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  1. They look okay. They are kinda leggy. Try to get the light down to almost touching them.
  2. Bazooka, flame thrower, and a Honey Badger.
  3. I have been tortured by mice for years. Turn about is fair play. She is a great cat. True calico cats are rare. I just realized how dirty the floor is in that picture.
  4. Was going to mention the electric fence charger, but thought better of it. Do try the bucket with a couple inches of water. That works really good. You can even put a little wooden stick ramp up to the rim. They are not real bright they will fall in. If the water is deep enough, they can't jump out while standing in the water. Ive been known to put a teaspoon of peanut butter in the water and let it float around. Gets them every time. The hazards of sticky traps: If I put them where the cat can get to them, I put a shoe box or something over the trap. Cut a small hole in it on opposite ends so the mice can get inside, but the cat can't. Like a roach motel. Mice check in, but they don't check out. Make sure to put the box along a wall. Mice will walk along the edge of a space before moving to the middle. One more thing you can try. Sprinkle a little Cayenne pepper or other really hot ground chile powder around. They get it in their nose, and makes them starve because they can't find food. I usually sprinkle some in the corners where I would normally not go.
  5. Glue traps are the only thing I have found that will catch the little buggers. I also have a one gallon bucket with about 3 inches of water in it. They jump in to get a drink, they don't jump out. Works best when hot outside. Also have ferocious barn cat. Kills anything that moves. Can take birds on the wing. Jumps higher than Michael Jordan. You could also try some small covers made from hardware cloth.
  6. I stood in the frigid wind and looked at all my rocks that I need to pick up.
  7. Ah, I see. Did not consider the bureaucrat angle. You don't know you have to bribe them? Kidding aside, are you building them so in the future after the next election, you can just put covering over the whole thing? That is what I would do. I would also campaign for his opponent. Just run for the office yourself. Probably do a better job anyway. Looks good so far.
  8. I there a reason that you are splitting into 3 separate greenhouses? Seems like it would increase the costs, with additional end walls, especially since you are growing the same thing in them.
  9. Most don't work. There are a few videos out there that debunk most of them.
  10. Great pictures! I have a lot of respect for animals. Cows stand out in the field in the sun with 105 degree temperatures, then are standing out in a blizzard at -25. Calving season here, and most don't need any help. Amazing to see a calf born and in about an hour or three they are out running around. Then there are the human snowflakes that are triggered because they didn't get their sprinkles on their double shot latte.
  11. I got some new top soil the other day. Winds steady at 55 gusting to 88. The field behind me has winter wheat sown in it, so no ground cover yet. Added about 1/2" to all 4 acres. Came with fertilizer too I think.
  12. Hard to feed people when all your pigs are dead, and nobody is selling you soybeans and wheat. If they happen to die from some flu then the Government isn't really responsible, right?
  13. Welcome to the forum.
  14. @Gymgirl Those are really nice.
  15. You people are lucky. Here is my map.
  16. @Gymgirl Tomatoes will grow roots from the stems so the soil on top would help. Can't hurt to put more on the bottom though where the existing roots are. Did the soil mix you added have additional fertilizers in it?
  17. No. The pages are now static. The best I could do since I had no access to the server and had to make due. If Willie has it where it can get indexed by a google bot, it might get picked up so that you can search using the search engine. None of the functions will work. Only the links were restored, and the pages that were served from the database were made static. I have the files locally on my computer, and can search them for you if is it important. Just send me a note.
  18. Difficult to get the correct amount of light on them when they are of different height.
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