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  1. @Rabbitproof The secret is a tablespoon or more water for each egg, then low heat to keep the protein chains from sticking together. Let them sit and cook undisturbed until they are just under the omelette stage, fold the eggs don't stir them. You can use milk instead of water, or mix the two, but you have to add moisture to eggs when cooking, because it evaporates out. Without the water, the moisture from the eggs themselves evaporates and makes them dry out while cooking. Fried eggs are a different story altogether.
  2. It is interesting that people have an accent when they talk, like using y'all, but I didn't think it carried over to text. I guess it does. You betcha!
  3. Still cold here. Supposed to get to 15 above. That's a heat wave. negative temps for more than a few days in a row are distressing. Anything above 20 degrees is okay with me, if the wind isn't blowing.
  4. I grow mostly San Marzano, and San Marzano Redorta. The Redorta's are very large. The perform well for me, and the taste is great. Almost full meat, few seeds, which is why they are more expensive. They are Heirloom varieties, so you can save the seeds, but they don't have the anti-disease factors of some of the hybrids.
  5. The something else is Epsom salts., Magnesium sulfate.
  6. That looks really good. I just bought a couple of pounds of shrimp. I think I know what dinner will be soon.
  7. Another one of my favorite tomatoes are Cherokee Purple. Some of the best flavored tomatoes you can grow.
  8. One of my favorite tomatoes. they taste great. They look odd because the have ridges. they split pretty easy if you over water or water too fast.
  9. @Rajun Gardener I do push the calcium nitrate thought the lines. Especially with tomatoes and squash. I think it helps with blossom end rot.
  10. Mayo in scrambled eggs? Never heard of it. I have always used the trick of putting 1 tablespoon of water per egg in when scrambling or making omelets. Does the mayo do the same thing?
  11. I was using some of the more high end, read expensive liquid fertilizers, then switched to Masterblend. It works just as good or better. I use Masterblend in my fertilizer injectors I have on my drip lines on the row crops. Not sure if it is better or worse than granulated stuff. This year I will take a little more time to analyze the results better. The fact that you can custom mix it with other things is a bonus I think.
  12. I grew a watermelon using the Kratky method. it worked but had to fill the 5 gallon reservoir every other day. I think I will only do leafy greens from now on. Both or yours look great. I was going to setup some lettuce growing in my basement this winter, but had too many things to do. It is -12 today hence not in the greenhouse. What fertilizers are you folks using?
  13. Hope everyone is okay with you tornadoes. I can't see myself living where that can happen. Scary. It least with the cold you usually know it is coming. Here is the storm that finally wiped out my garden last fall. My wife went viral. https://twitter.com/cassieglows/status/1178337529520480256?s=20
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