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  1. Will be headed to doctor in a half hour. Nope. No giving up. Been downsizing for the last 10 years or so. When you’ve played and worked outside your whole life, it’s kinda tough not to be able to. Well, gotta get going. Should be interesting.
  2. Not much to show. Sidedressed the peas. The peas and the 3 pepper plants at the end are all that’s left. We put up enough this year to last a couple years. Thinking seriously about letting the garden lay next year. Doctors appointment tomorrow. May not have a choice. Going to tell him same thing and see if it makes him happy.
  3. How would I do it on iPad? You probably saw I still didn’t figure it out this morning.
  4. I always pull mine up after a good rain. Need to be able to get close and with both hands pull straight up. Even then some can be tuff to pull. I just pulled mine a few days ago.
  5. I been going in menu and entering. Then i back out of it to forum. Then it show I had left and just entering again.
  6. If I enter the chat room, how do I read forum posts without the chat room closing me out. Or can I ?
  7. ol hippie


    Thought I’d get some fly time in this afternoon. It’s just to hot. Setting up in the shade and by time ready to fly, I was dripping in sweat. Decided real quick this was Not going to be fun. Packed it back up. Didn’t even take off.
  8. All looking great Maggie. Wish I had some of the broccoli.
  9. I’ve cut down, pulled up and tilled most of garden. Only thing left is a double row of week old peas that’s just coming up and 3 pepper plants. I go to dr a week from tomorrow and he’s gonna probably scold me for working the garden this season. Wanted to have most of it done just in case.
  10. ol hippie

    PMR 30

    Same here on the health issues and the PMR-30. Wishing the best on your issues. I carried mine for a good while but switched to something smaller. Broke it back out last week and shot probably about 50-75 rounds. Like you said, load the mags right and no problems. With all that’s going on these days, thinking about carrying it again just for the capacity.
  11. Fertilized, tilled, layed drip tape, and planted a double row of peas.
  12. I said I wasn’t gonna give up on them, although I come close a time or two. They actually got a couple small peppers on them.
  13. ol hippie

    PMR 30

    Just wondering how many folks, if any, have one. Wade, do you still have one. If so, are you liking it.
  14. Not much left in garden. Picked first mess of okra this afternoon. Still have the two struggling pepper plants at far end of the okra. Got the rest tilled.
  15. Fertilized the okra yesterday afternoon and picked over the cream peas. Had a storm with some strong wind that just about finished off the tomatoes today. Will pull them tomorrow.
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