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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
  2. Don't think you can cut and paste. It is just cutting and pasting the filename.
  3. Look like they would take up a lot less space, and be lighter. You don't new new lids!
  4. I planted the candy onions in march in trays. Had not a single one bolt, which is unusual. Got huge onions from them.
  5. @Double B I have had mice eat my seedlings like that before.
  6. I know one person that has died "Because of COVID." I still think he wasn't long for the world in the first place. Everyone else I know that has had this stupid virus, has had little to no symptoms. My kids have been sick and gotten tested negative so there is that. The ones with the normal flu/cold seem to be in worse shape. My hermit days are approaching. Placing a huge seed order today.
  7. Molon Labe. Anyone with any sense has a few not so good pieces that they can part with. If you don't you can sure find some.
  8. Careful. There is a boating accident in your future.
  9. Nice onions! I grew the Candy onions from seed this last year and they were fantastic. Going to start another batch of 1000 in January.
  10. Can you ice fish with them?
  11. Brought in the last of the cabbages and the balance of the potatoes I have been too lazy to dig. Just started snowing.
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