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  1. To one and all, Happy Father's Day. "gene"
  2. Some very nice Bluegills and I see a good chickapen in there. "gene"
  3. That is a nice fish. A friend of mine caught one just like that a few months ago. Exactly 50 pounds. "gene"
  4. Same situation here Al. Crab grass as tall as the beans. This is my second planting of the beans as the first were hit hard by wind and rain. I only picked about 20 percent of my usual crop. The second planting went well and were off to a good start when the rain hit and wouldn't stop and by the time it did I had the most beautiful weed field that you ever seen. I was able to run the tiller between the rows to put down some of the grass but there is still plenty mixed with the bean plants on top of the rows. I should be picking the first off the planting by the weekend or early next week. The
  5. Picked first okra today, Fife Creek Long Horn. "gene"
  6. Are you watching. Maybe we could get together in Houma. "gene"
  7. Thank you. I owe it to the recommendations here on the forum. "gene"
  8. Fred you reminded me about my first tomato that I picked on Wednesday and made sandwiches with on Friday. Sure was good. This is my first Bella Rosa and I'm not disappointed. "gene"
  9. I think y'all will like the Dixie Reds and the Bella Rosa tomatoes. It's my first year planting them and I'm impressed. The tomatoes are large and pretty. Each plant has dozens of tomatoes at about 30" tall and still putting on blooms. My 2 Creoles tomato plants are a little over 4' tall and only have a half dozen on each. They are growing in the same bed and have been treated the same. I've picked my first Bella Rosa which I will eat for lunch today to give it a taste test. I hope that after today that the rain goes away, enough is enough. I feel for my friends in Baton Rouge and Lake Ch
  10. Welcome Bruce, "gene''
  11. Yep, I'd say that's a big one. "gene"
  12. Good memory Champs, that was in 2013. It was a good year for everything. Things haven't been so good since. "gene"
  13. After having to replant my snap beans because they got beat down by the heavy winds and rain for two weeks. My new beans are looking good and today I tilled between the rows to put down the weeds. I never had weed problems before when I plant at the end of February or beginning of March. Now having planted these beans in the first week of May put them way late just in time for the weed to come up. I ran the tiller between the rows of okra and they are doing fine. My tomatoes are full of tomatoes with the first one blushing red. I planted Bella Rosa and Dixie Red. Now I know why people talk so
  14. Welcome Lou, I from Houma too. "gene"
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