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  1. Haven't used the Nutra Bullet in a good yr or so. Funny how we go in great spurts using all the various countertop appliances around here. I used to make strawberry, blueberry, milk smoothies all the time....and banana /milk or banana/OJ almost everyday. Will definitely try your cantaloupe concoctions, too...time to crank that great little "bullet" back up. Yum, watermelon will be so refreshing for the summer,too.
  2. Ok, Champs...recommended by BC what is your recipe for cantaloupe smoothie???...sounds like something I would def want to know!
  3. Ridiculous amt of all weather that you have gotten there. Admire your tenacity for sure...and other's too, as south La, etc seems to have gotten swamped this year. I do hope the rain does not mar the taste of your cantaloupes. That would be a real shame! I am LOVING the cantaloupes here so far.......so sweet. Since I won't fight the rabbits and grow them anymore, I can sure enjoy others who grow enough for both the rabbits and me!!!
  4. Champs....NOW I see all....looking very good!
  5. I clicked on all but did not show the pics....what am I doing wrong?
  6. Yes indeed....Happy Father's Day to all dads.
  7. I do like stuffed squash tho never make it. We have a friend who makes it....have it at her house every now and then. I love squash period. Mostly tho I just cook it with onion and butter ,fry it, or make squash casserole. Have you ever made a baked whole onion? My grandmother made those fairly often way back when....am baking a couple tonight. Never made before..sure sounds simple...I used to love hers.
  8. I just "water"with straight milk if I see it coming on...always works. However, I don't grow so many as the rest of y'all. Would get too expensive with even the cheapest milk for a lot of tomatoes. Is a calcium uptake problem...uneven watering. I rarely have the problem.... I think because I never overwater. I make sure the soil is dry before I water.
  9. My father's friend used to drop him off a pickup truck full of cotton gin compost each yr for his tomatoes....he loved the stuff. He did not grow many ,but they were the best.
  10. Is there not some spray or something for your legs to keep those monsters off you? Got to be something that would work.
  11. LOL!!!! What mask? I never even carried or donned one.
  12. Eeeewwwheeee...You are the master of breaking basic cardinal rules. Did your mama not tell you that only the peckerwoods HAVE to brag on themselves, cuz no one else will.....LOL!!!! At Ole Miss we had no peckerwoods ...however, at "War Buzzard" University , I have heard they are most plentiful!!! Now FYI...I actually always rinsed the dirt off my sweet potatoes and then" cured" them....they did fine. Then kept them in well ventilated milk crates, and they lasted well into the following April(May?) when we finally ran out of them. So far as non sweet potatoes, I have no experience w
  13. M... Now you know I cannot sarcastically comment about your personal description/denigration after hearing the rather hellacious garden and chore situation there...which BTW makes my situation here this year look like a vacation in progress. LOL, I am just not that cruel.
  14. I just bought a boatload yesterday!! NOW what do I do with all of it??? Guess I will be making squash casseroles for days to freeze! I will fry some up tonight for supper but won't make a dent in it. Don't waste any of yours....donate to the farmers mkt ,or a convenience store, or your local food pantry, or a church that donates food....or stick in a big box on the hwy and mark FREE SQUASH due to overproduction.. Of course it won't be total waste at all just thrown in your compost pile either....future nutrients!!
  15. Judy....did not work....said 'Oops, something went wrong."
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