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  1. hey Imchickadee, I'm pretty sure I got Jersey Giant, I got the 3 year old crowns and was the first thing I planted on my land. If I had to do it again I'd plant them much closer together. Go to this site and look around, tons of good into. https://andysasparagusacres.com/products/15-jersey-giant-asparagus And welcome to the family.
  2. Holly cow, that's a lot of work there.
  3. Zook

    Welcome LSU2001

  4. Awesome. I restored a 125 years ago, love these old Cubs.
  5. Willie can you pin a link to the chat room some where on a page. Thanks.
  6. Hey Bob, great to hear from you sir and hope your doing well.
  7. Zook

    Welcome Zook

    Not much going on farm wise, the shop has been pretty much turned into a full time rod building operation. so life is good.
  8. After reading more, if you are looking for use on snakes, maybe people, and somthing big yot or bear, and you have a baby jeep to keep it in, I'd look at the judge again, #9 .410 would not kick bad and if your needing it for something bigger you will not care at that time ether and it WILL do the job. Sorry to hear about your little country church and the changes. Zook.
  9. Bordercollie, I have one and the kick with the 45 is pretty hard, with the defense people load with the disk and pellets the kick is about the same. light load with bird shot is not nearly as bad. But it is a big heavy gun that I would not want to carry around. I got a youth model Ruger .22 rife single shot that I keep loaded with rat shot for my snake issues. Just my thoughts.
  10. awesome catch, boat and family time.
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