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  1. From the link: A link to the online classroom will be emailed out to registered students on June 5th
  2. I had a lizard that stayed in one container. He would be laying on the leaves when I checked them. I had no insect problems and I figured maybe he helped. I'd see him in the morning licking the dew off a leaf.
  3. I have planted Contender in the past but all I was able to buy was Blue Lake 156 seeds from American Seed from Walmart. They seemed to yield good and were good eating.
  4. I had 2 containers of green beans this Spring, around 10 plants in each one. I pulled them up yesterday, they were about finished. After 7 pickings I made 6 lbs- 10 oz. Not bad for a small space.
  5. I noticed when you register it lets you choose your state so it must not be a problem.
  6. The bran will sour once it get wet and stink and draw flies. You don't want it in your garden. Completely different product from rice hulls.
  7. Fred

    Fruit tree fungus

    That looks like some nasty stuff.
  8. I got a link to this in an email today. I signed up and hopefully I will be able to complete it. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/home-gardening-certificate-course-tickets-105988584710?fbclid=IwAR2qOURX2szdTdkmWWx8gMWNCua8auWv8mDJX02wfwdZ1HyDcBJP_SMvRXo
  9. Good luck, it has been easy to grow for me.
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