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  1. It’s that wet and muddy, and they haven’t been watered. I’ve got 4 (17) gal containers. Two I used last year. Used a different potting mix last year with no problems. Maybe I should have stuck with the bigger pots.
  2. I’ve posted some about my tomatoes problems in buckets but thought this was the place I should be putting it. Hope I’m not doing wrong. Here’s the pictures. This potting mix want dry. The first pic is the 2 bucket self wicking setup. Even after I did away with bottom bucket it still stayed wet. Last pic is showing drain holes in bottom of bucket. the other pics is showing how wet the mix stays. About like mud. I pulled 3 out of the 5 tomatoes today. This being my first time with buckets, I think I tried to get to fancy with the self wicking idea. Should have just kept it simple.
  3. Tilled rest of garden. Wasn’t planning on planting the whole garden but with all that’s going on I’ve changed my mind. Going to plant a row of okra, 2 rows of Dixie butter peas and probably have room for 6-8 rows of Mississippi cream peas. Rows are 70’ long.
  4. 53 degrees this morning. Think it’s going to be another nice day. It’s dry here also. We got close to 3” of rain the last week or so of March but it goes right thru this ol sandy soil.
  5. Ain’t that something! Someone takes a picture of a plowed field and says he’s got watermelons.
  6. I do pretty much the same except I start out with tripe 8 at planting and side dress once with same ,then after that use 4-12-12. Main reason is because peas and butter beans have been my main garden crops and that’s what I use on them. Always had it on hand. Corn gets done different.
  7. You got it looking good. What do you plant in the field behind your cucumbers?
  8. Looking like another nice day. 40 degrees this morning with a predicted high in low 70’s.
  9. Decided to plants a few more watermelons, so tilled a larger area today.
  10. Got out before the squall line got to us this morning and took the top buckets out so they can drain good. Will see if that works before pulling all them. This storm system just went over us and fortunately no bad stuff. Some tornado warnings. Moving fast.Thanks for all the help so far.
  11. I’ve always heard good things about Morgan county seeds. Haven’t ordered from them though. Do they have good shipping rates?
  12. BigSky, this may sound crazy on the drain holes but yes and no. And this may be my whole problem. When deciding to use buckets this year for first time, I decided to try a 2 bucket in each other self wicking setup I saw on internet. One bucket sits in the other one with a plastic basket in bottom of top bucket. You put water in thru pvc pipe which goes in lower bucket. There’s a drain hole in lower bucket. I probably have you all confused but I don’t know how to post a link showing the setup.
  13. I didn’t use MG potting mix. I will have to look on a bag in the morning to see, but I know it starts with a B. Got it at the co-op. It’s was and has stayed really moist. I been wondering if it’s staying to wet. But I said earlier it was just in the buckets but this afternoon it’s getting the in ground plants also.
  14. I thought if I had problems, it would more than likely be the ones in ground. I agree they may need to get pulled quick. I will wait til tomorrow to see if anybody else has any other ideas. I guess if they need to get pulled up, I better go ahead and pull the ones in the ground also.
  15. I was talking to our county ag guy last week. He pretty much just wished me luck on any heirloom tomatoes.
  16. The Brandywines aren’t looking good in the buckets. Ones in the ground still looking good. Looking like I need help. Anyone tell me the problem.
  17. I enjoy reading these posts because it’s true but on other hand while reading them it’s kinda tuff because I was there for a lot of it. No heat, no indoor bathroom, no food to waste.
  18. 66 degrees this morning with high in 80’s today. The tail end of that storm system came over us about 9:00 last night. Rained really hard for a good hour. Got to check tomatoes I put in ground yesterday and see if it beat them down.
  19. Got rest of the tomatoes in the ground. Peppers in a container.
  20. Gosh ccat, we ain’t getting any again. May not get much at all today. If so will be later in day. I’m thinking about putting rest of tomatoes in the ground.
  21. 60 degrees and overcast this morning. Good chance for rain by this afternoon. If I knew it wouldn’t storm and beat them down, I would put rest of tomatoes in ground.
  22. Well, cancel my last transmission. I thought an hour ago this system was going to skirt just north of us. Nope. We been getting hard rain since. Definitely getting more than a 1/4”.
  23. 58 degrees with a steady rain now at 10:15. I think we will be doing good though if we get a 1/4” out of this. I finally remembered to turn my rain gauge right side up so I can see how how much we get.
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