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  1. I spent a few minutes enjoying the reflection of the perfect blue sky in the water standing in the spot that is normally the garden. Hopefully the rain will start reaching more normal amounts soon.
  2. Yes Michelle, do check in when you can, and hopefully you will get a break and get some garden projects done.
  3. 2nd very rainy day in a row again. Getting colder and windy. It is supposed be sunny tomorrow, and I'm ready.
  4. Good deal Ol Hippie. I need to get a few going myself. I'll pretend that my garden spot will be dry enough to work when its time to transplant. lol
  5. I agree with Hippie Willie. Thanks for posting the pics Mike, and hopefully the rest of the lambing season will be good for you !
  6. Congratulations. The produce definitely first class.
  7. DB1


    , Yep, Buddy probably would not have tried, Woodchip.
  8. I am certainly willing to try it here and see if my results are the same. That is, if it quits raining long enough to work in the soil.
  9. Oh yes, that really does look good. I will try my hand at that soon. Thanks for the recipe.
  10. That's a beauty Boudin.
  11. That was an impressive display. Lots of dedication, time and work on their part for sure.
  12. DB1

    Jan 1, 2020

    Happy New Year to all. May everyone have bountiful gardens in the new year.
  13. That is great Virginia gardener. Glad you were able to bring it back to life, and thanks for sharing the movie.
  14. Wow Joe ! That is a true treasure trove.
  15. That is great Boudin. Enjoy your time with your family and friends, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. And also a Merry Christmas to everyone .
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