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  1. Today I planted some winter starts; Pacman Broccoli, Snow White cauliflower and Megaton Cabbage. Even though I said I wasn't gardening this fall the temptation is too great with this pretty weather. I also checked on my onion bulbs I planted. They are doing well. The pecans are thick on the ground so I picked up another five gallon bucket full.
  2. I went out and looked at the onion bulbs I planted last week. We had received a rain on them and the tops that had poked through the surface of the soil are now six inches high. I also got my Dixon Dale onion catalog so if the weather cooperates, I'll order the sets. The okra plants are loaded down and sagging from the weight of the huge pods that I am letting go to seed. We have had warm temperatures near 90 most days and the peppers are loading up so maybe I'll get one more big batch off of them. My wife and I picked up a five gallon bucket of pecans in less than an hour today. They are so thick on the ground that we will try taking a plastic leaf rake tomorrow and raking them up in a pile to gather. I have had some good pecan crops but never better than this. The flavor of them is excellent too.
  3. Wow Hippie Willie, What a shame that is to see your beautiful plants beat down so bad. I hope that most of them will rebound soon.
  4. We didn't get out of the hayfield yesterday until dark. The bale bundler machine broke down and he called in some reinforcements that didn't get there until 6:00 pm. By that time, he had repaired his machine and they had two work when we moved our tractors and balers down the road. I won't know the official count of how many square bales we made yesterday but it was up in the thousands. Nine hours in a tractor is a long time for three of us who are in our sixties. I was glad to get home to supper, shower and bed. All in all it was a great day.
  5. We made 595 round bales the last two days. We will make square bales tomorrow. Hopefully we will have enough help to run three balers. We can haul 2,500 bales and store them in a day. I teddered enough hay to do about 5,000 today. The next two days are going to be long.
  6. I try and plant my onion sets in November too. Usually, the week before Thanksgiving is when I am able to get the sets from Dixon dale. If the soil conditions stay favorable, I will plant some. Usually I plant around 500 and the varieties are yellow granex, Texas Legends and Southern Bell Reds. I can't grow the large onions if I don't get them planted in November.
  7. The humidity was really high yesterday so the hay stayed damp until noon. The sun and heat arrived so I teddered about 60 acres of hay to be baled today. We had prepared 40 acres on Saturday and baled 275 round bales before it got dark last night. When I finished teddering I stacked hay so it's back to the field today for another long day. This field is 130 acres of thick coastal so it takes some work to get it all done. We will square bales 30 acres on tomorrow if everything goes right.
  8. We got a decent slow soaking rain last Friday off of the feeder bands of the hurricane that came through Louisiana. I walked out to the garden and noticed that the onions are already breaking through the surface of the soil. I planted them a couple inches deep so it pretty exciting to see how fast they came up. If nothing else, we should have green onions for a while.
  9. Great job! That's really a neat find and thanks for bringing it back to life.
  10. I put some 12-24-12 down and tilled it in for the onions or scallions or whatever I have. I dug a couple of trenches out with a hoe and planted all the bulbs. I'll water them in tomorrow morning while the hay dries. Tomorrow it's back to the hayfield. We are trying to get a couple hundred acres raked and baled in the hopes that we don't get rain from this hurricane on Thursday or Friday. I hope all of you in the path of this storm fair well. It looks like this one has some strength to it and we need to be vigilant.
  11. I will plant them and see what turns out. I'll just call them mystery onions until we find out.
  12. In the "What did you do in the garden today" thread I had posted that a friend had come back from South Texas with some onions. He brought them to me but they were not what I was expecting. I thought he had sets and instead this is what he brought me. He didn't have any information on them. Are these multiplying onions? I have a couple of rows tilled up and will plant them but I didn't know if these were a scallion or what variety they could be. Please weigh in if you have an idea. Thanks in advance.
  13. I helped a friend out today and we went and baled 2,500 square bales. We ran three square balers so it went pretty quick. The bale baron was bundling 21 bales in a bundle and my friend's son was loading them on the trailer hauling them back to the barn. I had a hydraulic hose issue on my tractor, hence the fluid on the rear window but it all worked out good. Tomorrow we will have nearly double this many to do so it will be a longer day.
  14. Champs, Did the HOSS guy ever say how these turned out? The day length is my chief concern along with the heat. We were at 88 degrees yesterday which was supposed to be our hottest day but still way too hot for onions. All of our days this next week are in the mid to low 80's.
  15. We got all the hay baled and I mowed around the fences with the zero turn mower. The place looks much better. A friend called and said he had received a bunch of onion sets from any friend of ours that was down in south Texas dove hunting. He asked if I wanted some of the sets. I hooked up the tiller and tilled up a row and if the sets look decent then I'll plant some onions. I have never planted onions in October. Usually I get an email in November from Dixon Dale and plant mine then. He didnt know if they were short day variety so I'll check and see once he delivers them. They were the right price. Free!
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