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  1. I hope some of you wonderful people remember me, I have been away for a few years and only heard the news about both Donald and Mary passing. I haven't felt so bad since losing my own wife back in 2016. I'm so glad Donald and Mary are being remembered in this new website and I thank whoever is responsible for making it happen. It's good to know so many of my old friends are still keeping the group together, sharing information. I went back to the old site and saw the post by Tbird about the 2010 'field day' and recall the gtg'ers Dana and I made down in Cajun Country, the many good friends we made over the years and everything learned just by being on the old site. I think you all, love you all and miss each and everyone of you. I thought about naming individuals but, there are so many and I'd likely leave someone out, my old mind isn't what it use to me......I still have a good memory...it's just real short! Anyway, I'm so glad to know the Bayou Gardeners are still alive and well and that Donald and Mary will never be forgotten! It may sound corny but, hey, I LOVE YOU ALL!
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