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  1. Oh yeah. Real funny. I remember that day about 60 years ago just like it was yesterday.
  2. Sun was out most of weekend. Put the plants out on the deck both days.
  3. 52 degrees with light rain this morning. Looks like rain today and night, then not much chance predicted til weekend. If that happens, I hope to be able to till garden about Friday. Will see how it goes.
  4. Around here the 410 is not to poplar. I always heard if you can’t handle a 12 gauge you don’t need to be shooting a shotgun. And believe me, some folks loved putting a 12 gauge loaded with a round of double 0 buck in a younguns hands to watch him shoot his first time.
  5. Ok, thanks. I been trying to make do with my shop light. I thought if they hung in there til all this rain gets out of here, I could get them some sun and that might perk them up.
  6. Yep, up til about 5 years ago, a 12 gauge was all I had. Started out hunting deer with buckshot, years of dove shoots, ducks, bear protection in Alaska; probably part of reason my shoulder is like it is now. Ithaca pump. Lots of memories. Think I’m fixing to give it to my youngest grandson.
  7. Here’s pictures of the tomatoes and peppers I planted Feb 6. What do they look like to y’all? I don’t know how big or tall they should be.
  8. I have a lever action .410. It only shoots the 2 1/2” shells. I took it behind the house this afternoon and shot it 6 times. 6 less sweet gum balls in that tree now. Going to look at the Savage over/under .22/.410, but I like this lever action.
  9. The reason for the .410 is that’s about as much kick as my shoulder can take anymore. I’ll still carry my handgun but will put the shotgun in gun rack on good days.
  10. I’ve always carried a .22 cal handgun. Had different ones thru the years but never thought to much about other calibers. Well I’ve been thinking, the rattlesnake in my yard a couple weeks ago liked to got away from me because I couldn’t hit him. I can’t see as good as I used to. That’s a good excuse anyway. I’m thinking I better start keeping a .410 shotgun with me in utv. I have a couple already. Plus, it’s gotten to where I can’t shoot a .22 in any direction like I used to. I’m not worried still carrying .22 for protection, I can hit in a 6-8” circle at around 5-7 yards but that don’t help hitting a snakes head
  11. It’s 58 degrees. Temps are going to be dropping today. Steady rain now.
  12. It’s been pouring rain for last half hour. Hopefully looking at radar, there’s no bad stuff.
  13. Low of 54 degrees here this morning. But weatherman calling for a repeat of last week.
  14. Yep. Not looking to hard this time of year for rattlesnakes. Plus I’ve always been able to take care of anything with a .22. I’m about to get to where I can’t hit something the size of a snake head.
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