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  1. Just came in from "weeding" a row of Okra, ccat style, with the weedeater. Okra is the only thing left in the garden, beside huge weeds and grass after several downpours with heat following. My plan was to till, and make more rows after cleaning up the okra, but a thunderstorm popped up, driving me out of the garden. May be a while till I can get the tractor in there to till.
  2. Looks like you had a great time Boudin. The vacations don't last long enough, but the memories from them will remain and bring smiles for years to come.
  3. DB1


    What weeds, i thought it was ground cover.
  4. I like it too. Looks like cucumbers would be a good veggie to pick when the sun was out. Maybe a bit shadier.
  5. I will definitely try the Bella Rosa. I have been missing out.
  6. I usually grow Romas. They have alway produced well for me.
  7. Ol hippie, That does look like a mighty dry garden.
  8. Watered a couple of raised beds.
  9. That really looks good Double B !
  10. Yes Double B, it is always something for sure. I just checked the okra that I planted for the second time and was pleased that most has broken ground. Then pulled a few weeds in that row.
  11. People not able to go to work will end up causing shortages I would expect. So far meat has been available at the Walmart that I shop at, but there has been much less of it on the shelves .No margarine to be had. Very little butter.
  12. Congratulations on your first tomato DoubleB.
  13. DB1

    Bluegill Time!

    Looked like a real fine day to be on the water. Nice catch Boudin.
  14. DB1


    Sounds like a dog gone good idea Tazzy.
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