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  1. I know the first picture ain’t showing much, but I love the smell of fresh plowed dirt; and I can almost smell it by looking at it.
  2. This one doesn’t come with heat mat. Looks like a heating mat is one of most important things to get.
  3. Good pictures “gene”. Glad to see more pictures being posted. I see you’re not a big greens eater. Me either. Family and friends have always picked on me for not eating many greens.
  4. Don’t know yet which or how much of each I’ll plant, but I already have seed for top pick purple hull, top pick creams, whipporwills, Dixie lee butter peas, some running butter beans and blue lake pole beans. Will set out a few Bonnie original tomato plants and a couple dragon cayenne and habanero pepper plants. Also hoping to try a few peppers from seed for first time. I forgot also have field corn seed.
  5. It’s good to see more pictures.
  6. Here’s few more. Mostly peas
  7. If I try this, I’m going to do one at a time. I’ll try peppers.
  8. I’m not a big green eater either, but I still like looking at the pictures.
  9. I don’t guess I’ve ever seen a wire hoe. I just looked it up and watched couple videos.
  10. I think my biggest problem would be not having a heated place to do this. I can’t do it in the house and neither my storage shed or shop is heated. I been researching start up kits and cold frames. It may be over my head for no more than a dozen or so plants. Here’s a picture of just one startup kit of many I looked at last couple nights.
  11. Good picture. Looking at it brought back memories me bottle feeding when I was a youngun. Them calves can give you a workout for sure. I bet he had fun.
  12. Tomatoes and peppers only things I never started from seed.
  13. Around here if you growing tomatoes or peppers, it’s going to be Bonnie plants. I’d like to try some different varieties of peppers and only way is from seed. I’m only talking about maybe a half dozen or so. My main question is, can I plant the seed directly in container or ground and not have to start inside or under heat lamps, etc.
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