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  1. People are spoiled. There has ALWAYS been full shelves in the stores as long as they have been alive so they can't imagine it not being that way. Another bonus to living out away from large populations. If I need an ingredient to finish dinner it is an hour and 20 minute drive to go get it most of the time. Makes it so that you try to keep as much on hand as you can store. I might have mentioned this before. I had a couple of high school classes come to my house this past fall to see actual food growing. The most interesting thing that was said that day was a girl who thoug
  2. They look like they will come back to me. Might try to go to seed early if you don't watch them.
  3. One advantage to living where it gets this cold all the time is that the infrastructure that is in place is very good. I have never had a power failure in the cold. Only very occasionally with high winds. If it does go out it usually only lasts minutes. If you don't pay your bill in the winter they cannot turn your power off. At least until it warms up. Looks like it is about over here. Going to go back to the 30's and 40's for a few weeks.
  4. I bought some ginger root to grow this year. Got it from someone on Ebay. Make sure to get organic ginger, otherwise it might be some chinese crap that has been irradiated. I think I got 4 pounds of rhizomes for $23 free shipping. It was cheaper to buy it there than in the store I think. This will be my first year growing it.
  5. Here are the temps at my house from midnight to current. You can tell when the sun came out. Heater not yet running in the propagation room. I will turn it on Tuesday. it will then be 75 degrees all the time.
  6. You get used to it. You learn how to dress for it, etc. It gets old sometimes, but the rest of the year is glorious here. Keeps some of the riff-raff out also.
  7. -31 this morning. I supposed it can only warm up. Glad this is going to end on Monday. Everything changes at these temperatures. I looked at them standing in a snow covered pasture this morning on my way to work. They either don't really seem to notice, or they are just resigned to deal with it. Like my dogs. They act like there is no difference between -20 and +40.
  8. But it's a dry cold. I should not have talked about starting seeds. Works every time .
  9. Try https://seednsuch.com they had some the other day.
  10. I use my phone for that. In a memo page I write something like 3rd. row from the south, in the field to the north, next to the barn, the first 24 plants are Serrano chilies. I understand it anyway. At least for now.
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