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  1. @Maggie13 it is the best times ever. Hes showed me how to slow down and enjoy life. That its not all about work or play. Spending time with my wife and kids is way more important. It still bothers me a little about playing when I could be working. But his hugs and smile make it all better. @Rabbitproof I enjoy wetting a line with him. Looking for a small boat that will fit under the bridge so we can ride the bayou to fish. It had been years since i had really fished before he came along!
  2. Thanks for that chart Mr Wade! I will surely make copies for my records
  3. Compari and big beef tomatoes Cali wonder and another type of bell pepper Silver king corn if I can find some open ground in town. Dragon fruit from the dining room to outside. Along with greens in the lettuce houses
  4. Double B another thing. I run 2 mats with 1 controller. One will always be a little different than other but it always works fine when I use it like that
  5. Double B the best place I found was amazon. Make sure you get the temp controller with it. It will get way too hot without it. Most dont come as a set
  6. Thanks @Hippie Willie It's a slow process. I love the GHs but it's hard to not stop and play with the Boss. Lol that 3 year old rather fish lately than help daddy work on the GHs. Lol
  7. Things are growing but not too pumped up about the gro-grips with the lettuce for this system. With the small amounts for roits being in the solution the plants are not growing as fast as I would like. So it will be back to the oasis cubes. The strawberries are putting out some good growth
  8. It is Rob. But damm got alot of crap going on the next 2 times I am in. But slow and sure. Not planting before they are built and ready!
  9. More work done today. Had a couple issues with the top had to pull it over a little before cementing the end walls. But its moving forward
  10. Thank you Rabbit. I sure will. Were told first sign of fever to go to the DR. I dont get over things like i did even just a few years back so I dont play with it! I go to the dr now.
  11. Thank you for the prayers Maggie! I actually am doing better than the rest of my crew. They all had the flu. I am more dealing with sinus. Getting ready to get some progress made ! Weather is very nice right now!
  12. Still getting some work done. Not as much as I would like as I am feeling not in top flight shape. But work is getting done none the less. Got the center beams in to stabilize the GHs and the pole cut and holes dug for each of the end walls. Hoping to have the end wall pipes in tomorrow and maybe some wood ad wiggle channel to be ready to put plastic. upload images
  13. Strawberry wall up and going! 20 sided dice simulator
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