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  1. Thankfully, Obama failed to give us a Chinese style healthcare system. Ours still functions at an extremely high level. I have no worries at all of any kind of an outbreak event in the good ole USA. There is a long list of Asian super duper end of the world viruses that failed to gain a toe hold here, and I don't expect that to change. I'm far more concerned about the trade imbalances and the impact on my 401K, which has been making money like a printing press ever since Trump got in office. Shipping off all our manufacturing capacity is the real problem here.
  2. 410 is a fine close range weapon for anything from snakes to muggers. I wouldn't hesitate to start toting one around if you have one.
  3. Walked outside about daylight this morning. It was 36 with a 20MPH North wind. My garden looks fit for growing rice and that's about it at the moment. Then I walked into my shop and looked at my spring beets that are getting too big for the plug trays they are in, and I'm many weeks away from having somewhere to plant them. Reckon I'll have to pot them up. Then I noticed my tomatoes were sprouting. There's always something about those first tomato plants that makes it feel like garden season is here and gets me to dreaming about BLTs... So, even though it's cold and wet and muddy now. It won't be long before it's hot and dry and buggy. Like my pawpaw used to say... take up gardening and you'll never be short of things to complain about... lol
  4. Walked out the other day to find my grapefruit tree full of blooms... In February.... I went ahead and fertilized it and my Satsuma trees. I'll be curious to see how these buds survive the frost that we will surely get. Wonder if it will make more flowers if these early ones bite the dust.
  5. It's been a very mild winter down here in S. La, the temps feel like spring, but it's so wet any garden work is totally out of the question. Time to do other chores and babysit seedlings.
  6. That one is big enough to send you home... Glad you saw him before somebody stumbled on him.
  7. That's the exact one that I use as well. Good stuff!
  8. Good for you! I need to get off my can and do the same. I'm not motivated right now because it's so nasty but March will come and I'll be kicking myself for running late.
  9. I'm with ya'll. I got out in the garden Sunday to pull the last of my turnips and it's ankle deep mud. I'm a long way from being able to pull a tiller through there. In fact, I haven't even started my seeds yet because I'm thinking its going to be into April before I can get the garden worked up. Last year, I got seeds started in January and I kept having to move everything to bigger pots because it was too wet. Mar 15 is my last frost date, but it's most definitely not the last mud date... lol
  10. Trail cams are fantastic fun. I get as excited to go pull cards as I do to hunt. Your deer look fat and healthy, hopefully not at the expense of your garden... lol Thanks for posting these.
  11. Great looking produce there. Congrats on the start of what appears to be a successful new venture.
  12. Those dudes look good and healthy. I'm going to start mine this weekend.
  13. Great info. I'll be trying that along with some flowers. I'll let you know if it's effective against the SVB. If nothing else, it will be a good source of snacks while working in the garden...lol
  14. Maggie, We had my brother and sister-in-law over for dinner this weekend. I did some steaks and my sis in law asked... "what can I bring for a side dish?" Funny you should ask, I said... lol. I sent her the recipe and she made it for us, and it was spectacular. Thanks again.
  15. You don't look like you need any pointers, that looks awesome. I always used sliced meat, but I may have to get me one of them caulk guns. By the way, the Hi Mountain Hickory flavor jerky kit is really delicious if you want to experiment with different flavors. On a related note... I have a mad scientist project going on at the house. We had a big chunk of ham leftover in the fridge, and being just post holidays we are kinda "hammed out" so I took it and sliced up thin. Made a marinade of mustard, steak sauce and sriracha, gave it a 24 hour soak. Now it's in the dehydrator becoming ham jerky. This may be an utter disaster, but I kinda have a feeling it's going to be good. I'll post the results.
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