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  1. I know several cases like this. It's because the parents lack the spine to boot him out on his ass and force him to engage in life. It's really a form of child abuse. The parents think they are helping, when all they are doing is creating a worthless slug who is unable to make it on his own. Exactly the opposite of what a parents job is.
  2. That's how you knew fishing was bad, if you had tuna casserole, or Mrs. Paul's fish sticks. lol!
  3. If you live in S. La. it's just about time to get after some sacalait. Caught these last Saturday. They are still kind of scattered from the winter storm, but any day now they will be getting on bed and doing their thing and the fishing will get a whole lot easier. Growing up, my family had a fish fry just about every Friday night during Lent. Those are some of my fondest memories as a kid. I still love to get everybody together and drop some of these in Lake Crisco. There's no better eating.
  4. Tomato and eggplant seedlings are coming on up nicely. They have their first set of leaves and are looking strong. Got my peppers started germinating in wet paper towels over the weekend. Hopefully this method helps, because I have a tough time germinating them in soil. HOPEFULLY - FINGERS CROSSED things dry up enough in the next 3 weeks or so I can get in the garden with the tiller and get it ready to plant. Made a trip out to the compost pile with a bunch of veggie scraps yesterday and it still required rubber boots, so we got a ways to go.
  5. Got my first tray of tomatoes started last night. 5 Celebrities, 5 Bella Rosas, 5 Rutgers, 3 Cherokee purple. All new varieties for me. Tonight I'll start my eggplant (Black Beauty and Rob's La. green eggplant) and get some peppers on wet paper towels to get going (Giant Marconi, Ca. Wonder, Hot Hungarian Wax and Jalapeno) . Feels good to be working toward the spring garden.
  6. The United States Government. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  7. Garage sale cake pans make good ones too. I bought a bunch of heavy duty 3" square pots of Amazon and I start in those, and just set them in my old rusty trusty 9 x 13 pans lol. I find that much easier to deal with than the "cell" types, especially if you have to pot up before planting time, which I often have to do. This setup is not as space efficient, but I'm rarely doing over 40-50 plants at a time.
  8. Nice job, those look awesome. I struggle to germinate peppers, even with a heat mat. Think i'm going to try the wet paper towel method this year.
  9. Yea, we can count on a steady stream of gun control bills from this crew. That used to be political suicide for the ruling class, but as we know, it's a different world now. They are gonna throw everything they can at the wall and surely some of it will stick. I fully expect a new assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions at the least. Not that it will effect me, since I lost all my guns in that unfortunate boating accident.
  10. Very Cool! That'll be a right cozy place to sit on a stool and sip coffee waiting for a buck to show up!!
  11. Whether the vaccine is worth a damn or not, the fact is, people in very high positions in our government have lied to us all and been complicit in the deaths of a bunch of people. Why?? To protect the interests of pharmaceutical companies who own the vaccine. Sold out again.
  12. This warm snap put a charge into my mustards and turnips. Going to try and get home in time to put on my tall rubber boots and cut a couple messes to give away before dark. Got a big box in from Morgan County Saturday. Getting ready to start my spring seeds next week.
  13. A jackpot for democrat mega donor Warren Buffett's railroad empire. Imagine that...
  14. Good idea letting the okra stalks dry up. I bet they were a lot easier to deal with. I had to cut mine off with a chainsaw and plow up the stumps when they were green. I'm getting itchy to get the spring garden going, but It's still a little early for me to start. Guess I'll have to go fishing or something.
  15. Man, I really hate to be this guy. I never considered myself an alarmist, but I keep coming across things that are flat out terrifying. I have to wonder what is wrong with the public that they are unable to look at all this and put the pieces together? Out of all of the rotten things I've seen in the last year, this may be the scariest of all.
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