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  1. ButtaBean, Sorry I completely miss the question. I bought them from amazon. Also I bought a roll of the 1/4 inch line from amazon. The one from lowes didn't work, the OD was smaller and would not seal. Check this out at Amazon.com Hydro Flow Top Hat Grommet 1/4 Inch, Bag of 10 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IGFF2CC/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_c4BfEbR0BW94B
  2. Sounds so great thanks! I will let you know for sure. I am still a ways away from getting to it though!
  3. Big sky, learning is what it's all about. At least that's what I am telling myself.. lol I will have to put some thought into this for sure. I do wanna grow the romane and kale. And both of those were turned over when I arrived back home. The thing I am most worried about now is my pump. I hope I didn't burn the thing up with no water going through it for who knows how long. Oh and one day I hope to get the raspberry pie going here. It would save me alot of heart aches when I am at work montoring things.
  4. It happens. Still building. I will just chalk it up to a learning experience. The romane was so big. I picked 4 heads before we left and each one was over a pound. And looked amazing.
  5. I have been using downspouts form my lettuce and greens with no issues.. until today. We left for about 36 hours total to get my daughter, when we got back everything is dead. One of the downspouts flipped over and all the solution was drained to the ground. Well gonna be planting again tomorrow
  6. Here's a video of my old GH witch is now pops place is put together. It's a walk through but you can see that at this point we were still using the 1/2 main line with the 1/4 feeder hoses.
  7. Here is a picture of the use of top hat grommets in am using. They work well and the line can be pulled pretty easily out to clean if they get plugged. Also forgot that in pops place. We went with 3/4 inch PVC and drilled 4 , 1/64 holes in the PVC line over the buckets. It did plug up alot at the beginning but has since worked very well. We use a 600 GPH harbor freight pump and it runs 24 buckets.
  8. @ButtaBean when I first started I used the 3/4 inch black poly line for the feeder line. Then popped the hole with the tool and put the plastic piece in and used the 1/4 inch feeder line for each bucket to fill it. Since then I have started using 3/4 inch PVC for the feeder line and a top hat grommet to insert the 1/4 inch fill line. This way it can be removed and cleaned I will get a few pictures and go into more detail when I get home
  9. The flavor is just as good as during the summer. Now the skin is a little more tuff due to the lack of sunlight. Were not running extra lights in that GH but hope to have them running at the ones in town. I pick the ones I like to eat about 1/2 blushed. Then put them in a box with a couple bananas for a couple days and they turn the most beautiful red and are perfect to eat.
  10. Picked the first head of lettuce today and a few maters from pops place. Not bad for December!
  11. Heck it's no worries about thread jacking this thread. I know the person that started it and I think I can take him if if comes to it! Lol
  12. @BigSkyGardener I went back and looked but didn't have any pictures so here is a link to a video I did for one of my experiments. I called it a trough. The root system in it was crazy. The plants were just starting to put on maters when they died due to heat I think. The system worked well until I could not cool the roots on the plants down. I have tried a few different ways to grow hydro and it just seems the the downspouts and the Dutch buckets are the way for me down here.
  13. @BigSkyGardener That's a great harvest and setup! Do you prefer the perlite over the clay pebbles? I have grown both cabbage and broccoli in the buckets. Both did well but not worth the space in the GH. Basically same results that I had outside. See that you and also rajun gardener does hydroponics I think with my next set of pictures I will start a new thread for hydroponic plants and picking. That way we can show the benefits in 1 thread. Others might also do hydro. What you think about that?
  14. We gonna be in Tuscaloosa in a few days and then again a week later to drop my daughter to her father. When we go in the summer time I might have to make arrangements and pass up there for a short visit
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