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  1. Double B, I will wait on the Hamlin Orange to see if I get new growth above the graft. I had the bottom 15 inches of the trunk covered with a 7 gallon nursery pot filled with sand. I am hoping that saved the grafted area from being killed. If it did I should get new growth to start regrowing the tree. It will be a slow process but it may grow back pretty strong with a big root system pushing it. It sounds like there is going to be a lot of palm tree damage.
  2. My sister lost a large bottle brush tree. My Hamlin Sweet Orange about 12 years old looks bad, hopefully the graft is not killed and will re-sprout. My satsuma took a hit but I think it will recover. My Olive tree looked ok then started dropping a lot of leaves, not sure about it. I have a Ficus plant I've had since a 96 funeral that may be finished. I covered it but it must have been too cold.
  3. Yea, you have to be careful about some of the internet info. I mixed up a spray for aphids with mineral oil that I got off the internet. Almost killed all my pepper plants using it.
  4. I was thinking that aphids don't fly so I don't think it will be effective for them. Here is an article talking about the yellow traps. https://www.gardenmyths.com/aphid-control-yellow-sticky-traps/
  5. We had a low of 15 degrees here. I had some Snow Peas planted in December about 12 inches tall and they got burnt pretty bad. I dug them up today and planted potatoes in their spot. My olive tree about 5 years old looks good, no damage. My Hamlin Sweet Orange got hit pretty hard, going to loose all its leaves, hopefully not killed to the ground. My satsuma looks like it is going to be ok, it had more protection on the side of the house. I had banked sand around my citrus tree trunks and ran a heat lamp on the satsuma. I also had an old highway smudge pot that I burned under my satsuma t
  6. A nursery owner told my brother about that trick and he told me. That would be bad with 300 olive trees. I have one olive tree and hope it makes it ok. This is the worst cold snap we have had here since 1989 I believe. There is a citrus orchard about 5 miles from me. I imagine he is going to have a rough time.
  7. This is a nursery pot with the bottom cut out, split down the side and filled with sand. The purpose is to keep the graft from freezing and allows your tree to grow back from the graft if the top is killed by low temperatures. They are showing a low of 13 degrees for us, every day the forecast has been getting colder. The stump on the side was from cold damage in 2014 I believe.
  8. Some people take a food grade plastic drum and cut it in half. I use some empty cattle molasses tubs which have a 25 gallon capacity/. They are black and you may be able to find some of those from your local feed store or Craiglist. I have some that are over 15 years old. Some people use half whiskey barrels.
  9. Looks good. What do you use for planting soil?
  10. That looks like some good jelly. I just finished juicing the last of my Hamlin Sweet Oranges.
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