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  1. Dirt Dabber, is the plantation still open.
  2. Yes I don't think the hot batter should touch the frame and it should be red, going to take care of that, the fellow had it idling to low for that engine, when they are set at the right speed they won't know as much, but nothing sounds like a Yanmar, they were called "Yama hammers", got one in my shop for my Neighbor got it running and called him he said I really don't use it so you keep it until I decide, I checked the serial number and it is suppose be one that got into the country years ago before they were legal to ship here, I put a finish mower on It and put the PTO in high range sounded like a whistle back there, you don't like sitting in a cock pit, you wear that thing, I am putting the Kubota back together be glad when that job is done, hope to never get another one, course pays good.
  3. Kubota G1900, Got this one come in for repairs, the two rear motor supports were broken, excessive shaking and belts at the power take off (PTO) to the drive shaft he said are slipping, I gave him a guess on the price, he said that is high so I told him to bring it to Kubota, I know it would be well over 1,000 dollars, he left hope to finish today, don't know If I would take another one in, he said it ate batteries, starter would hardly turn, guess the wire from the + on the battery should not be shorting against the frame, he wanted a new alternator and starter, think I will just change the cable and save him 350.00 dollars, the only thing left to the frame was front end, engine, rear end, everything else had to be removed to get to the rear motor supports, without the jaws of life I would not have been able to change the motor support, the threaded stud on each end were way to long so getting the engine high enough was a chore, I will say it is a well built machine but not mechanic friendly to work on, if you look to the left of the ratchet handle you will see one of the rear supports hiding behind the foot and floor panel and in one piece, a magic show to get on and off, talked him into letting me change the fuel line and the two filters, that would have been a total tear down again, and if the fuel pump goes out same thing, this would and could be most costly to keep up that what you paid for, it is a Diesel, 60" cut, hydraulic lift deck and auto transmission, I will post a few pick of the torn down tread to start repair look good a the close up's you see the motor support hiding, hope to be done today that was two full days if I do get finished. Joe
  4. Woodchip, the flywheel key will not shear but only on a push mower, that mechanic needs to explain ripped, what ripped, if the spark plug wire was cut he would have to change the coil, gunk to in where, the battery replace a lot of batteries on mowers from Wal-Mart with never a problem and if your was new you bring it back and exchange it, that is all the cranking amps you need, have got customers wants the high crank amp batteries a starter does not pull enough amps to justify that high dollars, ask the repairman how much amperage draw, bet you get a blanks stare, if your mower is two years or less it has the emission controls, they stop up the carburetor, easy fix, get your battery back. Joe
  5. there are several Troy built tiller made but if it is the Pony, that one you throw away, have worked on several in the shop here, the engine was not a viable to be replaced but they will sell you another one, all of them had throne rods, the only way to make it last longer is change the oil real often and use a 15-40 High deterrent oil, they once made one that had the cast iron engine, it was big but that thing would last and eat some dirt, someday day I will get one just to have it.
  6. Hey Dirt Dabber, do the simple things first, pinch the line going to the carburetor, remove the tank and pour the fuel in a jar, that will tell you a lot of where you need to do next, if there is trash, water, (don't do methanol at all) if you find trash remove the carburetor and blow out the trash, most of the time it is fuel, lack of spark, like the plug, could be valve setting but rule that out for last, how about a model and serial number if you get the chance, again spark, clean fuel, two main reasons for failure, let me know how you come out with the mower shop, a lot of them add and add to the ticket when its minor.
  7. they work great been having my for 11 years, the two spring finally broke and I am having a hard time finding his web page, what would really be nice if the implements dealer would go to a standard that they would be the same where the lift pins are would not have to adjust it every time.
  8. MP, Kawasaki make junk motor also but they do keep minimize it, at least they don't have a plastic cam gear like some of the Briggs, the cost of mower goes up in price and more plastic, wonder how that is justifiable.
