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  1. I found a bunch of these on our lemon tree this spring. I think they look like a snakes head. I dispatched them.
  2. Well my pitiful attempt at gardening came to an end Thursday. All the veggies are gone or torn up. Looks like no fall tomatoes. The fig tree had minimal damage so we may get some ripe figs early next month if we are back home. One the bright side I have room for my mustard green, cabbage, and collard greens!
  3. Watered and posted 3 question elsewhere on the forum. But I had no idea where to put this. I found this in the garden today. Looks like a wasp with that stinger but I don't recall ever seeing something this big. Any comments?
  4. Does this look like under watering? We haven't had any rain in the last week at all and hardly any since the middle of June. I did not start watering it until last Sunday and again Thursday.
  5. What can cause my fig tree to lose leaves like this. Here is a picture taken today and one taken on the 14th. We have not had any rain in the last week. So I watered it yesterday but I'm not sure how much water it would need. The plant has a lot of green figs out at the tips of the limbs and I hate the thought of losing them.
  6. The top leaves of one of my tomato plants are curling up or malformed. They are sort of lumpy. I tried to take a picture but it came out blurred. I've been watering about every other day. I'm planning on hitting with a bit of Calcium nitrate tomorrow. But I don't know if that's the problem. The LA Ag Extension test the soil 18 months ago showed excessive calcium. I used epsom salt when I planted and the plant has put on some new growth before the leaves started coming out as lumps. Any suggestions.
  7. I planted some ever bearing strawberry plants from Lowes in a barrel this spring. They did well, put out some berries and runners. Then the berries started to get smaller and smaller and in the last month the plants have started to die. I've used a half strength high potassium liquid fertilizer about every 2-4 weeks and made sure that they not get too dry, but they have gotten worse and worse. I don't see any aphids or many bugs for that matter. I have not sprayed them with any insecticide or fungicide. The only thing I have done was to put some "Come and Get It" organic ant bait to kill an ant bed in the barrel. This is my first try with strawberries and I'm not sure what to do.
  8. I found about 15 pounds of 2 or 3 year old 13-13-13 fertilizer stuck away in my storeroom. The original bag was in a tyvek seed bag, but since it has been open the original bag was wet and falling apart from the fertilizer absorbing moisture. Surprisingly the fertilizer did not seem that damp. Any advice on the potency of this fertilizer? I suspect that the nitrogen has slowly decreased by evaporation but the potassium and phosphorus have stayed put. I want to use it in the garden and have questions on how to supplement it. I've been try to stay organic but none of the organic fertilizers that I have used have really given me the results that I think that I should have. So, I've been thinking of going to chemical fertilizers.
  9. Dwight Hebert


    Has anyone in the Lake Charles area seen any bees in the last few weeks? I have a bottle brush tree that attracted a lot of bees in the early spring. But this second blush has not attracted any at all. Cross posted to vegetables.
  10. Has anyone in the Lake Charles area seen any bees in the last few weeks? I have a bottle brush tree that attracted a lot of bees in the early spring. But this second blush has not attracted any at all. Cross posted to Flowers.
  11. Planted 3 Creole tomato plants. Fertilized with micro life, mushroom compost, vermicompost, and epsom salt. Watered. I’m only 6 weeks late. Sigh.
  12. I have a 5 year old lemon tree in a 25 gallon container. It has born fruit for the last 3 years. I use a citrus fertilizer at a 2- half tablespoon about once a month starting in late January. It is doing poorly with yellow leaves and some fruit drop. Along with general purpose fertilizer, the LA extension recommends 2 # of calcium nitrate in late May to promote leaf production and fruit growth. That works out to about 100 tea spoons. If I start now that’s about 10 tea spoons per week until the end of June. Does this sound reasonable?
  13. Does anyone know how to get rid of dollar weed? They’ve taken over my garlic bed. The only thing I can think of is to pull all of the garlic plants out, sift out the dollar weeds and replant. But I’m not sure if I would fatally stress the garlic.
  14. HW. Looks great! We have two packs of Louisiana crawfish tails in the freezer just waiting. But how did yo keep the skewers from burning up?
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