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  1. Beautiful broccoli! So deep green! Great job!
  2. Hey all. I got a pack of rouge d hiver lettuce seeds as my free seeds from bakers. Anybody want them? Only have 1 pack so first pm with yr mailing address gets them sent to them. Thanks! If i get/have any other seeds in future i will post here to share.
  3. The cukes and long beans will go on trellis i already have set up in the big garden. I already lost a set of both to either the weather or critters so gonna let them get a bit bigger before they head down there. The tomatoes i am not sure. I had bought my little one a container of those artisan cherry tomatoes to eat. I saved one i thought looked interesting and squished its guts into a cup of dirt. Ill be darned if they didnt come up. Lol. The ones in the old little containers and the 2 green ones are all from that. I already put 3 in the garden to see what they become. I might put these down there too since i have the room.
  4. What a wonderful surprise! Did you take it back to replant or leave it be where it was?
  5. Here are some of the stuff i have started now. All were from either dollar general seeds or rareseeds. I am really surprised anything lived with with all the rain.
  6. Here are my onions now. I have 2 barrels of them. Gonna give them a bit. Our weather has been cool and rainy so it has taken forever just to get them to this size.
  7. Some of my most recent pepper seeds are up. I hope it warms up so they can put on some size. The container to the rear is peppers.
  8. We have had rain here for over a week straight. My big garden was starting to look like my lawn. My neighbor loaned me his tiller and i got it tilled before the next week of rain starts this afternoon.
  9. Stopped raining for a few hours yesterday morning so i got my cages around the peppers and manitoba tomatoes. I put stakes in for the cherokee purples. My spaghetti squash patch has really come up with the rain. The potatoes in the big garden look like they are still ok. My long bean seeds are up and out but gonna let them get bigger before i put them on the arch in the big garden. I got my first little tomato set on one of the plants i threw in the ground out front. So excited. I think those were german queen pink toms. Did rain pretty good again yesterday afternoon but some sun today so hopefully the plants will dry out a bit.
  10. I was just reading up on these recently. I did a generic search for produce stands in my area and saw there was a farm in vilas nc that sells these trees. From what i read -you can plant them in pots but they have to big really big pots since they have big root systems -if you do plant them you need at least 2 to cross pollinate. It says they wont attract bees but flies and beetles will try. They recommend hand pollinating. -if you plant them in the ground they will spread and put up new trees. Bad part is since they are clones of their parent tree they cant pollinate the parent or any other clone from that parent. It recommends you plant trees from different sources and appropriate distances to allow for natural pollination. -If you start from seed it will take 4 to 8 years to get fruit. -if you get fruit once it ripens it has a very short shelf life so eat them up. Many of the tree farm sites that sell them had info and even the park service had a bunch of technical info on them.
  11. Today made corn bread with sauteed onions and cheddar cheese in it. Turned out pretty good. The other photos are from recent experiments in cooking. Tuna noodle casserole and what was supposed to be a french toast casserole that turned into a souffle lol. The cake i made as a family baking challenge with my brothers and sisters.
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