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  1. ol hippie....I am sorry you are having issues with those BW's in those buckets. Here's my 2 cents, and it's probably just worth .01, I have never had luck growing tomatoes (other than starting them from seed) in a potting medium. I assume that is what it is from the look. Here's my question about that mix........we know what is in it as it says it on the label, but has anyone ever done a soil sample from the extension agent or University? Sometimes MG Potting mix tells what NPK is in it and what medium is used to make it....perlite, peat.......so my wonder is if garden soil actually has "more" of what a tomato or other maturing plant needs? We seem to "start'" seeds in potting mix or buy them young in it but move them to the garden as soon as possible. I don't know, and that's why I am claiming my 2 cents is probably worth 1 cent but it might be worth a though. Good luck. I hope you don't give up on them yet and maybe they'll pull through. I gave up or at least have for this year with heirlooms as I am tired of dealing with every flying bug or other threat they can't defeat. ccat
  2. What did I do in the Garden YESTERDAY..............looked at the DRYING that was going on and made a decision that I could run the tractor and tiller thru it after one more day of drying... But what am I doing in the Garden TODAY???...............Looking at the flood and mud. We had another storm/rain in the middle of last night. No tilling, no mowing, no nothing out in the yard or garden. Oh, and another 100% of rain is forecast for Tuesday. Champs, did the latest round of rain miss yall? I think it was just up here in the northern part of the state.
  3. moved all flats of tomatoes out to the greenhouse and watered them in with a little MG.
  4. Thunderstorms now and very heavy rain. Supposed to rain hard for another 3 hours. With this wet spell we've been in for the past few months, I have always tried to find a bright spot.................now mowing yet!!!!!
  5. Champs.............I'll spare you looking outside...........IT"S RAINING AGAIN. We've probably gotten an inch so far.
  6. ol hippie, I am at the northern part of the state and haven't seen dusty conditions like that except under the couch
  7. I am with you Champs..............seeing that dry soil really looks good and makes it a challenge to think we'll get dry conditions. I am with you and the muddy conditions. Rain all day tomorrow here in N. Alabama too. Today was my start of moving my tomatoes to cups and eventually to the greenhouse. I got 136 transplanted to cups and will finish with 50-60 more tomorrow. My back wasn't too happy with me this afternoon so I finished early. As you can see, my seed starting set up has gotten really crowded. I'll get by for a few days and get them out to the GH early next week. All I moved today were Better Boy.. It looks dark towards the front, but I close it all up with another piece of that foil bubble wrap insulation. I really feel that helps move light around all over and keep heat in. In fact, it is always sweaty and humid with I open it up. Today is the first day I won't be using my small space heater too.
  8. My tomato seedlings are nearing 2 weeks old and are taking over. I can't move the lights and they are basically climbing into the T8 bulbs. So.......this weekend will be time to move them to cups and reconfigure my grow operation. I am not ready to move them to the greenhouse yet, as it is still "hoarded" with flower pots, tubs, buckets, stuff......so I guess my lazy @zz will have to organize it and get ready for the tomato take over. Raining here again in N. Alabama. Champs, you getting this rain too?
  9. I planted about 20 Bella Rosa last year. Yep, they were really good. Good luck Hippie
  10. Here's my seedlings. The voids are obviously the peppers lagging behind and a few Arkansas Travelers that are from 5 year old seed. I started my seeds about a week and a half ago. My tomatoes will have to go to cups and out in the greenhouse as I won't be able to keep them out of the lights by next week.
  11. Champs, I hear you on the wet. I actually tilled Sunday afternoon and late yesterday, but we already got a rain this morning. I did plant 120' of Sugar Ann Peas and 100' of Mammoth Melting Sugar peas. My cabbage are still under the grow lights.
  12. Watered my 4 flats of tomatoes and peppers. The peppers are finally starting to appear. I didn't count the tomato germ but it looks to be about 98%, and I'll take that any day. I just watered today but will start with some weak Miracle Grow next time. And..............FINALLY ran the tiller in the garden. I just told my wife that when I woke today, I sure didn't figure I'd of been able to till the whole garden. After hooking up the tiller, I just drove around the garden, watching the tracks and how still moist it was. My guess was I could till about half, but you know how it goes, I just kept tilling and tilling and grinning and grinning. I'll till it again tomorrow after some drying as we have some rain coming Tuesday. Might even plant some snow peas I had from last year that I couldn't plant then. Garden this year will be around 90'x120'.
  13. My wife and I spread a truck load of chicken litter on the garden yesterday......just in time for the rain today. My tomatoes germinated Friday, which makes them on a 4 day Germ. Of course peppers are still waiting.
  14. That just reassured me that even though we just purchased a Ninja Foodie, "fried" chicken is meant to be "Fried" and my cast skillets are still safe from retirement. Thanks for the pictures.
  15. I put my seeds about 1/4-1/2" into the seed starting mix. But I also just lightly cover with mix and don't pack it down over the seeds. I think what makes germination so high for me is starting with warm starter mix (with hot water) and using the space heater to keep the area warm. I am sure a starting mat would do the same, I just have never used one. Good luck with it. I used to be intimidated in starting tomato seeds and would just buy 80-100 plants but after my first time starting them, it sure was easy.
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