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  1. Another dreary day like yesterday. Misting and drizzling rain of and on just enough to keep from be able to do much outside.
  2. I remember you mentioning the growth regulating in earlier post a little while back. That’s main reason I decided to try some from seed this time. Will have to remember to check bonnies organic varieties. I know my Bonnie tomatoes haven’t done as good these last couple years.
  3. T posts may be the way to go. I’ve got plenty of them. When this rain stops, I’ll do a dry run with a couple buckets.
  4. I’ve always heard good things about the Cherokee purple. May try them next year. See how the brandy wines do this year. Probably still set out a few Bonnie plants just in case. Bonnie plants don’t seem to be as good as they used to be.
  5. Y’all make seed starting look so easy.
  6. Brandywine is one of the tomato varieties I ordered. Anyone have experience with them?
  7. I mix the mayo in eggs after they on my plate. I knew a guy that put milk in eggs while in pan. Never saw or eat any he scrambled.
  8. No damage. Medium sized cedar tree blew down at tree line. It fell into the trees. Had highest wind gusts that we’ve had in a long time.
  9. Seed was supposed to come today but didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. I see some of you have already started. I said I was going to just try peppers from seed but went ahead and ordered two varieties of tomatoes also.
  10. I got 6-8 buckets out of shed that I used to put shelled corn in. Think I’m gonna use a couple of them. That will give me 6 containers total. I better not go overboard til I see how I do with containers. I know I got to figure a simple way to anchor the 5 gallon buckets though.
  11. Looks good. I’ll be trying it. Never made a sandwich, but have always put mayo in my scrambled eggs. Salt, pepper, sometimes some hot sauce and toast or just slice of bread.
  12. That’s a thought. I use the Florida weave on peppers but always used cages with tomatoes.
  13. Weatherman is talking like we could have some bad weather Saturday. Possibly tornadoes.
  14. I couldn’t have camouflaged that cage around the container any better if I had tried.
  15. I wouldn’t need to double stack cages that way. Here’s picture I took today with one slid over container. But I would have to wire ty another cage on top to be tall enough. This ain’t a good picture but maybe can see the cage.
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