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  1. I don't soak my bean seeds either. They usually come up fine, then the Robins eat the first leaves and kill them.
  2. I am on well water not city water so there is no chlorine in it. That may have contributed to the mold. I always left the door open. My dad has a refrigerator in his garage in Florida that is 60 years old. It has outlasted two new ones already.
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a front loading washing machine. They get mold in them. My kids just bought us a new set for Christmas. I had them get the top loader with no agitator. It does an incredible job on clothes.
  4. Ace hardware around here sells other plants, not Bonnie. Home depot sells Bonnie here.
  5. @ol hippie Since I have family in Baldwin county, I know there are nurseries all over the place down there. You should be able to find something local.
  6. I have a dozen or so Bella Rosa's and about 25 Dixie Reds started. Everyone on here raves about them, so I thought I would try them. Normally don't grow determinate types, but we will see.
  7. Put 860 tomato seedlings into 3-1/2" pots yesterday. Was very hot in the greenhouse, then wake up to an inch of snow this morning. Weather is crazier than normal.
  8. FYI. All PVC and other plastics are already skyrocketing in price and will continue to do so. There will be a shortage that will last through the summer. The plants that make the raw materials in Texas are still not back in operation fully yet. The home depot here has already started limiting the number of pieces you can buy at a time, and the price has doubled in the last ten days.
  9. I vote for frost damage. It doesn't take much on those plants.
  10. Rabbit is good dog food. should be fine. My barn cat brings me mice heads and lines them up in a row for inspection. Shes a good cat.
  11. I still have tons canned and frozen also but have to have fresh vegetables as much as possible. Every time I have to buy something I should have grown it irritates me.
  12. Hey @Double B You missed a bunch of that ground I still see grass. nice job. I think I will get some done myself later this week. Supposed to snow tonight, then be 77 on Wednesday.
  13. There was a Robin in my yard the other day. That is also usually a good sign but they have fooled me before I am going to start setting out cool weather crops over the next two weeks to see if I can get a jump on the season. If something happens to them, I will still have time to replant. I wish I could grow pecan trees here.
  14. Morgan County Seeds are connected to the Amish community.
  15. At least plant something like potatoes that don't need much attention. At least you can still call yourself a gardener. Hehe.
  16. Anything that may get hurt doesn't go in the ground until May 21st. otherwise you are playing with fire.
  17. Those look nice Hippie! I can smell them from here.
  18. I started 18 trays of onions this year so far and will do another round in a couple more weeks. Last fall there was not an onion to be found in any store around here. There was a salmonella outbreak or something that affected all the onions from California and Mexico. I used my last fresh Candy onion about a month ago. I was surprised it kept that long. I still have some of the diced frozen ones left.
  19. About to start Megaton cabbages. I grew them last year and they were good but not that big. Going to try your concoction this year and see how it goes. I sowed 3000 tomato seeds and 4500 pepper seeds this weekend. I did 3 trays of Big Beef tomatoes on Thursday and they are up Today. Running the propagation room at 82 degrees this year. So far I am impressed with the difference in growth. Here is a picture of the candy onions started on Feb 27th.
  20. I use drip tape exclusively on anything planted in the ground. I use 8 mil 12" spacing 5/8 line I get in 7500' rolls from Morgan County Seeds. They have the best price, $138.00 even with the shipping to me ~$55.00 it is less than most other places sell it for. You will need 90's and tees' and connectors to connect to the main line. I use 3/4" pvc with 1/2 tees, but you can also use lay flat hose and get the barbed ends. You will also need a pressure regulator to drop the pressure. The line I use is 10 PSI. I have regulators on all of my main lines so it was a little expensive to start wit
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