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  1. Maybe she has friends in high places.
  2. I've seen 2 of them. Very neat to spot one and see them fly, looks like a hummingbird flying.
  3. Got this on an email. Pretty quick, simple survey to fill out. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/profiles/rbogren/articles/page1596654202868
  4. Maybe getting too much shade? Maybe a variety difference, not a good variety for heat tolerance.
  5. I planted some of the flower and shallot seeds the other day to see how they would do. I'm kind of a hoarder and will save them in case things ever get really bad in the future.
  6. They would sell them like that with one price marked out and their price. I used to keep my seeds in the freezer which is probably the best, but I've gotten lazy and just keep them in ziplok bags inside the house.
  7. I have a lot of old seeds, lots that never got planted. Good thing I bought a lot on clearance and paid a few pennies for many of them.
  8. It's been a while since I planted, but I remember I read to plant as early in the Spring as posssible to produce early before SVB get bad..
  9. Thanks to both of you for the kind words
  10. Enjoying some fresh fried eggplant and thankful to be recovering from the Covid.
  11. They have a PBS show about him but I can't figure out how to view it online.
  12. Interesting, seems they should have done a better job of saving these varieties after all the research developing them. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/profiles/jmorgan/articles/page1594928163370
  13. Possible grackle damage. I had problems with them at another home I lived at. A man told me they rub the fruit with their beaks and spread the oils on their feathers to get rid of lice. https://www.plantanswers.com/citrus_damaged.htm
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