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  1. I'm going to plant some seed in flats this week but it's going to be awhile before they get planted.
  2. It's a good thing we stay pretty well stocked up on everything since we can't even get out of our driveway even with 4 wheel drive vehicles. My tractor is heavy enough to have traction but it's a wee bit on the cold side for going very far on that thing.
  3. I have lived in the north so this cold front doesn't affect us much other than more time spent making sure our animals have access to water. We do have a shelter that has a better wind shield that we open up for them. I went down to see how they were doing about an hour ago and they seemed comfortable,
  4. Another great video and I love the idea of using chop sticks.
  5. Most of our gardens are raised beds sitting over rock. Soooo we use a lot of sheep manure and up until this year we were able to work it using a broad fork and a lot of manual turning of the soil but we aren't getting any younger. We have a tiller for flat gardens but we needed a compact tiller to use on the raised beds so picked up a Honda compact the other day. It does a super job and we got several of our beds finished in a couple of hours.
  6. We are mostly just adding sheep manure to our raised beds. We had three fruit trees that were having issues so we took them out the other day and that area will become another garden bed. We have very little growing now except for some lettuce and Broccoli using row covers and plastic over that on the coldest nights. We are down to the last few plants to harvest but considering we have been getting down into the 20's, we are pleased. We were going to build a hoop house but changed our mind since we do most of our sheep handling in the fall and winter and decided we didn't need any more of
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Our lambing season is over and we will be taking a batch of ram lambs to the auction next week. When we were working with some sheep this morning several of our yearlings from Mar-Apr were standing on the hill trying to see how we were torturing their flock mates. The picture isn't the best but it shows their straight stocky lines. Our first sheep weren't from the best stock but we immediately started working on improving them. A lot of ewes you see will have a fairly thin depth to their chests which we did not want so we started culling for a stockier build with both thick chests and hips
  9. We finally got lambs from our last hold out so this lambing season is over. This one was a bottle lamb and this was her first lambs so we weren't sure what her maternal instincts would be since she doesn't seem to know that she is a sheep. She prefers human contact and if we let her out of the gate, she will stay wherever we are. She will come to us for attention even over food but she has done well with long legged ewe and ram lamb twins.
  10. I also enjoy your tunnel posts. I like the white background also but I'm perfectly happy that you have it and not me. I get a lot of my seed from a local source but also use Seeds Now for things I don't need 100's of seeds for.
  11. My wife's Doctor is very homeopathic and she gave the same recommendations for supplements. I can see why doctors don't give that information a lot of weight but I've been skeptical to say the least about what has been happening. I have passed the link on to some others but I wouldn't expect it to kept online of the big tech sites so thank you Rumble.
  12. Our small town feed store sells the majority of things we grow and handles it in bulk. We have bought much more than we need every year going back for many years and we just make sure we use the oldest seed first. We do germination tests on many things but it only takes a few days and we usually transplant the seeds that germinated so no waste.
  13. We shoot for a pound a day in weight gain through 90 days old and then it slows down some but all of the ram lambs will be gone in another month. We are finally down to one ewe left to lamb. One of the ewes had a lamb yesterday morning while I was out with them. She didn't look like she was done so I stuck around while she cleaned off the lamb and in about another 15 minutes a second (smaller lamb) was born. She seemed to be finished so I left her alone and came back to the house. I went back out a little later and checked the lambs and they were both rams. I walked around
  14. Thank You! Several of them are slated for 4H so we are happy.
  15. We will be bringing the lambs in for shots and weights in the next couple of weeks. This bunch are all between 5 and 7 weeks old and growing well. The slope they are on is as steep as it looks.
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