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  1. welcome! looking forward to your garden updates!
  2. lol wade... tonight hub is working til 9, so i had baked boneless skinless chicken with italian seasoning and a ton of asparagus that i baked with salt and garlic powder. it was good!
  3. this one is from the little one why can't you tell a secret in the corn field? because all the corn have ears ba-da-dum....crash!
  4. well, to be honest, i like to plant my seeds outside after easter. i don't like to have to harden stuff off and take in and out. i start them in small containers on my table outside and then transplant them when they get big enough. it is true, they take a good while to grow, but i find that they grow fast over the summer and then set fruit in the fall when the weather breaks. a few years ago i even dug up one of my pepper plants and over wintered it inside. then replanted after the frost. i cut off the plastic pot it was in, set the whole thing dirt and all in the hole, filled in the rest and watered. a big head start to flowers! 2 winters ago my husband made me a table top little green house thing out of scrap lumber. it was made to fit the glass top table i have my plants on and was about 2 feet tall. i just covered it in some roll plastic i had in the well house. worked fine. it actually got really warm in there when the sun was up. the heavier ceramic planters i had some of my plants in let the heat out at night. worked fine. i will have to see if i can find a pic of it.
  5. raining her on/off all day. i do feel pretty good about it since I called my mom earlier and they are due a bang up of a storm sunday through monday. starts as freezing rain, then they are expecting 6+ inches of snow and then back to freezing rain before it stops. best wishes to maggie and all the folks in the storm zone!
  6. I made a turkey for thanksgiving with mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, plain green beans for the little one, gravy and 2 pumpkin pies. My father in law does not eat pumpkin pie and had mentioned his grandma used to make him blackberry dumplings. I made that after dinner for him. He said it was the flat rolled out dumplings, so luckily my mother in law had a nice plastic mat i could roll them on. I dropped them into the boiling berries mixture (which I had sugared the berries the day before and brought up to use) and let them cook a bit. He said it was darn close to his grandma's...so I will take the win.
  7. omgosh! these are amazing, joe! i love the little fence! you have made some handy stuff! i would love to see a pic of your pallet puller. i stopped getting the pallets because they are so tough to get apart. sometimes i just had to saws all those nails! thanks for the pics! they inspire me to make some cute garden bed fence!
  8. hi tazzy! greetings from North Carolina! i read your post about the crap weather. i hope things settle down. congrats to your wife on the "11 out of 10" and her wins! i used to get pallets from the local lawn mower sales place for free. some i put on the floor on one end of our well house to keep some of our storage items up off the concrete floor in case it got wet in there. i also used them to build some small raised beds for my beans and such. they are a lot of work to rip up, but the wood on them is good and strong. i am always amazed at the cabin videos. that takes a ton of patience. i do like the ones that make chairs and storage shed out of them.
  9. why are mad scientists never lonely? they are so good at making new friends...lol.
  10. hey ccat! welcome! that is some beautiful dirt you have going there. that is a really nice pantry hippie! i like that you can see what is in there. one of my friends used to have a pie safe that looked similar. she made wonderful pies at the holidays and actually did use it for cooling multiple pies.
  11. wow, you both had some beautiful onions that year! what a haul! great job! i have onions in now, but the weather here has been so crazy that they are not doing much right now. it is supposed to be in the mid/upper 50's most of this week, so hopefully they will perk up a bit with today's rain and the nicer weather coming in.
  12. A farmer buys a young rooster. As soon as he brings the bird to the farm, it rushes & mates with all 150 hens. The farmer is impressed thinking about all the eggs the hens would hatch. At lunch, the rooster again screws all 150 hens. The farmer gets a bit worried now. The next day, he finds the rooster screwing the ducks, geese, & a parrot too which is now scaring him. Later that day, he finds the rooster lying pale, half-dead with vultures circling over its head. The farmer says, "You horny bastard, you deserve this." The rooster opens one eye, points up, & whispers, "Shh! Don't shout, let them land!"
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