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  1. It did Chip. Not sure how long it will take for the fruit to ripen. The variety is unknown. I thought we found out what it was, but if it was it should have much more color to the fruit. So now its a waiting game.
  2. Got a few update pictures of the DF. Bad news the 3 buds that had formed fell off. It was like over night the plant was attacked by ants. Not just a few like millions. They were actually eating the plant itself. Any way I think they are under control now and hope to be able to keep them at bay.
  3. Thats great info @woodchip gardener! Thanks for sharing that!!
  4. 7 years from seeds. The 3 and 4 year plants not sure how they determine the time. But they say they could have fruit in 2 years. Atleast the ones i got. I still have not up planted mine. Tomorrow hopefully if the rain holds out.
  5. Sorry about the wrong name on the last quote Chip. I was on break at work and rushing. I am very excited. Getting the others into their larger buckets will make big differences for them. Most are about root bound already. I was not planning on having to stay at work for beginning of February to July and my plants have suffered for it. Nothing they wont rebound from but its putting them behind. By next spring I should have everything in place and ready to ramp up production on the tomatoes, cucumbers, and dragon fruit. Its really nice to be doing it at home instead of out in the country. The lil dude is always helping and it makes it all worth it!
  6. Chip, they are very attracted to the ants. Not sure if they are bad or not for the plant. Its been raining the last week here and the ants found the plant. I don't want to poison. So just gonna have to see what happens. I had my wife wash the ants offset she said there were more back a couple hours later.
  7. Depending on the variety its from 32 to 47 days. Its kind of like tomatoes theres a period of a few days where the fruit can be picked and be good through that range. The longer on the vine the less flavor the fruit will have. Now saying that. Not knowing exactly what variety this is. Could take a few times with fruit to find the days to maturity. I just hope its one of the days I am in from work! I wanna eat it fresh off the plant!
  8. Got some pictures and was really excited! 3 more buds have formed on the plant. Along with the fruit seeming like its continuing to grow and start putting some color! Really excited!
  9. I will do that Chto get a couple more pictures tonight. But they are traveling in from north alabama today so not sure if they will be home in time. I try to get pictures every 2 days. I also try to record the flower opening. But was not well enough prepared so there was not enough light. Its a fun learning experience though, and I really cannot wait till multiple flowers and fruit are growing from the different varieties!
  10. Here are 2 pictures of the flower/fruit 1 week after hopeful pollination. I have sent pictures to a few friends. 1/2 say it is and 1/2 says its not... lol anyway. It looks like the fruit is growing hopefully in another week it will be more definite as to weather it was good or not. Here's to hoping!
  11. Chip, I got a couple pictures last night from my wife. I will try and upload them in a little while and put them here. Its hard to know as its my first time with a flower. It seems to be set but the color that most show at this point is not there... i sent pictures to a couple friends and its split down the middle. Some say yes and others say no. Lol Not knowing the exact variety is also causing so issues on knowing for sure.
  12. It ended up being nothing more than show. Witch we are thankful for. I hope and pray that it just falls apart. No one needs that trouble with flooding. Already enough crap going on in the world. The issues at my place seems to be the drainage. Lafayette basically drains through my town and the ones next to it. So we end up wigh flooding the day after the rain stops. For Rita the storm surge got us with a direct hit. Then high tide along with the towns from the north draining and it was bad. In 16 we had a summer storm that just sat and dumped water on lafayette. Ended up with 27 inches of water in my garage. I was stuck offshore for 10 days. With the wife and a 9 month old at home. Her being from Ohio had never experienced anything like that. Living on the gulf coast is amazing but the issues are starting to mount! Hope yall make it through with no issues
  13. Was out in the gulf today and some storm bands started rolling in to the coast!
  14. We did 1 30 foot row with dasher 2s this year. We ate all we could. The 2 neighbors ate all they could, and my 2 older daughters and their boyfriends ate all they could. We gave i dont know how much away and still sold for 350 dollars in cucumbers at 50 cents a cucumber. It was a banner year for us in cucumbers
  15. Pruning does make them more easily tamed. But I would not say that it boosts production. I have tried both. Though the pruned ones were in the GH and not pruned were outside in the ground. The not pruned way out produced the pruned. If your growing in a limited area and stringing them pruning is needed. It also helps to limit the amount that you could get in a single day. As there are less places for the cukes to form. Growing in a trellis I would go with no pruning. The suckers will also produce cukes. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
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