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  1. Lookin good Joe D. I can remember pulling corn and filling up my pawpaws truck bed to overflowing with ears back when I was a kid and he had about 500 ft of corn. You got your work cut out for you in a couple months!
  2. Lookin great DB. I'm about 3-4 weeks behind you because the early spring was so wet. So happy to see people posting their garden stuff on here. Sick to death of the news of the day. I can't wait for that first sliced cucumber and tomato salad myself. Our tradition is to have a celebratory BLT for supper with the first tomato to get ripe.
  3. Here's my 2 cents. If you do plant them in the ground, put them on a high spot. They don't like wet feet. I've tried twice and failed. Nice lookin trees.
  4. Man it looks perfect. Green onion will put you over the top! Nice job.
  5. Saturday was FINALLY the day. Scooped up my compost pile and spread it over my plot then tilled everything in. Then I hooked up the row maker and drug some rows up. As you can see by the clods, she was still a little too damp in some places but it was time to get r done. Then, off to Tractor Supply for some extra cattle panel and T-Posts so I could extend my trellis to 32 feet. Then back home for some post driving and the start of planting. By that time I was wore slap out, so I iced down some beers and sent my wife off for a sack of crawfish. After a nice evening of recovering, I was able to mostly finish planting yesterday. I have 50' of blue lake bush, 50' of top pick purple hulls, a bunch of Creole tomatoes, California wonder bell peppers, hot Hungarian wax peppers, jalapeno peppers, Dasher-2 cukes, sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, black beauty eggplant, and 16 feet of blue lake pole beans. Still have some of RGs green eggplant, and some cocozelle di Napoli (hopefully SVB resistant) zucchini left to plant. The plan is to get a couple good pickings off my bush beans, then till them under and put a whole row La. green velvet okra in. Lots of work left to do, but it feels good to be underway.
  6. Tomorrow is the day! No rain this week, so I'll be tilling in the morning. It's still a little damper than I'd like but should be doable. My tomato seedlings are about a foot tall now in 4" cups so it is past time! Plan for tomorrow is to add some topsoil to a few low places that need building up, spread on a pile of compost that I've had going for a year, and till it all in. Then I'll draw up some rows and see how much I can get planted. It feels like Christmas eve.
  7. I thought people only hated America.... Good to know we have some company. Welcome to the dark side... lol
  8. Amen RG. I remember my pawpaw telling me stories of getting up at 4 so he could plow for 2 hours before getting cleaned up to go to school, then coming home and plowing til dark. Then about the time he graduated, he got an all expenses paid trip to the South Pacific. He told me when he first went in that the Army seemed luxurious because he had new clothes, and boots and plenty food to eat. One of the guys in his battalion had NEVER HAD A NEW PAIR OF SHOES until the Army gave him a pair. I can remember him telling me about waking up in a house with only a wood stove in the kitchen for heat and there being a layer of ice on his glass of water next to his bed. There were no vacation days, or sick leave. If you didn't get your ass up and tend to the crops and animals... you and your family just didn't eat. Their generation tried to do us a favor by not putting us through all that hardship, but it went too far. Ruined by prosperity like the great (and no longer around) Roman empire.
  9. Do the dry dance....... Finally a week of no predicted rain for us. I'm praying it comes true. I'll be up at daylight Saturday with the tiller running if it happens.
  10. Moved some tomatoes outside to start hardening off. Got 12 creoles and 4 sweet 100s in the first batch. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get the tiller in there this weekend. It's finally starting to dry up a bit.
  11. I feel like I'm a character in one of those prepper novels I'm always reading.
  12. Man RG all your stuff looks great. Wonder if growing tomatoes in a soy sauce bucket makes them count as Asian food.... lol
  13. The overreaction (for whatever reason) to this is going to hurt far more people than the medical part of it. A lot of people have just had their livelihood yanked out from underneath them. The government can shut down and send everybody home and continue to pay them with our tax dollars. That single mom waiting tables in a tourist town, or the dude who sells hotdogs at the baseball stadium are not so lucky.
  14. Butta Bean - If we had a such a thing as POST OF THE YEAR. I would nominate you right now.
  15. Man, am I behind..... Nice looking garden there, Mr. David.
  16. I've been wanting one of those platters. All that looks fantastic!
  17. Hooked up the ATV spray tank and hit the garden plot with glyphosate. Normally, I 'd just plow all the weeds under but it's still too wet to get in there with the tractor and I can't stand looking at all those weeds. My tomato seedlings are growing like mad, I cant seem to raise the light up fast enough. It's about time to thin them out and add more soil to their containers. The peppers are starting to poke through. It always amazes me how much slower they are to come up than other stuff. Even on a heat mat. Hopefully now that everything is greening up, the ground will start to dry out quicker and I can get everything plowed up and planted by the end of the month. We are about at our last frost date. I'm enjoying seeing folks getting started on their spring gardens.
  18. Yes. Good investment opportunities right now also if you are sitting on some disposable cash.
  19. Thankfully, Obama failed to give us a Chinese style healthcare system. Ours still functions at an extremely high level. I have no worries at all of any kind of an outbreak event in the good ole USA. There is a long list of Asian super duper end of the world viruses that failed to gain a toe hold here, and I don't expect that to change. I'm far more concerned about the trade imbalances and the impact on my 401K, which has been making money like a printing press ever since Trump got in office. Shipping off all our manufacturing capacity is the real problem here.
  20. 410 is a fine close range weapon for anything from snakes to muggers. I wouldn't hesitate to start toting one around if you have one.
  21. Walked outside about daylight this morning. It was 36 with a 20MPH North wind. My garden looks fit for growing rice and that's about it at the moment. Then I walked into my shop and looked at my spring beets that are getting too big for the plug trays they are in, and I'm many weeks away from having somewhere to plant them. Reckon I'll have to pot them up. Then I noticed my tomatoes were sprouting. There's always something about those first tomato plants that makes it feel like garden season is here and gets me to dreaming about BLTs... So, even though it's cold and wet and muddy now. It won't be long before it's hot and dry and buggy. Like my pawpaw used to say... take up gardening and you'll never be short of things to complain about... lol
  22. Walked out the other day to find my grapefruit tree full of blooms... In February.... I went ahead and fertilized it and my Satsuma trees. I'll be curious to see how these buds survive the frost that we will surely get. Wonder if it will make more flowers if these early ones bite the dust.
  23. It's been a very mild winter down here in S. La, the temps feel like spring, but it's so wet any garden work is totally out of the question. Time to do other chores and babysit seedlings.
  24. That one is big enough to send you home... Glad you saw him before somebody stumbled on him.
  25. That's the exact one that I use as well. Good stuff!
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