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  1. You and your hub have some excellent skills! That was a huge project! It looks great! Thanks for sharing the process!
  2. Went apple picking today. There is a bunch of orchards about 45 minutes north of me. We booked a time online and took off. They had gotten super busy over this past weekend so had to send us to one of the closer groves. No tractor ride . We just walked across the road and there were yellow delicious, red delicious and sunkissed or something. We pick about 5 lbs of each. Will eat the yellow and red as is. The blush ones will make pie or something with. The pic is the view from the end of the row we were in. Stopped at their little store and got half gallon of cider to take home. Came in a n
  3. Butterfly bush is still going and attracting all sorts of bugs.
  4. Peppers are still going. Gonna let what is on there go until frost. Was hoping more would turn but they are taking their sweet time.
  5. Today...not alot. Tomorrow going out to pull weeds and clover from the front mulched area. Used some grass clippings as mulch mid summer but clover is taking over now. The green beans i put on the trellis i put up front are starting to climb.
  6. Was at walmart yesterday. Went looking for some miracle grow shake and feed for veg. The aisle looked pretty picked over. Found 1 container of the shake and feed for tomatoes and veg. Was randomly on the shelf so found a worker a couple of aisles over and asked her to scan it. 3 dollars and change. Bargain! Went back through the aisles but that was the only one left. Is ok. Will get me through fall into spring.
  7. Pulled some clover from the mulch area in front yard. Took what was left of the pepper plant stems (hornworm got an entire barrel of pepper plants down to stems) and put in some more peas. Consolidated some of the smaller containers of those purple flash peppers into 1 big planter. Washed out those smaller pots and put away for the season.
  8. My mini sweet peppers are doing ok. I had 1 barrel fall prey to a hornworm. Ate all 3 plants back to stem in a single day. The other barrels are coming along. I picked a bunch of them green and will use a bunch of them to make cheater stuffed pepper casserole tomorrow. The plants are still flowering and will leave the rest on and any new ones to see if they will color up.
  9. The rose bushes are loving the cooler weather and have decided to bloom again.
  10. Well the flowers bloomed a soft pink color and are currently a dusty rose sort of color. They look really pretty in the yard.
  11. It is stunning here this morning. 62 when i got up. Think it is only supposed to get into the mid 80s all week. Maybe fall is finally here. The trees in my yard did not change color but they are already dropping more leaves everyday. The rain and sun has my grass growing like crazy too. Feels nice to walk on though.
  12. Excited to say i finally had some decent corn yesterday. One of our local store chains had it on sale 5 ears for a buck. Best price all season for farm stand or store. The sign said grown local and the farm name here in nc so i went for it. We got 10 ears. 1 had to throw out cause it was only half formed but the rest were decent size. Cooked it up and actually tasted like corn this time. Was much more tender than the previous batches we had this summer.
  13. I had 3 small sweet potatoes hanging around. Peeled them and I made sweet potato with peppers and onions. Was delish.
  14. The big garden is already back to lawn. I just put some spinach in a barrel. A few days ago i used the welded wire i grew my long beans on to make an arch in the mulched area on the corner of the driveway. I planted green beans along the base. They are already up and out.
  15. Well the closest thing i could find on the web is the purple flash pepper. Folks grow it for the dark purple leaves and you can eat the little peppers. I was making my hub some pico today and decided to try using some of the little purple peppers instead of jalepeno. I did take a teeny tiny nibble off the end of one to see if they were spicy before i bothered. Yep. They have quite a kick to them. Just cut up 1 for the bowl ful i made for him today. He is gonna have tomorrow. We will see what he thinks. Right now most of the containers on my driveway are the little bell peppers. Not the o
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