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  1. Picked a bucket of okra which I'll sell tomorrow. It will be a big tomato picking day tomorrow and a few phone calls this afternoon already took care of where they will go. I can't can them tomorrow so I will enjoy giving them away to people I know will enjoy them. Hot weather is really getting going now.
  2. Besides getting a dumping of 1 1/2 inches of rain, my wife and I did something with 5 gallons of toms to the tune of 11 quarts of fresh salsa, canned and lids all popped. I did venture out in the garden IN BOOTS and about sunk. At least everything got a good watering and I will get some shop time tomorrow and fishing Tuesday. Too muddy to garden.
  3. That was the only bread we had at the time. I wiped out that loaf of Wonder White earlier in the day, so wheat had to do. That's why I went double decker, with extra Dukes. No Miracle Whip in my house.....
  4. Did what I have done every other day for the past 2 weeks.........picked two 5 gallon buckets of Better Boys. Also picked 5 gallons of okra.. I jumped in the John Deere Gator and ran around to various neighbors to give them all tomatoes and okra. I have 5 gallons left we'll make Salsa with tomorrow. I also picked snap beans and then tilled them in. I'll plant cukes in their place. The sun was wearing me out so I grabbed some PVC, zip ties and a piece of Dollar General Landscape fabric and made me a canopy for my Kubota. Worked great, but I'll sacrifice a tarp and make it really shady tomorrow. I also needed to water my compost, which is now getting as big as a full sized SUV (grass clippings, food scraps and wood chips), but I didn't want to haul water out there by hand, so..........I filled the bucket on the tractor and doused it that way. It worked great and I didn't spill but a few drops. And a double decker tomato sandwich w/ cheese went down about noon too.
  5. They are Better Boy. I know they are an old standby for many, but I have actually never grown them. I had been too set in my ways with Big Beef, but after last years' "too much core" debacle with them, I heeded advice of the Better Boy. Today, besides sweating a few gallons, I did odd jobs around the garden and shop. I picked another 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes. I piddled in the shop and after pondering how I was going to roll up the electric "raccoon" fence wire, I threw together a winding spool. A coffee can, 2 bucket lids, 2 bolts/nuts/washers, and some PVC and it worked pretty well. I knew it wasn't going to go back on the little spool it came off of, so something bigger was needed. I also hooked up the tiller and got back in the garden and tilled a bit. I haven't been able to run the tractor in there because of the raccoon fence.
  6. Picked five 5 gallon buckets of Peaches and Cream. My wife, mom and I got it all shucked and cut off, bagged up and tucked away in the freezer. Didn't count the quart bags, but it's somewhere around 25-30. Picked another two 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes and since the fish cooker was running for blanching the corn, I canned 21 quarts of maters. I ran 14 in the All American and 7 in the water bath. It was a good day and I am good and tired.
  7. picked another 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes to which my wife said upon seeing it..........'Oh no, that scares me....." .........to which we decided that tomorrow we'll can all we have so far, AFTER we shuck and process the first picking of corn. I have waiting as long as I can, so tomorrow will be picking day. The coons are getting a few each night, even with me raising and lowering our electric fence. If they don't wipe us out tonight, I'll be alright with the 15-20 ears they've gotten so far.
  8. Weeded the PHP's, Tomatoes and peanuts......with my weedeater again. Lost only 7 tomatoes to the trimmer. Picked a bucket of tomatoes and took a bunch to our neighbors, who in turn, gave us another gallon of fresh picked blueberries. Sprayed the tomatoes, peppers and cukes with Compost Tea. Hoping to finish weeding tomorrow and possibly start picking the corn. It is just a day or two away. Also picked our favorite tomato "Squidward"
  9. Yeah, I have decided to lay plastic down next year for at least my tomatoes/peppers. I think any direct seeded plants, I will bring plastic up to each side as soon as they get a few inches up and hopefully combat the weeds that way. These last 2 weeks of wet weather have really spurred the weeds
  10. Weeded my 4 rows of okra today and the record time set was NOT set by my Hooke and Crooke...............today I used my Stihl. I weed-eated my way thru those weeds. tomorrow I'll fire it up and do a number on the PHP's.
  11. ....swam out to my tomatoes and picked about a dozen. 5" of rain in the past few days. Time for the dryer weather to return.
  12. I planted 120' of Tennessee Red's that are doing great and are all about a foot or so tall. Some are even blooming. Question...........What do I do now? Anything? Pull soil up around them like potatoes? Fertilize them???? I have never grown goober peas and hope to get some help from the forum. Thanks in advance. ccat
  13. I agree with both of you. The last MG potting soil I bought would have been better marketed as "Wood Chip Mulch". I used it in some seed starting trays (flowers) that never came up. I guess nothing grows in just straight bark. So I did salvage the next seed starting venture by cutting it with Perlite and my own compost.
  14. Finished weaving tomatoes. Picked some Mountain Gold's, and Better Boy's. Picked some squash and cukes for supper.
  15. Can't worry about Arkansas. But my friends I fish with from there say it has rained a lot lately and the Ark river has finally settled down enough to fish. I am sure you'll get your drought in due time.
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