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  1. Cold 25F but sunny. Lots of snow on the ground. About 12 inches here. Won't be long though till spring comes along. We always have to go through February.
  2. Still a bit early here in upstate New York. Going through our really first cold snap this week. I have all my seeds and starting supplies. Just looking for some sweet orange pepper seeds now. Good luck all.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and your family. Time to give thanks for all we have.
  4. Weather here has been warm and sunny. Temperature in the 70's. Not our usual type of November weather, usually have snow or cold rain. Just been a spectacular stretch, with the sunsets being red and orange. I'ii take it.
  5. Garden Trends Stokes Twilley Good selection of flowers.
  6. Love seeing the progress on your project. It kills me though to see the price of building materials though.
  7. My zucchini plants have more males than females. Not much fruit this year from them.
  8. Looking to add to my existing flock. Are these birds docile and friendly? Don't want to start any trouble in the hen house with the older girls. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you.
  9. Everything looks so good. As I sit here and watch it snow I wonder if I'll get a garden in this year. Keep up the hard good work.
  10. Pepperman


    I have to check myself everyday for ticks. Have had quite a few already. sometimes they dig right in.
  11. I can't even think of starting yet. Just got blasted with wind and snow and cold air. Maybe next month. Glad to see you got started.
  12. Cold snow flurries in the air. but not too much snow on the ground. Not housebound yet by no means,
  13. Quite the system you have. Nice job Maggie.
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