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  1. Yep, we always have a few between now and about March 15th, hopefully we don't this year so I can get busy.
  2. It's a little alarming that we don't see what's happening in China. The news is playing it like it's not a big deal but it's deadly and could have an impact on the world before they find a vaccine. Look at the fatality rate versus the number of cases. It's not as bad as others but this just started, hopefully they can contain it and find a vaccine. I'm sure this will affect the stock market come Monday.
  3. All of the plants look good!! I'm so late this year, I should start seeds today. I'm slacking especially with a greenhouse. I'm blaming @Cajun Hydroponics since he hasn't posted videos to motivate me.!!
  4. I made shrimp stew this time. I'm guessing I'll get comments about how I used the roux but you can't argue with results.
  5. I know it's a bold statement but if you're not first, you're last!!
  6. I think you're looking for a technique for a French omelette, watch the 2nd omelette Jacques makes. It's almost a souffle, so creamy and soft.
  7. Rajun Gardener


    Agreed, Monday is crazy!
  8. Rajun Gardener


    Thay Got This, the pain has started and LSU is the punisher in the 2nd half. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a 55-45 game. But I'm all LSU for breaking them down like stepping on crackers=easily broken. I feel sorry for my boy from Acadiana High #9 Etienne but I'm sure the million dollar contract will make up for the lost. And for the record, I posted this when Clemson scored on the first drive of the 2nd half,, let's see how this plays out!!
  9. Run some calcium nitrate through that tape and watch the plants explode. I use it to sidedress and never have problems like you would think using nitrogen. Most people think nitrogen is only for greens growth but calcium nitrate works different. I did check on some of those liquid ferts, after seeing the price it was an easy decision to go with MB.
  10. I use a plastic tote from walmart with a heat mat under it then remove the containers as they pop. I can start 1000 plants in one shot. I transplant after they have true leaves and never had a problem. Of course having a greenhouse helps to get them growing but I start them indoors.
  11. I'm using the 2" cups with a 1" rockwool cube and I also use masterblend.
  12. It works really good. I used it for lettuce a few years ago and loved it. I need to get back to that.
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