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  1. Wow....awesome day....51 right now but sun and a gorgeous blue sky. Think it got down into the high 30's last night....was supposed to.
  2. Judy....Where did you get that video. I cannot find on Youtube. If I copy and paste from this forum, I get the whole forum page. Would like to just send the video to my friends and sibs.
  3. Judy....This is exactly what I have imagined from day one. Here in Blount County TN they say we now have 25 cases diagnosed....25 puny cases...no deaths. The hospitals are all at normal capacity for this time of year....not crowded at all with even flu. From what I can tell, everyone here is just mostly going about their business....except for the poor folks whose business offices have shut down. So this whole thing is just going to hurt the economy and small businesses.....nothing more!! I repeat....who would believe the media in this day and age? They know Trump will be elected this year....they have sunk to the eternal depths to try such a stunt to prevent it. I do not think people here believed it all for one minute. We are washing our hands and not touching our faces, but I preach that every winter and early Spring just to prevent the flu ,so no big deal. I do hope the real and entire truth comes out about this....loud and clear.....and sinks the liberal media forever.
  4. I am totally skeptical of the Corona numbers being put out....for deaths and cases. After reading an article saying that the number of deaths in Italy were only 12% of what they say they are and then reading a tweet by the girl in NYC who said her relative died from complications of Diabetes post surgery, but the hospital reported it as death from COVID instead, I am most skeptical. Well, frankly I already was. Any numbers can be thrown out....no one could check it out for sure. After nothing but fake news from the media for years are we supposed to believe them now? Sorry, but I do not. They can manipulate anything and everything to push their agenda's....and have repeatedly done so , as has been proven over and over for years. So suddenly, they are credible now? Like I said, I am most skeptical!!!
  5. Rajun, I agree with you.I have grown heirlooms every yr for 17 years....they have done well and taste awesome. Sure one has to watch them closely, but I even have success growing organically with no chemicals or non organic sprays. Heirlooms ROCK!!!!
  6. I don't know for sure, but I believe I might ditch those.....I usually don't see anything like that til maybe later in the year. I sure would hate to actually start out with it!! I have never seen problems that early, so I really do not know for sure if there is a way to treat. Some one else may have dealt with it before,tho. Brandywines have no natural defenses against disease....do not know f they could recover....???????
  7. Hello, Diane....welcome aboard.
  8. We have had to go to Home Depot 2 times in 2 days....I don't think anyone reads or watches the news here about the Corona..Home Depot packed to the gills....had to hunt for a parking spot. I asked Bobby what are so many elderly(high risk) people doing here? He reminded WE were the elderly....oops, I had forgotten!! Gorgeous days, but rain will be from 5am until noon tomorrow ..all yard work done now and next week on to the garden. We still only have one confirmed Corona in our county....they are doing ok from what I have heard.
  9. I think bypass the police and give a little citizen justice first for these fools. Make them terrified to do such a thing !!
  10. Double B....poor NYC....a mess there! We also have a relative in healthcare....and he has a one yr old child!! Today both hubby and I are finally able to do the yardwork....I am sooooo thrilled. Not being facetious, as I really am thrilled!! Never thought I would say that about yard work!!
  11. A high school friend's sister in NYC had tested positive for Corona and has been sick. She has just recovered completely....she is in her early 70's. Was so relieved to hear.....had just found out about her even having it a few days ago.
  12. Well, the Goose Eggs are saying now no rain til Sunday...after predicting rain every day til then just yesterday . What? Oh well, that is very good news...if we can trust them!!!!
  13. Govt welfare,etc has created a huge lazy class!! Also there are way too many entitled "snowflakes" in the country to boot. Ha, this is why we arm ourselves during a crisis. I have no room for a big garden but have shared with other as I could. Last 2 yrs because of the PGR's on my tomato and pepper plants I was lucky to feed us a bite!! Do hope to side skirt that this year with organic transplants....hope,hope!
  14. Our yard looks like a jungle....raining ,as usual. Hoping hubby can have the right conditions (even a little bit) to cut it before next month!!!!!.
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