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  1. That is the way I make my omelets. The way he scooped from the sides to the center in the first one is the way i make scrambled eggs....just no folding over and no browning anywhere at anytime. Just keep dragging from the sides until just barely done.
  2. Maggie, I used to plant by the moon but sometimes the inclement weather just would not allow it. Seems like most times it would be raining....I remember things like out of town company here, one yr catching a late Spring horrible respiratory infection.....but mostly ran would be the interference. I finally gave up even considering ....I I did accomplish it for 2 yrs. My garden seemed to do fine whether I planted under the moon or not. Let us know if you see a difference in results.....however, you always seem to have wonderful results (not under the moon)....cannot imagine them getting any better!
  3. Thank you Big Sky....I will admit I never thought of adding water while cooking. However, I do not want" just under the omelet stage".....the eggs have to end up in very soft chunks. The key is (on very low heat) to take a spoon and drag them from the perimeter of the pan to the center....not letting them ever cook but a tiny amt on the bottom at a time....so you end eventually with chunks....very soft almost not done (but done) chunks . There should be some tiny flecks of white,too, throughout, when finished. I have found that it is better to cook them in a ton of butter as opposed to bacon grease....butter just seems to do much better for the softest consistency I want. Doing it omelet style would let one side get into a solid soft mass and not into the loose barely just "done" chunks. LOL, kinda hard to describe!
  4. Hippie....my cousin put mayo in his eggs.....also put ketchup in them when he was a child(green eggs!). Wade,...my mother often made scrambled eggs with milk....I like them with or without. My grandmother made the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs on the face of the earth. ....they were even pretty to look at, as they were yellow with lots of flecks of white. She died in 1980, but the family still talks about those eggs. I can come very close to making them like she did....but just never completely. Have tried so many hacks and read so many cookbooks and know all about cooking them on low and how to do it......but none of us get it exactly like Nanny's. Bet she had a secret way of doing it....I should have been paying attention. All I was ever doing was sitting at the table , salivating, and waiting to eat!!!!
  5. Welcome to the forum Ferd...happy to have you join us.
  6. Still unusually warm here....great for getting out and running errands. Next week just the lows will be in the 20's....usually now the highs are in the teens. Weird, but wonderful!!!
  7. Fred....I have always found that the uglier a tomato,the better it tastes.
  8. Rabbitproof


    Great victory!! Geaux Tigers and Go SEC!!!! Yes, Boudin, Coach O has turned out to be a great decision.
  9. I had bad luck with my one attempt with Cherokee Purple....I thought a a small mouse had died on one of the leaves. It was not an animal....it was a THING that was gray and fuzzy on top like velvet and looked like white shiny fat tissue underneath....GROSS!!! Plus it grew well for about 3 ft and then all all the new leaves were extremely tiny after that. Other than that the plant looked healthy. Only got a few tomatoes off of it....were fairly good but nothing to brag about.
  10. Rabbitproof


    Absolutely!! My husband has to go to work, but he seems to be able to function on very little sleep...at age 73!! Me, I need my sleep to function at all. Oh, no....just missed the field goal...man, I hate that!!
  11. Bonnie is using growth regulators in Tomatoes and peppers now....if you buy them, I was told to buy their organic ones ONLY to insure no GR's are used.
  12. Rabbitproof


    The Tigers are making me too nervous!! I won't sleep tonight, either way. Geaux TIGERS!!!!!
  13. I love Brandywine...have grown them for years. I grow them organically but really never have had too terribly many problems with disease, bugs,etc. I love the old fashioned taste.....I may just have lucked out with the lack of many problems, because I do know heirlooms don't have the protections of hybrids. Anyway....try a few and use good methods of ventilation spacing, mulch the ground below,etc. , cut off any diseased looking stems or branches as they appear,etc. Worth trying to see if you like the taste.
  14. Ohhh, boy!! Bobby saw this just now sitting next to me and said "I gotta get some lunch" now!! We were thinking of skipping lunch, because we had breakfast later than normal...ha,guess not!!
  15. Judy....I am so sorry!!! Am glad the house just had shingles missing,tho....boy, that was close!!! Greenville had some damage...Bobby's old historic cotton office was so damaged that I guess they will just tear it down....so sad to see the pics folks sent me. We missed a bullet here yesterday evening....really high winds and such torrential rain. Absolutely cannot believe the electricity stayed on. So strange how we will hear thunder in the distance, and the lights go off....then the next storm the house almost blows away, lightening, etc. yet electricity stays on....always a mystery to me!! Hope your clean up chore goes well. Be safe.
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