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  1. Champs, I forgot all about that cantaloupe/banana smoothie. I'll be making one next time we have a cantaloupe........I didn't plant any this year. Was going to work on my boat yesterday but something told me to get out in the garden, sweat and finish fertilizing the tomatoes. I am liking the plastic mulch as far as the weed suppression but don't like the pain in the @$$ of fertilizing. I just get on my hands/knees and cut a little slit about 3-4" from the stalk and put in a couple TB's of 10-20-10. I had turned on the drip tape prior to fertilizing but we also got another rain
  2. Waiting on rain but it looks like it'll be later today/tonight. Here's a few shots of my maters. Still waiting on the first La Roma to turn but the big beef are still a few weeks away. I am still glad I waited and avoided my normal stress of early May mud/cold temps but I sure could go for a good tomato sandwich. Right row has 62 Big Beef, La Roma and Chef Choice Pink down at the end. Middle Row is 62 Better Boy and Chef Choice Pink at end. Left row is 3 Grape tomatoes, Dixie Red, Bella Rosa, a few Better Boy and CC Pink at end.
  3. Gotcha, but anyway they caught it, that was a dandy flathead.
  4. That's a nice flathead. We can't use crappie as bait here in Alabama, but they can up in Tennessee and catch a lot of flathead. My biggest this spring was a 50 pound flat. Got a big tournament next Saturday and I'd sure like to have a few like these pictured.
  5. Finished weeding and fertilizing one of my 3 rows of tomatoes today but with no wind, I let the heat/humidity get the best of me and piddled around in the shop. I did put about about a dozen more cuke transplants. Mowed most of the yard today and will sweep it tomorrow. I have been putting most on my compost but will save 2 sweeper loads for the garden and mulch the cukes and peppers with it.
  6. yeah, I hope it is an "over watering" situation with all the rain we had last week. I did water some yesterday with the drip tape but won't between now and the hurricane rain we may get Sunday and Monday. I did spray some Ferti Lome Yield Booster last night that is supposed to help prevent and treat BER. We'll see
  7. Well now while trimming/pruning some tomatoes, I found BER on 7 La Roma's and 4 on Big Beef. I have some spray that is supposed to help but wanted to know what yall do when you come up on BER???? Any advice is appreciated. I am still building this soil and this garden is 3 years old so I know it will take some years, but hopefully I can get a hold on the stinking Blossom rot this year.
  8. .......another Donald trick I did yesterday was take a 55 gallon plastic barrel, attach a shut off valve and hose, strap it on the bucket of my tractor and drove around watering all of our fruit trees and younger trees. I just raised the bucket up about 3/4 way up and gravity/siphon took over and I could water that way. Sure beats carrying Jerry jugs out to the trees in the JD Gator. Thanks again Donald. Your inspiration is still working wonders.
  9. Bella's and Dixie's are looking good. They were some of the seeds that didn't germinate and I had to reorder. They are about 1 1/2 feet tall but starting to put on blooms. All of my tomatoes are looking great and my La Roma and Big Beef are putting on like crazy. I have grown Big Beef for years so I would expect that. I think growing on plastic this year has really helped as well. I'll get some pictures out in a few days. But another thing I think is helping is that Cotton Gin compost I spread down the tomato rows. If I can get a dump truck next year, I'll get a load.
  10. put a 2nd weave on one row of tomatoes, started a weave on another, and t-posted a 3rd. Thinned my okra from about 30 per foot (Earthway put them on a little thick) to the Donald method of one plant per 5'. Never grown okra like that but have heard great things about letting the plants bush rather than grow 10' tall like last year. Also put a 55 gallon drum in my tractor bucket, hooked up a shut off valve and hose and filled it full of water.........drove around our fruit trees, raised the bucket and let gravity do its' thing. Sort of like Donald's golf cart watering method.
  11. Walked down my tomato rows, just looking at all the hundreds/thousands of blooms. Going to be a big canning year if they all come in. My okra needs thinning and weeding/mowing. With all the rain comes all the weeds and grass that seems to grow an inch over night. I'll target Saturday as the start of cleaning it out. Probably going to be spending time on my butt and scoot down the rows with the honeybee H&C. The middles I can use the tractor cultivator or fire up the mantis. Rattlesnakes are running up the hog wire trellis like crazy and should start blooming soon.
  12. yep, our daily 1-2" have fallen so far....
  13. Got the first weave on a row of big beef and la roma's. Also drove 6 T-posts and hung about 50' of hog wire to trellis my Rattlesnake beans. They were sure ready to start climbing. And after weeks of no rain, now we can't shut it off. Got another downpour about 5pm. It sure will be a time to hook up the cultivators to the tractor and also work the hooke and crooke when all this rain stops.
  14. Big Sky, I'll look later today to see what size tape I use.
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