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  1. That looks delicious Hippie. I hope you'll post an "after" photo too!
  2. Glad to see you made it here Tim. Welcome!
  3. Welcome Charlie. We are glad you are here!
  4. Double B

    Welcome Rex

    Welcome to the forum Rex. We are glad you joined us.
  5. Welcome 1Mic, We are glad you are here!
  6. So glad to see you join, Catgrass!
  7. Great to have you here Michelle! Welcome
  8. I'm glad you made it here David.
  9. Good to see you made the jump over here Fespo. Welcome aboard!
  10. Welcome to the forum B.Richey! I am am glad to see this forum catching on with so many new members. It can only benefit each of us to share our gardening adventures.
  11. Not sure I am qualified to educate anyone but I have a lot of friends that are big in the hay business. One of the father and son hay growers here square bales 400 acres. They'll make 14,000 square bales in two days. All of the decent hay around here is sprayed with some chemical or chemicals to keep it weed free. Pastora is probably the most common and keeps Bermuda grass weed free. Many of the cattle pastures here locally are also sprayed with Grazon. It's also on the list from the link above. All the "horse quality" hay and lots of the cattle hay are sprayed and fertilized after each cutting. My advice to any of you that receive manure would be to compost it extensively. Ask the donor or seller about their forage and see if they have knowledge of what has been sprayed on their pastures. As the article states, time is the best way to cure this issue but what's alarming to me is how small the amount can be to damage your crop. 1 ppb (part per billion) could be from drift even if it wasn't your pasture. Be aware!
  12. Apparently my cheese is sliding off the cracker. I failed to list the peppers. I'll be also growing, dragon cayenne, chili pequin, long thin cayenne, Anaheim, mucho nacho jalapeño, tobasco and others that I can find plants for. Gotta have the pepper sauce!
  13. Welcome Tom. We are glad you are here!
  14. This spring I am planting: G-90 sweet corn, Hickory King Corn (yellow), zipper cream peas, top pick purple hulls, Louisiana green velvet okra, Dixie Lee butterpeas (green), yellow squash, zucchini, giant sunflowers, health kick paste tomatoes, park whopper tomatoes, celebrity tomatoes, and blue lake green beans. What are yall planting this this coming year?
  15. Beautiful photos! Please keep them coming! It is inspiring especially this time of year when the grass is brown and there are no leaves on the trees! Makes us Gardeners ready for spring?
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