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  1. @Boudin i made 4 passes. 2 without. Then 2 with. It worked great. No chunks pulled up from the dirt. I actually sold my row makers after making this.
  2. I did this video a couple years ago. Not sure i ever posted it on the other BGF. But there was a nice comment this morning from someone. He said Mr Donald would be proud. I dont recognize the name from either this forum or the original. It put a smile on my face thinking about that, and remembering all the friends. Anyway this may help someone with an idea or even get a better version going. I hope everyone in the storms path made out good.
  3. Thank you Maggie. They sure seem to be enjoying the new pots!
  4. New update on the dragon fruit in their big tubs.
  5. @Rabbitproof This one we were unsure of what we had. The rest we have a good idea because they were purchased from someone local. And he has a great website put together with pictures and descriptions of the flavors. The favors can change a bit depending on the soil structure and fertilizer used if any. But the idea of what to expect is there! It was a shock to cut it and see the red! We were expecting white flesh inside. And those are hit and miss with flavor with variety. Some can even taste like woody dirt! Lol
  6. Finally got a a fruit taste test!
  7. I did a few videos of the preparation for Laura and hurricanes effect my town and especially my house.
  8. @2010 National Champs I like to string my tomatoes. Have done the stringing out in the field. Worked decent. Well i will be adding 5 raised beds to the back yard for tomatoes and cucumbers. The stringing used up alot of tomato clips. ALOT! Well my queen got me a tapner tieing machine midway through the gardening season. We were tieing the cucumbers to the trellis was a chore. But with this as long as you have decent sized squares in your trellis! Let me tell you. What would take hours takes minutes. I used it to tie cucumbers, tomatoes, and even my dragon fr
  9. @ButtaBean lol a welding project is like drugs to me. I get the firat one done and I am looking for another! the older I get the more i enjoy welding projects. I can fill in a bad cut on metal alot easier than I can on wood!... lol Looking forward to some pictures of your progress when you get started!
  10. @BigSkyGardener that has to be so cool! Please share the progress! I have never seen a big plasma table like that work. The small one I was able to watch a few times are amazing!
  11. @Maggie13 Yep. After I get it painted were gonna put that name on the side of the wagon. I am also hoping to use it to set out veggies in the spring to sell out the front yard. A youtube friend little white dory has a nice little trailer set up that he's using and I could modify this to work something like he has. That way there is no tables to drag in and out and I just pull it along with the lawnmower. I finally have all my qelding stuff set up here at the house. So project's should be much easier to get completed now. Gonna have the lil dude
  12. @Double B Put it to work today! I made the toung stick out far enough so I could back the back tire clear up to it. With a zero turn, you talk about make some sharp turns!
  13. @BigSkyGardener I tell ya. I might make another one and see what I could sell it for. Having new iron instead of that old rusted stuff I was using I could put 3 together a day!
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