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  1. Judy, Somehow we have managed to miss all the rains around us. We have had so much flooding over the past five years it's very rare for us to have dry soil. It has been nice for a change to be able to mow grass without rutting up the yard. Boudin, I am ready to also celebrate the first BLT! It's hard for me to be patient when I see all those baby tomatoes on the vine.
  2. I put the cages around my tomato plants today and drove the t posts in the ground. I am having to water every other day. It seems like a drought or flood. My corn and peas in the back garden may be toast if we don't get a rain by Friday. My tomatoes look really good and are putting on fruit. My wife and I can't wait to have a big plate of fresh sliced tomatoes. Hopefully another three or four weeks from now that will happen.
  3. Welcome SeaPalm, Enjoy the forum with us. We are glad you are here!
  4. Man it's good to see you back! The forum changed because Donald (and his wife, Mary) passed away. Hippie was gracious enough to start this forum up so we could continue to be together on the web. How is everything going up north?
  5. Went to the back garden this morning and the first row of Alabama butter peas were breaking through like gangbusters. The three rows of cream peas next to them were dismal at best. I had some old seed that had been in the freezer for eons and thought/hoped they would have been better than they were. As a backup, I had ordered five pounds of zipper cream seed along with five pounds of top pick purple hulls from Morgan County. I tilled the three rows under and replanted with the fresh zipper cream seed. The G-90 corn is slowly coming up slowly so hopefully it will turn into a good stand. Happy gardening to all.
  6. My nephew is a doctor in New York City and he said two days ago that EVERY ONE of his patients has the corona virus. Please pray for our doctors, nurses, and first responders. My oldest grandson is an EMT paramedic and they are taking every precaution possible but still being exposed daily to those carrying this virus. For us old folks, we just stay out here on our little farm and work in the flower beds, gardens and mow grass. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and we were glad to "socially distance" ourselves. Most days I do that anyway.
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. I hooked up the fertilizer spreader to the Ranger and put a 120 lbs out on the back garden. Then I tilled it in and planted one row of Alabama butter peas, three rows of top pick cream peas and four rows of G-90 corn. I noticed that a few of the tomato plants in the front garden have blooms on them. It was a beautiful spring day with the high temp at 85.
  9. The county judge here has made a proclamation that all restaurants will serve take out only, no dining rooms opened. All bars are closed after tonight for 15 days. Folks have just plain lost their minds! Didn't Hitler start this way? I do need a few things from the grocaery store and I keep hoping that if I wait long enough, the hoarders will get their fill or run out of money to buy stuff. The panic from the virus looks like it has destroyed the stock market along with trillions of dollars of our retirement savings. I haven't ever seen anything quite this crazy and it appears we are just getting started. We have a lady down the road that has a son who is a senior in high school. They are doubtful if they will have the rest of his senior year, a prom or even a commencement exercise. Difficult times for sure. I did practice social distancing today. I did some gardening, weed eating and mowed five acres all by myself
  10. Things have really deteriorated closer to the big city of Houston. Armed security in some of the grocery stores, people panic buying up all the meat. No eggs at many places. My goodness; it's sad to think what would happen if things got any worse. Its really nice to live out in the country and have lots of veggies frozen as well as a pantry full of food that's been canned. The signs of spring are here and having a garden planted makes me feel more secure than ever. I pray for these folks that panic about everything because I wonder if they have any faith. The toilet paper issue still continues to boggle my feeble mind. I always got tickled to watch what folks buy at the grocery store. Many would buy a Lean Cuisine and a big jug of wine only to return the next day to buy the exact same thing. Maybe they are the one hoarding up the stuff now. Please pray for our nation and the rest of the world. My middle grandson's fiancé is a nurse at a local hospital and they have isolated four people one of which is confirmed with the virus and three more presumptive positive. Hopefully it won't spread here like it has in Italy and other parts. Stay well my fellow gardeners!
  11. I finally got the soil dry enough to till I'm some fertilizer and plant three rows of Dixie Lee Butterpeas and two rows of blue lake green beans. The back garden is still wet. I made a pass on it a couple days ago and tried to make another pass and it looks wetter today than two days ago? Rain chances go up Tuesday so I'll try again tomorrow and see if it is dry enough to work and then plant some long rows of sweet corn and zipper cream peas.
  12. I finally got a few short rows tilled up and planted fifteen tomato plants and seven pepper plants. This was off to the side of my small garden. I hooked the cultivator up to the tractor and ripped open the other rows to see if I could dry them out. The big clumps are wet but it's been around 80 degrees and a strong south wind. I am going to try and till tomorrow and see if it will work. I would sure like to get some fertilizer down and some corn planted.
  13. Hello Jacqueline, We are glad you are here!
  14. ButtaBean, Those Griswolds are beautiful! What a great find and a great job restoring them. Kudos to Rob for this thread. It would be a tragedy to see something like these go to waste.
  15. If the 12 gauge is uncomfortable to shoot, I would definitely go with the .410 for snake control. Another option if you want to try it with the 12 gauge is lighter loads. Like Maggie, I have shot tens of thousands of registered targets. I think she and her husband were trap shooters. I am a sporting clay shooter. Twenty years ago, I shot the heaviest loads that we were allowed to shoot by the rules committee. Age caught up with me and (received my first social security check today) and I now shoot a lite target load. I can still shoot 150 rounds in a day of competition and not be bruised. The load makes a huge difference. Buy nothing that says heavy load or max. Choose something that specifically states lite load ( like 7/8 ounce). Makes it much more fun. There are four of us that make up a team event and we shoot together regularly. I am the youngest one of the team. We won the Houston Livestock Show, Ranching and Wildlife fundraiser a month ago. We joked with the young guys to hurry and pass out the buckles because none of us could see well enough to drive after dark.
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