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  1. @2010 National Champs You can never have enough food. The price isn't going to go down with the FED printing us to infinity and beyond.
  2. @Jimmiec I can smell those onions from here. Very nice. it has been so hot here that the tomato blooms are dropping instead of setting fruit. This is the first I can remember it being this bad. We have such terrible smoke from the forest fire west of us I can't see more than a mile or two. Amazing how much it will slow the growth. It rained for a few minutes yesterday and no one knew it was coming since you can't see the clouds from all the smoke in the air. Was a hot rain. My lettuce, broccoli and basil has bolted. Not normally a problem either. Corn has grown 3 feet in 4 days. Currently under a emergency fire watch with the winds picking up to 40 mph on Thursday morning with 10% humidity. Spooky sometimes since I am surrounded with ripening barley and wheat fields.
  3. I use either Fiskers clippers and usually carry this with me most of the time. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BTJKB00/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The sheath is hard plastic and clips on your belt.
  4. @Fred What rate do you apply the calcium nitrate? I don't have any tomatoes yet, but they are starting. I always fight BER. Going to use champs plan on the new ones, but need to do something for the plants already in the ground.
  5. How do you know I am hungry? That looks fantastic.
  6. @bordercollie@Rabbitproof This is the best pizza dough recipe I have made yet. Been using it for years. Works every time. I usually double it and can make 6-8 small pizzas or freeze the extra in small balls wrapped in plastic wrap. Also use to make calzones. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7245/jays-signature-pizza-crust/
  7. That is very nice DoubleB. I am here every day but busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. At least an hour or two daily at work getting some big projects finished, then home to try to do something in the garden. I am redoing most of the beds to make them more permanent for the future so not much growing yet. My grass is a mess and the weather has been crazy. I was awarded a grant from the NRCS to build a new 30x100 high tunnel, and am working on three smaller greenhouses currently. If someone could gift me about 6 more hours in each day that would be great. I will start posting more pictures when I get stuff cleaned up, and the plants get some fruit on them. The mosquitoes are extra terrible this year. Since my goal it to have all my garden in place in the next 2-3 years when I retire, being behind isn't much of a problem for me. Next weeks project is to put a new roof and siding on my garage. Looks like lumber prices are going to start coming down soon.
  8. I could use some of that rain this week. Going to be close or over 100 degrees a few days. 90's all week. Garden looks good hippie.
  9. Thank you. I finally dropped my old phone for the last time the other day and it no longer turns on. I picked up this new one, it is a Samsung Galaxy S21. This has 4 cameras in it and takes better photos than all the kids I-Phones. Half the weight and 8 times the power of the old one.
  10. Had a good storm go by tonight. We didn't get much, but I would have liked an inch of rain.
  11. @2010 National Champs That was me. I have Incredible growing now. About 18" high. Starting it inside does help with the weather here. I just started another batch so I can succession plant it. Bodacious is on my list, but corn takes up too much valuable space to grow too much of it. I have some Illini started also. It grows here very well. Growing a small stand of popcorn and Reids dent now too. I will let you know how it works out when it finishes.
  12. Sounds like a Vegan. All joking aside, hope your wife feels better.
  13. Feels like I have been doing situps for 3 day straight.
  14. Shoveled 11,000 linear feet of dirt. This is killing me this year.
  15. Is that CPVC? it is a little smaller in diameter. Are your lines 7/8"? I use all 5/8" lines. After trying everything you have listed except this current fix, I decided to break down and buy these:
  16. Was down to 29 degrees with a light frost on Friday night. Not unusual to get in the mid 40's at night here in the summer, but this is the latest frost I can remember. Nothing tender was outside yet. Been busy this weekend. I am so far behind i will never catch up.
  17. Welcome to the forum.
  18. Not sure about the liquid. I use the powdered form in Dipel dust. You should be able to look it up on the manufacturers web site.
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