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  1. Already got my tomatoes germinating and include: yellow pear, black cherry, German red strawberry, carbon, kellogs breakfast, summer de Gallo, Rosa Bella, marglobe, and blush and betalux. Trying to use up my tomato seeds this year. Ran out of prudens purple seeds so going to try taking some cuttings from the plants that are in the greenhouse right now. For the spring, I will be doing the usual peppers (sweet and hot), eggplant, corn, potatoes (Irish and sweet), green beans (most likely Jade II and blue lake), peas, Lima beans, melon, squash, and herbs. I need to figure out the varieties yet though. I'll start most of these after Christmas. I'm kind of getting a stockpile of dried and sauces of hot peppers so might cut back some on them. I'm going to wait for the summer (end of June / beginning July) for my field peas. Almost all my beds will be planted with field peas as a cover crop and peas for drying and freezing. I would like to grow so many that I need an electric shucker. My only problem with the field peas is they seem to attract the stinkbugs.
  2. I'm like you Boudin with the vine borers here in southern Louisiana. Unfortunately, the borers are around for most of the year. I have had success this year by planting very early in the year and very late fall. I'm going to plant some indoor in January and put them in the ground between late January and early February with some frost protection. We shall see how the weather is going to be in 2020 Im going to try some resistant to powder mildew. It is worth it to me to just get squash for 3 weeks or so as you can harvest quite a bit. Going to try putting out a lot of plants and get more fruits next year.
  3. Instead of domes, you can stack your trays and will keep some humidity and the soil wet where the top tray sets on the soil of the bottom tray. Just unstack them once the seeds start geminating. Domes do cost some money but they have helped with my germination. I don't have to worry about the soil drying out due to low humidity during germination.
  4. Nice thing I have found about the hooke n crooke it that you can easily hoe underneath drip tape due to the open side of the hoe. Just put the blade underneath the drip tape and walk the bed. I got me a wire hoe from neversink and love it too. I can easily hoe between closely planted rows like beets, carrots, and lettuce. I always would get a plant or two with the sharp blade of the hooke n crooke. Also the wire is not as sharp as the hooke n crooke and get right up to the plant stem. I don't mind hoeing. I kind of actually like it. Sure makes the garden look good. May be some day the weed seed bank will be used up but doesn't seem like it will be anytime soon and then there is the damn grass.
  5. Yeah, we will be having from the garden squash, radishes, lettuce, and tomatoes on Thanksgiving.
  6. I've picked a lot too lately and been looking for ways to use them up besides raw. I saw some roasted recipes and wanting to try it roasted and sauteed as well as put some up pickled and kimchi. Nice easy and fast crop.
  7. May be cabbage maggots.
  8. Not sure where to get the seeds but I'm interested in these dixie lee butterpeas. I would like to do more green beans and English peas next spring and field peas later. Need more in the freezer. Only have field peas right now. Wonder how they would sell?
  9. I have searched for insects that affect radishes but have not found a borer. Looks like it entered the radish at the soil level and ate up through the radish. What you all think? Attached is a picture of first one found. Hopefully don't pick anymore like this but.... I like these radishes too.
  10. Just noticed that Hoss Tools has flame star and graffiti cauliflower seed packs (50 seeds) for only $3.99. Other sites are selling it for close to $10. Ordered some more for transplanting in late January or early February.
  11. Okra Gardner, you mentioned growing sunflower. Are you selling the seeds? I'm wonder if you can make some money off sunflower seeds or growing sunflowers for seeds to grow sunflower microgreens / sprouts.
  12. Maggie did you find a website that you trust for designing your system? I'm curious an accurate ratio of tubing in the ground vs greenhouse square footage. My problem here is a high water table but does that matter if the system is sealed?
  13. Thanks guys. Got the the first sets transplanted and trying some radishes and baby beets between the rows. Ready for this cool front to come through but keeping them watered for now and covered with shade cloth. The cabbages are a couple varieties. Im looking for 2 - 4 lbs heads (60 - 75 day) with may be a 6 lbs if I leave a few plants long enough. No megas. I'm going to try quickly flipping the beds following harvest and trying for 2 more sets in late winter and spring, before the heat in May.
  14. I spent all summer (May to September) offshore Mexico and didn't get to be in the garden much. You know how those 30 days jobs go and turn into 4 months long ones. Family picked a lot tomatoes and eggplants that were leaned and lowered. Not too much with the peppers that I know of. I'll grow them lower and lean again next year. I like caged tomatoes too but I sure can get a lot of plants into a small area and lots of varieties. I had some pepper starts going for the fall but they got killed during my last shift. Home now and trying to get caught up
  15. Looking good and a busy summer. I finally built me a small greenhouse 8'x10' for propagation. This winter, I was going to do a 10'x20' one but thinking of moving next summer. I'm just trying winter tomatoes in the small greenhouse.
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