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  1. hey wade. we are picking up the keys on friday, so will try to get some pics for you. i am excited to dig the garden. it does not look too tough to get the sod out once you cut your border. i don't mind doing some of the labor now while it is cool. once it gets hot, i will wait to do a bigger bed in the fall. so excited! i have been watching several youtube videos on getting the sod out for a new garden and tips to keep the grass out of the edges. i am gonna dig it out, add compost to it and then plant. once they are in i can get some woodchips to use as mulch on top. i am going to make the bed wider than i need so i can mow around it to keep the grass at bay. i saw a video that said if you dig a trench around your garden bed it will help with drainage and form an air barrier to keep the running grass from getting in. gonna try that.
  2. has anyone ever used misfit markets? it is an organic produce site that sells the imperfect veg that stores won't buy. they look like a good deal, but was hoping someone on here has tried it. please let me know.
  3. i was in one of our local thrift stores and saw what looked like a throwing star (round flat disk with lots of sharp points off it) that was on the end of a long handle. any idea what it is used for?
  4. are the stalks still inside? how did they do over the winter? do you have to harden them off like a regular plant since they have been inside? updates...we need updates!!!
  5. overcast and light rain this morning. it is supposed to clear out later and be 60 here today. still overcast tomorrow and 60 but then we plunge down to highs in the 40s for the rest of the week and into the weekend.
  6. it sounds awesome ccat! you are well on your way to a wonderful garden! can't wait to see your updates!
  7. today i am going to take down my pea trellis and get the rest of the rebar out of the old woodchip bed. it is supposed to be colder all week, so today is as good as any. we are moving to a new house in march that sits on 5 acres..most of which is yard. the landlord said i could have whatever size garden i like!!! this is going to be so fun! the house also has a 3 season room on the back that i can start my seeds in and overwinter plants in pots if need be. woo! i will have a ton to do when we move, but hoping to get at least a 6' by 20' patch dug out in the yard to put some tomatoes and peppers in during april. i don't have a tiller, so it is gonna be some work to spade the grass off the top and turn it over. that is why i am starting small. the good news is that the county we are moving to gives away free compost in the spring from the previous years yard collection that they turn over to compost during the winter. that should help with breaking up the clay. i will also be taking 4 of my barrels. right now they have onions, peas and radishes in them. once those are done i can move some summer stuff in. so exciting!
  8. i use castor oil to keep the mice and voles away from the garden. they hate the stuff.
  9. we had snow yesterday evening and last night. took a bit to melt today since it was still cold.
  10. didn't do anything in the garden. we had snow yesterday and took most of the day to melt since it was cold today. i did order some cherokee purple seeds.
  11. hey ccat. i watched a home grown veg video about reinforcing a greenhouse on the cheap. he had a storm and his came apart too. he used some sort of tile support strips.
  12. i cut up some strawberries for the little one and decided to plant the parts i cut off just to experiment. all i did was take the container they came in, went out, filled it with dirt and put the cuts on top. sprinkled a little more dirt over them and closed it up. it rained yesterday, so i opened the lid for a bit to get them watered in. we'll see how they go. i also peeled and planted a store bought onion that i had on the counter that sprouted. once again, just for fun. it will be cool to see what it does.
  13. well. i have finally done it. i got the rest of the rebar out of my former woodchip garden area. i put an old piece of shelf down, put a hydraulic scissor jack next to it, clamped on the vice grips and up it went. It was much easier than using the vice grips last time with the metal rod. the only ones left are currently zip tied to my bean arch. at least i know it will be easy to remove once the time comes.
  14. I saw this on youtube today. I like the hint at the end about germinating tomato seeds in a sponge.
  15. this one is for valentines...just in case I don't get back on here in time. How did the tomato court the corn? He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.
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