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  1. I agree with Rabbitproof. That does look delicious.
  2. We are glad you have joined us bman68. Welcome!
  3. Please post a follow up once you taste these. Like ccat, we eat these at fish places and I love them. Several years ago we had a flood and I picked two buckets of green tomatoes. The recipe I got off of the internet was terrible and I wasted lots of time and effort to make, can and process something that was disappointing to say the least. I hope this recipe is as good as it looks to be. Photos would be a plus too of the finished product
  4. Fred, Its my understanding that most folks just lay them out (spread them out) on some newspaper or something that won't sweat so they can dry. The refrigerator would most likely keep them moist, preventing them from drying enough to go through the shelter. Okra Gardener, ccat and some others can provide more guidance. Just keep them out of the sun.
  5. I agree with Judy.... those tomatoes and plants are gorgeous. Our heat is up to 98 for the afternoon highs and I have rarely if ever had tomatoes like that in August. If it would ever dry out, I would consider planting some fall tomatoes.
  6. I harvest mine when they are mostly purple but DO NOT let them dry out. The peas inside are still green and tender while they are fresh. Since we don’t use a shelter, we bring them in, wash them and shell them immediately. Then we wash again, blanch and freeze. They last for five years easily in a deep freezer and still taste fresh. I’ll attach a photo so that you can see the color of ours when picked.
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Great job ccat. I know that’s a lot of work but all through the rest of the year y’all can enjoy the bounty. We also make a lot of cream style corn. We use it in soups and stews as well as just cooking it down in an iron skillet.
  9. I was unaware of this but have heard many old wives tales and colloquialisms throughout my life. I had never heard this. A friend of mine put a post on Facebook that her dad always told them that if it rained on the first of June, it would rain for forty days. I am not sure how I made it into my sixties and never heard this but it’s made a believer out of me. We have had an incredible stretch of rain here and now it’s the tenth of July. The bad news is that my garden is solid mud and weeds. The good news is the high temperatures have been mostly in the 70’s- low 80’s. I don’t remember a time like this in this time of year that we have had this kind of weather. I never knew there was a saint of bad weather until hippie Willie posted this. Now we all know.
  10. I use some fast acting gypsum. It straightens it out very quickly and keeps it from returning. I am not sure how well it would work if you are growing under plastic but it’s a miracle cure for BER.
  11. That is a wonderful looking pizza Judy. Homemade is about the only way I like it and yours looks great!
  12. My gardening has taken a backseat to helping some friends out. Once we finished the cabinets and trim in their house, we started out in the shop. They wanted a storage area and bathroom in the new shop. My buddy and I framed the 12’ tall walls and put some old barn tin that we re-purposed at the bottom and then tongue and groove the rest of the way up. We installed the two barn doors today along with the track. The bathroom is complete for the painters to come in and stain and then we’ll mount the cabinet and toilet to finish it out. Lots of plumbing and wiring behind these walls and it’s been so hot that all I can think about is a shower and small supper when we get home. Two weeks ago we made about 1,500 square bales and three hundred round bales of coastal and it’s all sold. It seems to rain every day so I am not sure when we will be able to get back in the hay fields. All in all, I never knew retirement would be so busy. It does keep an old man out of trouble.
  13. Considering all the floods, your garden looks great. We have ten straight days of rain forecasted and three hundred acres of hay that desperately needs cutting. That’s not happening any time soon. The first wave of my garden is done. The corn is about finished and so are the tomatoes. It looks like you are just getting started and I wish you well.
  14. Joe, Besides a gun, an electric fence is the only thing that I have found to keep deer out. You’ll need at least three strands of it and keep it “hot” at all times.
  15. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. It’s just about time for the fish fry here at our house for several of us dads and the kids.
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