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  1. put down some row cover in my old tomato bed and used the long piece of tall wire fence that used to be my pea/green bean trellis to make myself an arch. zip tied it off to some rebar for support. is about 6' across the top height. set it up so hub can still mow under it. once i want to plant i will just cut thru the row cover and put the long beans on there.
  2. it is a good time of year for them. clearing out christmas and winter stuff. many stores are already loading the summer stuff...so the bargains are out there!
  3. border. what kind of tree was it? sometimes the local mill or someone looking for firewood will come and cut it up and take it away if they get to keep it. especially if it is hard wood.
  4. how are the chickens doing now that the winter is full on here?
  5. hippie..i would just put a brick in the bottom before you fill them. that will hold them down. between that and the dirt, they should not go over as long as they have a cage or you support them with the weave. if you are looking for external support, do you have any rebar or t posts you can put into the ground next to them to tie them off to? don't have to be tall, just as extra support.
  6. i grew cherokee purple for a few years. they do have outstanding flavor, but take a good while to ripen up. i would get them in as soon as you can before the heat kicks in. every year my tomatoes stop doing anything and i just end up watering them until the heat breaks.
  7. stopped at dollar tree today on the way home from an appt. they are already putting out some summer stuff...including their seeds. got 3 packs of spinach and a pack of eggplant.
  8. moved some dirt from a barrel up into a frame on my outdoor glass top table. planted about half the table with some spinach.
  9. it's very pretty fred. i am glad you are going to keep it.
  10. transplanted some of the smaller onions that were in a pot on the table outside into one of the barrels. whitetrouts that juice looks delish!
  11. this one is from my little one what do you call a skinny vegetable when it's ripe? slim pickins
  12. lots of bargains recently. today i went to our local dollar general. they had the tabletop grill (the black kettle kind) on markdown for 7 bucks! i will keep it in the box until we need it. it is good to have one around in case the power goes out so you can still cook. a few days ago i went to a new store my older daughter told me about. it used to be rugged outfitters, but now it is called Gabe's. I got a pair of cute pants for 2 bucks! a pair of jeans for 7 bucks. got hub a pair of dickie work pants for 5 bucks. if you have one in your area, i encourage you to check it out!
  13. hey wade. i think i gave them away already. they were not in my seed bin. :( i know there is a company over the border in SC that does potato onions. I will have to contact them to see if they have anything except white.
  14. hey hippie. if you line your tomato containers up in a line you can put 1 of those plastic posts into the actual ground at each end. then you can use them to do a florida weave to support your tomato plants.
  15. dang bigsky. never mind the seeds...just worry about you not freezing! that is colder than I ever want to be in my life!
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