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  1. @MPHymel Check out http://www.herbco.com This is where I get all my spices from. They have a pickling spice mix, or you can make you own. The prices will amaze you.
  2. I had put out a dozen squash the other day since it wasn't supposed to go below freezing anymore. Frost killed them all last night. That was the second round. Going to go for round three tomorrow.
  3. I signed up for it. Will be interesting if they allow me to do it since I live in Montana. Should be fun.
  4. Hard to tell without a closer picture of one of the leaves where it is yellowing. Personally I would prune off all of the leaves that are close to the ground.
  5. I use grass clippings in my potatoes. Keeps the weeds down, but if it is wet and you walk on it, it is very slick. So be careful.
  6. 3" in the last 2 days. Now back to a mud hole. My grass is 15" tall. Too wet to cut.
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