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  1. Deus Vult Nice looking garden, what beautiful corn you have, I was slobbering when I seen those nice peas, good for you
  2. I planted 1,000 of corn its up and planted 14 rows (200') peas, beans, carrots and other things, watered them in today, Corn is about a week old, hope this year is good looks like we are going to need the food
  3. how does that web cam work, does it film, snap shots, an alert if something goes in the garden, last year had a couple of deer that ate the total pea crop, I would like to give him something they won't for get ? and where do you get them, Joe
  4. I added 14 new rows to the 6 (200') rows of Corn that looks great, peas, snap beans, Lima and Peanuts, left one row for Okra, I make the rows then have a homemade tool that packs the row flat, easy to plant then and give a good amount of dirt to start building up around the plants, hope we get enough sun shine for them to grow ?
  5. Deus Vult, thanks for the response will give contact them, wonder if it will make it in the summer or only a fall and winter crop, thanks, Joe
  6. I finally got the garden dry about 10 days ago, I planted 1,000 for corn (200') rows and it all up my seed was kept in the refrigerator in my shop and was 4 years old, surprised that it come up and all them, look like some little soldiers lined up. going to try and get the beans and peas tomorrow, going to try carrots also.
  7. These are blooming and the big pink one are about to open, kind of cheerfully to what we are all going through, I just stay home, I love being home, how we have a good garden year, this is one time that we are going to need it.
  8. Finally able to get in the garden to plow, they won't be any potatoes this year can't find them, to late, planted six rows of corn, suppose to rain for the solid week head of all times to need a garden
  9. if this years garden does not do well I am done, going to plow and level it and let it go back to grass, I planted a lot of this in the fall and we have had 3 month of no sun shine here is SW La. today they were spraying the atmosphere, or seeding as it called we had about 3 hours of sun then the blue Hayes covered us, my cabbage for instance never made a head, we get rain 4-5 days in a row, there will be not potatoes this year, at the rate we going might be able to plow with luck in mid march, we all though that we could grow food and store in case of hard times but did not the spaying would stall the growth, do some research on the net and even u tube, you will be shock to what they are doing to us and we the tax payer don't even question them.
  10. I have a AK-47 want me to load it to you, 30 round clip should be able to get it, ?
  11. Joe Dirt

    Jan 1, 2020

    Gosh, time is moving faster as we get older, Happy New Year to all.
  12. good looking little fellow, I had several milk cows when I was in High School and when they would cave I stayed there with them had to help a few time, they are way to important to loose, she will be better on the next one.
  13. That is not the work of a weekend warrior, that is serious carpenter ship, fine fitting joints, sleek look, those girls are spoiled, hope they don't send pictures to there fellow chicks, the whole egg laying world will be on strike, gosh that is nice, heck that is nicer than some homes, thanks for sharing with us, been wanting to build me one but other things get in the way, I was planning on build mine with 2 3/8" pipe, the whole thing on skids and move it to fresh grass with the front end loader on the tractor, not going to be as nice as your, thanks for sharing.
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