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  1. I am out of lime and didn't feel like driving into town to look for any, so after internet church I piled a bunch of pine cones and branches up and burned them. I then shoveled the ashes and spread them where I pulled my peas yesterday and sowed ten feet of Sakata's Sweet Melon and ten feet of Ha'Ogen Melon. I am teaching the next generation.
  2. We have been eating English Peas for several weeks now, but today it was time to go ahead and harvest everything and make room for the next crop. 40 foot row of Laxton Progress #9, Green Arrow, and Little Marvel. The 3.5 Pea Pickers ate at least a pound of peas as they were shelling them, but we still ended up with 6.5 pounds. There were three of those silver bowl things, but the camera woman does not understand the importance of documenting these kinds of things. I have always planted them in a row, but this year I planted them in two rows close together and I definitely got more this year.
  3. I am not certain we are gonna have a v curve after this is over and decided this morning I should put in a few more beds. I measured off another 50 foot long by 30 inch wide bed covered in Jap (Cogon) grass and double dug it by hand. I had the kids digging out the roots as we went. I have a tiller and a tractor, this is just how I do it. It would behoove me to put in at least one more bed this week.
  4. About a week ago I placed a couple of nice sized seed orders and they came today. They were sold out of a lot of stuff, but I got a few interesting things.
  5. Thank you. I will check out their site. I love saving my own seed and that is why I originally was drawn to BC. I sent them an openly hostile, fighting words email. I wouldn't sell a seed to me ever again after I read the email I just sent, so I might need a new seedsman.
  6. Heirlooms are awesome unless you get an heirloom from a climate totally different than yours. Cut my lettuce plants and fed them to my wife's absolutely useless horses. I then opened a pack of Kaho Watermelon seeds I bought for 3.50 from Baker Creek. There were 12 seeds in it. I am not happy. I have always sowed 6 to 10 on a hill and thinned to the best 3. I decided to sow them in a furrow every 14 inches. I don't want to get all political, but I am mad as hell and those dirty democrats that sold me these seeds loved Obama so much they named their kids after the Obama"s kids. They give away away millions of seeds a year to democratic initiatives and all I got was 12 seeds.
  7. Old hippie, I lived in the Brandywine Valley for four years and grew the most Amazing, best tasting tomatoes called Brandywine. They were bred in that Valley. They are awesome when grown there. Then I moved over to the Ohio Valley for a few years and they did pretty good there, but not quite as good. I switched to Suddith's Strain Brandywine and that awesome taste was back man. They were so good. Better.... no way better than any other Tomatoes. I moved down to top of Mobile Bay and I can't grow them well here at all. They also don't taste the same.
  8. I have used a product called Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew for about 10 years and never really had a problem with bugs. I mix a little neem oil with it.
  9. Spread some oak leaves around my pepper plants and started cutting the Lettuce I planted planted in January as it has started to bolt. Will probably plant Kaho Watermelons there tomorrow.
  10. Joe Dirt, I got the seeds from Baker Creek.
  11. We grab a whole bunch and scalp it. It then grows back. We have tried it raw in salad, raw in wraps, wilted, diced up in omelets and diced up in soup. I have not found a way of eating it that I did not like. Even my four year old eats it. My only complaint is that they require a lot of water.
  12. Mizuna Summer 605. These Asian greens are bred for our hot wet Gulf Coast Summers. We shall see. They sure look and taste good now. I did a little weeding in their bed.
  13. Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose.
  14. Hammered a bunch of 8 foot Tposts and hung crop netting. Then I sowed 50 foot of Selma Zesta Pole Beans.
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