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  1. That is one of those simple recipes that stands the test of time.
  2. I've had one on my Kubota for 6 years and can say it works like it is supposed to.
  3. MikeM


    We have seen plenty around us but not as many as when we first bought our place seven years ago. We had a bunch of acres in Milkweed and thistle and they were so loud I could hear them over an old tractor.
  4. Patty pan is a summer squash and I treat them just like I do zucchini. I pick them when they are really young (2-4 inches) plus they have more of a taste to me than zucchini. They take a bit of room as the vines run 4-6 feet. We inter-plant all of squash to the point that we miss a lot of fruit but we fight with the weeds less.
  5. MikeM

    Chicks hatching

    My livestock guardian dogs live with my sheep but they keep the coyotes away with their barking rather than fighting and we have fences tall enough with hot wire on top that we haven't had any sheep losses.
  6. MikeM

    Chicks hatching

    We have two guardian dogs that live with our sheep and two herding dogs and they keep deer and coyotes away but raccoons, skunks and opossums get to the chicken yard from adjacent property.
  7. MikeM

    Chicks hatching

    Thank you Maggie. It looks like 15 is where we stop hatching but we weren't sure how old some of the eggs were.
  8. MikeM

    Chicks hatching

    We lost 5 in two nights so I think the whole raccoon family was helping itself. There was two adults and two half grown kits.
  9. MikeM

    Chicks hatching

    The raccoons around our chicken coop has us down to 5 hens so it was time to hatch some eggs. This is a mix of some of our Black Sex Links, our neighbors mixed chickens and another friends Mosaics (that I really like). The Mosaics are fairly rare still and each chicken has a unique color pattern to all of the others so they can be told apart. We haven't seen any raccoon activity out there since I dispatched the 4th one the other several days ago. We haven't had any problems with predators for so long we got complacent and had stopped locking the chickens in at night.
  10. We have three full size freezers so I'm not sure what we would be called.
  11. Double B, that is a pretty garden spot. We have so much rock that a tiller isn't an option.
  12. We got caught up on weeding our raised beds yesterday. We haven't had much rain over the last couple of weeks so we have been watering. Our tomatoes are just starting to put on fruit and we should start getting squash in the next few day. We have been getting a lot of broccoli and cabbage and share that with our neighbor. I only planted about a dozen pre-started okra plants since we still have several gallon bags left from last year. Here is a sample of what we have been getting for the last few weeks. We picked and processed all of the broccoli yesterday since it looked like it was going to start flowering soon.
  13. The Black Plum Tomato doesn't seem to like altitude. We grew them in Charleston (sea level) when we lived there but we tried them twice here in Tennessee and they didn't do much at all. We are right at 2000' which isn't that high but they didn't like it here.
  14. MikeM

    Welcome butch

    Welcome Butch!
  15. We have/had a cherry tree that we planted 5 years ago. Last month we saw some growth on it that we assumed was a fungus of some kind and posted pictures on Facebook. Our Extension Agent responded and said it was a fungus called Black Knot, It can be treated but is more trouble than it is worth so the tree is now gone.
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