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  1. I’ve been planting pea seed left over from several years ago when I was buying it 5-10 lbs and planting a couple acres at a time. Pretty surprised looking at seed prices and seeing pea seed $8.95 lb in some places.
  2. I freeze all seed also. Used to buy pea, corn, and butterbean seed by the pound and poured in gallon jugs before putting in freezer. I didn’t start writing the year on the jugs til 2014. I’m still planting seed bought before then with no problems.
  3. I’ve worked with several folks thru the years from all around that area.
  4. Hey Champs, Detroit, Sulligent?
  5. Bought a squirrel call back in November. I can’t tell much difference when I use it and when I don’t. Anyone use them effectively?
  6. Is it time to start planting tomato and pepper seeds? Last year I started them first week in February and think I could have started them earlier.
  7. That makes me feel better. My wife says after all the damage they’ve done and all the choice words I called them at times there’s nothing wrong with shooting them and leave um for something else to eat. They do need thinning out. I just can’t find anyone to give them to, but that’s nothing new, same with vegetables out of garden.
  8. Yep, that’s me also. I don’t plant any winter crops, so when spring rolls around I’m always chumpin at the bit to plant.
  9. I’ll give up on eating the squirrels but will keep on eating my deer meat. Unless I start see any with that chronic waste disease. Anyone squirrel hunt but not eat them?
  10. Just ordered some Bella rosa’s and Dixie reds. Still think m going to let the garden lay next year. May only plant a half dozen tomato plants at the most.
  11. That’s a good site. Thanks again.
  12. I’ve made up my mind. Between reading this and my wife wishing I wouldn’t bring any in the house, I’m not going to eat none. I haven’t eat any in years, so it’s not like I got to have it. I do need to thin them out behind house though. I haven’t found anyone yet that wants any I shoot. Most of the folks that used to would take every squirrel you took them are gone now.
  13. Thanks Champs. Gonna check out the link when I get off here.
  14. Don’t have to worry about me eating the organs or brains for sure. Fried and in dumplins is only way I’ve eat them. Have heard of folks using crock pot. Haven’t squirrel hunted with a dog since I was a teenager. It was fun. Went yesterday afternoon and didn’t hear or see first one.
  15. 410 shells are almost impossible to find around here. Found some online at academy about month ago. Wish now I would have ordered a few more boxes. Grandson told me of a small country store had some couple weeks ago. Will check it out first thing tomorrow morning.
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