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  1. Awesome investment.
  2. Thanks all. I didn't know if you could take cuttings from determinate tomatoes. I'll give it a try as they have not flowered yet. Will take a look tonight to see if there are any suckers to cut. I have had Park Whooper in the past and are a good tomato. They can grow into a monster of a plant.
  3. Has anyone tried succession planting their determinate tomatoes? I was think of planting some more seeds of determinate tomatoes so that I can get a later crop of determinate tomatoes. I'm I too late? Seems like I could get another planting of determinate tomatoes in before the heat of the south Louisiana.
  4. I don't know but I remember us having a frost in the beginning of March the last 2 years.
  5. Is the archive searchable? I tried doing a search and get error 404.
  6. Yeah some nice looking lettuce and going to only get better with time. Lettuce is one of my favorites to grow. My lettuce mix is: Maraichere Tres Fine, Aloha Gem, 21st Century Fire, Lollo de Vino, Red Salad Bowl, and Carmona. The other one green one in the bottom picture is a spinach that I guess I'm feeding to the flea bettles. I'm about to plant some arugula for the first time.
  7. Gene, I have the following tomatoes going: yellow pear, black cherry, blush, German red strawberry, carbon, kellogs breakfast, pruden's purple, summer de Gallo, Rosa Bella, marglobe, and betalux. First time doing determinate tomatoes. The indeterminate tomatoes will mostly be grown lower and lean. However, I need to find some space to do some in cages since I have some huge cages made from concrete rebar mesh. Once the caged tomatoes are done, I like to plant cowpeas and let them trellis all over the tomato cages to make a wall of cowpeas.
  8. Thanks ButtaBean. I want them big by the time they are planted outside, may be in a couple weeks. Sure would be nice to start harvesting tomatoes in May.
  9. I potted up 18 of my tomatoes to 1 gallon pots and have some more in 3.5" pots of tomatoes. Need more 1 gallon pots that really can not hold a gallon for some reason.
  10. OK. I'll leave them alone. Thanks.
  11. We have some garlic plantings with 2 tops. Wondering, should we pull one top or cut the top off at the soil? I'm thinking if we leave both tops, then we will get 2 small garlic heads. Just a couple of the planting are like this in the beds.
  12. By the way, in the picture is a friend and his wife. He owns the land, and we are starting the farm together. My oldest son is on the right. He help for a little bit last Saturday. We are getting more plots laid out and getting ready to harvest more for this weekends market. May be a good market experiences 2 week in a row!!
  13. Thanks all. I had a great time at the market and kind of addicting for me. I think we waited a little bit long to go to market due to worrying about having enough product. I would not worry about it now and will just go. However, probably need at least $100 worth to sell to make it worth it but they seem to buy everything they can. We shall see what the spring brings. I'll have to keep me day job for awhile but I wish I could retire.
  14. I wanted to share a picture of our table at the beginning of the farmers market last weekend. Thankfully sold it all. Of coarse, could not have done it with out the help of many of the folks on here and the original forum. You all provided a lot of info on timing, setup, and varieties.
  15. Already got my tomatoes germinating and include: yellow pear, black cherry, German red strawberry, carbon, kellogs breakfast, summer de Gallo, Rosa Bella, marglobe, and blush and betalux. Trying to use up my tomato seeds this year. Ran out of prudens purple seeds so going to try taking some cuttings from the plants that are in the greenhouse right now. For the spring, I will be doing the usual peppers (sweet and hot), eggplant, corn, potatoes (Irish and sweet), green beans (most likely Jade II and blue lake), peas, Lima beans, melon, squash, and herbs. I need to figure out the varieties yet though. I'll start most of these after Christmas. I'm kind of getting a stockpile of dried and sauces of hot peppers so might cut back some on them. I'm going to wait for the summer (end of June / beginning July) for my field peas. Almost all my beds will be planted with field peas as a cover crop and peas for drying and freezing. I would like to grow so many that I need an electric shucker. My only problem with the field peas is they seem to attract the stinkbugs.
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