  9. Thanks all for the advice and encouragement but a don't know that I want to work that much plus garden also but my change my mind someday, my wife did not help me at all with even a pea Sheller and vacuum, then she looked in the freeze and said we won't have enough until next year, I told her you like to grocery shop, get it.
  10. MPH, I had one turf tiger with the Kawasaki water cooled, electric fuel injection, don't ever get one of those, that is a piece of S_it, it is a 61" cut got it for almost nothing, antifreeze in one cylinder, it had been worked on several time with someone changing the head gasket, I put it on the milling machine and milled ten thousands off, found a hole in the casting, this on was on the inside of the head gasket, milled another 10 that hole gone, new one in line with that one on the outside of the head gasket, so when it got hot they could communicate, getting fluid in the cylinder, so I milled another 10 and both gone did that to the other head, ran great on the work table put if on the mower about half season it started missing, changed the coils that helped some but the missing to worse, then I got a new "High Pressure" fuel pump from Scag, now on the second one and still having fuel problems, the Kawasaki people admit to having problems with fuel pumps, so if possible stay clear as long as you can from any (EFI) electronic fuel injection, a lot of shop still don't know how to deal with that, EFI on a lawnmower come on man. (we just need a few more Scags and we will be ok)
  11. WoodChip, read your post which I found to be confusing, what is a Divot on a mower, bogging from mowing is caused by to much grass for the mower to cut and discharge from the deck, wet grass stick then it is pushed to the top of the deck, when that get to be to much the belt will stop turning and wear it down so fast you will be replacing them often, you say the flywheel turns but does not catch, it is not suppose to catch anything, the starter turns the flywheel, the only thing that catches if the starter gear into the ring gear on the flywheel then when the motor starts it is pushed back down the starter shaft, do you mean that it starts to turn then stop before it can make at least a round, if it ran and then you worked on it and now it won't start, did you tilt the mower to where oil from the engine could have got into the carburetor, that would cause that, if no do you have a good strong battery, if yes I would say that the valves need setting, intake and exhaust, before you do all of that remove the plugs and see if the engine will spin over freely, make sure you have the right amount of oil in the engine, over full will get them to lock up, now go try these things, Joe
  12. I had a great garden this year, Corn was a bumper harvest then I had 17 (200') and a row of Okra, well looked like 5 deer got in there and cleaned the tops, so I spayed seven dust and got me a game camera and the plan was, you know but the wife saw the buck and several with one having twins well my plan was out she wanted to feed them so the next day I plowed the whole garden under and I am done, got the leveler today and got it nice and smooth going to plant some grass seed, would rather mow than feed the deer, I told my wife you can but it in the store when there is none you can do with out or let's eat the deer, I can wok in the shop between mow repairs and some lathe jobs that come in I think I am better off, will stay on the group maybe someday will do it again, but not in the mood to build an eight foot fence.
  13. I have repaired mower, saw, trimmers and tractors 45 years, now that I am retired I have time to do it full time and have been very busy and I don't work for free, I can save the customer the rate of 80.00 per hours in this area and have all the tools and electrical equipment to test, bought me a lawnmower lift table not going to get on my knees to work on a mower and I don't use Chinese crap like a carburetor for 20 dollars when I can put a kit in a saw or trimmer for 6 dollars, the ones that bring the best money on repairs are John Deere, Dixie Choppers and Sears, I tell the customer you tell the truth of what you did to the mower or its dying words that saves them on trouble shooting, seeing less quality more plastic on the ones that come from the box stores, I have a few Scags they are expensive but if you buy one and take care of it will preform for a lift time, they don't break enough for a repair man to make money, make what ever you got last, don't cut wet grass, mud, change the oil and filter, change the air filter, keep your blades sharp (dull blade transfers heat through resistance to the bearings) fresh gas, they don't make mechanic in a can, be careful with that crap.
  14. you don't have chickens you have some spoiled brats, heck if you got room I would like to move in with them, but I don't lay eggs but would sing to them so they will be stress free, well maybe not the way I sing, thanks for sharing.
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