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  1. Welcome to the forum Tarcon. "gene"
  2. Maybe this cold snap will put them back to sleep. I want to do some grafting on a newly budding tree but it is way to early for that. I do have a fully leafed out Black Celeste in my green house in a 5 gallon pot. I have cuttings coming that I plan on grafting to it also. "gene"
  3. This morning was beautiful with the temperature rising to 75 and partly cloudy after the fog lifted. At least this morning the fog wasn't as thick as the last 2 morning. Now the clouds have gotten thick and some light showers passing through, nothing serious but enough to keep me inside. "gene"
  4. Hello Ferd, Y'all Ferd is a friend of mine and a good one at that. He is kinda new to gardening but has been into fruit trees for some years. Y'all give him a great welcome as he will need our help in learning about growing vegetables. Good luck Ferd, "gene"
  5. You gonna beat me David by at least a week. I'm always afraid of starting too early but today while walking around the yard after the hard blow we had this morning, I saw one of my fig trees starting to put out new leaves. First time I see that this early. "gene"
  6. Gymgirl the more you have in the freeze the less it has to work unless you put a lot of stuff all at one time. Sounds like you need help. "gene"
  7. I hope to make it up to Greenville one day to give it a try. If it's any better than the one I ate here then I don't think I could describe it. "gene"
  8. Welcome to the forum. "gene"
  9. The Does I ate at is in Baton Rough, La. The restaurant is in a house which gives it a nice homey feeling. "gene"
  10. I'm gonna start saving my pennies so I can have a "Does" steak this spring. The best I've ever had. "gene"
  11. Hello and welcome, "gene"
  12. Welcome to the forum. "gene"
  13. Bout time you show up. Welcome "gene"
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