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  1. Your peas look good, thanks for the info. If I need to hold some over to be shelled the next day, do I store in the frig or leave them out?
  2. Anyone care to give some tips for harvesting purple hull peas? Mine are coming in now. First picking I picked some too early and were hard to shell. Looks like I will get a pretty good yield on my small planting.
  3. My only other suggestion is excess rain, water hitting the soil and splashing on the fruits causing them to go bad.
  4. Sun scald maybe? Are they fruits that are exposed to direct sun?
  5. Looks good. I sprayed with Daconil this year and it seemed to help control diseases. I read that cool weather can cause cat-facing. I had some from the early fruits and then it cleared up.
  6. BigSky, I use a tablespoon calcium nitrate spread around each plant and watered in around once a week once the first tomatoes are about the size of a quarter. I do not use the foliar spray. This link from LSU shows 1 tsp/plant which is less than I use with my container tomatoes. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/topics/lawn_garden/home_gardening/vegetables/disease_pest_management/blossomend-rot
  7. I use Calcium Nitrate fertilizer on my tomatoes weekly once they start making small tomatoes to help with BER. Also, don't let them get too dry and start wilting before you water them. That seems to trigger it when that happens.
  8. I'm finishing up my tomato season, have some field peas and okra coming. Picking a lot of figs and selling a few fig trees on Craiglist and La Market Bulletin.
  9. Looking good, nice harvest.
  10. Welcome Lance
  11. Great picture, pretty looking corn.
  12. Anyone else here growing them? My 4 plants are making a lot of them.
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