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  1. Was not raised to eat eggs this way but sure do like it now days and get some fiber in me. However, we use chard in scrambled eggs or omelette with cheese. I think Aileen will use some leftover greens if we have them. I'm not a big ham eater. Makes it too salty for me. This post and the heat is making me miss the winter. However, the heat is just starting. My chard is about done due to the increased bug pressure.
  2. @Gymgirl I'm still planting watermelons and cantaloupe. I'll will be starting cowpeas next. Nice tomatoes double b. I'm not sure why I'm ripening my tomatoes in the house and using up space. I going to start ripening outside and save the counter space.
  3. I went ahead with signing up too. Nothing to lose so might as well.
  4. Maggie, love the pictures, and like double b said, it is so neat to see the difference in all our growing seasons. Inspired by you, my Ruby red chard is looking good too and is my lettuce for salad now. I refuse to pay $4 -6 for some store lettuce. Too hot here for lettuce but the chard is doing just fine. I have them in a planter box, grow bags, and ground. LSU Agcenter says that we can still grow chard now and it seems like we can. However, the leaves do droop on the bigger/older plants during the heat of the day.
  5. Rabbitproof, I lived in Knoxville for a couple year before going to oak ridge and then here in Lafayette. Moved there in 2000 and renting out my house in oak ridge. May be will make it back there some day. I'm sure some areas are the same and some different since 2006. I miss the mountains and the valley. I wish I could eat local meat all the time. Wish I grew my own! Would rather by a cow than some 401k.
  6. Double B, I have been hearing the same thing regarding meat processing plants. I would love to have some broiler chickens, pigs, and cows for meat but no land and have not been successful in finding some to lease close to home. We are starting to stocking up the freezer. I'll problem just be vegetarian when the meat becomes scarce and let the kids eat the meat as they need it more than me. Unfortunately, I'm afraid we will start importing a lot of meat and hope the big stores don't want to keep going that route and ruin American farmers. That is a great idea regarding the 4H.
  7. If that is a dragonfly then it is a big one and hope it sticks around but have not seen it since. Some smaller dragonflies visited today and look more like I expected. So they definitely are around now. We normally have plenty of mosquitos but has been pretty dry here in March and April and are not too bad right now. I'm betting that we will get all of the years rain in May with the 10 inches an hour. We have been trying a mosquito trap the last 2 years. It has a black light and a computer fan to blow the insects into a trap. It collects a lot mosquitos, moths, etc. Thankfully have not seen lady bugs in there yet. I have never seen a lacewing here.
  8. May be it is a dragon fly. It must have been lost as no water at my place.
  9. I have never seen this one in the garden until today. Found it in some tomatoes having trouble and not sure if it an adult lacewing.
  10. Yes, I love some redfish on the halfshell with lots of butter. Looked like a good time especially before the heat comes.
  11. The armyworm or tomato fruitworms and hornworms are very active here in Lafayette. I'm at war with them using bt and spraying neem oil.
  12. Wondering if there is going to be a seed shortage of some varieties and seeds grown in the USA? At least till the fall time. Johnny's is only selling to commercial farmers right now. Southern exposure seed exchange is not taking orders for little while, and rareseeds is saying processing is going to take longer than normal. Not sure about the others as I mostly buy from these. Of coarse, we don't know if that is due to labor but they claim it is the volume of orders and/or covid19 rules. May be an increase in forum members too? What do I need to order just in case!
  13. I'm thinking of using the following loquat wine recipe https://winemaking.jackkeller.net/reques9.asp Just will be a couple years till it's drinkable so might as well start it soon.
  14. Have brew for many years but have not made anything for over a year. Thinking of making a loquat wine next week just to put something in the conical but need some wine yeast. I drank my last barley wines (from 2010) and some sours. I'm more of a dark beer person. During these times I'm trying not to buy non-essential items and so have not had any beer for awhile a few weeks. Instead slowly going through all my wine and whiskey.
  15. Deus Vult, how are you eating the greens? Looks like they could go in a salad. Are they a head vegetable or cut and come again? Might give them a try this fall. Wondering if they will sell at my farmers market (if it was open).
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