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  1. Remember the tomato that didn’t look like it was going to make it in potting mix that stayed wet. I dumped everything out of the bucket at edge of woods. Was riding by it and had to take a second look.
  2. Nice again this morning. At 7:45 it’s clear and 70 degrees.
  3. I wasn’t comfortable letting them go. They were just coming out of woods and sound of utv turned them around and I didn’t try to get to the house to get my shotgun. My wife told me I should have called her and watched it til she brought gun to me. I was bit by a chicken snake when young kid. Made me sick. Also bit by baby rattlesnake just few years ago. Luckily it didn’t break the skin for some reason.
  4. I have always done same but I must be changing some as I get older. I actually guided couple of chicken snakes back to the woods last summer. But if I see them in or around any sheds I will get rid of them. I don’t like opening a door and a snake is staring at me.
  5. We just got another pounding. Hard rain and 30+ mph wind. Easing up some now.
  6. Clear, hot and muggy today. Already 86 degrees at 11:30. At least clear til now. Yesterday was nice til mid afternoon. Thunderstorms and high winds moved in from about 3 thru 7:30 Power out 7:40-11:20. Went out to garden last night while power was out and squash laying on sides again.
  7. Side dressed the tomatoes, squash, watermelons and cucumbers with only fertilizer I had, 10-10-10. Good timing, about 3 hours later got a good shower that last about an hour.
  8. I have 4 hot peppers, 1 in a 5 gallon bucket and the other 3 in a 17 gallon container. Hopefully our 50 degree days are behind us for a while.
  9. Been a nice day here. We need a good soaking rain for a couple days without any severe weather with it. We’ve had more wind that I can remember having for a long time for this time of year.
  10. We got almost a half inch the last two days. Today, you wouldn’t know it rained a drop. It goes right thru this sand. Our 10 day forecast is not showing any big chances for rain. One day is a 50% chance. It will probably change though.
  11. I think each year I’m may start injecting fertilizer next year but so far I haven’t. If it would be easier on me, I need to do it. Nowadays I have to make it as easy on me as I can just to be able work the garden.
  12. Same for me. I thought the 15 mil would work better but it was just opposite. I like the 8 mil better. Mine is 12” spacing also. It works out good for me because if I fertilize when planting, I like to put fertilize under the row. I open a fur, fertilize, lay drip tape, then cover it up and I don’t mess with drip tape til time to pull it up at end of season.
  13. We got a 1/8” of rain yesterday and 1/4” today. Would have liked more but least wasn’t any severe weather with it. Every little bit helps and nothing like rain water for the crops.
  14. You not messing around are you. That’s super nice.
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