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  1. We set up our big camp stove outside so we can start canning tomatoes tomorrow without heating up the house. We are finished with pickles and did 44 quarts all together. We have a couple of neighbors that don't have a garden but want to can so they have free run of the cucumber bed. I'm the pickle eater and will have a couple of spears every day with whatever is for lunch. Our tomatoes are doing great, the bell peppers are also doing great and the okra has just started to bear. The row covers we used have really paid for themselves with what for us is an early harvest.
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this picture but since I saw it while I was working on the garden beds, I guess this forum works. I was running the weed eater around a power pole by some of our raised beds when I ran across a moth that I had never seen before. Looked up a similar image and it turns out this is a Giant Leopard Moth.
  3. I try to check in most days but we stay busy this time of year. We are in our sheep breeding season so we spend a lot of time with the sheep and rotating them around to try and keep the grass down to avoid having to cut. We had a feral cat that decided our place would work for her raising her kittens. We started putting food out down on the porch of our shop and it didn't take but a couple of days for them to figure out how to get to the feed around our schedule. I'm down there several times a day since that's where I keep all of my supplies and the livestock feed but they adjusted. They will still scatter off when I go down there but now they just run to the other side of the driveway and just sit down to see what I'm doing. Once they get more comfortable and used to being around we will trap them and take them in to get spayed/neutered and then they can stay or go as they choose.
  4. We got all of the tomatoes in our biggest bed tied up again. We had almost 4 inches of rain a few days ago and I think it rained fertilizer. We had a pretty good weave going but wound up having to drive a few more stakes in to make sure they had good support. So far this is looking like the best harvest we have ever had and credit it to composting sheep manure and fall leaves on the beds. We should be canning in the next week or two so will set up the camp stove outside to process everything.
  5. We got the last of our vegetable starts in the ground this morning but still had quite a few left. We called the neighbors to see if they were putting a garden in and they took them from us. I'm posting a few pictures of our raised beds. We also have a half acre that is on flat land but we find that we get what we need out of the beds and the plus is we don't have to fend off all of the critters that roam around down there.
  6. Those are some good eating.
  7. We got the first weave on a bunch of our tomatoes but we had to replace quite a few plants so they will be staked. We are getting a flush of cucumbers and should have enough to start canning a few pickling cucumbers in a few days. The bed these tomatoes are in is ledge rock about 8" down so it's mostly sheep manure and leaf compost to make it work.
  8. I also turned on our heat this morning to break the chill.
  9. We got almost 2 inches of rain in a pretty good solid soaker mode
  10. We were talking to daughter yesterday afternoon and she had to get off the phone because she was getting on slick roads from snow. She lives just outside of Reno, Nevada. We are supposed to have record highs for the next week or so.
  11. Cute as they can be!
  12. Our last lambing season has been over for several months now and all of the replacement ewes have been weaned for several weeks so the quiet has returned to the pastures. We are getting ready to take the ewes to the ram sometime this week so we can start having lambs again in October - November. We had to pull the dogs away from the ewes since the ram we have now has not been around guardian dogs and a big ram can do a lot of damage even with dogs as big as ours. As a result of the move, our ewe lambs are probably the best protected lambs in the county. We get some of our best pictures looking out our bedroom window since the dogs spend time there checking out their humans and the lambs follow them around. The second picture is one of the 4 month old lambs. We get a couple every time with that kind of markings even though our sheep are white and pure bred. She weighed in at 115 pounds yesterday which isn't bad for that age. We worked the yearlings also yesterday and their weights are all in the 130 - to 160 pound range
  13. We finally feel safe enough to put up all of our row covers but considering how much cold weather we have had, everything that is planted is doing well. I'll get some pictures in a day or so but the tomatoes we recently planted are doing great except for one that we stepped on.
  14. I just looked at the weather map and it looks like you are getting some heavy weather right now. We have been getting a lot of noise and a nice soaking rain but I'll take it since most of the last couple of fronts missed us and we need the rain.
  15. I planted tomatoes and even some cucumbers but I only planted beds that I have bed coverings for. The temp during the day gets high enough that it stays in the low 60's during the night.
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