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  1. Sorry Tboy I never got a notification that you had asked this question. I will be using 25 gallon lick tubs. I am using the tubs so I can move them in the GH during the winter time. I had them in the house this winter and seem to have lost 1. Bit I did purchase the warranty. So I have already sent the email. They have alot of free stuff they are giving away everyday on that site. It's getting frustrating all the emails they send. Glad I used my spam email for them!! Lol
  2. Good luck with them! Share some pictures if you can when you have a chance! We had a late frost here while I was away at work and it killed off some of the new growth I had. Hoping after the weekend to have them out in their spot off the porch and will get some pictures taken of mine
  3. If you think the germanation is slow, wait for them to grow from seeds! It will be a fun experiment for sure. Where did you get your seeds?
  4. Myah was really shaken when they told them last week at school that they were shutting down the school for awhile. Then they told them it was because of the virus. We had spoken to her about it a little but we didn't watch the news or discuss it around her. Well she was terrified when she got home. Anyway to help her and Colt with the unseen amount of time we will be home together we got them each a duck to add to the flock of chickens. It has worked great. Their minds are on the ducks and not what's going on around them. Now tomorrow my co-workers and myself will be planting some veggies if the rain holds off!
  5. Hey David have you found an answer the this from any other place?
  6. The flowers are very nice to look at! They also vary from variety to variety. I tasted a mess of them grown here locally and the purple inside was what I found the best. In about 3 years I will have a jungle on my hands with all the plants I have started!
  7. Hey chip! I brought them outside a couple weeks ago. Not much growth through the winter. The little that they did have took a hit with a cold front while I was at work. Haven't shared pictures because there's really nothing looking different yet. They should start growing well as it heats up. Looking forward to seeing them grow. Got alot of repotting coming up soon!
  8. Sorry to hear about the damm rays buttabean. Out at the country I had a table we built that was enclosed. Eventually put a tank and a pump and made a self watering table. Really helped keep the mice off the plants and ended up with a bonus by being able to bottom water
  9. Haha with my job I cant run for office because of the time i am away from home. I could put the cover across the whole thing with very little work, but the law will not change from here on out. They are in bed with a new inspector and they gotta pay him somehow. So the more laws they pass the more he works. Shame S$@t different day. Eroding our rights a little at a time. And telling everyone they know what's best. Another issues was that I am almost directly across for the town grocery. And "someone" called to complained about the front yard thing. Lol Most everyone knew what it was and they were excited to have fresh tomatoes year round. But that puts a dent in the grocery. Like always I will just do my thing and keep moving forward. By the time all the dragon fruit is all grown out and the raised beds are in. My place is gonna be a sight
  10. There sure is. The town wont let me put up anything over 500 sq foot without a wind rating.... The previous mayor said it was no issue and I didn't need a permit. Well it took me awhile to get the pad down and there is a new mayor now. Not only was it way more expensive it cost me 550 sq foot of growing area. Along with the cost of the plastic witch was much cheaper in a 20 x 50 roll as opposed to a 55 x 70. I was really upset when I found out was about to start putting plastic. It's also the reason I have not completed it yet.
  11. Another thing I think I missed is the frame that the runs sit on you need 2.5 to 3 inches of slope from the front to the back
  12. Your very welcome. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions.
  13. Hey sorry I have been busy and hadn't been on in awhile. I will put the start to finish how I do them here. 1. I put the seed in oasis cubes. Inside a small disposals baking pan with the plastic lid. I water the oasis cubes in the pan and let them soak in for about 10 min. Wanna make sure that there completely soaked. Then drain the excess off the bottom and put seeds. Put on heating mat until about 80 percent are popped and you see the small leaves. I also put a small cover or towel over the pans to keep the light out at this time. Once they start to come up and the top is removed you may have to add a but of solution. I use about 25 percent mix at this point. Dont fill the pan but your gonna wanna make sure the cubes dont dry up. 2. I have a seed starting table that I move them too after about 2 weeks in the pans. I have lights to give them light for 18 hours a day. They stay here until they are large enough to put into the starter runs. Here I use a 50 to 70 percent mix solution. The reason I dont give a lenght of time the stay here is due to the rate of growth for different varieties. You want to move them over to the starter runs when they are able to have a decent base and stay over the top of the gutter with out leaning on the plastic. 3. After the table I move them to the starter runs. In these downspouts the holes are drilled with about 1/2 in space left between them. They will stay here for about 2 weeks maybe more again depending on how fast they grow. Main thing is that you dont want the leaves to be rubbing alot on the other plants. The video below kind of shows the spacing and the point where the plants need to be moved for the last time before being picked. 4. These are the last run the plants should be in. You wanna start your first hole on the run at 6 inches from the first end. Then 11 inches from there clear to the other side. At this point your solution should be at 100 percent. The video below shows a few different phases of the lettuce being in the runs. I think it starts in lettuce side around the 3:30 mark. If you use the same solution mix as the tomatoes you will find it works great. As you play with the system a little just as the tomatoes you will find that a stronger solution during the colder months will help the plants grow better as they wont be uptaking as much water. During the warmer months the opposit. A slightly weaker solution as they will be taking in more water. If you have questions please feel free to ask away. I know I'm cajun and what I write dont always make sense to everyone... lol
  14. Haha gotta have a place to put the plants @Rajun Gardener. Everytime I am in there's something. Looking at have everything planted in july. Lol Oh I know I been slacking on the videos. My fans have been distraught! Lmao
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