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  1. @ol hippie You know, I sometimes wonder what I will do if I get to a point where I can no longer do the things I enjoy doing. Not really sure how that will play out. I have one more bad knee. Had the other one replaced a few years ago. It sometimes slows me down, but I work around it. Good luck on you appointment. Hope everything works out for you. Maybe just a little smaller garden is in your future. Never give up!
  2. Many moons go, I worked for a large city. We were not allowed to drive or even walk on private property. Our insurance would not cover it. We had to stay on city property. I can assure you that would have never happened there. We had to park on the street just to go to a 7-11 store. Nice to see things might be getting better.
  3. Seem to be if picked when younger. I had a few hiding down by the ground that have a bit of a string to them. The smaller beans are perfect.
  4. Mostly on weed duty today. Picked the beans, and used the line trimmer on some really tall grass by my chickens. Here are some pictures that I have said I was going to post for a while now. Trellised tomatoes in 30" wide, 48' long no till beds. The grass looks terrible because I use all the water I pump for the garden areas. Different angle. I use the orange baler twine to tie them up. Similar to a Florida half weave. Or something. From the left to right. Dent corn, tomatillo, candy onion, megaton cabbage, peppers, peppers, on and on. We had a microburst type wind storm the other day. 85 mph gusts. Knocked down some peppers, and corn. Even knocked over some onions. Here you can see the onions laying over. This is the first half of this section. You can see the bare area on the top left, where the other half will go. I probably won't get it all finished this year. Just a closer picture of the Candy onions to show the progress. I will admit that the other day I needed an onion while cooking, and had to get two of them before they are ready. There was a salmonella recall for onions. None to be found. In the background are 90' rows of peppers. California Golden bells (2 rows), Anaheim, Hungarian Hot Wax, Pablano. The bare spot in the foreground is one of two. 90' x 22'. I have tilled, picked up rocks, tilled, picked up rocks too many times to count. They keep coming up. I have decided to build two new high tunnels there, with plastic ground cover, and put all hydroponic growing in them. This picture is from a different angle than the one of the trellis in the above post. You can see the trellis for the beans there. Right in front are Table Queen winter squash. You may see the blue buckets in some of my photos. They are scattered around to put ROCKS in. This photo is about 2 weeks old.
  5. Yes, yes. I am also going to freeze some. There is 110' row of them. If they keep producing like this, I'll never have to grow them again. Here is the row. It uses Donald's trellis method. Here are the beans.
  6. Picked 40 lbs. of rattlesnake beans. These are the best beans I have grown. I do like contender, but these may out produce those.
  7. Same thing with the Titanic, and current airplane crashes.
  8. Nice looking eggplant. You must be indestructible. Listening to the news, you would think no one survives.
  9. I think it takes 7 years before you get the first fruit. Might depend on the variety.
  10. I get $2.50 - $4.00 per tomato/pepper plant here.
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