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  1. Rain for the last 2 days. Snowing right now. Weeds are coming in good.
  2. I vote fox. I hear them doing this all the time.
  3. Got 2 bee hives today. I think it will really help my pollination. I have winter wheat and barley around here for as far as the eye can see. No real flowering plants. Started the Incredible corn in trays. Finally going to have a great weekend weather. I have to go to Bozeman to my daughters college graduation. She has her B.S. and got accepted to Tulane University for her Masters program. She will be going from Montana State to the University of Montana in Missoula. They have some kid of remote deal with Tulane. I remember paying $55 per credit for college. Now they will let you
  4. Till it up, sell the tiller and go no-till. Your back will thank you.
  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. That is more rain than we get for the entire summer! Doing hydroponics in your regular garden may be a plan.
  7. Those plants are looking good Danny. Those cuttings are really doing well. Every time I plant a cutting I think about how most seed companies now only want to sell you hybrid seeds so you have to buy then over again each year for a pile of money. Just buy a small packet and plant every sucker! Snowed here again today. Supposed to rain tomorrow. I should be able to get started on my new greenhouse starting on Sunday. I have all of my starts in my current greenhouse so no room to put anything else in there to start growing. I do have a question for you though. Do you not strip off the
  8. Will get down to 20 degrees again tonight here. I think the snow is done for the year. I have nothing outside yet but will start putting out cole crops, lettuce and onions starting this weekend. One thing most people don't think about or understand is that planting early isn't really worth it in the long run. An example is planting radishes. If you plant radishes on say April 1st. and the weather is cool, the plants will take say 55 days to mature. If you wait until May 1st. you think you are a month late, but the warmer temps will make the plant grow faster, so they will mature
  9. I wasn't going to dig by hand either. Dug with back hoe. Also dug a new well that will be inside the corner of the greenhouse. Only about 18' deep, but has plenty of water year round. That has 12v pump also and will maintain another shuttle with full water level. I don't have any problems with permitting since I am out in the country. I think if I were to put in grow lights, I would use 110v led lights. I have power to the greenhouse also.
  10. Already have a design for that. Can buy 8" thick membrane and have the bottom of the entire endwall act as an evap cooler. Very low humidity here so should cool nicely. Putting 8 250 gal shuttles painted black filled with water on the entire south side under the grow channels. Passive heating in the winter. Have white plastic to cover in the summer. Installing an Earth bank under the floor to store heat from the day and return it at night. As to the DWC, I buried the shuttles in the ground to try to keep the heat down. Wrap the buckets in white panda plastic and paint the net pot lids whi
  11. @Cajun Hydroponics I am going to try DWC this time and see how it goes. I have the bucket lids with the 6" net pots in them. I usually grow in perlite but want to try something different. I remember you saying that about the wind rating and the city not giving you a permit. That sucks to lose that valuable growing space. This first greenhouse will be done in a few weeks. I will post pictures when I get going. I am going to try to build two more by the end of summer. One will be a hydro lettuce house that I am going to try to grow year round in. Should be fun. You're plants look nice
  12. I really like it. I am just starting on my new 24x60 tunnel just for hydro tomatoes and cucumbers. I dug holes in the center with a back hoe to put 250 gallon shuttles in the ground. I want the buckets to be as low as possible so they have a lot of vertical space. With only 30' of slope from each end I won't need that wide of lumber. Are yours 2x6's? What is you longest run?
  13. I was looking at them and drooling. I will have to go rob a lumber yard. I have a sawmill not far from me that cuts rough cut lumber. I am going to go see them.
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