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  1. Welcome!! We are glad you’re here.
  2. Fred, Will you cut your Hamlin orange tree back or just wait to see what happens? I am waiting on six huge bottle brushes to see what happens but I fear the outcome is not good. There is a lot of information out there that contradicts the next information even from major sources. My next door neighbor has some very expensive palm trees around his house and pool and they don’t look good. I guess we’ll see what April has in store.
  3. Well, the big freeze has killed about half of our landscaping plants. Of course all of the beautiful snap dragons and other flowers were destroyed by the freeze and snow that we had a couple weeks ago. My wife and I started with the tractor and front end loader along with a chain and pulled a giant bottle brush up. It literally picked the back tires off the ground. Finally after pushing and pulling it gave way and came up. The other shrubs had no green left in them and we drug them out with a large tow strap. We have been working one of the large beds up in the front of the house and will h
  4. Champs, If this non-working fellow just drives up and down the road all day, most likely he is selling dope. We had a guy that lives about a mile away that had one of those crotch rockets and he would go back and forth up and down the road all day long. He would get a call and go meet someone to sell his dope. Mysteriously, a local constable was made aware of this and once a little surveillance was done, the little fellow was caught. I hope this is not the case with your neighbor but my guess is that’s how he is making his money.
  5. Double B

    Grub Worms

    Since the terrible winter storm we had killed much of our landscaping, I started working up some of the flower beds today. Last year it seemed that we had a banner crop of June bugs. Anytime you were sitting out in the evening with the light on, you were covered up with June bugs. The lady next door told me that grub worms were the larvae stage of the bugs and apparently they can devour the roots of your grass. I try hard to keep a really nice lawn and towards the end of summer I started noticing some dead spots. They did not appear to be chinch bugs and I wondered what it was.
  6. I will pray that your back gets better soon, Judy. It’s just plain misery being down in your back.
  7. Now that’s just like plain hilarious
  8. Welcome to the forum Tim. We hope to hear about your garden soon.
  9. Rabbit proof, My 92 year old father in law has taken both shots of the Phizer vaccine and had zero side effects. I am not taking it because of the research that I have personally done. I think those that want it should line up to get it but those of us who don’t want it should not have to take it . Remember what the liberals say about abortion? “My body; my choice” That’s my line now. With all that said, I saw where they are about to begin human trials on pregnant women. I personally believe any woman that would take the chance of endangering their unborn child is as dumb as a b
  10. Since we just survived the snow/sleet and severe cold spell here in Texas, I decided to wait until yesterday to go grocery shopping since it was 75 degrees. The huge stores nearly had bare shelves and I asked one of the guys stocking what happened. He said that the day the storm hit (a week ago), people flogged into the store and literally bought everything off the shelves. He had pictures of completely bare shelves. We did loose power and many who are on “city water” lost their water supply. Today, they are still handing out cases of water in drive through lines. Thousands of cases
  11. My onions are in the same boat as you guys. That sleet and snow sitting on them for three days looks like it did them in. I put hardwood ash on them but it appears that the weather was too cold for them.
  12. Welcome back to the forum. I remember you from the old site and glad to see you make it over here.
  13. Normally I would be getting ready to plant next week but my soil is so wet that I can’t get my tractor near the garden. I doubt I could even pass my walk behind tiller without sinking it.
  14. Currently 16 degrees here and snowing. A rare occurrence for zone 9 for sure. I hate it. So far our power is still on ( knock on wood) but many around us are experiencing rolling blackouts. Why Texas does not have an adequate infrastructure to support us is beyond me. There is more commercial and residential construction going on here and it makes me wonder how in the world they plan on powering all of that? The new green deal??? I guess all of the new administration that doesn't want petroleum products should turn their power off now because the wind turbines can't turn and the solar panels a
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