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  1. Got down to 8 degrees last night. Supposed to start warming back up. I need it above 25 at night to leave everything in my greenhouse all the time. I'm running out of room everywhere. Just had an inch or two of new snow. If the ground would thaw, I might be able to get something planted.
  2. I usually start out with higher nitrogen, then once the first flowers show, I go with less nitrogen and more phosphorus.
  3. They will try to find the best shipping rate possible for you. I order heavy things like drip tape. They have the best price for what I use and the freight on it is $55. It weighs about 80 lbs. Even with the shipping it is still less money than other places before freight. Their web site could use some improvement, so if there is something you don't see, call them. Really great to talk to on the phone. They are a Masterblend dealer. They will ship a 25 lb. bag of Masterblend in a flat rate priority mail box, so the price is reasonable.
  4. I saw the pipe there and was wondering if that was what you were doing. I have looked at a couple of videos about that type of set up, and could never see the advantage to it. I know what they claim it is supposed to do, but it just never set right with me. You may want to take the inner bucket out and see if that improves your plant.
  5. Might be a goofy question, but do you have drain holes in those buckets? Can't tell from the pictures.
  6. @Deus Vult I don't buy seeds from Baker Creek since their politics are contrary to mine, and the prices seem way out of line. They do have a great shtick going, I will give them that. Some of the seed vendors are getting more for their seed weight than the price of gold. I really get ticked off when they try to sell 25 seeds for $6.95 and they are an open pollinated plant with 300 seeds in each one. That is why I really like Morgan County Seeds. You can buy enough seed to plant a quarter acre for $1.20.
  7. @ol hippie Looks like Verticillium wilt to me. Have a look at this link. Soil borne disease. There are quite a few complaints about MG having these types of problems. https://u.osu.edu/miller.769/2017/09/09/getting-to-the-root-of-the-matter-soilborne-diseases-of-tomato/ Could also be early blight. Another soil borne disease. An abundance of rain/moisture can cause this. People say to remove the plant and compost it. I always burn any suspected diseased plants myself.
  8. In the past I have used a sponge with 2-4D or roundup on it to just touch the leaves of the unwanted plant. Used a paint roller once to do my pathways. Attach a sponge on the end of a stick, dip in solution and touch the leaves. Just don't touch the good plants.
  9. I have been brewing for about 25 years. I currently don't have anything in the kegs. I usually only brew and drink beer in the summer. The last two were a chocolate porter and a double IPA. I am growing 6 different varieties of hops this year to use, and my property is surrounded by about 50000 acres of barley. Going to try to malt my own grain this year. We will see how that goes. The thing I hate the most is the cleaning. I have a new method that I use now that goes like this. Brew a batch, clean and sanitize everything as it gets used and finished, seal it in a plastic trash bag. When I go to use it the next time, just rinse with clean water and Star-San. Get to brewing. Repeat. I also put everything into kegs. The bottling and waiting is enough to keep me from brewing at all.
  10. Still cant till my ground, it is partially frozen. Built some different tables for my seedlings in the greenhouse. Hard to explain. I will take some pictures and post them. Trying something new again this year to see if I can get the jump on the season.
  11. That is why I grow such a large garden. This year I should be able to feed a lot of people as well as put up enough for my family over the next winter. Maybe you will see all of the lazy people get back into gardening. Maybe this will be the end of ridiculous regulations concerning it being illegal to grow a tomato in your yar, or that you have to have a commercial kitchen to wash you lettuce before selling or giving it to anyone. We can only hope.
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