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  1. I’ll have to check around. I’ve never known of anything other than bonnie plants around here. Will make some calls tomorrow.
  2. I been saying I wasn’t going to plant any Bonnie plants anymore. They just haven’t been the same these last 3-4 years or so. But waiting so long to plant the tomato and pepper seeds, I may not have much choice.
  3. Got the lime spread and tilled in. Tomorrow try and put the end fence back up. I bought some bella Rosa and Dixie red seed but messed around and didn’t plant them. Is it to late to plant tomato or pepper seeds now?
  4. I intend to go out in a little while spread some lime and till it in. Then put the end fence back up.
  5. Still haven’t planted anything yet but I hooked up the tiller and tilled garden today. Just don’t know if I can skip a season without planting something.
  6. Looks like we going to have a cold snap next few days. Usually have one close to Easter every year.
  7. I’m still trying to keep to my word to let it lay this year. Got out and weed eated a border around inside of fence just in case I decide to till.
  8. I don’t remember having a freeze after my pecan trees bud either.
  9. We were glad to be able to see her. With everything going on this past year, we’ve missed out on some things.
  10. My granddaughter has grown up helping me in the garden. She’s a high school senior and I want to tell you she won her school beauty pageant last night. Proud of her.
  11. Not so much what I did in garden today but what I haven’t been doing. I said earlier I was gonna let the garden lay this year. So far I have. But I may end up having told y’all a story. I may have to till and plant at least part of it. Here’s a picture. I haven’t done anything yet.
  12. I haven’t been on here much lately but I will jump back in. Been catching up on posts lasts couple days or so. Champs, I been using drip last 4-5 years. Big Sky covered it pretty good. I do about the same just on a smaller scale.
  13. 28 degrees here earlier this morning. Looking like a nice day though. High around 70 degrees. Normally I’d be getting garden ready but so far I’m sticking to my plan of letting it lay this year. Just a few tomato and peppers.
  14. You’re right about dumping a lot of seed. Mine always has. Depending what kind of peas I was planting, sometimes I would block every other hole on seed plate. I don’t know anything about the jang planter.
  15. You can get a fertilize hopper for it also. At least you used to could. But I never did get it to work good.
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