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  1. That ewe is one of my favorites and acts as the lamb sitter quite often while the rest are out grazing. Welcome to the forum!
  2. They are totally trusting and have zero fear of humans or those dogs since they are handled a lot from the day they are born. I used to use feed to get them to where I want them but I found that Animal Crackers will make them mob you. We have herding dogs but I only use them when I let the sheep outside the fence to graze.
  3. MikeM

    Welcome Stoney

    Welcome Stoney. We lived in South Carolina (Charleston area) until 4 years ago.
  4. We are 50 miles south of the area the tornadoes that hit Nashville and east to Cookeville but all we got was a lot of wind and rain but no damage. We are actually having a day without rain and shirt sleeve temperatures so we are enjoying it.
  5. I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not but we have an Instapot that we use a lot and love it.
  6. Our lambing season is over but I'll keep looking for others if they want to keep the thread open. The total out of 27 ewes was 40 lambs with 15 ram lambs and 25 ewe lambs. We lost one of our senior ewes during birthing but she was premature so we weren't looking. She is also the only ewe that didn't give birth during the day. We moved the ram away into a paddock that he will share with a wether until it is close to the next breeding. I feed in the shop stall which is only 12 feet by 45 under cover and With 67 sheep in the nursery paddock he can do too much damage to the others at feeding time. We got caught up on ear tags and shots for the lambs and wormed the ewes that needed it. I was hoping to get a picture of some of the lambs standing on the dogs eating hay but it was getting dark so I got what I could. The dogs have a choice of shelter or being out in the rain with their charges and they were staying with the sheep in the rain.. The pictures aren't the best since I had to zoom about 300' and like I said, it was getting dark. These dogs are amazing creatures and a good way to end our season. There really is a 100 pound and a 150 pound dog in the first picture.
  7. VA Gardener, they do look healthy. Our lambs overall were smaller this year but we intentionally held back feed in order to keep them small.
  8. My favorite time of lambing is when the lambs get old enough to feel some independence and they gang up and run just because they can run. I'll try to get some pictures 0f that in the next few days.
  9. We got over 5 1/2" since that is all our gauge holds and it was full. We didn't have as much of the bad storms as we were right on the edge of the front as it went through heading for Rabbitproof.
  10. She finally got them cleaned up. I closed the gate for a bit to keep the rest of the sheep out so I could get some feed into her. There is two ewe lambs and one ram lamb. You have look close at the picture but there is three lambs under her.
  11. Fred - we have so much rock here that even with this much rain, it drys out pretty fast. Maggie, we are running 2 females for every male but we have a ways to go before we are done. Since I posted the twins, we have had one single, 7 sets of twins and triplets about two hours ago. One of these pictures might be considered graphic by some but they are a cool sequence of events. I rarely have the camera available when the sheep have a bit of a story to tell. This ewe was one of our first and has zero fear of humans so she didn't mind when I sat down to watch her lambing progress. There was a problem with several lambs in the shelter that kept trying to nurse on her. She kicked at them several times and then she got really frustrated and started bawling at them. Finally she came up right in front of my face and bawled at me like she was saying "Get them out of here". I got them out and she lay back down and continued in her labor and had her first lamb a couple minutes into it. She made it clear that I was no longer welcome by getting between me and her lamb and stomping her feet so I took the hint and left. Our bedroom window faces the stall so in a little bit, I saw she had her twin and figuring she was through, I went down to give her some feed. She ate a bit but then lay back down and out popped a third. They can talk to you if you take the time to listen.
  12. It has been busy at our place but we started having lambs being born last week. So far there is 5 sets of twins and we still have 24 to give birth. We weren't sure what the breeding success would be sinceing pictures the temperature had been in the high 90's for quite awhile before we introduced the ram and stayed that way for most of the next month. I only saw our ram Max show interest a few times while I could see him so we were hoping breeding season wouldn't be a total bust. Most of them are obviously bred but a couple are questionable. I won't be add all of the pictures but I think lamb pictures always bring a smile on most people. The picture next to last is a ewe that I used to call Will Thang because she was untouchable in the field and she has been here for 3 years. Most of my sheep will come in to be petted but this girl wanted no part of that. For who knows whatever her thinking, I guess she got tired of watching me give the other ewes pieces of Animal Cracker and came up to check it out. The picture of her trying to get her snout in my pocket as she knows that's where the crackers come from.
  13. He said that last year and was way off. Hope he is correct this time.
  14. We live in Tennessee now but we grew Jersey Giant in Charleston, Sc with good results and it is as hot there as it gets. We transferred the huge crowns to our place in Tennessee and they are doing great. They are pretty forgiving.
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