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  1. It is called "tough love"....and hard to do for so many people because of the "what if's". I knew a girl from my hometown who tried to play her daddy like a fiddle....he wasn't having it. She was the only girl and the baby of the family..I was older than her by 12 yrs, but I knew her cousin very well....a good friend of mine. Well, the girl was 22 and splendidly educated and naturally smart to boot . Well, her daddy booted her out of his house with 1st months rent/utility money to seek an apt, because she had not pursued employment in any major way after college while living with him for 8
  2. Champs....got a neighbor just like that. He and his preg wife and 5 yr old daughter moved in with her parents last yr. or more...across the street near me. I am shocked the parents allowed that....my other neighbor told me it was because their daughter, that bum's wife, has MS. He does NOTHING all day....just sits on the front porch vaping and coughing. Once a day, weather permitting, he rides his now 6 yrs old's tiny bike (looks so stupid cuz he is 6 ft tall !) around the neighborhood briefly then goes back to the porch to vape away the day. A person told me about 6 months ago he got a job, w
  3. Welcome!! Think you will enjoy this forum.
  4. I wondered about it possibly trapping my good insects,too....I am organic and do not want to do that. I do not have big problems ever with aphids but did get a small patch showing on my Crowder peas one yr recently.....I sprayed just that small section with NEEM twice and solved it. Since I do not spray non-organic chemicals or really not even those most yrs ,I usually get pretty good numbers of beneficial insects....they do a really good job for me, so far as pest control. Thanks for the article...many things I see on Facebook,etc are often not what they claim ...or just slightly so.
  5. Exactly right!!!!!
  6. Boy...those look good....can almost taste them in my mind! Yes, we had fish every Friday,too, when growing up. Fresh and deep friedd or pan fried, grilled, baked....even tuna casserole if no whole fish.
  7. Do hope you are better soon,Judy...glad you can take it easy some right now and hope the improvement continues!!
  8. About the only thing I can do now is maybe load the garden with compost....need to get some more bags of it,too. Way too windy today, or I would also get ahead of the spiders in the spaces of the vinyl siding on the porch ceiling and behind all the shutters. I never see the spiders....only the web masses they produce. Wind is so gusty tho today...will have to wait on that.
  9. I do hope your grandfather stays ok....and down the line ,too. In such short research trials how would anyone know the effects say even after 8 months, a year? I certainly agree with you on the forced or mandated (to hold jobs, enter stores, even go to a doctor's office) vaccines. That is just so wrong, it is unfathomable. Next they will take our SS/Medicare away without proof of vaccine....wait for it! Sure sounds like coming to the "End Times" to me.
  10. Saw on Fox news last night where a lady in NY said she lost her job, because she refused to take the vaccine....said she and her hubby are trying to get pregnant. She wants more research done (not the rushed up 4 month study on humans) before she will take when possibly preg. She said she was appalled at losing her job....all vaccines have warnings for pregnant women so why is this one being forced? Also saw on there a report of a man who took the vaccine and quickly developed a rare blood disorder. So, if his friends and family balk at taking the vaccine, will they lose their jobs? Tucker C
  11. Judy...I would absolutely hate to be working out in that....brrrr!! I remember some really bad cold spells in Ms...but the good thing there is there was just several days of it and maybe just once a yr for the really bad spell...but It was such a damp, down to the bone, cold...no dry air there!!! In fact 40 degrees there seemed much colder than 40 degrees here....not as damp/humid here. I remember some days there having to take a warm shower to really warm up down to my bones ...have never felt that way here. Bundle up...stay healthy!!
  12. We have some rain here now (and tonight) and occasional blowing wind....not cold, is 41. However we will get down to 25 tonight and the high only 31 tomorrow. Sounds like will be icy to me tho no one sounding any major alarms about it.
  13. My brother in Kingwood,Tx sent a pic of the snow...so weird to get a pic like that from him. He has not mentioned any problems with electricity so guess they are ok on that front.
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