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  1. We are glad you're here JMorrow! Jump right in.
  2. I picked a couple gallons of purple hulls and cut a nice sack of okra. The okra is finally starting to put out and its tall enough where you don't have to bend over to cut it. The afternoon temps are close to 100 and it's hurting all the plants. I came up to the back porch and shelled the peas and then went inside to blanch them. I took the small okra and trimmed the stem end off and blanched it. I freeze my small okra on foil lined pans and will rake it off in a zip loc bag in the morning. The larger okra I washed, cut and breaded it.
  3. Ran the sprinkler in the garden for several hours. The PHPs and okra were really dry. I watered all my peppers too.
  4. They are a pain for me. I would mash that bug into eternity and hope you never have any more. I wished I could rid my place of them because they ruin countless vegetables in my garden.
  5. I'll do the traditional broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. I'll also do several rows of English peas and some sugar snap peas this fall. I will also plant me a couple of new tomato plants just for eating fresh as I have plenty canned up for the winter.
  6. Man, Those cream peas are loaded! That's a wonderful site!
  7. What zone are you in, Champs? That will have a big determination of when to start your seeds. Instead of starting hundreds, Ill start a few broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower the third week of this month. This will allow me to have it ready for New Years Day. Every couple of weeks, I plan to start a few more. BTW, I am in Zone 9A.
  8. Many of our stores here have signs that they are no longer accepting cash as a form of payment. They are saying there is a shortage of coins due to the mint shutting down from the virus. There are people who want us to go to a plastic form of payment for everything. Once the cash disappears it's going to get really interesting. (And not in a good way)
  9. ccat, Way to go!! Your produce is beautiful and it looks like this new place and garden is working out well for you. Congratulations
  10. All I did in the garden was to look at everything and take a picture of the purple hulls. They are really loading up with blooms and starting to put on peas. I needed to cut the okra but never got around to it. We have put a new gate and automated opener in and I am in the process of cutting a couple of trees down where I can use 3" square tubing to run from the road into the new gate columns for the fence. The gate sits back 60' off the road so that I can pull completely off the road with a trailer. I cut down a sweet gum tree a couple days ago and cut this pecan tree down today. It was leaning towards the road and power line so I cut a big notch into it and pushed on it with my tractor bucket up as high as I could get it. The biggest problem was that I couldn't position the tractor where I wanted because of the deep ditch out front. To make a long story short, the tree fell and straddled another tree so it was a delicate job cutting it down and getting most of it hauled to the back to burn. It will sure be good firewood but what a chore. The temps were in the high 90's and running a power saw when its that hot leaves little to be desired.
  11. Stowell's Evergreen; Golden Bantam, Peaches and Cream, Silver Queen are four heirloom varieties
  12. I wasn't able to do much in the garden but was just preparing to drag the hoses out to water when I heard the thunder. God said, "Let me show you how this is done." So next thing I know, he put the cloud cover on, dropped the temperature about 10-15 degrees and gave us a nice rain. Outstanding!!
  13. Woodchip, Your neighbors sound like mine. We are blessed with exceptional neighbors across the road and next door. We help each other out and share things too. It sure makes things nice when folks can share with one another and spread cheer and kindness. It sounds like you are a great neighbor and I applaud your for that.
  14. We run a box fan along with a ceiling fan. My wife likes the extra noise and it used to bother me. I guess after the first twenty something years you can get used to anything as I would miss the gentle hum of the box fan now. We even have one we travel with
  15. Same here too Boudin. I looked like I had been swimming after I got finished out in the garden. Hot and humid.
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