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  1. Wow...that is a heap of cukes!!! We have not seen one mosquito this yr. They are not ever bad here at all, but to not see even one is great.
  2. Tomatoes have slowed....lots of green but no ripening to be seen. Peppers were disappointing this year....so far. Enough to dice and freeze some but def not a stellar yr. Crowder peas took steroids,evidently....can hardly stay ahead or them...ha, actually I can't!. So many beneficial various wasps of all kinds out there on them....will always let my parsley bolt ...that is what started the massive influx of pollinators ,etc.. A guy from our home town who is a friend from waaaay back even to kindergarten will visit us this weekend.He retired last Fall from farming...4,ooo acres of cotton and soybeans in the past but lots of corn recently. He is the most laid back,easy going individual in the world....as they say, "He don't care if the sun don't shine." He is what I call"easy company"...ha, always a pleasure!!
  3. Where is the roadrunner when you need him? Beep,beep!!!
  4. Great view!!!!!! No wonder you almost never stop! I see your pesky deer do have quite a nice woods right next to it...
  5. Oh, Goodness, Double B....260 beats per minute!!!! I have had tachycardia since age 18...pretty rarely, but enough for me!!! 200 beats per minute is the highest it gets but usually goes on for 2.5 hrs. and usually just stops on it's on. Mine is not all that uncommon in people...have not had it happen in about 10 yrs now....yay!! I have some propanolol (Lowpressor) on hand just in case. Works well, if I take almost immediately when the tachycardia starts...if not, ha, may be a trip to the ER.....where they just sit and stare at me til it stops!!! One doctor in Memphis gave to something to stop my heart completely...then he counted to 4 or 5 and it started back up in the correct rhythm . Weird feeling not to have any heartbeat at all... I didn't care what he did, as I was STARVING, and my aunt and sister were waiting on me in the ER to go out to lunch. We were on our way to lunch when it happened and the propranolol did not work....had drunk too much black coffee, I think. Now I drink only half decaf/half regular coffee mixed together...and only 1 mug a day. Has happened on no coffee...so that is not the only cause. I know how it feels for such rapid heartbeat and sympathize greatly with you. Mine is some kind of electrical/ nerve thing...guess I was born with it . Have an aunt who had it but only at night for her. Yours may be something of a different cause, since it came on later in life....I would think so. Whatever it is , do what the doc says to do....and yes, take it more easy. . Moderate exercise is always good at any age....but strenuous work in the heat and humidity ( especially over a certain age ) can be a real no-no. Lots of people seem to do very well on the various meds available today for the later life arrhythmia's. Do hope all is well with your rhythm now....and it stays that way. Prayers for you!!
  6. For years the world leaders have been meeting ....Bilderburg. Highest security...noon can get close to it. Photographers with powerful zoom lenses have filmed the powerful leaders going in and out. The ones this video mentioned minus the goofball young girl and also the Clintons. Obama was invited once he became prez. People have vocalized much concern for 2 decades.....everyone wondering just what is so secret and what are they planning for the world? Even Fox News mentioned some years ago concern about the Bilderburg meetings....guess now it is called Davos..
  7. No....she was as shocked as i was out there when the workmen said they would do all and no charge. Thought she would hit the ground.....think she had been totaling probable charges in her head for the complete removal of the tree,clean up so far , and then soon some treatment of the other tree for the Black Bark disease. She meekly asked how much for the clean up done so far on her lawn alone....he said no charge, and we will come back and take the remaining tree down, and haul off for no charge,either. Well Denise and I both truly 'bout fell out!!!! After they left she just kept saying, "Can you believe that??? How does that happen???" "I really thought maybe we had both just been transported to the Twilight Zone!
  8. We are in the county still but only a stones throw down the street from the city limits. Lots of subdivisions out here....hope they don't annex us anytime soon!! I am glad to know to always inquire if I have any trees fall. Thanks!
  9. A big Maple directly across the street in my neighbor's yard fell across the street, and 5 ft into my front yard. I say big....maybe 50-60 ft? Not good at judging height About 2/3 of the trunk is what split off top to bottom and fell . It had Black Bark disease, and I had told her the wood beetles attracted to the sap would bore to the center....which, evidently they did. Don't think she ever treated it...??? Other than the black bark, it looked perfectly normal..loaded with green leaves.....beautiful tree.Turns to pure gold in the Fall. She was at work so, I called her, and she came home. Her other neighbor called the hwy dept, and they came and cut all up and hauled off. Said they would come cut the rest of the remaining tree down on her property and haul off for her.....everything was done and the rest done tomorrow ....ALL for FREE!!!!! Have never heard of such. We have underground utilities so nothing was impacting electric, telephone lines. Every time a tree has fallen on my property, I have called a tree company and paid dearly. A tree the size of hers would cost about $1500-$2000 minimum to remove... she checked on it a yr ago, when I first told her it was diseased. So, I guess if a tree falls and some of it is in the street, call the hwy dept , and they will clean up the street and your yard,too, and cut any remaining tree part down in your yard and haul all off ....free of charge. WOW...wish I had known this before now. Maybe that is just done here...don't know. Awesome benefit for a change for tax money. Is a person responsible for a diseased tree on their property? I understand the part in the street is on city ,county property...but they went on her property,too, today and will come back and finish up on her property with the remaining stub of a tree. Maybe I have just been stupid about it all my life
  10. Just saw a picture of one on a nature video a friend sent me of various butterflies and moths.....and now I see your pic soon after. Never have seen or heard of one and now see twice in 4 days! Cool moth!!
  11. Goodness, Woodchip, the floor shook!!! We have had some in recent yrs that rattled windowpanes but never shook the floor....that would be very scary! So glad y'all are ok!
  12. Big Sky ..Thanks for the pics and info. Everything is looking really good !! The onion recall is bad.... yours sure look pretty. We still can get them here...all not from Ca. in the grocery store I use. Think my grocery store ones are from Fla, if I remember correctly. Also get from lots of produce stands ...and small mom and pop stores here carry lots from surrounding states,too...Ga, SC, etc. Nothing good seems to come out of Ca anymore...salad, onion, fruit recalls,etc (not to even mention the persistent, noxious odor of communism!). Good luck with everything!
  13. I vibrated the cage ,etc but still nothing but never ending blooms on one Big Boy. Also the heat has not been bad....and the rest of the tomatoes are doing fine.
  14. Could this be your problem?...as usual the brains that be cured one problem and caused another!!! https://www.southernliving.com/garden/grumpy-gardener/is-knockout-rose-down-for-the-count
  15. Uh-0h....one of those Plant Growth Regulator plants!!! Mine got stuck in the height and green tomato stage...maybe some get stuck at the bloom stage!
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