyway you like. "gene"
  9. Welcome to the forum, "gene"
  10. Jimmy I fish mostly around the Houma area. Now and then I'll go to Henderson, or Lake Verret, I'm learning new spots around Lac Des Allemands and Lake Boeuf. I also go once a year to Toledo Bend and to Lake D'Arbonne for our gatherings. The Lake D'Arbonne gathering is going to be on Nov. 13/14/15. "gene"
  11. Boudin I wished I lived a little closer to Henderson. It's a beautiful place to fish and has plenty of fish. I'll go there and fish with a friend from Baton Rouge now and then. "gene"
  12. Miracles of miracles, the power came back on about 8 PM last night. We returned from visiting at my son's and when we drove up the security lights came on. Feeling so Blessed. "gene"
  13. Just like the weatherman predicted, the storm came fast and moved out faster. By 6:30 we left my daughter's to go home. The only problem I saw was power outages. Of course we were one on the lucky ones with no power. Not to fret thou, my neighbor is on a different power system and had power. I ran two electric cords over to keep my freezers and fridge going. Hope we get power soon. At least we wont need the AC for a couple of days, what a change. "gene"
  14. You guys need to check out Crappie.com. It's a forum dedicated to crappie fishing that covers the whole USA with most states having there own section. It's family friendly and for men, women, and children. We also have gatherings a few times a year to get to know one another. It's as much fun as fishing. PPG
  15. Thank you DoubleB, right now we have winds of 35 and it will only get worse. Looks like the eye will pass right over us. The good thing is that is it moving fast and will be out of here by nine o'clock tonight. "gene"
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