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  1. Might be sunscald that doesn't present like normal. I have that on some of mine each year also. No real reason for it.
  2. What is a fall garden? Still trying to get my summer garden going. Only one season here.
  3. Couldn't up vote your post more than once, so doing it this way +100.
  4. @Rabbitproof I get them from youtube. The ones from Holland are really nice if you watch the videos filmed during the tulip blooming season. I watch the videos that are filmed from the train engineers perspective, in HD. If you are not familiar with the SlowTV concept, google it and read about it. Was a really cool idea back in 2009 I think. Some of the Norwegian Television productions are 9-14 hrs. long. I have seen them all. Even the knitting shows. I can easily burn up a Saturday or Sunday in January watching the train that goes to the Arctic Circle. Almost 10 hours long. There are four versions, one for each season of the year.
  5. @2010 National Champs My try the Incredible this next year. I need more space for corn.
  6. Stowell's and Golden Bantam are open pollinated, but Peaches and Cream and Silver Queen are hybrids. Unless there are more than one strain with the same name. I was going to grow Golden Bantam this year, can't remember why I decided to go to the Xilinni. It is really good for a SSE Hybrid.
  7. Get some new fertilizer and mix them together. Apply and watch. See how it works.
  8. @2010 National Champs Sorry to hear about your broken rod. Most times it isn't worth fixing. Your corn sounds good. I can't wait for mine this year. Does anyone know of an heirloom sweet corn I could try? Almost all corn is now hybridized.
  9. I sleep like a rock, so don't use any noisemakers. I am weird though, when I am sitting working on my computer, or just relaxing, I watch train videos (Slow TV), or listen to thunderstorm videos. I have saved hundreds of hours of train videos. The European country ones are the best. I also collect old radio programs. I have more than 30,000 of them. I would rather listen to them than audio books.
  10. Happy Fourth to all. Patriot lives matter!
  11. Sounds like the key on the flywheel sheared off.
  12. In Montana there is a ZERO drift law. If he did that here he would be at least fined, if not in the pokey for a while, and would have to compensate you for your losses at retail.
  13. Not knowing what the future holds, you might get some now if you can. Keep them dry, cool, and dark, and they will be OK for next year. Bella Rosa are hybrids, so you can't save the seed. They seem to be available from quite a few suppliers right now. I currently do not grow any determinate tomatoes. but may next year if these are that good.
  14. @MPHymel I don't mind the cat facing,I grow a lot of Brandywines. Have 60 Cherokee purple going. Those are one of the best tomatoes in my opinion. I still have plenty of seed. Got them from Morgan County.
  15. I have about a pound of seed that I bought from Morgan County this year. If you get desperate, PM me and I will send you some.
  16. @ButtaBean Me too. I planted some Coustralee this year since seeing them mentioned on the forum. They are growing nicely and have some sets already. Excited to try them.
  17. This might help https://www.ball.com/na/about-ball/contact-us/ball-contact-information/canning-jars
  18. I grow Ambrosia. I like it. I also grow Hales best. Very good.
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