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  1. I can and was gonna give that a shot. But the roots are so packed in the buckets already I cannot pass the sucker through the root ball. I was really surprised that it was that full already.
  2. That would be so nice to have tomatoes like that!! Lol There are a few that won't die. But the tops were completely taken off. So they don't look good for continuing to grow. But that's the life of gardening!
  3. I left for work nothing I come back and they are as big as my index finger. But we still have plants so gonna make the best of it!
  4. Thank you Maggie I was just coming here to post an update. We have issues now! Lol why wouldn't we, it's louisiana
  5. Well to be honest. I am doing much better with the "water gardening" than I am in the dirt. It's pretty easy to know what to give them and we have actually started to eat a couple tomatoes from the GHs. Pretty good stuff I have to say
  6. Lol yes he's getting big. Some good size for a 5 year old! 4 foot tall and 60 pounds. Little hoss!
  7. The tomatoes are starting to get there and the lil dude is so excited!
  8. About to start a livestream on YT @BigSkyGardener but here is what you were talking about I think. I will come back and reply to the rest after the stream.
  9. Wow you got it going on! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about it. I have thought about a 12 volt system. I was running many lights and motors in the country off the system. But being in town now the wife has to watch things while I am at work. And Pops has alot going on to drop what he's doing to check my stuff. It's hard here to Barry tanks unless you build a pad and cover. Never had the want to dig that much with a shovel either. I dug a hole at the property and put 2 totes a foot below the ground. Covered and built it up a foot higher.. still fill
  10. @BigSkyGardener the plants took off after I put them in the buckets. They should do well with the DWC. My issues when I tried it was the water temps got too high and the root systems failed. The lettuce house will be great. Start looking into a water wall. Incase you would need one. They really help to lower the temps in the GH during the summers. Also it can help you to possibly plan ahead when buying the end wall.
  11. @BigSkyGardener yes 2x6s. The runs are all 12 foot. The GH was supposed to 34 x 60 but the town shut me down. Could not get a wind rating on a second hand GH. So there will bewill14.6x 34. Lost 520sq ft of grow area. But lost a total of 90 buckets. The 2x6 are perfect for the 4 inch pipe. I was gonna dig a pond for the middle of the big GH. But that didn't get to happen. Had the pond liner bought already. Just make sure you have a minimum of 1 gallon on tank per bucket in the GH. I go with 2.5 to be safe. We also just as at the country h
  12. It's great there is nothing to trip over and with the 4 inch pipe there should be no worry about over flowing.
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