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  1. Picked some long beans and some of the pink tomatoes from the front yard. I am waiting on some of the mini sweet peppers in the containers to finish turning red and then i will have a handful of those.
  2. We had an earthquake this morning! Usgs has the center of it at 5.1 in sparta. That is about an hr from here. I was in the living room and started feeling like the floor was shaking. I thought it was a concrete truck going by but then it felt like the whole house was shaking. It was a weird sensation. By the time i got to the other end of the house to get the kiddo it was over. I turned on the news and they felt it all the way down in charlotte. It was a weird morning.
  3. It looks like the one that did set fruit survived. This is very interesting to see how they grow. Thanks for the update!
  4. Wonderful! Please let me/us know how they do! Looking forward to your updates
  5. Watched a show on pbs about the british royal gardens. Says they dissolve garlic powder in water and spray that to get rid of aphids instead of chemicals.
  6. Stopped at a farmers market during our adventure to sc yesterday. Lady was selling charleston grey watermelons. When i first saw them i had no idea what they were. When she told me i asked if they were ripe or over ripe since it was not green. She said they dont get dark green like the supermarket ones. I bought one and she told me when i slice it cut it long wise and not in circles. We cut it last night. It had tons of seeds going in semi circles a bit above thr rind. It was vrty juicy and had an ok flavor but was not as sweet as the ones i buy locally.
  7. Please plant some fred! That would be so cool to see if they would germinate! Dont throw them out! If you are planning on getting rid of them let me know and i will mail you the couple bucks plus postage to have them!
  8. Adventured down to sc today. On way home saw a yard where they had a raised garden of about a doz old claw foot tubs! All sorts of plants growing. The tomato plants were huge! We went by too fast to get a pic but was amazing to see!
  9. Hey cap harry. Sorry for the delay been crazy few days here. Honestly i dont remember what type they are. Yes. I think i just searched long bean and picked one. I know i got the seeds from rareseeds. I remember the pack had a pic of a little girl with an armload of them. I had planted all of them so i dont have the pack anymore. They are growing great in the heat now. I just picked some again today and cut up that picking was a full 1 quart ziploc baggie. There are lots still on there but still too little to pick yet.
  10. I rolled the blob of dough in a ball then rolled the ball in flour. I used a rolling pin to roll them out onto parchment paper. The videos i watched said to roll them very thin because they will puff when you cook them. I rolled it very thin then lifted the whole piece of parchment up to flip over into the pan. I had tried lifting them up but the edges would fold over on themselves or such..so the flip it into the pan worked for me.
  11. The long bean trellis must have gotten nervous seeing me rip up most of the plants in the big garden and finally decided to put out some beans that were big enough to actually pick. Lol.
  12. I am still excited to see what happens! Thanks for the updates!
  13. I wanted tacos for dinner so i learned how to make flour tortillas today. They turned out good. I sliced up some london broil and had with some pico i made this morning, lettuce, etc. Hub really enjoyed them. I could not figure out why they had the weird squares showing up when i cooked them.. Until i realized it was from rolling them out on just parchment on my ceramic tile counter tops. Lol.
  14. How wonderful! I am so happy for you! I noticed they seem to attract ants. Is it like peonies where they help open them or just a pest thing? Cant wait for your update! Excited to see them grow!
  15. Zucchini pizza bites. My aunt sent me the idea.
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