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  1. Nuke them, they will ruin every tomato and other veggies. Those are my worse enemy in my garden.
  2. I will be planting beets, 2 kinds of tomatoes, carrots and kohlrabi. Also will plant a row half cabbage and spinach, turnips and mustard as a cover crop since I am off limits to all greens and anything high in vitamin K. Will give a little more thought about this and may add more later.
  3. This a new one for me, never heard of it, but I have some peas drying right now and will try it soon.
  4. Have been doing that for quite a while.
  5. Maybe you should talk with your county agent. Here they all have degrees in agriculture. They work with LSU AG center and are a great help.
  6. I live about 1/2 way between Kentwood and Clinton, LA and tried Bella Rosa tomatoes 3 years ago comparing them against Creole which has been my go to tomato for over 55 years. I will always plant a couple of Creoles, but as of now after a 2 year trial Bella Rosa will be my #1 unless something changes. My only problem with Bella Rosa is it seems to take them forever to ripen, but they are worth the wait.
  7. Hoss Tools had them, not sure if they still have it. Update: I checked their site and they still have them.
  8. I agree with MikeM, when I bought my tractor I had the dealer put one on it. That was 11 years ago, I couldn't do without it. The only con is not all implements are the same width. Get the spreader and mark it , I put light score marks with a hack saw for proper alignment. I marked the implements with permanent marker so i know what mark it aligns with. Some of the newer implements are marked quick hitch compatible and all are the same width.
  9. I have been using Pro Mix potting soil for about 6 years now and I have had good luck with it. I bought a bale several years ago and make sure it is closed up tight when finished. I also tried a bag of Pro mix organic that came with a purchase I made and I saw no difference. As far as Miracle-Gro potting mix the reason it's called Miracle-Gro is if you can get something to grow and it it's a miracle.
  10. No rain yet today, but 2.5" yesterday, .8" the day before yesterday and another .8 inches the day before that for a total of 4.1 for 3 days. Rain in forecast this afternoon.
  11. bigboberta


    I live about 20 miles west of Kentwood, Louisiana. I have been seeing a lot of bumblebees and honeybees especially in the native clover, but this is an area basically timber forest and cattle farming. Very little spraying going on in this area. when I spray I spray at night and I use caution when spraying.
  12. I have bought them from Seeds N Such but their website appears to not have been updated for a while, can't find where to order seeds. I have also bought them from Hoss tools and they are available. Gurneys is out of stock,Totally Tomatoes has them and Reimer seeds has them Available. These are the seed suppliers I usually bur from that have them. Wish Morgan County carried them to cheapen the price.
  13. I usually cut about 2-3 a year. Just saying.
  14. if I could have just one hand tool to work in the garden it would be the hook and crook. It weeds, it cultivates, it digs trenches. I use it all the time it stays on my ATV and it's the first thing I usually grab. Great for getting under drip tape and main line. You can edge around cement walks and driveway. I know it's expensive but it's worth it.
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